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Joe Pavelski

Feb 17, 2017|

Captain of the SJ Sharks, Joe Pavelski, joins Chris Townsend on the Damon Bruce Show!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guests at some point his career will be going into this year's from out of the day. Area sports hall of fame he's one of the great San Jose Sharks look great American. Hockey players Joseph put Belsky was this year on 95 point seven a game how we don't this afternoon gel. Underground area. I'm doing well by the way you know you're going to dwell on Sunday night houses ad displays UT's sushi and willow Glen. I actually had the Pope Belsky role that's you know even made it when you've got to sushi roll named after. They haven't done and well lender for a few years now and love the area definitely him. Popular and well. You know last night in night he got the point you lost but I really think about Patrick Marleau and I remember what Patrick Marleau signed it was so long ago and it was back in the days of bone Nolan Jefferies and and the San Jose Sharks are just a good team but. Our memory and just as an eighteen year old kid and honor him last night where he is 45 guy to get 500 goals I know how much he's meant to you he's image -- is team he's been here his entire career married is San Jose girl had their kids here he lesbian in the Bay Area talk about what the last night was like honoring him before the game. That's pretty good thing he knew it would be but it would do it and this kind of what it means solitude and all of his achievements over the years and and how it's played this year and scuttle the big piece he has right now. Pretty cool the prequel the parlor my first NHL game covered from was there fighting in that they have. First climate action morrow he burned yet if this my first call it alms. You know he just showed up every day at work are looking to get better you know just enjoyed the game and it brings a lot of characters other terms. Yet you talked about showed up to the barn every day for God's sakes this guy in his career the longevity. And playing every single game an in your guy is a sport which is so physical and so often so many guys heard. I mean just talk about the fact that his ability to show a lot every single day means so much. The you know to like your team earlier you know you have injuries you know as popular now than. We get a player that can play 82 games on give you an advantage. You know Mehdi league caliber. Players here lineup every night they count. That it means a lot the difference you know throughout the course of the season when there's nights when. Someone might have to you know to have back consistencies. You know bring watch your team that is pretty amazingly but it looked at them from the large. Now you scored last night in the third twice and at the very end to tie it up what's that like at the end of the game you know we see in other sports where you scored that touchdown at the end of the gamer he hit that homer in the ninth inning when the clock is taken down at. And you get that gold attire at what's up feeling like. Integration rather obviously down. Is looking at the clock we know we're down two goals we feel like we've let this game slips about her hands a little bit and we're looking for little spark so. The candidate we catches we catch a little break when a traffic passed over the banker in you know our rent step into the good to see that one go and you know you have like now and bomb threat to get six top five all the that was victory I think for competence that. Will wanna do and we have in the last year Q it. That last minute of the game have been you'll find that triangle very often so to get to get one. He's a candidate field though it you know it's pretty amazing girls grow captain Dolan reported sixers lose weight there. Up the policy and popped back out so that momentum in the shark tank just building building and then. You know kind of capped property get the ball. Joseph Brunell Steve from San Jose charge joins us here on 95 point seven regain any idea past Longo was a great line and 37 point six seconds. Take us through as a hockey player. Got to follow the pot get position and you're trying to follow the clock at the same time tickets through that process. They just get in the zone. But the biggest thing as a supporter of the park in zone because. And load you know when you're on the other side you're desperation mode you're trying to Silva besides you know whereabouts of opt out can preserve also. He recognizes the play being made at the top in and you just trying to get free Korean front and we have a couple of guys there. You know a lot except architect and macaroni tickets go on and an adult son that dozens. Here it's getting Cadillac bacteria in just trying to define. Finally in final ball and you know giving them some it's it's pretty good they can you can. He can tell nobody breathing in apparently it is playing out there and emotions and he's insane in the pretty good human. Well Brent Burns then fabulous ever since he's come over to the San Jose Sharks and he's assigned that long long extension and the Gomez says last night. 61 points on the season talked about the year he's happen. The preference. The that's just. His game over the last couple years is just really grown son now he just become just dominant there it. Every time we're out there west of you know it as forwards you feel. So confident that he can you know create can't see it's horrible and on. He skated slowly kept epic by an epic presence there and then just how we can shoot a puck he just says that the velocity question which. Laws he plays to get to the metal quicker and in broker a few more opportunities for us and he's got the victories that's for sure. And so wants her old comment back from injury. Then plane sent her a lot on the third like you got a big third line. And that really does a lot freer club. Yeah you know cut and look in the Pacific division in the western conference's. You'll do some big negatives you know level of the beaten on our turbines were implanted here lately and it's. You know what kind of impact how we can make it on that third line center I think communal entities and we privately that the little bit of this match up. All when you look at our rosters in when he's going to you know he carries outlined in indefinite period that this match. You know we talked so much about teams that win the title and then the very next year. The odds of them repeating a lot as a you talked about the teams that all win in the championship here the Stanley Cup final. And then how did they get backpacking just telling in football the last time a team lost and then came back and won the Super Bowl. Dates all the way back to 1972. You guys are trying to do something that's very hard because you get to that final round. You'll lose and then you got to try and do it again what is a bit light. As you know it's like to get there you know it's like to get to the top but now it's about going to actually did that trophy. Or. Com. It's obviously a doctor obviously you know there have been making that. On the short summer in on short rest of the team you're you're not trying to get better. Wrong. Many turn of the World Cup in there this year the short you know David Graham and more in the more gains and a shorter time period it. You know there's a lot of factors that are planned and do it you can theater heavily you know with some teams that. Some directors is that you know it can be a little bit more off than normal but. Earned in the same boat there's no excuses really forestry I think we've got a good job mention. You know bodies to get some rest and I'll shored up plain hard put their time men and you know evicting that this team has been their run last year reused for alliance. And players. Really chipped in and then gave good minutes and so part throughout this year we kind of suck that planned and you know that the court finds yet again at 1011 minutes Sen and guys that are you know on and when when they need to do it without some good that felt. Hopefully that dressing that helped them. You know wanted to play out so it's you know it's just about getting the job Downing Street finds some big goals wrong way and you know media a lot of good things to go right to get there so it'll look for more of that picture. Here's skater around last night any armor yarder at 45 years old how these older than I am. Did see is nine in 19100 career points he's 45 years old joke we do that thing again. Strip. Pretty amazing when you hear that. They get is 19100 Boynton and he then stole second. He's a thousand points behind Gretzky as it is. Like the host that you're just shaking their head baton. He gains by the bench and Asia's got the great Beers in the gray hair gone. It keeps going on him in the you know it's impressive indices that point one of those players dropped as a kid you watch and you would expect he played against them referred he's now. A number of years systems. Yeah you're a little kid growing up pretty easily easily LeMieux in Pittsburgh here it's taken my god it's forty fight eased. Here's 32 it's not like you're young kid you're veterans league but he. He's at 45 by the way the last weekend. I was following the great line Dustin Johnson and son in law so Wayne always plays. In the AT&T. And it's amazing is people follow him around Joseph agency ease such shake. For a guy that had I mean he's got up more assists than anyone has career points he's the greatest player ball titled you've ever gotten a medium. But when you look at Wayne Gretzky of what a star he is the what I humble just nice guy I've got to meet Blaine. Yeah actually. Not I don't throughout my pleasure to have accused of well on our young we are going. Exhibition game at Bradley Center Milwaukee and I remember on through. Let's get in there premier players walked into account the lobby of the building prettier leave him and what it can market through. The concourse there couldn't find a way to get them. In the hazard whatever locker you're looking for at the time so it's kind of first ever really experienced them all hours of that story. And it think about it forever trying to get your rate can we have it go to a different Doran. How that happens but you know he's obviously. Carried a lot of presence around with the open you know these great ones. As well. Before lets you go the sharks foundation had a really get event today northern California wineries whenever you can go to through the whole winery think Joe's not a bad deal. I tell us about what happened in the sharks foundation I guess fans got to come down you guys are wine taste and players and coaches who what was that like today. Actually were not rendered in the post and I don't tank. It's night and spaghetti you know it's one banquet sporty two door to kind of hang out in south and that's lions. A remote get kidnapped it's malaria season. You know to have them come down and you know I prefer good cause to church on missions so it's pretty cool that. Well you guys are haven't held a year cheap bit up and we'll see you down at the rink can enjoy Napa this evening. Joseph took Belsky of the San Jose Sharks.

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