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Kyle Smith

Feb 16, 2017|

Head coach of USF Dons Basketball, Kyle Smith, previews their big game v. #1 Gonzaga tonight with Chris Townsend on the Damon Bruce Show.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We got a big wants not on the Hilltop as GM has told him my old friend battles similar of the call for your right here on 95 point seven a game Kyle Smith today coach of the don's joins us here on 95 point seven a game coach you gotta be jacked up short tonight. I and yet the leg on that note bird spoke about it. While you're on the road tonight okay okay let's get after Matt's always. But you know I don't go to say this I got a shot back in my college career to take on cal state Fullerton when they were number one the cut country in College Baseball. There's just sucked especially when you're on the road it's you against the world what's what are we would tell your team owner and a sub like this does this is a real special moments that your kids I guarantee yet. As a guy who's 44 I never forgot it these kids will never forget it. I don't doubt that that would wrote the rock. Our goal at the rope belt took note that Edwards and at. I everything people are trying to hang in the air in that church up late to step up and make some big plays and I know would like to. The leader Heidi like your old guy and and really most. I get the most powerful tool that and I have now believe he'd get it done goes long line. You know the great thing about the tradition of this university you know when you when Europe there on the Hilltop and you look at the banners and you look at the names and you know how great history is. By the USF Don basketball just look connect your guys' team notes. That USF does not faced a number one team in the nation since January 18 1979. This is the type type of moments like coach you guys can make history. Absolutely yeah iPad that we used the I know how to keep. Your played court. It often. Actually previous joke albeit. Michigan State when your number two. It does speed up become number. Tucked in. On that situation in. You know we're trying to preserve the legacy. Did not start up 290. I don't know what it. The beep. At the the beat to top structure. The Ellis put him on hold as the outfield cellphone is. Not working for us but it's. Will give you will get coach back in just a second the year out it's an opportunity. And you see it all the time in college basketball you see it night after night. I don't know how many people watch a lot of college basketball I get my chance you don't hear that jam it's always on me watch and he has been in there. ESPN two and you're seeing these games these talked top ranked teams and you see these teens when they winning these kids rush the floor it's the moment right now than an hour and I even where it closed at a conference German time. Am but these winds can be so big these opportunities for these schools and what it can mean for someone. Like USF who is really turn this thing around and you look at when you'd the year of the USF has had. To where they're eighteen and nine and 86 in the WCC going up against the zags. The first time the zags maid's attorney and then they had a couple of years and after that they made it began. And hide a body who has said graduate and I said man you gotta go follow these guys you'll never know if they'll do it again and they just on year after year after year coach is little chance again. Coach has set out you're talking about your team play number one yourself I was kind of breaking up box. Thank you hear me now yeah. It like to say you know. The last job on the net. Two chances to play instincts are ranked number one so our staff who's been in the scheme they're pretty well at. They're so opportunities. Two actually in the game in which it's in the game. Both cases so. Or open it into something like that like so we're trying to preserve. Open 179 down there where 29 notes. China the it tracks or let it but. In and when Arnold trying to establish the connection. To the legacy that dobbs Noble's banners and what that means to be. But part of that and you don't convert it to really well right now but US opens is that in its report so we hope to try to get back to that. And coach when you play in games like this and you play well. As you just said you've been here before doing something like this just talk about how this set this helps. This subs in your had a very good year but it helps what your program on the map and it really helps in recruiting. Those are recruiting and culture of people on the program we farewell to just as a net. Competence and know that they can play with this right now as the best in the country and not a high bar. Know that the topic that she's seen me yet to be as good as anybody so there's there there is no. When your recruiting guys you know we don't use the term mid major obviously as we needed as good players they knew. To compete with the Baston adults in these programs that are the wall partly culture and you know softening the Yankee doodle while also yet to get better and keep striving to keep up old guest. And hammer says this game right here prepare you for your conference tournament. Idol to Prague and have to get through these guys. To win the cup Sturm and beat the problem better hole. And so which it is intended it to compete against them on the kind of test where your. And concierge need improvements in which handled well and hopefully find some. Some weakness in their game that you can exploit. Well you mentioned the old rope and helped coach and some of us are old enough to remember Mohamed Ali taking on George Foreman back in the day one of the great fights of all time what's it like duel in the rope a dope or not Don about. Boxing but we're talking about in a college basketball game. It's seriously it kept control tempo. Who think they can't think only looked Foreman before which also young and it. It knocked you out similar tie tight end and no they're home they're gonna try to. They're gonna triple all the on court try to run yup Jim's got beat top tossed the ball in those stay disciplined and and do what we're trying to do won't be easy. That's that's what it takes. Kyle Smith the regular city the USF don's joys you right here on the home of the USF don's 95 point seven a game basketball always is a game of runs you talked about. Controlling tempo. In a game like this the old rope a dope what is the key to making sure. That is they start getting on that type Burundi you've got you've got to stop that you've got to stop that momentum. Makes Europe timeouts in my pocket. Though the little help build up a bit. Yet they carry the ball around you'll keep pressure. You know just in the will be used up and you gotta get mixture you don't. No light turnovers early. Hurt hurt your team and give that moment meant they were down about Chile that sound peninsula were two point those seemed to work. Energize jeans and basically get that you've got to be really cost but just can't give the ball. Gather dust gets a hobby say on the home Florida and everybody fired up I'm always curious whether. Or whatever level of basketball that's not NBA when I look at the Golden State Warriors in the way they're playing in the way they're changing the game I really can't starlet to Houston Rockets. Rather take a three than a two. Just the analytics of basketball but now at the Golden State Warriors staff Currie. He's the greatest three point shooter of all time how have you seen what the gold state were especially century in this town. With the warriors how do you see them influencing basketball from the college level and down. But they would really influences on that count three boys there 86 and read it and they laud Barry's done the medal level so economic yep not vote at the U. And their you know I've sent it to what kind of exploded. When I was assistant saying merry is in a culture Columbia that we'd. We use analytic report Wallace is too short it's worked. We're under 2% at two so it seems foolish not to take advantage of that and you did that and launched our game. Game in the in in the NBA game in. Helping to be looking back at ligature to stay in and they just she she is miraculously. How much has changed last twenty years these these topless MB per relation problem and how accurate they are so. It definitely came from bottom up. We'll think about winning you first got into the game every day ruled that the closer the shot to the basket is the way to game was designed you wanna get as close as possible so now you've had a slip and go all the three point oh so close what point your career did you realize you know what my mentality is changing on that's. I think our camera over the year but remember we're. Saint Mary's in those little rain in that think of about a reports here and do it in regard to really good cars. We have Dana kicker for anyone that's a true WTC Chandler Mary's six and that led to the point shouldn't essentially had to play with one buy widgets and we got waited utilized and that kinda. We start render old drive motion which was a lot penetrate kick out cheap cheeseburger and style. And I think that's kind of world we. Which started on there and never looked back in Celtic and back and it's kind of it's been like that we've been part of the and evolving of the college game and start back and buckle. Thank. While coach she got some young guys who need to performed in night is going to be at CIOs or CC how young guys perform in a game like Dennis. No doubt well juggled its distillate unique environments because I haven't been here seven years and I doubt it's changed much couldn't get much louder too it'll that would be like that it's always. It's exciting game and does she just it just would talk about well about subliminal torching of the GR. No doubt about coach could lock make history tonight will be listened righty or 95 point seven a game we'll talk deed on the road. Thanks a lot tiles at the head coach of the USF on.

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