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Afternoon Delight w/ Steinmetz & Bonta - Hour 1 - 2/16/17

Feb 16, 2017|

Steinmetz fills in for Papa - recap Warriors win over Kings, joined by Sam Amick, grade the Warriors players at the All-Star

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now it equals nothing and it's not really what I. Put it back the basket that ballot for a lot of good if you got very much just got himself thrown out of game. Militants after locking in now we've gone acknowledged that in transition is up three ball good. What four point seven Miguel and the kids to have their second lead at halftime that backed up with it up for Goldman thing. Pray about greeted reliever Jack hit. The game's leading by three. Counted over last night. The walker yeah. You'll stop with the help of 15. Over the good stuff. One might go ahead. They don't want a lot have to let the clock got back into the right. Recollect how. In the golf. We'll explain about Arnie water. For the all star weekend warrior with a win tonight on the Sacramento won all night 86. Hi everybody welcome. Matt Stein Mets along with the Vontae hill I am filling in for Greg Koppel for the next week or so on 95 point seven a game. And we've got a tremendous show for you today we'll have sailed -- at 1215. Talk a little NBA than Kerry Keating who does the warriors warmup with Damon Bruce over here one of the talk a little football with Matt Mayo go at 2 PM. Well you're gonna start obviously. It's the Golden State Warriors. They were spectacular last night in the third quarter. Outscored. The Sacramento Kings 42 to fifteen in that quarter they won 109. 86 Klay Thompson with 35 points. They head to the break at 47. And nine an NBA best 47 and nine. But the story. These draped on greens rejection at least from last night train mine green got rejected to get too technical fouls. That raises the number to ten. And it. I think it became. The big story last night rather than the warriors heading to New Orleans with four all stars it's. What is up with dream on dream when what do you think about it. Will last year whenever he got away with a lot of barking at the referees got that veterans treatment more they let a lot led we'll talk about talk about to blow the whistle this year. Their target dope he's almost in the same category as boogie cousins when there's a foul happened he'd. Didn't get a little blue monster every look at director wrong wave like yesterday driver put that was when his mouth so Phat ride like glitch Friday. Friday and during my agreed try go yeah I got ejected so he's like it got better as presents. That veterans that respect any right last season with 26 games left. You know six to get six were technicals obviously gets this bid of four can about the guilt. Cool it knowing that he has that mattered government critics gave a lot of time ride ever know what right I agree. You can cool it. God it's that's what makes start my agreed to by greed you live with it. You know he's the heart sold lawyers in my opinion. You know we key goals that are just so much better he does so what's without scoring we saw that the triple double to ten steals against Memphis last Friday night. This is who he is running out you wonder. You wonder if it's good the lead to. Golden State Warriors trading him in the future if this continues to be goes up to strip. Because. It does it rectum and the finals right without an iPod or puppet he's played a game five started two wars republic should paper secretary I think. I think you're probably right there and we were talking before the show bond today and you're the one who said she word which was do you think at some point they may trade him. Hadn't thought that far ahead. What I was thinking about you know when's enough enough with drain mind. When did Dray mind do so then were you lose his support a little bit. Or you you lose him your support for him I should say. Easier problem. In terms of the technical fouls and now of course what happened with his comments about James Dolan. Those are just kind of lumped on top of it. First for the time being unless you think it's. Really perk and I would concentrate on what we've seen really on the floor. And whether or the warriors can continue to just keep living with his. Outbursts 'cause that's what they are 8889579570. Is the number. Yeah I had not thought of that if this kinda continues the warriors may have to make a tough decision. I just haven't thought about that because he's such an integral part of this team the warriors are the war. Yours without trail wandering in the you're absolutely right and I think as long as they're winning they'll live what bit. But Santa costume. You know possibly game in the finals again right you know because you look at the technical to the finals that what led to that suspension. The Houston series where you get no reason to get its whole Michael Beasley last seconds of the game games over in Europe their bodies look at Michael Beasley obviously is even battles where employers got a right pair. The lawyers that's right we pick up race isn't it yeah. The way they lost anyway got blown out that game for a Western Conference finals but he's probably should have been suspended for that right. And and it caught up woman a finals and obviously Damien and look. During Mark Green Morgan made up for an in my opinion could he got a monster game seven really he was a reason wanna lawyers have been making and will play top to jerk are struggling. Which got a peek at some point. We're just like in no not to pick on his mom or anything like that she's very outspoken on Twitter and I wonder if the franchisees ads like. We don't you know we got by guys like curry clay. We don't lead this noise it's it's that's extra noise in negative energy to the French are now the roles they could probably to shrug off Matt what do you think. I mean. That's a great question on the one hand. If from let's say Kevin Durant. He's not in a position to say they drag him. You don't get cut this out because straight months been here longer it's gonna have to be staff curry. And I think it's gonna have to be Klay Thompson actually that that you can be a Steve Kerr Bob Meyers because. I think there's an authority thing there that he may. Resent it to some degree so I think it's gonna take a couple players. To somehow let him know. That when he does that. He's hurting eleven other guys. That maybe they can put the seeded and said that when he feels himself doing that. He's being as selfish as he possibly can. You are right you know last night. That the play itself. Forget the play whether it was a foul weather wasn't Fallon thought it was close Armenia I didn't I thought it was a tough call kind of looked like about whatever. But the foul was called a dream on gave the official one of those violent wave offs right. And Ron Garretson didn't see it he didn't see the first one. So it continues heard a second or two that Ron Garretson turns around. And Dray mind does the exact same thing write to him while least look at them. Well that's technical foul number one which could've been number two really write so then they start. Shoot the free throws in the fat shot right minds over at the bench and I'll look at him and he's just not. Shutting up. And he's clearly. Animated. And say things you shouldn't say and Ron Garretson very common walked over the scorers table and said that's technical foul number two he's gone. And that was it. And the problem I saw last night was minute lasted so long between his initial anger and the second technical foul and a bit of a minute. To a minute and half of time collapsed and you got a the most wrestle which you get that first piece of emotion now without teeing you up and that's what happened Dray mind but he just one leg hole. And last year he wasn't giving tech he was a good team double that the refs gave him a lot of leeway. Christmas Day they gave them a lot of we we went when he called for those 2000 whether or not it they were cheap house say in my peeing everywhere pals but he got call for. And he's welcome to bid city's yellow explicit and could run amok right day but the residue right what we're gonna let him just what took habits cooled off but he was still bargain. So so tragic gets away with that. It all like you said it has to be from it would dollar. Staggering dial are too much your premium for a long time Daytona. City gateway and questions are but maybe didn't what's the little tune to the team like Katie right but it has like it. Should I have to be perfect fit very much intervention about it or does it like hey we need we need to we're not panicky right you don't you do have to Lee went to Texas and it's gonna happen run hot that's why you play but. Just don't wanna that affect them in the playoffs Nelson about getting it now yeah Rebecca had all players in the league it. You don't he's for a freeze in the offseason he looked at boogie Constance bride doesn't get to be leeway we are joined by agreed on these hot headed players about it that really needs this whole. It doesn't hurt him in the playoffs. I'll say this I did think last year. Officials lecturer in mind get away with a lot picture in Maine and I do think they're not allowing as much chirping this year as far as the officiating itself. I do not see drain mine green being officiated. Any differently than any other power forward in the league in fact. I think. He might even get more breaks with a raft freeze. Frankly because he's so good and because he's so Smart and clever on defense the times when he gets his hand in the air. And it's just not even seen the red can't even see it so there's nothing to call. I don't think he has a gripe with the officials the way they rep for free him. And so I don't know I mean tiger I came in today not thinking it was that big of a deal. That everybody seems to be talking about it and I talk about the dole and stuff I'm talking about on the court date and beating him that they need them and add. And maybe were. You don't baby would you be tough to talk about this gives us up and talk about because they are roll their gratitude and a league without a jury body's ability to get to the finals week to acknowledge that. That this team is not to say ET while looked out straight by agreed they're definitely not the same and that's another thing I've been thinking about if you take the warriors for all stars curry play. Arena injury mark. If you take anyone of those players off the team I don't care which one of those four. I do think the warriors go from favorites to underdogs. Yet and I think they couldn't win it without one of their guys but I wouldn't say they're the favorites to win and that's why I think they need to be. They need to be completely intact for as much of the playoffs as they possibly can on what did end with dodger Mark Green that toughness in the middle where you set the tone. And he sets tone you look at both a lot of box were to Europe gave started absolutely clear up the box or elect well he hasn't shot yet but yes five assisted. Six rebounds two steals yup that you can tell you just had that effect obligates I think he's the one guy that they can't you know. Great it takes that popular product to would you reach it without stature clay. But straight mine. You can argue that he's the most valuable asset to the ST I know you really can't was RBIs and if because the reason. That he may be the most valuable player on this team is because he's the one player out of those four. That does. A lot of the things that nobody else dies. I almost think you're right they would almost have a better chance to win at all. It's a rare clay or curry was one of the guys who's left off that foursome because the least they'll have a defender right at least they'll have a rebound or at least the haven't emotionally. Yourself ball handlers you know there's a lot going on there there it's there it's always. Got to overshadow what we sought to assure reporters start because our third quarter to make a bodies were quarters. They play its people into agents put it on yesterday and Al's. Klay Thompson was spectacular he cabinet out of all of February really get a sparkly top and it's shuttle does well but a good thing he doesn't care he doesn't get area he doesn't care that's going to be that's what makes this team so special because there's so oneself is absolutely right Chris in San Leandro. Chris Hewitt talks involved nor. Turnout radioed down we're gonna cut yell out to be here myself and give. Crystal on the right side Chris I'll hold. Yeah tell Chris what's up man. It. Where economic stress issue 001010. Peace and critically can get or that animated they have received dust off I think veteran Mark Green at the war that the that the being. And that trade and I think apartment like these the best rocket. You know I mean after all EU that fired back and fuel as orders Tina trading him would be I think the worst thing to do. Thanks electricity by god I'm gonna get the Sam naymick who's with this next Sam naymick from USA today. And I think we're talking about trade and drink Amman green tomorrow this young daughter out down the line three years from now or if it cost them the championship appeared headed by exploring yell let's welcome in San may make for USA today Sam thank you Dylan last night the warriors. Put on a show that third quarter but. A lot of us are talking about Trey mind green get thrown out and whether an end now. They're gonna get rid of this guy but how big. Over the issue is this do you think for the warriors franchise. Is to write mine green in his quote unquote behavior. And I think you know it's Lara every once in awhile but I'm nominally non a guy who. It is you know matters a lot more perspective. Than ours which speaker who elected to change because the last night harper these. It sees and talk about Kmart and you know address directly the idea. On dream on that he's compared to drama last year struck me in and I wish I give credit due to review what it'll be flat at. Or monolith and last year not to lie and this year the night day. Great grandma from what he's been seen. There's intent is an analyst teammates. The on the court and her team and obviously in front again there has never be good but I likened the bigger picture and in the direction that. Subplot going like it to get better rather worse. Sam where the warriors are out right now easy better than you expected worse or about which you expected. It's about what I expect. They easily act rot your incredible. Talent. At every turn. I thought they'd be and act like they are normally they should be talking about. It's ridiculous roster. So in that regard. There about our popular would be especially could we knew they were gonna push the sodium low percent entry elected last year. What fighter you know hammered truck is like. Even as good as the record is it still haven't had little heavy lifting game winning streaks. Game winning streaks they've they've really peppered the losses and in the count wayward like the most low key you know tremendous record that we've seen quite. It doesn't feel like. You know it it's boys against men on base steal. Fuel beatable. But they do capital way Israel for the. Talk about a bill we peace and and how he's come into the star lineup yesterday put army points ten rebounds and and it's not gonna points and rebounds just tells the story it's that energy that he brings to that unit. And really you know he comes in on attorney can deal we don't know he's gonna make their roster how surprising has it been that he's fit in so well with this unit. Public the private. Me but they commuted recycling program on and mail. It probably worth mentioning in the right violence I've seen. You know basically play in the role JaVale agent Wednesday you know bring in the count on you wanted to go on. That he Asia and great great. And it worked out in person some injuries they've left out like that you know it. JaVale it's partly to go like. If it was gonna work anywhere it was gonna work the wonders just in terms of like guy with you could derail. A young in Richard Cain where you're at much of it and you know that you probably aggregate investment in this environment he's. A lot of them to show directly India that he still hasn't you know way to get. It can keep it together these guys. In the Czech rule. You know this culture landscape lawyers who's going to be helpful by he's for the most part. Taking advantage of the opportunity and cards and it's not so we can't figure to fail in the ninetieth in final partly restored. Circumscribe. San payment from USA today joining Matt Simon and Vontae hill I'm filling in for Greg pop but today. Steve Kerr said that there's going to be a point in Sunday's all star game. Win before warriors are out on the floor. Who do you think will be that fifth guy. Obviously that there who'd you could go to the fifth guy if. This is the part of the program more action would look out wrote about. And his legion of lawyers. And the idea that it. You know if you guys know and it's fascinating candy how this subplot with the lawyers in the Carter brought. You know things were so hot in OK she's turned the ocean. And connected physically right into the weekend and for a could be you know the coming years ago. You know he's driver around shuttle buses were Kevin Durant stolen all the little government and now I can add you know story about. You know imagine you've got reservations at a fantastic. Restaurant you're all excited and then you better have failed on some pursue every fighter out you gotta sit at the same table. Would like yours you know your ex and their ex lover type of deal like that. Was. Right I mean that's what we're looking out here so. If anybody can elect on the scene while ball story we brought. Shame. About is is we can't observation. That would be it has agreed I mean. To your question that he is true you know it it'll be under the rug out there and that you should do completely dominate the ball not as it is. See you're at or what you don't know it's funny Sam has not been actually given this a lot of thought. As it pertains to Steve Kerr I've got to believe Steve Kerr is gonna go up the arena and Westbrook. May be individually and say look. No problem if I play Westbrook with guys you know and and door that's gonna say that's fine. It's going to be up to Westbrook. To tell Steve Kerr yeah I'll do it otherwise there's waste the Kurds can do that without checking with the first. And when I'm getting at is if if Russell Westbrook can somehow. If you want to put this behind him Sunday will be the perfect opportunity to do it they can almost have fun with it with Westbrook in the four warriors. And they could almost put the whole situation arrest right after the all star game and I'm anxious to see if that's gonna happen. Well mammy you know I applied. Your kids if you took the beer it's. You know I don't know what evidence we have. It rough and ready to cool down unless he actually a couple things going into that. Game last week it live you know we're a little more actual and I wrote the band. A needle in a game folded. You know we're right back into the ditches in terms that is probably got analog and so I don't see that app lets you rest. He gave up on you're reaching. How fun Sam will that practice speech Saturday. When Russell Westbrook pass or run a three man and we would direct injury a month or clay and I needed direct Adidas you can pass the ball in the to a man we don't practice that he that's that's to be more interesting in the game itself. Public and I'm with you on the popular because we can have fun game would like you know how fondly at W win it fill in the blank to me that a lot of those moments. This weekend. I actually just ran in under a crucial you go here I'm kind of I'm in the chaos in the immediate search it hit the ball so players. Final round in the under. There really count one giving me that in sight on last year the contrast and even had to Victoria. A lot of the players even won multiple players thinking or are they Alter game. A lot of parent able shuttle around town girl bots at their own car. Kevin Rudd sit specifically. Had they wanted to hold together which kind of goes against the idea that you know that that relationship with training at the end that that conflict. It is great that they did that was obviously the twelve months ago and now you know we're Yucca talking about a very let's. That's a good sign ups aren't the thing I'm interested in the news. Is this the NBA really want this weekend the entire story to be Westbrook and Durant 'cause it seems like that's what's gonna happen. I think the media wants that and television I think would want that but I mean. It Durant and Westbrook hook up at ten I metered tomorrow night. I I don't know it's weird I almost wanna choreograph some and so it's just not. Just cloaking we all weekend a Power One of those guys. Well maybe that's slightly. You know they've put Melanie game. Some places over Kevin Love I don't know what they had their although I'd exit poll on Sunday you know that people don't noble and make that selection. It's the guy who's next on the coaches voting lists and that is why well got a game but to your point man like that Albion here. Got a little bit reversed and folks are going to be talking about you know his situation next the storyline that the game itself and to get on because. You have like an accidental component here exact question a young player movement. And house speaker Newt is Steve let's say even and then last year and so it Greg popped it this year. That would relieve a lot of pressure from the situation and make big kicker. It makes this so that it is because the lawyers all apricot call the shots. On that the knowledge of that not enough that you got quadruple the all star that you know the thunder to route. Send a loser well not a virtual worlds of thoughts on the market sought to speak in a total Obama tickets right at the lawyers have four all stars and we only have one of the San Antonio Spurs is coming from a guy averages 77. And really we know coli winner as the leader Jesper seem what do you think of the stalls to do agree with the LA there. And I mean I respect his right to have that you like history players. Tell us what you are you liked old geezer. There are soldiers that you obviously got. It out. And then sold to me. It'll vacuum the idea that the spurs cougar more than what else are they complete that OK. But then when you wreck actually figure out. Who's gonna be and you know LA and his numbers. It doesn't really just that you're not feeling and it is not all are members. That's why I think. And a lot probably that the league would expand the roster at least the thirteen that team you know and apple look at it on Libya rupture. Can you you don't have proper representation. And the combination of individual count throughout great peace and having like a respectful representation. Scenes. It is great and an expert right there are the lawyers and so the idea of them have just one. Doesn't seem right. The wizards are similar story on the other side of the league and Brad McGee goes pretty hot about Carmelo opiate and senate and are you know when I did our hypothetical pick. That industrial. Work wonders in. And you know the W takeoff but you know like simulate a regatta. You can make a charge he should yet there so. I guess we're the market was coming from but this is not that simple don't call up. Sam great insight is always really appreciate you joining the show. Arson and have fun and all Orleans for sure there ya I mean you know we don't even have to say that. If you're in New Orleans you're gonna have to gonna have fun you know without injuring X. Agonies Symbian is gonna go to parkway tablet have some poll boys. You're gonna you're gonna be up a law you're not gonna get much sleep and knowledge that's that's correct the all star break is the unofficial halfway point of the season. To give out some grades. Two warriors players in the next segment so. If you have a great you wanna give to a player a guy 57957. Don't know what's the ideal move you know we got this base shelf. The news bash shell that's right oracle came in. People wanna know what I've ever wonder what Dan W looks like at 6 AM it's not a pretty excited that this guy if he'll admit that to its six day. And if we have a rough look it's it's not eye candy folks how over you can now see its work for yourself. Bit on the Jolo and did experience and maybe 57. Game and did not know. Mark. You more covered up by the cup side yet the delight give about grades of the lawyers for its app right here about five Sergei study about eight. Strap on your hiking boots ago hides out on tape hill at 1245. Now back to the Greg pop Shelley Stein mentioned Vontae on 95 point seven game. Thought everybody welcome back 95 point seven the game Matt Stein Mets along with bond today hill and I'm filling in for Greg Papa. You fill in for him for the next week get him for so lazy Cordova we start yeah. We're gonna get a new what do you do nice routine learn we're gonna bring some fund the Bay Area. Narayanan. Got it wrong ball. I appreciate this from our producers they're popular ones home from police wanted to you can't beat him to. You can be camped there can't be him to a guy who don't talk about what the official halfway point of the season. The Golden State Warriors are 47 and nine. I just gotta have a little flow and get a little loose about what grade would you give each player at this point of the season but before we start. Throw a number letters out bond today. I will say it is on the tough grader are you I am telling grounder and the reason of a tough grader with this particular team is because we all though. They have to win at all you have to win at all to what this team were up and coming. They'll probably get great grades but we're upgrading them. As potential NBA champions can easily just do that I just do this through my starting five are they give you degrades. Seth Curry. The clocks. Klay Thompson beat loss. The rain that in mind this at the to figure out which. Eighties just down flat out say the minuses not a pluses and they miners but no straight days because. I still think everybody always has another level. Reject. You don't look at emigrate here. And I'm kind of an arm agree with you and its staff courier give a beat. Talk to me he started slowly OK he's come on here right again happen at the Christmas Day we used to play no doubt issued a little more he's been on a terrific run since then. Actually I'll change it to a B plus. I'm look Obama will be closely karma wheel hard I'm not mean the pluses and minuses and what would matter a little bit of a cop out my partner and I can honestly MP plus curry are bound to rant hey. It's been phenomenal Smith super efficient you're given nowadays he's got right you've got to give an eight defensively at peak he shocked everybody like we saw the west Roberts final vasser Michael Mann direct Israeli plans terrific besides in this series. In east it's carried over to this team he's blocked shots. He's still he's defending guys Iran has been phenomenal. Top three candidate for NBP. In my opinion drip mongering another way he's been a source army night there's some people bought it a coming into the season that. Up during mine he's not gonna get two shots when he doesn't need to shoot I have an impact on McCain he's done everything else in my you know. To me he's the front runner for befits a player to your beat this is a year he Fieger if he's been phenomenal and in a Klay Thompson. Gonna give an a minus tool and that is why. He came into the season saying he's not sacrifice and anything he's gonna get his shots and he does get a shot lead after nearly 7080. Quite about its business you'd ever see an ounce of jealousy Klay Thompson doesn't get that glides. He doesn't get the accolades. You know everybody frigates with step curry at the thirteenth three slasher gets OK CNN primetime game they count and it's a monumental reporters in animals quarter they when I got an overtime without played tough and he does that routinely. And in defense of leasing Klay Thompson. Garzon best guard on a opposing team he takes the liberty takes the west Brooks you know he defends at a high level soma gave click tops an innate and Zaza. And give old beach minus the football while it is gel that starting unit you know and I get it your plan for all stars are gonna be a little nervous get a formal no I heard there you're pocketing pitchers you don't hear about shirt he's a shooter underdog if you visit people ridicule you like you take a shot to be very direct. Turquoise and gives out about B minus but he has come a long and before he was introduced plans from high level basketball. 8889579570. Kind of grades you given specific players on the Golden State Warriors. Who gets your lowest grade. Like you we thought we do that aren't the one guy have a habit JaVale McGee what are you giving JaVale McGee everybody's favorites and everybody's favorite are gonna give JaVale McGee. And hey are you really kill. Today he go why Isabel we T. You know we don't know if he's gonna make the roster or not that's true that is enemies come in order roster and you know sometimes he doesn't like early in the year there were some games where he wasn't planned Jerusalem games you've been four minutes. He's come in and provided this team energy. Some fond he's gone all over the place he's. Less and less on Shaq beautiful about it does the lowest like they have to go forward you don't look he's got the guts field goal about a I gotta give develop they are surprised by how well he's played. You know what I had him down for a and that was because I didn't really think he was contributing that much in the beginning of the year I also thought he wasn't played as well as everybody really thought he was playing why. You bring up a great point he wasn't guaranteed to make the team so if you look at it that way I think you're right I think he deserves and hey let's go to Christian. In Hercules C let's talk about what great he's gonna give players what's up Christian. Hey. Beat it connected part of it. And pick in this art. Hey I gave in and beat. I. Really get it and oh Tibet. I did that get an eight. Yeah I think if anybody deserves a positive entre La. RAI. In. As he makes. It. Oh. The these aren't built more. Games are. Be getting comfortable with no party. And but the Israeli. Let it break it. Is. Right now. Its top eight you know those. Probably you know. Yeah. Is. Very. Thanks for the call Christian appreciated good stuff. Well it's great wolf you know I have who BF Iguodala and without your goal I had a villager order a given him a seat were. All hopeful I'm living or staying alive just because I he knows. Win he needs to really produce and he'll also kinda knows when he doesn't that he. Has to do that in a way of getting to that point in his career worries or Camille would be consistent 82 straight games. I totally agree when he does play he's engaged he's very valuable. Why. He's not doing that every single game and besides you can't give Asian beast and can you cannot see where to go along with the seat. Gonna give will be minus not because he stays ready when he emails Pasadena like a bottom you sought to vet. That he knows when he have to turn on his a game grow its she's a score. Emails when he needs to defend at a high level and enter some games of the batteries like you know I don't really need to play all that arc and I think the same could be said it was a Olympics and which I guessed they give Livingston a seekers early on I thought. Man he's like our car here's our upgrade the beer Rachel to bear beastie teamster and a big element take away the baseline fadeaway jumper so we give Linux in the C. Iguodala. A B minus he'd take us out by explain to me what bond taste hill list. Mortgage is gonna see up the other side this is where I could the rant about something now that really bugs me and there are some dads out there who speak in. And really making it tough for your kids talk about the gonna be batted in this player that player is God's greatest speak and we've ever seen on the basketball. Basketball court chill pops chills are gonna go to bodies hill. And we're gonna get your paid it 8889579570. Talk about what I'm ranting about you dads out there. Let the kids took place just get up. Starting spot at right here many parts of again. She. When he's not on TV with Adonal Foyle and Larry deal he's hanging out his buddy Damon Bruce on the lawyers warm up. That's coach Gary Keating any joints dining Infante coming up over one. Now back to the Greg hopper show with Stein Mets and Vontae on 95 points. Are welcome back everybody Matt Stein let's along with bond saying hill I'm filling in for Gregg popular today. It will be doing so for the next week week and a half or so. And let's get right to it you know what time it is. We'll have the he actually. No I didn't. It's too bad sun here hiking boots this week I'm atop spontaneous pills with a fun today and I'm 95 point seven big game. I love the cheesy music all of the cheesy Jesus died and its its bonds case hill and so now she's on TV. Bugging the hell out of me an idea when I covered high school sports we hurdles appear from the crowd applaud coach my son he's due this c'mon coach you know. He's enjoying when Perry get involved in their kids love all right yeah absolutely and that leaves me. To a guy down the Chino Hills by the name Lavar ball yet he's three sons were very good basketball. While the ball is now at UCLA we canceled ball low low low ball the soft boards shields feels good to start 92 points on port high school team quite cheery picking at the time and just. Going after layoffs and all that stuff. But he sets up the other day I was Jim a lot of danger about wants a ball. Who will probably leave you silly to be a one and done guy go to the NBA you know you guarantee that you see LA won't. Will win the national championship what's little farfetched Lago UCLA doesn't play defense throughout he's saying that you know Alonso blogs gonna dominate the NBA because it's faster and it's easier. But he said this the other the external to detect the sound bite out. You that you can be as good thinker and yet. Now. We've got his record Indy. The opportunity once it was a long time ago. Now. Should go out there it's talk about her ninety year old kids when your kid albeit better step curry right now. He also said that he's a better version of Jason Kidd because he's taller. He's quicker he could shoot better now that's and that's where outspoken Ernie Phil about this. I did dad's tool. To put it quite simply. Why would you do that to your son. I understand your proud your son we're all proud of our children but think about. What that statements gonna do it's just gonna. Getting to step curry easier it's not it's that carry care but it's like now every time UCL a plays somebody. This is gonna be brought up by the opposition yeah. Is she gonna get trashed talked about being better than stepped curry and it's something that was out of his control. So I understand a parent Lebanese kid. But that does that makes no sense that is putting your kid in a terrible spot. And as they say not in the position to six. ETA also said this tiny last year an interview my body that Stevens from Max preps. Got holes he says I tell my boys all the time so one has to be bettered in Jordan why not you you got everything. Everything we give them everything because of the work we've put in they don't think golf holidays no Christmas no nothing so we had this whole thing called big Boller streaming and he's worked with his kids at a units up how to play against you know a lot older fifth grade he played its eighth graders. That's all called self like tablet to about somebody dads out there who have been outspoken starting. You know Shabazz Mohammed that remember him where he only vaguely top Marreese. Remember it's his dad back in the day not a raiders micromanaging him. Let's make it I think what we should do is Macon. All bad dad mount Rushmore who now don't get bad dad more Mao Baghdad more and that's just the parents that. They push their kids. Too hard all you don't want if you asked Earl Woods who US's Serena and Venus is dad if I guarantee you they'll tell you they did the right thing and you can't deny. That they did. So. Who knows whether their own good are trying to think who else I would little return will YouTube's not. You know who doesn't belong in this list Michael Thompson Michael Thompson and felt early Dell curry doesn't belong on this list either. And they should rightfully be on this list because they were pro athletes and they saw other cut their sons coming up and they have these guys could. Dude getting the NBA the shuttle. Was one on here. Is Dan did we Stanley has now whenever. OK okay I guess we. Hated him 57 570. All. Bad bad dad more. All said Lauren version yes and dad Roy who was. Already had more. Mr. Robert to star brittney see her make that list now absolutely not he. Now he does not make that was his stamp it up for your kid. That's allowable. In fact you should be praised for that. Why wouldn't so much pressure on your kid that he's gonna feel it from every opponent that he ever plays against from now until time. He gets drafted probably into the pros. First first two years. That's not really a good idea now. So. TrueCrypt so we got Serena Williams that believe it's Richard Williams he's sorry yeah I'm good at what when now grant it Serena Venus and become great great tennis players spicy Serena she can be to go. When it comes a women's tennis when he's he was very outspoken he's fired managers. Lavar ball it's he's already on that list for me he's RD there yeah we sell a lot board who'd also common in the future from his mouth. That's and it lob the ball and agree what we're global low Barney Dora Micah from the distaste. Going to be a great soundbites thank you. You would think it's going to be I'd like him just to. Somewhere down the all star game. Ask curry how he feels about that or better yet history mongering. That drama as his guide college dads that he's going to be better than. After I believe Dre mom will be great with an answer on that and asked if that next Thursday. I mean we go to wars will get oracle we should best effort current ball bobcats were outspoken like that. This next segment let's take a couple calls on. Mount bid to add more 888957. I have one person could be on that list. We'll. Always AG pop. I insane and all who dared DJ to play a sport now. I'm so that's what it's quarter it's a big guy I hear the dude there's totally links territory I think it does that. With Greg Baghdad like who would your would you have a little brother plays soccer gala that was her. Was Greg the stats like. Yeah. That's the game better nick off and oh Haaretz an effort to rescue the big bailout bill's sponsors though that went a little more revered the ridiculous and I thought base off ever wanna watch the raiders. But while the practice at training camp is good Pakistani. How about getting wasted what Greg Papa myself in Napa at the practice. When you're in luck because this package without the retail value of 4000 dollars. Coach gene yes you also get luxury suite for eighteen to mutually agreed on 2017 raiders and the house and I'll I'll and a 500 dollar allowance to spin on food and drinks this great package and also possibly dig with me. The extent of value just went down the drain on the value said her department opinion good kisser and. It's time to go to break Kerry Keating got that Serbia produce light study about eight. Give us call AAA knock 57 about 570 open Paul lives. This is 957 game.

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