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Afternoon Delight w/ Steinmetz & Bonta - Hour 2 - 2/16/17

Feb 16, 2017|

Steinmetz fills in for Papa - joined by Kerry Keating & a discussion on Draymond's comments towards James Dolan.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right everybody welcome back Matt Stein Mets filling in for Greg pop but today I'm alongside Fontaine hill. In a listen in 95 point seven game joining us right now. He does the warriors warm up show before every Golden State Warriors game along with Damon Bruce he's the former head coach of the Santa Clara. Keep LeBron go stronger gusts up to sorry about that scary Jerry cheating everybody what's up here I cannot I forgot the. That's the about it and a fifth a couple of hey we're out of a little fun here Jerry talking about. This global law are balls that he says he's going to be better than staff curry and we're talking about. That's really put a lot of pressure on the kid in there we were thinking about. Dads who were overbearing and we start talking about marina conviction. And Tiger Woods his dad maybe a little bit Venus answering his dad. Believe you had apparent double play here at Santa Clara who drove you nuts. I told my four year old after you switch it last year did not switch it my timing has still that in due. Chase the victim houses up the windows. Thousand. Not just it's. I selflessly. My in my recruiting days guys it is one thing that I kind of put a flag on it if there was. And overbearing parent has an assistant coach can I never want to put their head coach. And namely Dan Allen I got that level where it may be pats were a little more overzealous and an aunt and if these days if money is being increased at the highest level in either by carries this column. Fortunate to have that happen to the level that happening now there are you guys the apple before which little outrageous. But you know it's part of what you have to deal with and every every kid every path is the best ever gone through that now it's it's hard not to do but you have to be realistic and so that you guys mention you don't wanna set about to fail whatever you do you wanna put in the position it to to succeed and do the best attempt but it. Thankfully we were able to have the cute cute cute pastor's family Thurman Thomas had a clarinet for the most part all the time this is because soreness starts. They care obviously the warriors wrapped up the first part of the regular season last night with a 10986. Victory. Over Sacramento they were really in the third quarter 128 to run at one point. Which ray mine green. Got ejected in the second quarter. You look you tray mind green beyond the well he's valuable to our team we need him to be on the edge but not go over the edge sometimes I think it's just asking too much from them. You know it's almost like what you're great restraint to be your greatest weakness type situation you know I think one of the things that make him. Who he is this is competitive edge. It's his willingness and ability to do things right a lot of different ways as some Mitchell and Abbas course summit don't. And it's obvious that he just has brought back gets pushed forward tried to push they put a little bit too much said that you know become detrimental and that we've been talking about fiscal year we we kind of reference a little bit in the pregame show last last night in reference. And to pass a little bit to what cousin who's like. Thirty guys trying to have that edge tournament. It could be chalked up their security. It could be chalked up to put me in some ways you selfishness but the bottom line is they're really good basketball players. And in a lot of things can be attributed as to why they do with the due respects investing in major social media is that scoring position but it. I think the bottom line and an obvious interest even in the in the and the staff are trying to. Figure out ways that has adopted because. As we learned firsthand and know in a bad way last year can become detrimental to the point of losing this series and actually the finals so. I kind of shook my head when it happened. But I am sure you guys watch the game last night felt the same way out sit and watch this game and though he was thirty in the world fundamentally. They're we want we want to get the full WS I lose. Big you know. Trying to draw you know point about the game against the freaked a lot of put up forty spots so. I kind of felt like this has got all the makings of a third quarter common it was a one product kind of kick myself and not be in the average and being able to gamble connect. This is covered and it knew it was coming and obviously clay and Katie picked up slackened. Forcing villagers that because that would have been unfortunate that those who lose there. Two year streak of not losing back to back regular season game in that fashion even though it's not really that big a deal the bigger picture. Coach how do you. Deal with the player Colton player like reminding do you have any similar stories where you had a player rules. You don't really demonstrative man you know was playing on AA to talk about that experience if you did culture player kind of similar to join him on. Again that goes in or near unison. Do you have a course that is both Serbia. I'm sure island workbook months. The beds in and out the rest again. I hesitated just a question it is one it. You know you need you you'll have a you can take you wanna let him loose a little bit to do what he does and we've seen what that can be like both on scoring column means. Got to get puts up a triple double the other day with only scored four points in the game. He's he's doing things have been historical nature and obviously doing it with a chip on his shoulder because you drafted in the second round so it is an ego involvement cities athlete. Because of the things that you get a reference because of what's happening now. With the exposure of these kids they're all expected to go to school for one year now you have overzealous parents try to put them in a position for the college for. Six months so. You know it's it's hard to kind of pinned down how to deal with these guys that's why I think he. Has done such a good job is kind of let these guys could be themselves that. The first thing I'd do it one way and when drama and exited the floor that looked right at Steve and missed that and just kind of get a reaction parliament's. Just to see how he. Felt about that whether you knew was coming in whether you know he thought it was justified and we saw the replay where you live the with a much of the output that call happened you know and I actually thought for the first time watching games missed the guys you guys know personally watch and it. That they actually got yelled quote unquote you simulate whistle values to get we are when it. I thought they got some of those called the front of the Sacramento back to those turnovers in the third quarter. And I almost wonder there was it was almost out of guilt that the guy you ejected him are reacting to a father really was an. What I thought was interesting last night Kerry was the first wave of violent wave a hand to the official. That didn't get the first technical. On the run dry Garrett who didn't didn't see that. But then Rondo sits hurt your round. It's it's almost like a kid who gets away we shoot the spit balling class. Did the teacher turns around late because you know what I'll still got to do it anyway again you know it's it's kind of crazy. It's funny that we sit there receiving reactions and an effort for Peruvian have to be close enough maybe courtside this year put. He stood up up that section we're up there a lot of the game from the from the public catbird seat. You know what what I had to might stop. Exactly what. You guys because you know there has to be obviously would have what's the Sacramento couple weeks ago you could read lips and she's these people almost wanna. Kind of get a feel for what's that these guys off it and you know night. He's got an you know better anymore. He's got more than one of the great journey that nominees. And some time that they take it personal preventive ways that they they cross that line and it's hard not to costly ticket personal. And that's why you have these attractions happening in the NBA sometimes. I don't think this is gonna be retractable is that the travel to have occurred if they have put. I got to pick a lot of these things are reactionary sometimes to the purple out prospect of meat from these calls. Coach Stein and I were giving out grades for the first half of some of these players for the starting five Iguodala Charlotte extend. Just Thelma piece on the liberal you some names and you give a great home in the first half of the season. Personal about I'll tell you Kevin Durant. I it's hard not to diminish demand. And movies for all the things he's done I had to throw avail them. That kind of finish strongly that bird that may be getting so close today that being a big adjustment would be plus. Q bureau right on where we all are on. Yeah editor Mark Green. Toward Jim. Suspect that. It's almost like after the company get attacked right now I get along great publicity of the rhetorically. Nice way to New Orleans. I sit here today. And I. It's an A minus because he can't be better but is that they have good. Klay Thompson. The top plague. And a slow starts or what they've it is tennis in I I I'll be kept it did not give clinic. Zaza put Julia he's goblet that he's he's right with this. And I thought that it just he wanted the tough one to Grady you would gather in again victory parade because everyone else cut the same thing got. Get a good up on the curve ball. Yeah I don't think in that particular that but with a couple. Guys. You know his classmates really help them a lot of homework. I I feel people is us. All right are you Roger it would dollar. Lou Andre. Do has been too up in and I think because he's been up and down and then again I gotta give a little bit of credit for being the veteran that is an obvious to see what happens to get the rest the legs come back. I think under the ballot beat. Rule are not diplomacy your idea I'm sorry I give must be able C minus Shaun Livingston. Ahmed Shaw. Six on his media most underrated oh hole. Team in it's part of this effort he met that that hasn't record that they do that. I think shot thing that it was you need to do it how he's done it. Really really ever mentioned after the game here today on these Kate the united Oklahoma City it was unsung MVP from the I got a good shot at least. I think because he got because he's got the veteran and mop up throw it deep but up to today that they can. Well. Armageddon and sees guys last long due to do JaVale JaVale McGee. You know. Based on the fact that we've had built come through Shaq in the old school and now he's in our campaign in graduate school and oracle. He's a graduate students he gets Korea with their anchor you grade him on anything. Thank you guy at by the death I would take back through the autumn. Do you mind they probably repeat a lot since you're only. We expect it if we'll get better not really weren't even paying but I wouldn't say if he's felt. Living embodiment Peabody and develop people up I think the American. I think that's very with a especially are still boxes special when you factor in that. He was a lock to make the team. I don't know you know. And he's really excelled in the classroom last year. I watched in Indian training camp for a couple a couple of days. And a very very beginning just been really know how in a fit you know he kind of looked at a place that really know what to do with the ball kind of pain and credit dispute about gastric but in the weight for heavy they've made him to a viable player and it can really help them down a rope. Think Jerry how many games did you get thrown out of fifth as a coach and Sarah. Though and I I. I've politely at the car bill Holmes it matters if I needed to technically if you don't just walk on over. How to play conversations. Walk away keeping its second I'll do what I got to do but I never took it to appoint him thrown out which led to a couple other news that the witness who would have liked him a few Beers over the outfit is. A lot. More share its offices are not the Mecca Marco and Tony how many jeez did you average a year was it two or three year was that it does. I know I and you appreciate the status religion put those guys and I as a part and I knew what. So like crap that I was trying to do is resolved semantics and distracted the team go but I think than nine years as a head coach don't wanna say my total was maybe five. Let's go and call somebody on the same hill street I know somebody who is on the same staff has been how when only get like 23 tight. That's the support because we gonna talk about that. Gotta do it is you could kill or a series so it took ballot and I can be echoed. I'll kind of be a force to do this colts before we let you go. I hear that you have a very good Matt Stein it's impression. Our guys who putted before the other person. He's got to be a person. It is if you look by apple. Apple's. If I can do anything. She's out of further back still learning and I'm a rookie. Probably not a good idea for the rookie to go after the best radio. Knob and I'm one of those veterans that I take everybody in Ohio I did on the team guys so. You can rip media day and I'll still be your body of. That would guard Chris Cook golf course first but in and oh with a leg out protect. I. All the it's. It's a little sweet to fix it hey you already know you travel and so have a safe trip then I'll look forward seeing you next week man. Thank Seve I got a good job. Sure Gary you're going to. What is good money out of your bed I was investment there wasn't that he's a lot now he's like yeah he has these guys they'll relies on. Us a mount bad dad more little brother Raul in Oakland Rel you're on with Stein Mattson onto a hill. Don't. Out of I don't. I did not expect him. I bet. Come Chris went and Iran or. Into. A wrap up. Yeah. It is thanks for the call Rel I can only imagine. Conversation between Chris Lincecum and Greg pop up over the twelve to six curve ball. And I'm a great. His dad you know or four okay from the other side. Talked to crystallize and he is. The piece of work great guy Barea outspoken. When they can be overbearing could be overbearing at times with Tim Lincecum but for the most part. The giants need that he was a little out there any never really interfered with anything you never know questioned Botha about where Lincecum should be in the you know in the rotation though he should be BA saw he should be third. Usually you end up being a good net. And you know why he was great teammate to Tim Lincecum is everybody loved him that. And even when things started not going to hit knock on his way when they've moved the bullpen. He just did it mean he could have been. He could've been a real pain about that but he. Chose to go the route of a team player which. I'm very familiar with that route very familiar with the team player route. Usually there's a fork in the road and it says team player selfish. Always go to the team player but he'll be damaging America Derek America. Not not all about myself that's and I thought that's all I team can't spell team about the ire. Hey what do you what do you give me for this. Just the apparent last year's warriors with a shears warriors there's a little last night. Just there's just. I don't like teams have as much fun and only the fans are that into it. And the comparison I'm gonna make is between the warriors. In the Yukon women. They want their hundredth straight game yeah the other night he talked and I look at. Added I don't think in. Okay great. Terrific that doesn't excite me it's funny people wanna see dominance but they don't see dominance. Overdone. You don't say it I. Asked the warriors they. They're they're they're almost the victim of their own success. You don't I mean they just cannot. Create. A dynamic. Atmosphere at that arena living up to last year as well say it's at it's a fun time out there. And I don't think that's gonna come around to the post season to tell I think a lot of people are waiting for the post season. I think they're specially at the last season that the wind 73 games. And then you go lose a finals and it just made a regular season relevance are still got to look at it like while 73. You know wins is also starting point for a Null is a hell of an accomplishment. You know both seasoned staff Korea had just offered to season we hadn't seen both worlds. I'll believe it was one of the greatest regular season often to regular season as we ever seen an NBA history. And it's so I think that when he you do every byte so hungry get back at Cleveland or whoever is coming out and east they just wanna. Give back to the finals get that W two taste. In our mouth against so yeah you're right like. It's kind of made a regular season were re get there if you become a victim of that worm to sign shall I go to the games that I enough. So I go to the game should I or not they're gonna beat this team they get bored out there watching the answer yes that is that in talking on Sunday explode and per quarter. I think we are waiting for the playoffs and get what you're saying your starting that people or abort angels wanna get to playoffs because to. Team is sodium good yeah I think there's two things going on one with the team and one with the fans the team news that. They won the title in fifteen. Last year they had an incredible regular season and it ended horribly. Then they went out and got the ran and that was fun. Now I think it's halfway through the season. And they're starting to realize. They've got one job and that's to get to the finals and win it. And I just think you have to be more serious about it clear that if you're the team because you know if you don't do it you're gonna be considered foolish I think there's a little pressure. They're not pressure in terms of getting nervous to play but a constant pressure of who we have to win it I know you have a great point with a fans. And if you're a warrior fans. You might feel a little foolish. And that's why you're not getting invested this year because you watch this team all last year he got all welled up and then. They let you down at the end or they didn't win at the end and can't I can't believe I did all this in the regular season so welcome to assume probably till June for this I guess. Yes I feel like now they're saying you know what I'm not investing right now. I'm gonna wait till they win it or get to the final. Yeah I think you can tell the difference in the crowd whether really and I saw the little bit last year Western Conference finals game one where. You know yet at Bay Area traffic Kern had time it's tough when you have to 6 o'clock to write it when the stadium not filled up until midway through second quarter to do like our. This is fan basis oil like you're just gonna take the time gates a game what in the Western Conference files from a year before it's used in people ready the Coca bulls have for asserted in the west finals since the seventies yeah so yeah they. I think I don't think the warriors player Borg brought about by love and I comfort highly irritate the way the ball moves through the backdoor cuts that we see a daily basis of out of timeouts set sets Steve Kerr runs an excuse to perfection. It is off I have so much fun watching this Tebow like at sea of people give fortunate we're hurts so much better than everybody else right applaud everybody third order job rats they should do it should be blow teams out they are doing that but like Neil Steiner picked it just waiting for the playoffs they wanna really does give back. Al LeBron James. I think you're absolutely right and I think they're all Smart enough to realize that they can't do what they need to do in February or march. So. They are. Under that they understand the timing issue of this I think they look back. And they say well we peaked too soon last year so the thing we won't do this year is peaked too soon and I think there really I don't say waiting but they know they have another level. To know stymie. Actually occurring only played about 34 minutes a game extra played there Foreman is a game and he doesn't slip on a court in Houston. It gave Ford a first well we may be seeking to differ tool because we dolls that Kurtz where UCL when obviously he wasn't the same as solid and pick corals can blow by Ian is cantor Stephen battles have a loving gay rights or some taunt and it's about. Injury you know at that injury doesn't happen. The payroll to a championship but we're not. We're not talking about all they peaked too early right and you're in other injury really it's it's. It's Ortiz apartment or threat or get suspect goes against suspend exactly charlatans and has to play starter minutes which he did do all season we saw Shaun Livingston kind of tire later in the playoffs right where he wasn't as effective because under the cavs taught overall PP two earlier not lasting that I'd just repeat the step. Curry's injury changed everything but. I think there are cognizant. He can to worry me Chicago what we got four guys. American exert ourselves every other team has come and it's literally in a statement that is our finals and our Jacqui chip. I don't know where you're you're sacramental for the first game first wears teams your enforceable or a one after the second one. And feels a playoff boss. They were so high for like it might. This is our chat feature that we need to really stick to the state well we'll see if they meet in the first round that they've never met in the playoffs last one fact they've never the warriors. And the kings have never been into the playoffs in the same year that stats and say I mean you almost have to try to do that in the NBA that is its AD had all the bits Richard years and of course after. While that that's mind boggling and yeah I'm body that would be a fun trip on up ninety miles now we've got up by 880 will get a shot faceoff back off the why what is it that's upper big shot don't want it and I believe it's Asia I think what is anachronism. A fifth it's. It's Acker live for the accurate in who had a partnership that and so it could happen and then there is no. Proper way to pronounce that there can be nothing official for debris in the seventeenth annual bay area's sports hall of their lives and there it is and this is in this that's priced right he's pretty good Oakland a.'s luxury suite experience. Eighteen seat luxury box to a game. 500 dollar food and drink voucher because it's certainly great autographed baseball hopefully said he grace still with the team we know how to get down and Oakland. Related to slip and I would you know but there are a okay pump this public gardening argued that's good good authentic autographed baseball city is also get 500 dollar for food and drinks. You kit it's a by the blue get stopped by this week. We could add to its vital organ that food with by the blue. But it was a great guys so you have till next Friday he remembers to you know good thing the fifth. Go about it by seventy game allied to bid on his great great packaged. Oakland a's elections we love sweet to listen in the box it's a good time so we'll get to the calls to talk about it Mark Green to get. But this time about some comments he made a markets Thompson's podcasts on uninterrupted. Via Bleacher Report we'll talk about that here study about Terry Herman parks and again. Son that's a Vontae ask our forty niners insider and beat writer for CS NB area mammy Yoko what he really feels about hot cocoa coming up to two. Now that's a good pop a show assignments by day on 95 point seven the game. Odds and all of a problem when he speak out or something that you don't lie and now you wanna do all of you know. From New York time organizers nicely and it's you don't have to meet assault group and I you don't accuse me. Or not necessarily if you were to speak in August organization. It's not good anymore. Displacement. Slave master mentality. That's ridiculous it was all my daddy. When he was layups but I'll take out jeweler and ought to go where organization. But all that when he's face felt and that he feels. That's the problem. I disagree with that definitely State's lackluster third bestsellers. List of. Welcome back everybody Matt Stein Mets along with a bond today hill filling in for Greg pop on Thursday afternoon I'll be doing so for the next week and a half Purcell. And you just heard Dray mind green from. Marcus Thompson's podcast what's the name of that podcast in off the topic had gay day answering Amare is the daily podcast Alina Marcus house about it it's the mayor yeah that's a pot. Dre day it's podcast and Marcus Thompson of Bay Area news group. It's gonna be good podcast obviously is terrific and you know we can we can focus on the the slave master mentality. Or pictures stayed in the overall drain mine green. And it. When you put them all together in him deal with the technical fouls and you deal with the emotion. Do you deal with some of the off the court issues maybe this latest. Statement about dole and being in haven't a slave over owner mentality or when he went back to Michigan and gotten the fight. Lot of things that have happened Dray mind green off the court you would talked about it before the show when it made me wanna get into it. Is it possible that trail mine green won't be here long term. Gas it maybe he's just he about a do owners wanna deal with this noise over now I'm not Sammy they're gonna look to trade him now. Or be off season or two years from now. When I wonder how much of of this fact when he comes up for his new contract. Whether or not front offices wanna deal also like to see how these pro franchises weather's baseball right our basketball. We saw what college tapper to Dowd wrote about it here's what it's who you know. Don't like nobody likes that noise Michael sand even if it's dry comes what's your sexuality. Or your sexual orientation. We saw Michael sand trot in the draft it ready to gauge it obviously was a late round pick and not even make it in their focus teases didn't wanna. Killed the noise you wanna keep what sports now. I do peak and are apt to speak out like curry Tuesday you know a lot of people like to get mad at Michael Jordan because you never spread about political issues right social activism. And then we're curry does it. Also people like all you should stick sports which one that's it yeah I don't mine athletes speaking out they had the platform to do what they get a lot more ears on it. Lot of people with some of these athletes and we'll go torment at Dick it is good when athletes speak out about it. But did you need to be educated. About or to speaking out about I don't know James Dolan really well. In Archie team's players it's New York people sign or whatnot I've never heard a player. Or ready to dig about a player speaking about my brother Donald Sterling we heard all the stories. That went on and on and on and on palm players out there right gales and that's what I'm sorry I haven't heard the same thing we don't know the carrier would Dolan is like. He's about as money's about horrendous and he doesn't really care about winning. 8889579570. This dream bonds Greek drama greens act to Wear a little thin with you guys out there not talking about the whole. Whole ball of wax with Raymond green and talk about the technical fouls talk about the off court stuff you see him as a warrior for life. I just was watching last night's game. And tell me the bigger issue is. His on court demeanor and behavior and how that may affect the team and his teammates. I I kinda liking Dray mind green to Colin cap predict except. Dre my greens got a higher stature in terms of a player in the game. And what I mean by that is. I don't think there's anybody who's going to. Not signed tapper nick because he kneeled. And I don't think there's anybody who's not gonna go after dread in my green because he called. James Dolan as having a slave owner mentality. For me which ray mine green it's going to be. We have the kind of team they can take on a train mine greener we have veteran team are we young team that's gonna have a lot to do that so that's. You know an end. Yeah brought up a great point he watched the bench after drama got ejected deceit how they were reacting Kazaa that's important are they supportive of them are they running up and grabbing imitate gonna that's striker like get out of here get out here we got to save yet. Where they kinda rolling their eyes like here we go again because if they're safe here we go again. And maybe there is a little salt and on the Syria. CA Melrose and a lot of people hold them back yesterday. That diary call big games coming on on will Clark went to west replay a rise in Bay Area and I wanna see that's specifically to pinch his reaction got to pay attention that you've got to watch injury on. He's seen a couple security car hundreds is kind of like. All right now it's time goal like you're blowing up a little bit I wonder that ax go to where there and in the future and if he's he's still gonna get paid if you're gonna get his money. But what teams. Want to say no consulting angels like you off and you are right when you come to draft Ryan agency they just wanted to have a right on board where I want not going that route. Or if you're a young team let's say the Philadelphia 76ers. You're not gonna bring Raymond green on that team yet although on the other hand I could kind of see 12 and a crazy way let's repeat in Redwood City. People let's talk a little Dre mongering what's up the. I meant it about it required act and that could be economy and everything he did it a bit there's like a core element and your. Technical or the the slave master mentality. The word yet it. I'm. I don't know I'd be. Like you don't even the big usual about going to rule document owner. And I haven't really read an outside and then they do like you know. It is an immediate trend. And kicked up dude and I'm seeing it all public. Met him to Jolie could mean kick them out of warriors stadiums like being bit. I'm I'm like don't because you want to you what you do. And I can't back up respecting them for the bingo like at. Any. You've been called an immediate become great is that right like you. Are. Thanks a lot for the call who's. Go to Mike in Fremont. Might you talk a little dream on. Yeah at. Logan. I'm under start out ballots go to new I'll go to CJ in Oakland CJ what's up man. Not always easier. So you know. You know I've heard a lot of background on the past you know year problem that more and. At times target and at other times you know I people are trying to other Grafton mr. are strapped on them to talk about. That need to change any happier person going wrong in the warriors I enter in my life topic even electorate not directly unit in a that would players that. In an action that is competitive nature to him you know currently in this clip played master mentality that. You know that that the time we're here you know. Bring it straight is worth a little bit better or. And he did not ship but you know and on the planet that in technical out I think they're making way too big a deal that let him play in game and it's and eat well. Real real quick CJ. I hear you with. Delegates and technical fouls let him play. I do get data on the other hand. If your staff curry Klay Thompson. When you go to sleep that night and think about it you say. To remind Costa sent championship last year because if that's what you say and as a teammate then it is an issue. What that that is yet is that what they're saying that there are they read and there and I finally you know that would include 200 until it was. Army Beck could possibly be about 100 known as we Arctic air like you know I'm being back there are other contributors to the final ought abdomen or not. I think you know you. All right well thanks for the call. Now what the merry and it and let's be honest. Turn on green McCain sentinels unbelievable. He's a single reason why they were still in that game senate now definite clay was struggling. And turn mile an hour after what 67 police he was phenomenal and agonies are re one of the main reasons why. They made it to the finals as every brigades exactly what do actually real quick let's have Julie Julie what's gone on Julie's in Oakland. Yes it's killing car from Oakland and Anaheim. You know it. Gotten to be working for the last year I've been there jumped on the back. And with your mind you know we only try and fire my he had. But at the point and I noted that last night the codes are good at sitting there like OK here egos began. Like well like animals at least they got him out of the game. Management team mate where they're like you know. Calm them down. Later on in the game. Kevin Durant settled down McGee cut key. Yes I'm guessing there Biden. Yet he grabbed. Mine and now. To during months and it and I you know I don't drink and I am like oh connected to my job two years ago that. It will be in the right now public flak from the of the warriors great should be you know why. That. Would be district back. They'll wrap him you know odd languages like you know. Settled out. Might have a little kids that you might see you wanna be stored and they make. Them and do little hand trump well. Professional sports. And want to play have a team and I guarantee you might want somebody out on Matt has gone to it saying oh my god you know. How much can we put up with it and and I think people excuse them and that it might mean he. He had an iron I bet you need to you know. Take a couple of notches. With his expressions that that might take. Well says Juli she hit a lot of the exit area and attacks lied to have a some mixed also will leaker be from four or fives like a modern day Dennis Rodman what about the piercings. A color hair with a lot more talent it. Robin was talented acting bear it is a very good comparison because rob was a firecracker. What happened what rob them later to screw you from team. That he two team to team so we'll continue this conversation they're gonna call audible here we'll talk more about this and Dermarr green in the situation on the other side to stymie two bonds are here in the afternoon delight and 57 again. Our 49ers insider and beat writer for CSN Bay Area Matt Mayo go join assignments and Vontae in just ten minutes coming up at two. Now back to Gregg pop a show it's tiny Infante on 95 point seven a game. Good afternoon everybody Matt Stein and that's a long without bond today hill filling in for great pop on Thursday afternoon in the day. Pieces working and convenience stores. China making them a moon. Forget the title and with trees Chapman. There's a gentleman that illustrated yeah that's Sosa hit that you can just hit that that it NASCAR NASCAR raucous public brought the senate by less than it's a big fan right there Tracy Chapman is. Incredibly talented she's a low key for the last time though. Well maybe we'll have her on tomorrow first tiny sixty song selection on today and tomorrow wanna play that's the first of all that's not gonna happen as well. It actually intentionally did with the magic marker it's happening once unless you get Tracy Chapman on the phone lines second round and that happened. Africa takes a lot of really appreciate it we're talking about jury mine green. These two technicals last night his rejection his slave master mentality quotes the strong words is enough enough. Where are you with straight mind is drama just being injury in mind let's go to Michael Martinez what's. Michael. Potential to call your ultra TimeCrawler. I gotta idea aren't present it to wonder could remodel night. I'm opera long long long time warrior and enact ebitda. You not to more what we're all pretty well. Many you know it is mortgage career pretty good. Yeah I think there's a comparison to be made and there's a comparison to be made. Among. Spree well. Rot in our rob and spree will system. And I can't separate it must really a lot of technical fouls early on. And when Sprewell was very off the court used like really prided he didn't. What's pretty well left the arena it was a different time yeah to what like what she left the arena. In essence media availability was over did hear anything about that person for the next day practice now. We know everything about it is an excellent news via social media is a big I think the comparison is Robin but rob it was really a lot of that may even be strong. Because we know about rob by party and on night come into the arena late two comedies coming in for gave it in play and he played art I don't believe what they're on core game. Is almost similar suffered during mommy be the better ball handler Bluetooth to comets at the such a little strong when I hear guys like Karim Abdul Jabbar c'mon say I don't know during my collector I don't know prize said that that's where I gotta go with puzzles guys lived in that time they were right social activist. When they're coming up in the game. Yeah let's go to Greg in Castro Valley Greg you're on assignments and bond today. Yeah you guys do and other. A great show thanks for technical. Point problem it. For smaller bottles of bush call. Dream on her perfect right to be true. He he's being picked on I think by the wraps tees being singled out. Secondly I agree with them about the slaves mentality. I I think that that I was way out of line. And thirdly I'd rather have a great mom against my children. Thanks for the call but today handle that when he had not a life look I love Jerry about who want accord he does a lot you know he donates back to Michigan State does allow for community. Her mom is a hell of a guy. The guy great guy you don't hear about it of the well we did hear little about. In addition to the police tried to go dire what now and that may be got overblown or what novel for the most part during months people who support group there have been great. Now I just had the comets were dislike. You don't word racism. Right slavery at this. Lights everybody up and it's a different dynamic like. You'd destroy an honest somebody over Oakley entity and now we know Oprah as a firecracker sure Oakley we Salma gave seven of the finals last year's price or they wouldn't let go in a locker computer hacker. Have a credential and he gave me a slap the security guards. Brian Oakley the firecracker so I can't really I don't know Dolan enough I don't know much about the Nixon terms of that. All slavery suffer how they deal with their players or whatnot and that's kind of the way I. Felt is wintry mongering says something like dad I'm 52 year old white guy so I cannot. Begin to put myself in his. Place to view things like he views thinks I can't even relate to that. And then doling. Particularly. I don't know. Anything about him behind closed doors I can't really speak to that yeah so I don't really have an opinion on this I really really don't. I just like the listen to the opinions let's give Michael shot at one Michael you're in Santa Clara. Like. Not much I got a new reason why this should really concern. What concerns me that should concern all warns parents I think a member. Graeme on speak about this specific subject in his attitude on the court now that he's scared you know well under the beauty and I'm not willing to change. Got that big red flag and also what try to accomplish. You know by going after the rep who expect them to reverse the call on a nervous you know happen. So you really need it on it current ballot look. You're not gonna change the call you're gonna act called against. His view with. If you wanna pick change. Start the united the risk that the only way you can stop and I it was a group called in the that there's no doubt about it. Huge you know I'm disappointed that you know a lot to handle it and with this whole. Slave master mentality I think that's way off base you know. You know and I you can set we don't know about you know and I'm quote board so not even know like it can speak to that so I think he would. Pretty sloppy there. You know he's just it's too much thought that he. You know he's getting up in the numbers and he needs to be looking out hers he made that joke you know letting his remote control him he's controlled his emotions. Thanks for the call Michael well said. Good opinion. Wouldn't say whether I agree whether or not not really sure I'm not really sure to tell you the truth among young black kid right. Dylan you know obviously we we've dealt some things in this culture before and I've dealt with the grow about whether it's with law of course what are what Dodd. You're stereo type threw him out but you know I it just feels like maybe he jumped to quickly jump to conclusion here. Right maybe should just may be looked into it and maybe. Speak about it that's what worries about the podcast right words is that right men was not a net points Rodham what is he gonna say X one are you talking about this why are you Ryan IDB's what not a lawyers defuse a lot of situations say that the best in my opinion the best PR staff in the NBA and audit occurs great and then when the media occurs been outspoken as well about Al. Donald Trump is run the courage through what about it when he's been spot odd social that's what I did speak. It's sugardaddies Charles Oakley we love oak tree do we go oak tree is a firecracker hot edit sides. I just it's just a strong word of their out at somebody that you just don't know I know we gotta go soon to think there was it. A connection between people being really upset with Ramon because. One day he says slave master mentality then he gets rejected so it's. Tenet to things spiraled out and they're on but it somewhat the same thing and Fiat could see that act UT people get pissed off about that and in the back of their heads. They're still pissed about the final drive to just yesterday she this about they like Jerry god did it should have been out there you should help this is not Harrison Barnes missed a jumper it's it's not step kind of alludes to get to the gates added and I haven't lifted a deity explosion out of bed eat this not played tops and struggling to gave seven. Lawyer for and so people still hold true bond as a reason they lost two finals because he was and sped it all that acts. That's why these days is what cubic great point have a Dole's comments did you get kicked out right day it's alarming. Talked to me about so that's goal with patient off pace off he Rico we got to lose there it is. Modern family taping you can get more tickets to the taping of the show you get to meet and greet stars or black guy Ed O'Neill AK a Al for the AKA. Polk high alleged. What are the best football players in the world out party to get to beat him much at the fox studio route trip airfare for 42 night hotel stay. Go to 957 game to bid and go to a taping of moderate and we got to be cool and a lot of them and I started. Now and not really about her really good things it's not kinda show that I would. Criticize without seeing. There's a lot of shows I would welcome. One name one name one real quickly a game with drones. Aussie about it and we got to go to break and no interest is that go to finally. I really needed to violent she got a special popular story. Covered back in April gave a pro j.'s deal. Now we have a top forty divers that we're to talk about being local or the other side. You'll Kyle Shanahan a believer in my couch at a believer. Well let's see if that they'll go is a believer McAllister and hair right here identifies seven negated study and boxing here in the afternoon delight.

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