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Afternoon Delight w/ Steinmetz & Bonta - Hour 3 - 2/16/17

Feb 16, 2017|

Steinmetz fills in for Papa - joined by Matt Maiocco, spring training talk, & the caboose pistol!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You reached out to me now on sale at the day after my press conference and we communicated through there and have always been in a call on especially coming out of college atlas study them artist. And it had a lot of success in the league and look at fort study more and can handle what comes and there. That's new 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan talking about. Colin Capp verdict in what his future holds and whether it's going to be in San Francisco. Or another city unmatched assignments along with Monta hill filling in for great pop but today. And joining us right now he's an insider for Comcast sports net Bay Area he's also our guy Matt Mayo go how you don't matter what's going on man. That's what are allowed to mad Puerto grow still don't know if you like time Coco. 00 they met I hope you realize that when I come in to fill in as a six man I don't really have control I have to defer to the starters. I only hear that when you're around. You know what you know why that's his Greg's not around salt not a substitute teacher. I've got to look at that nothing to do what I want to play. And let's. Start with a little sound byte of Kyle Shanahan in in talking about it. Colin Capp pretty what's your gut tell you he's cap predicament gonna be a 49ers next year. Might get help neat yeah it's cabinet stretched that thing that the new yen and the new. Head coach. A coach you talked about making plays in the pocket. The actual pasture. He hit it. You when you look at it can't cap critic has started to Kia that lap 71 regular season games according to played recently took over. The middle of 2012 season. He's been the starter for the vast majority of those gains. And when you come into this situation with the press start. And new head coach and new general manager. And carte Blanche to do whatever those guys want to do including in the cases. Of John Lynch bringing in. Two top lieutenant in your personnel department. Egypt I did double the debt that new people coming in it would wanna keep the same quarter. That they want and want to. Bring in. Some fresh guys that deposition. And start. Pressured the quarterback position the most important position Natalie football but it all sport so. I idol he would. In league you also look at it and he's. Data price tag of fourteen point nine million dollars everyone expects him to opt out. If he doesn't I can't imagine the 49ers won it release them. Because his market value is go to the far left. And then nearly fifteen million so there are a lot of moving parts right now. Let Egypt it doesn't seem like. An I would I would be shocked and years ago thinking that went. Alex Smith went on games to go out and see that we in the last. That you would definitely go on or else in the new coach Jim Harbaugh come in and and into look at it with fresh. That divided says that the quarterback I want in and so he was around the starter for. A one and a half season that. I just needed around the league everybody be really surprised it. Ends up back courtiers. Now Matt there's been rumors about maybe match up coming in here because he knows Kyle Shanahan system Brian Hoyer is another guy who know Shanahan system. The name Jay Cutler's even been thrown out there. Greg and I talked the other day may be met Glenn and is a guy you can use as possibly is the place holder. Or he could turn into a franchise quarterback. How much money do you think they'll invest into the quarterback position if they do move on from Colin Capra that. Who they get it in Europe that it could determine the of the level of commitment. That they get that quarterback. Princeton duke to name he'd been mentioned Jimmy garrote. Kirk cousins. Out of those against hate them some pretty steep trade. I in the case of a cousin and I am assuming. That the Washington goal or use the franchise tag. And I would think it isn't going to not be exclusive franchise tag or errors might make a call call Tuesday. Hate you if you bail to be as well would it take before moving on to the next thing. With the case in the case of grapple. If the 49ers. Are called the the patriots in the in jobless advocate report with about check. And it can take let's just say to second on X. And that's gonna come with a very lucrative contract extension. Of the one thing that the 49ers. Management to eighties. Lynch in Shanahan is time. They don't. Six years it'll happen to beat Clinton situation where. Where they it'll likely guy in the have to make a long term meant to. So it is it is that match shop who's aka. I looked at land the past season and I would think that pretty logical reasonable choice for the 49ers to sign in some capacity. It they say. You know what he's the best we have now. There's nobody in the draft that were well sort marketed in the number two overall economic quarterback. We can give it a quarterback in in the mid Ralph. That we think is good value. But he keep shop around it and you kind of try to piece it together with a with you know barbed wire and and you know. Duct tape. Per year didn't try again next year they're not in the position where they have to say okay. You were given that. A twenty million dollar signing bonus in this quarterback. Not because we love them but because he's the best out there we upped it to work now they can. You know they they don't have to put themselves in that kind of corner. Where they have to get oriented this year that's that's what secure contracts. I will do with the 49ers and for the thinking she and a glitch. Got married it seems like that actually makes a lot of sense. Why would you pay somebody. A lot of money with this fairly long amount of time on the contract if you're a 100%. Or if you're not a 100% on him because essentially isn't that what happened to tap verdict. Note that the 49ers made a commitment to him two years later they're saying you know why. He might not be our guy. Well in that exactly that's contract was structured yielded. That they did not get animal whole bunch now obviously relatively speaking. They did not give handle all by two up front money so they could get rid it and peacefully after one or two seat at. And so they it was really date they were hedging their bet now. The upside from capital Pointe woods putted if you want and help the early in an offseason. That money would become fully guaranteed. And that's what happened last year in the corners almost certainly wouldn't would parting ways with him last off season. Had he not. Had the surgery is in and wouldn't have been any physical and so they stuck with him so. Now that he helped me. You know they can cut him he can opt out one of those two things happen. And you know I like it and I mean you'd never they never. Let it. It can't cap predicted that with the 49ers like entering one document be at fourteen point. You know they'll they would probably. You reduce debt discount. Five or six million dollars up like that Indian eat comes and competing with somebody. Or port job. Or. Our packet job and I just don't know. I know John Lynch and I asked him last week about. You know are there any off the field issues or this is in India. 88 solid football decision. Ian yeah I know that a lot of people can misconstrue it would column Patrick is dealing. I think it was very noble cause I think a lot of people have issues with. The protesters. A peaking in need during and actually happen now John Lynch suspended you know he'd he'd he loved America he doesn't know fairly light. Alcohol and protested but he'd appreciate the fact that he stuck his neck out there in and took it began. It does the other bury your relationship with Colin I think even refer to him and friend. And is kind of interesting. I know he'll partners public relations. Head to head the public relations department Bob Lang I guess in years past after. Being held Jon link to colored cap verdict. Would communicate during the production meeting which day. A job Blentwell you know I've never seen Colin. Be that. Amicable bird that open. With people though. There's a connection there and at some point also the element in it figure out what's best for the 49ers. On the technical figure out what that's for and in and we'll see what happens that. I eat it it's very difficult at this stage. To camp mapped out and loses the the NFL take a look at all 3218. And figure out where that that's it. Or Capra and you can easily make the argument that that that cap predict it would forty niners. Now is rapper nick. The basket for the 49ers. The question is that it has it at you mutual. You know hate. You know we leader of the mutual parting a few years ago it looked two of our on. End of the forty handled it had to be mutual agreement. That he won it that Colin Capp frenetic in the forty niners Tibet side or interest to keep that union go. BAB interest in the seat Colin company in this offense Kyle Shanahan runs a lot of boot Jackson's own Brees put wanna talk a little Bob's beat out the defense Matt. Robert sailboat. In my pronouncing that quickly. It now the law. Salon salon slot. Hezbollah pampered all. Salah Roberts Salah so he's covered over from Jacksonville he's got experience in the Seattle system was there when he won a Super Bowl when he beat the Denver Broncos out New Jersey. He's gonna swing is gonna switch to a 43 and he does. What does that do to players like before his book mirror Eric Armstead how that shift this team with the personnel they are you happy there and Sinclair. Yeah I would assume it'll be up 43. Based on. Coach standard dust Bradley had a year under. Game quit and they went back to Bradley. Whitman at the Jacksonville Jaguars but it it's kind of unity. The Seattle pebbles port three Kabul multiple for a three Ian. You know there are some elements of the three pour in there I don't know that it changes a whole lot I think will win you have up. But earn Armstead. Who are probably the you know. Well there are certainly two of the most. Are promising young players the party have. I think they did. Pretty well. A key defensive tackles in 43. Can that be leeway in deepened divisions in pre war are at the inside that tackles and then. It's. No the predators play most teams played their base defense or about 30% of the time. Ian in India other times win in the corners in the past who played their their nickel peek at those outside linebackers. Would but it. On the ground in and go rushed the pastor's speech at the band so there will be some minor tweaks that I mean frankly I I think it. The 49ers personnel. Is about the same number of players wait can be good. Whether you're running 34 or 43. I just think that'd that would catch it the focus of the Nazis and the a couple of players that they would go after probably more inside linebacker types. The in media. In the immediate path structure and no question about that they need guys to has double digit sack potential. In into whether it's enough for victory here in the street for I eat you get that guy trying to figure out. How to use. Switch sides. That we find the right matchup so all that it. Yeah I would I would think it they'll go in officially they'll be going about three war. They've run for quite some time I think basically cents. Mike Nolan came and and I think on paper anyway it'll be. Match the 49ers have eighty million disband. In cap room. How do you think they're gonna go bowel. Either spending part or all of that I know balky like the laid back a little bit do you think that that lynch will. Target a few players and go after him hard or do you think he'll be more reserved and how do you think he'll leave it approach it. To be collection. You know I don't now. I don't know that they came in they're in a position where they can go out and make eight lash out get you know the best. Free agent available in over a minute that it's rarely worked out. Yeah I think one of the things they need view is duplicate. Their own free agents are coming up in guys like Carla UG war. And figure out OK. Do we want to keep these guys in and spend some money that way. I think it. You know but they're gonna spend money they got to spend money at some point quarterback. Right now. You know college athletic will be you know he's not that he's on the ledger right now for a for quite a bit I want that money comes off the books. You know you gotta eat moderate place so. Look at quarterback what they're getting paid now. He would begin at one of those big mean guys in the guys to they require trade that it be a lot of money. Did it. Give a contract it. That's worthy of the starting quarterback in the NFL. Yeah and it I think it's it's. Looking at that certain pieces of the puzzle you know wide receiver Tori net is. It on the books for nine million or so. I would think that they would keep him just because there are so few weapon that it is keen. Did they get someone. Cooking compliment him on the other side. You know to get that. Structure that they can get one free agency. He did. A couple inside linebacker type guys to orbit and Navarro Bowman you can be an insurance policy for the horrible. If he doesn't return to form after the Achilles. So. And I don't know that they're gonna my guess is that they would. They would spread that money out in encircling I'd use all of that money I think it's been eighty million. I don't even know that possible that. It has certainly been a lot more than they have in the past been. You'll in the passing buoyed than worried about those compensatory pick swear to get those skeptics in the middle part of the ground. Or middle part of draft wait in the trapped because you're freeagent. Losses. See your free agent gains while acting for the next couple years at least. The 49ers should have more free to gain the law so. You can rule out compensatory picks in 2018 beyond today. Thank you so much for joining us appreciate if you aren't man. Bob May thank. Manager appreciate what would you what your plans are not come by its common values problem it is usually hopefully get a little break here Matty. Well yet they still haven't finalized the coaching staff so cute cute you know days of reporting on that and then derided in the the com bind. Is has been moved back a couple weeks so that. Early part of march in the media owners' meetings that the draft or free agency. Right after the Columbine. And then the draft coming up in late April also. I didn't and then he got the copies of programs starting out so he's really never end and the issues in the foreigners. Final game like January 1. And then they don't name head coach Intel. The first week or second week of February so. Is there there really got in and eighty tang acted to catch your breath and there will be four can't allow it. They meg thanks a lot really appreciated and keep up the good work. IR and I think this are about that I argued such in another on the on the on the Osaka dead air sometime and though some listeners it's harder Herman's talks we give them a little break three seconds. But that's especially where that would the niners and we know who. 43. You know what does that do for pork Buckner ball man it's just somebody. We got that we see now and we've asked all the questions oblique with the 49ers went right it's two point you know also is what's gonna happen with cap predict. What's gonna happen with a softened targeted trade Joseph Staley lake is so much this this team is gonna be so different. In last year's team. In terms of personnel whom. We will have what twenty or thirty new players on the team probably. Maybe what you mean there's there's free agency have a ton of money. Pretty picks them this year to go off. I'd have a lot and they might flip that number two overall pick for more picks in which I think they should do because there's so many holes that scene out you go to number two pick you take the best available player good. You can trade and it's that you get. In a mid first round of the late first round pick you up that early second round pick I think the goals should be for job went to each and and is to get the top. Four of the that the best players come and out to his draft because there is some when he holed about this LT a phrase it to you this way. Combined between free agency. And the draft. How many starters do you wanna get this off season of 22. I think he won a kid about at least. Of Latin all of my guy at last I was a cent six cents I think Elise are beak because you have a lot of money right to have a lot of money in missiles an expansion team last year Stein they're right guys that in as likely they'll is that we're we're covered so. They have a lot they have a lot of holes to be a very testing policies for not only 49 as well for re assuming options and make. That's off. You got beat got musical and a the way and you're gonna tell me about the game of Bruce experience here. Yes I thought I'd we don't want to tell it went about the Damon Bruce experienced by and a part of the Damon Broussard and this is the one where David and pay somebody. To. Come in with him right David's got actually pay somebody if you are not quite stuck on me so it's actually an invite for you and I guess go behind the scenes of the 95 and the game afternoon drive show it to the Damon Bruce show. You get to hang out right here in this lovely studio behind the glass with date men. The lovely and Smart Gionta frank yeah that's the kicker right and a front anyway. And she's really good in this Cuba Iran or. Me and I'll be here in the producers to show and take it to come and laugh and if you're a big fan of the Damon ratio that is an awesome to see how we. And we do things here and any good to see me walking out of studio partly Vontae give the deuces. That a date with me. If you're lucky Derek we'll stick around and he to be here. They're doesn't fighting at a pace that appear themselves. As unselfish. They're popular everybody online united five point seven again dot com what the that they shop tab and did that today another week. Art another week before it closes gold money by seven game big game dot com lot of good stuff there Saturday were talking before a show about spring training in BA pre season. NFL training camp. What is the deal which returning why do we all. We'll start to felt like it will later date of production. Jerry cycle but the idea what is the deal we're gonna talk about that here are the absolute delight study about a minute by seven again. I am. San Jose Sharks captain Joseph the Belsky joins Chris Townsend who's filling in for Jay Bruce coming up this forward. Now back to these so I was studying Dante I and set in the game. Only woods today. All right everybody welcome back Matt Stein Mets along with Bonnie. As well as I possibly can we don't Poppins the men around here so I appreciate that even left the door hope for me that's how we send between breaks Greg and you're out there listening and start these guys at this time. I honestly didn't. I mean what's the analogy that the war your fans it's it's somewhat like. Pop is Kevin terrain in fifth with an uncommon in. I'm seats out and I'm Ian Clark hit Clark so like that and against Sunnis here in please step in the right there I guess on that makes me Bronson Weber and dishonest and not yours your ally here in the starting line that's on Zaza Pachulia. Bad Pachulia you play every game you know you get in every game issue more elected David West. Although he's hurt in her I don't know dinghies not really isn't just an Iron Man JaVale McGee for bond take his talents likened. I thought about growing up duct cells to bring an Burnett tonight by accident and death tunes I don't know who I would and often we do that pace spring training started it it is are ready like these guys. As you it's all wound up in his excite aided and once deceit. What's the know how many pitchers Matt Cain threw on the side in. And if Saudi Grey's elbow feels good and all that stuff. A little bit. I mean I don't go Google god god go crazy like going down Arizona and spin and all this money to go to gauge where I can deceit resource play for three innings and seat pitchers throw about forty pitches. But I do you know for guys were trying to make the team a coming treat what Michael Moore strategize how he's gonna look easy really gonna make two Major League squad. Jimmy Rollins is intent. They have this Korean player Juan who's come out on a minor league deal who's gonna win that let fields. Job between Matt Williams and injure parkas of our few story lines but then that today it's. It's baseball that doesn't count worst Jimmy Rollins could apply. He's got things working out a short second base third base all over the infield scene is Trevor brown. At the same tire went airborne is what the real season does start to six weeks right I'm not get fired up over spring training baseball or brigades that do not matter at all what do you think fans get the most wound up over spring training. NFL training camp. The NBA training camp. A midnight madness that they've. Open up the season we can do better candidate to whom they do all day obviously get out a little Lotta forgot all about that. I think fans go crazy all over but only an NFL training camp among rank and no training camp number one. Spring training right behind it there's not much separation there. And an NBA training camp just like whatever it took tossed the ball when it's time to play in a regular season saw would break the NBA pre season there were about what about you talk I would. Say spring training is the most hyped. And yeah it's just. I just can't stand the smell the grass aspect of their rate hurts the crack like that though YE. Peace there appears so beautifully in contrast with the green of the outfield. Columbus and all that kind of says sun block the sunflower seeds being spit on to the ground it's like a break he can do that with any sport that the the tickling of the swine as the ball. Comes through the net that smoothness of the hardwood. As the Golden State Warriors get ready for their first practice. He. The transparency. Of the back board that has no smudges on a week. But it's got to also takes life starbeat guys showed me. For a for a five baht to spring training is about about CB gates at all it's about the weather streaks. And he wasn't Scottsdale wall that's what it that's what it all that is what it's all about if you're that's a different story they're going down to spring training. That's a game changer not just talking about how you follow it on TV here on the inner natter which you read now on are on spring you prod and I'm ready to. I've been there yet never had not yet I have not mine I was there and I've been area I was there about. Twelve years ago. This twelve for its fun I hear yeah we're gonna have friends of god out there have been divided. Know numerous times I just haven't got that area whether it's worker about maybe it'll go down there a couple of go to his pre trading and a few weeks I doubted that happened to it. It's just exhibition baseball I'm a gamer like Alice hazy California go to the press box maybe it's funny it's bitter Pisa talk to the players about the upcoming season but after awhile right. It's just loses its luster to like current rating that season between ball at the big ball park figure it's fun about spring training is. Fans get as close to interacting with the players they possibly can and if you're the media. It's the one time where you kind of can get these guys assuming they're not a guy who's on the bubble here and these guys are relaxed they're not. Uptight they don't have their antennas up for. Something that they may now want to answer it's kind of the same for this weekend's NBA all star break as good call that's wind. Or if you of course go on markets Thompson's podcast you feel free and easy but that's a great environment to talk to both baseball players. And up basketball guys during the break is it just the defenses are down it's more fun. Yeah and I am on the tax line again former four or five not a baseball fly ball boy when I get to invite from my bloody every year. I gulp down there because the blunted the blonde woman down they're never ceases to amaze me. A blonde women damn line women down there. You never went to Arizona I have been to Phoenix I've been felt like my best friend and a Phoenix is not Phoenix's sky and they will not have gone all over the place look at it. The Taliban there is impressive. It is impressive but it's too hot for each IE Dubai desert and I know Summers now the other thing Gaddafi exit. I don't like is there's not a lot of nightlife in Phoenix. Downtown Phoenix is number I don't want already when I come out after watching the suns warrior game and he would grab a bite to eat it's like the town is dormant. We look at this big guy. Cement block that apparently almost came through the filtering down the street from us so evacuate the building full scale younger evacuated eight buildings yeah registry on second and Howard yesterday we actually can see the big concrete slab and I'm thinking and how does that not fallen through the roof if the reform. I think his shoes shoes bigger that's scary being closely we have we always see this construction going on down here downtown and you see another building getting built up days seems like they're building some may ever know here it's our Jalisco that's scary data be working to build a light all this big congress imagine that are meant thank god that in the I mean that go honestly partly a major major catastrophe. On the other thing right before we do we get the break here is. If you if you water I was a little. Quite as optimistic as I usually am on the air today I I didn't see the results. On the scale that I hope to see this morning when I woke up now weighed myself I'm trying to. Try to do some things fitness wise and health wise and I was gonna see you better number on the scale today but we and that's timeless let's remember now that. That's not your concern is still the number is closer to her about a buck ID five right now yet you know what there's nobody. Who's gonna get me to. You know 88957957. Up people Colin against Mets fan it's wait and now the one thing I do it studio hi there this week for a very deceptive because I I have a in fact I was eager and get a bigger electricity to Jonathan stark member Steve nobody here you guys too young to remember Steve Johnson. Former Oregon State player played in the legendary Ralph Miller in the moose from the McCourt Olympics. It's heating up and so is school of perfect segue by the want to know we've Matt Stein it's. It's pistol here honey act like it's time it's partake here many parts of again. Coming up at 3 o'clock we take you to do an impression of what's that. Who's filling in. Oh it's boats Christopher Townsend. Who that will be just. Just just mentioning. All right Chris downs in three to seven on only five point seven again in no it's too wound from the caboose this two week break Paul pulled in bone retain him. Minority five point seven games. This whole. We'll have a few stories that almost slipping. Right now on the afternoon delight. I don't quite a big game went there won't Blink-182. Songs to marathon then there. Moon. Through it is to do it. The I do who wants nymex today. Tune it out. I know I. Gentlemen how is Europe Thursday go to great Thursday for me it's NASA I'm loving it. Must follow in his love for us to do anything here this is all you write this it's all on me it's all on Nissan match you have to be involved with what I'm Lindsay is crazy stories to your wife felicity who should be very upset. She's out of town this week Somalis turtleneck or go for Haaretz aren't OK and Sosa. And that's when you're cover in the NBA in you know did the all star week in Iowa got a crazy things are gee gees to get in tune of I was just don't say this and this is going to be terrible answer when I was I was working in Holland. Was like really. All day events but I've I've been in New Orleans have been there when it was San Antonio and Phoenix it's fun. You know it's fine you. I mean I was a loser because I held I I didn't really have a lot of times on hung out the media hospitality. Whose smooth no groupies that are. Hole at a media tent. Well I mean that I'm here has no group they probably figured guilty guy you're fit you are supposedly I don't know he didn't he got a big but apparently and now writes it's it's fun. It's fun but I. Got in. I do my own thing and nothing damn thing all right. Well do you do you remember the two seasons that Gilbert Arenas played for the warriors all like the back of my hand. Good good times there I love Gilbert Arenas all instantly is back in the headlines again. I will and a so clearly upset me no notice Gilbert Arenas is you know. Been through some crazy things of course you brought a gun in the locker room back in the day the governor is where against a grand. And he said I'll clean this up for the audience attention older. Let's go snatches the 34 and out. Don't bring your asses to all star weekend 2017. Let these young hose enjoy life you all those had a chance when Shaq and Kobe replaying and take your bitter ass on a Tom Joyner crews leave NBA all star weekend alone so governor is telling all the old posed as to stay. On welfare. Bunting your thoughts. Over his days I don't know if you saw. Her name was in the battle summoned ordering his concerts like on the for his name to be appeared just paint over it goes like what are you go and nick begins kids up their planned out what Gilbert Arenas like swatting his shots it's all contrast to what you saw bro like. It's asking is she's meant but. Old polls opened fund Gilbert does have some. Issues or had some issues when the when he was somebody who. If you ever said to all right dude OK enough enough that was his cue to keep go one. He would never. Ever stop doing something. And people but Charles Haley a little bit. I guess when Charles I provide personal stories about Charl ash show farmed it out Charles Taylor Gilbert Arenas and Mike Dunleavy. I mean guilt ordering she stooges. Harangue Mike Dunleavy and done religiously dude let me alone plea you know that's probably caused only be lit him up in the national Teddy chipping over probably never got over that. Because you implement the Heidi that you would holds little Eddie crisis. One of the all time fifth favorites here in the Bay Area you kill Kurt Russell well I'd well I've. Dude I've already done this. A fan favorites of all time yeah I would say Chris Mullen of deadline I would say MRI category Jason Richardson and yes according you know it's hard. And John Jamison. Hardaway is I. Was thinking about Hardaway and somebody forgetting though parenting in this. Aaron David Gergen is a very close Adonal Foyle. No not down he's come on he's also not a golf while love O'Donnell but I'm probably the only one so he's not a one of the most well loan from UN. But what does he wears curry fits stop putting low on the list and then suddenly furious was very well liked what I remember him in a pro and you played as a program image areas when that it did drop forty on each other Wells Fargo was great pals Matt winning and mats that country well around Washington wasn't the warriors fought an order form Maria it was a rule open that the this could not from as much as other teams in the second round pick yes so Gilbert Arenas telling all the old closed his stay at home. Speed and oppose. You want to say you're a big fan of six I think yeah its Yang cesium around that age so he wants all the news stay home from self. Bustier big fan making an Irish you know I get down when Nicky. And I'm not. We island EI am I I remember you're you're big Canada Olympic caboose is exactly could argue like that human Irish will what was your favorite song from Nicky I don't know anything she sayings my kids like her yeah and singer like her well she recently broke up with neat now did I can fill yeah. You don't got Rosemont where he did not mr. Russert by twenty gig rate in your back pocket that sit back well and actually it's apparently Nikki was sneaking around with Drake to but I guess she ended DEC has now she's. Single and ready to eat Pringles as she went on instant Graham. And she's given me an answer Graham a stripper heels and she is as the kids' college thirst Trenton Stratton. Don't offer attractive she is yep put in very seductive pictures out on history and kids wanna go home and look at this how you feel about it Jimmy. Obviously she's just sucks that it's. But there's a lot of plastic. One dollar and human yeah she's Seattle you feel about that like the car that sizzled on everything in moderation. That's what I say. Everything in modern too much reading handles himself overdo it. Look at a look at. You know they're going to be famous person and that's what you wanna do your body but I don't know Silas liked. And it's harder for me as a female but if it doesn't guy and I wanted to date a girl if it does could actually be touching her her being there and timing may be real would be. That's my personal. A for real. But there's nothing worse to look ahead kind of facelift for somebody who's older like a Jerry Jones or something and or thirteen that they could maybe Joan Rivers. Thought I was too soon. That's for you know what I'm sorry. For you yes it's pretty. Elliott teach your children well and she still can't confidence for the Democrats. That. Soon we. Men are LC IO. McDonald's U fan McDonald's. Matt Salmon what do you think the big I have been to a McDonald's in twelve years is better life is. In the fast food and AGS and you big Mac I do uncle bill. And taco bill still McDonald's was holding a live FaceBook live session and they are talking about how. One of the biggest complaints they have McDonald's is that there's rise. Make it very difficult to suck the milk shakes. So here we go. So they're coming up with a new. Like police beckon and seems all right she was engaged in non semitism was to go to calls money away by the way this this song. I like this version but there was a better version recently back in the day on the station. Yeah emirates commercial network. Yeah I do yet. A big fan of a much you're watching the dream mongering rejection right now. It's dismissed it did you see the did you like I say something else that's the reason why put the game on TV that was Eric there was not much of a practical and personal and personally I would like also exited not that these men -- I was not Qatar Qatar let me let me and on this does Chris Chris downs his billion Amador that we get out of here. So. Matt Simmons you have a pretty good you know healthy marriage are absolutely. On January Monty when you're geragos is there's is not to say it's about a school well I have a long time partner let's call that. No matter that aren't sounds scared him so. And I was reading an article about this man who is okay with his girlfriend cheating on him with five different men in my mouth. Amount in this well. Mill in bucks. Talks about her boyfriend say I love and am I love Adam but I wasn't ready to settle down to commit to just one man. I said I had to break up with him so that was so I wasn't faithful but you don't want to hurt him. So they sit at this thing now where she is allowed to cheat on him with five different men that's the Max. All he is sadly just waiting and home until she's done with these guys. And the deal is that she can go out and have refined and she tells him about it so it's there's no secrets here but he he's was cheated on airlines then it's over boxes you'll. Rice cooker it's already a little harness. Don't don't don't don't know it's only on sorry guys for victory for the handle opera now has an edge counties in your ears there Thursday to thirsty city Thursday. Are strapping the women going into him I was out their strategy is when a girl is flaunting all the effort goods on this program or FaceBook game like search for humans and that really interests and you'll want to it's like the the Canadian prime minister everybody. Think she's a looker. Canadian prime minister Richard was his name the one trump just met with an hour ago with we will talk about politics on the show. I don't I don't tell us for our I want our beige let's get to it Alina. The base before we get on the man whose crystal all right bait shops sell this once and on the docket yet but if you wanna date with Derek pop but the bidding starts now to go to 95 point seven the game. I'll take you out for a nice seafood dinner never call you again. All right. But don't forget I don't have the game dot com to look at all the great. Job don't be like Greg Baird Baird. Don't be like Reagan called the girls back and that was look too close to home I was drunk I'd everybody's. That's nice not so much for a busy market would see you tomorrow it next week Tommy a love scene to. Even on your hair looks a mess right now. Crist Saudi John Franco for during his six. It will lead you ought to USF and Gonzaga at 6 o'clock game two with two right here on many parts of the game Saudi villain after Bieber is right here on many parts of again.

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