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Damon Bruce Show w/ Chris Townsend- Hour 1 - 2/16/17

Feb 17, 2017|

Chris Townsend fills in for Damon - he asks listeners if they enjoyed the Warriors regular season more this year or last year & is joined by USF Dons BBall head coach, Kyle Smith.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not today. Not tomorrow and I think next week I think Damon Bruce has a little bit of a vacation Chris Townsend here. On night at five point seven a game before we get into Johnny everything that we got donut day. There's an issue that we're starting out lists and it's not god. And the fact a person that my last oh my I have. I have an issue that I don't know that I am secured going forward with for the next three hours as we take you up to USF basketball. Against the number one zags I'm gone on vacation. It is starting on Monday. Awesome and I cannot have. Thank guy. Guy OK let me ask you question. Gionta Franco yes Chris towns in the walk to the show by the way as we work together three years yes when I look at somebody's die. And it's pop mean it's red it's not puffy it's Buffy no it isn't happy it's a little puffy too puffy it's. I I went to far right and earlier this week. I got either they get eyelash or desk in my high in it's been irritated for the last couple days so probably from Robbie my eyes a little bit. It's still little peek. I have heaps of Currie so I'll wait it's Battier I just. Seeing that you an idea so as as a father it's too low yes I have dealt with paint guy before. And it is nasty. Good there's drops that you need it's highly contagious. I'm going on vacation to Disney land taking my kids and the last thing I want is to be walking around the magic kingdom. Without posse ugly. Left die I'm a little afraid about this show right now. Okay Downey my name I eat go to HR relief well you know if it is that I get to go home early it's the start of something for our. It's. Irritated or you're just dispersant radio much smoke weed for a c'mon that's fine you got me that's why he got me nothing wrong with that I'm in my car. Our main overall smoking only a mile on myself got a little bit for came in doubt Chris Townsend you dealers ambitions on the station people are big most times I mean if you wanna do the same thing that that that's okay. So it's either we're dealing list. Your smoke can lead or we got paint guy we need to figure out what it is has what are you got you got something that I have an irritated eye for Aaron does stinnett from our front. Cell Kyle Smith anecdotes you have Santa's gonna join us they got the zags tonight will be right here on 95 point seven begin at 330. The big twelve Belsky each open Belsky two goals last night not enough they need a point in OT will join us at forma but he Roxy Bernstein from. Hell ESP and pac twelve network you name it Oakland days of course he's on united front seven game will be here for. He'll be here for thirty and Tim bon Temps will join us says will he be in New Orleans already. He will be in New Orleans Ari which. Last time I was in New Orleans was for the Super Bowl and. You talk about the time these guys are gonna half. Now I know the warriors are talking about they were gonna scheduled back a little bit you know he got sponsors yup parties places that you representatives want you to be. Relates face up them. When you have an all star break this long. You can't let your hair down a little bit New Orleans that is going to be an absolute that's going to be a party that is going to be a good time. Why you point eight yourself what I'm what what do you got in say that I was shown to him you're not on the show. I'm. What would you auditor Bobby you revealed as well hours until the Gionta and John you know how you get that pink earned. No because I've never had it and I still don't Christie you know as a father or get pink. And ink from other little kids getting. It's highly constrained to particles getting into your I ought to the cavities and that's disgusting well that's who watched knocked out that's how we get it I appreciate that so GR ID a stellar credit they stared out. He's not on the showed today in Baidoa cigarettes if you're a pig got. An eagle on the other room. Guess I'm not going on vacation also a night out paint guy you'd expect on my god. Every action overreaction. Overreaction Thursday. Actually what is it today and I think we know thirsty Thursday or thirsty Thursday. Our here's our GAAP free today Tripoli 9579570. And a question as we only have 26 games left in the warriors season. Which is so hard to believe because we liked it's I it's the break. And the more you think about it. Whether it's the MBA it's the NHL arts Major League Baseball they don't have their All Star Games at the break their far. Past the halfway point. Both 26 games left. I want askew and we are kind of gig didn't into it last night warriors wrap up because. This season is definitely far different from last season yet this season is absolutely great. So I wanna ask from you a triple 89579570. Which season. Last year is this year. As a warrior fan are you went showing more. I want you think about that a trip point 9579570. Obviously last year and we're taking the post season out of this this is just the regular season and cattle way I look at it. Is the fact that there's like 26 games left ever this it's gonna be so fast for you know it's gonna be April and we're going to be in the post season. But I want should think about as the warriors fan last year to this year which season are you joined more. And it's a couple times this year. That I've commented about this after warriors games. As you see so many people because they win so big they get so up on people specially in the third quarter like last night were they went on that will be eight to two run. I mean here's a scene that was down in half three months thrown out of the game which will get into later. And now all of a sudden. They come out blitz creek and they're up to 42 to its ball game over and as I'm walking over to where we do the post game show. Mean people are running for the door with like 87 minutes left in the game. Actually unbelievable you think people are paying for tickets to go to these games. And then all of a sudden at psyched up they're up seven minutes ago I get home early seal later. Colonial look at the two seasons I have some highlights from last year of what the warriors did was spectacular on 73 and nine. As they warriors fan. Watching these games. Knowing the record that they sent last year. Most wins regular season post season combined most road wins in the regular season at 34 it's still on and on best start last year. At 24 now. This road start of all time at fourteen and now the three points the whole thing staff curry back to back in BP's. So it Tripoli 9579570. Which season whether it's last year or this year have you enjoyed more. Because I obviously. This year is different. A lot of different players. Are not trying to go back to back. You've added Kevin Durant. What you're watching this year. Is one of their could be one of the great teams in the history of the game. You're looking at easily three hall of famers. Kettering has to be health interceptor is giving off Aaron played dobbs is going to be all Famer. And and it may be drain mongering. You potentially have four hall of famers you're watching on the floor. And you watch the way they played basketball the watch the movement of the ball the shooting ability the way they play defense this year. I don't know at the end of the year how it will shake out whether it's the best offense best defense but it's up there it's pretty incredible. I wrote about a 142. Games it's dating back obviously that we don't lose back to back games. I mean that's the one thing when you look at all these different records that you can go through. That's the one that impresses everybody last week we're talking to Steve currently on the they are ratio and when I asked him about that I say what does that mean and he was he did the old how good question it's pretty incredible. There's a lot of these should go through all these different numbers you go well. You know Klay Thompson leads a team in scoring this year they're twelve and elbow when you have all these when you have. When you win every single game almost no matter what you do you're gonna have these great stats. But that's the one where they don't lose back to back games it's incredible. So I want you would triple A 9579570. To extrapolate 9579570. Which season. Are you enjoying more as a warriors fan. Are you enjoying this year. We are seeing chest incredible basketball. With for pro ten shall all famers at least three guys are going to be in the hall of fame. Or is it last year. Is last year obviously it was still chains you should win the championship. But there is a pressures this year that's far different from last year. With Kevin Durant showing up it is truly the old school. You mud it's a must win season. I actually compared it last night I know you could say for years on the Yankees were doing their saying. And panel you know 98992000. Everything it's championship or bust. I compared it to locally. You know a team that. Necessarily didn't have all the fun until it was over. Possesses they when your championship or bust you virtually not gonna have all the fun until you win that championship. And I think about the San Francisco 49ers the 94 team won the 95 Super Bowl. Gary Plummer at the end of that game is there mop and at the San Diego Chargers and they got past the Dallas Cowboys. It was Gary Plummer who went up and rip the monkey off Steve young's back. And you saw how Ron Amadon. Like the pressure was finally up all those years trying to replace Montana. Although jeers try to finally get a title couldn't get over Dallas always compared to jail. But here was that moment here was that time where you sub the jewel finally that joy and Ron Amadon. As he finally got to the top of the mountain and one. You know they did have that they beat the cowboys as they still had to win the championship. I would say that for me would be the difference between this team. And lax last year's team was all about still about jewel. They just went out through the ball out at a great time in 1173. Games. And they chased down that bulls' record was pretty incredible. So it's really when you look at their two different teams. To give Kevin Durant you had to sacrifice. A certain manner guys. I remember the joy that most Speights would bring to people when he hit a three. You know there's so much joy last year's team definitely to me had more joy to it. This year it's just watching incredible basketball. Free use the warrior fan to Tripoli 9579570. Which one do you like better. Does this team's gonna end up hell I don't know they and it was 71 and 6960. What it's incredible we'll be the first team. And a history of the game to win at least 65 games three straight years. You think of all those great teams all those years. You go back to Russell's Celtics. I may go to the bird's Celtics you go to all the different great Laker teams has been great Laker team 70s8090s. In the two thousands. Do you think about Michael Jordan bulls to be the only team to win 65 games three straight years the whole thing's incredible. I Tripoli not 5795. Seve Carlos and San Bruno welcome a 957 again. Hectic out and arm our agreement you'll the years he. I like it. Our players go you are this year I'll put it that way good game when they're winning they Bachmann a blowout. Because picture championship or buy it they don't want the championship to be here it. Up bashed your team because belt more by our community there are a lot of people are very memorable last year mark Eckerd. Being a lack Hewlett. Order in Oklahoma City where you know it that carry out reporter and game. And and just so much at the going to the regular game at the crack out the winner. And early evening game against. Where baker equally locked back in black BP got a patent cardinal won that game. Two deuces so much spotlight you acquired Iraqis that moat spate. Our vote. Local guys it is neither took a break on on your regular you can last year apple that it dual air. Well ever but he and that the matter what the regular keep it all the way up a lay up and and a kind of an affiliate. Well favour of the phone call Carlos I do like. I do like the Golden State Warriors B&B in the bad guy. I do. I like the fact that they're grown and out of people's arena. And they're the bad guy but everybody wants to see it. Everybody wants to see the big bad bully and that's who they bar. I hope you really are appreciating this warrior fans dissolve us what are your fan you've been in the meeting you've covered this you've seen the lowest of the lows. You know I've talked about. PJ car listen Mo when he got fired any of this press conference at his own restaurant. And I was this is a long time ago my career. And I was late for the press conference 'cause there's no parking in north beach obviously. So it was a tiny little restaurant. I had to crawl on my hands and knees up to the podium and put my Mike up might well. TJ just got fired right. Based on this press conference and he looks down me and I'm on my bust I mean it was I must say I had to get my my flag up there for another station I worked for. And I just I just remember the bad times is how miserable was. And I always joke with Matt not on the post game show. That you know for all these years. That warrior. Beat writers are people who cover the warriors would travel around the country and of course she leave the airport your hotel only get a cab is our top of the cab driver. Now would be an older driver lift driver named you know chatting up a little bit where you're from lack cover the NBA and now really old woody do Obama writer I cover the Golden State Warriors and people were side ha. Lack. Who's the Golden State had no idea. They had I mean to go from around the country no matter where you win unless you resist diehard diehard basketball fan. People had no clue what Golden State Warriors meant. To where now all they aren't the number one ticket. They are when they don't want the road they are the bulls. They are the Yankees they are whatever those super teams that every bite his. Use it how great the San Antonio Spurs were but the court like that people could die to see the San Antonio Spurs. Are you sick about how hard it was to get a ticket when Michael Jordan came to town. Does it they remember what is like Michael Jordan came to town. And always play well at oracle or the coliseum back in the day. But he wanted to see him. Same thing your talking about the dead there showtime lakers. Are you talk about Larry Bird I'm Aaron Rouse a real little kid and I don't see doctor. That's what staff curry Klay Thompson Kevin Durant now are for these kids this generation of basketball. They're like that it's so incredible to see let's go to Dennis in Oakland you're on 957 again. Hey guys. Portland or it takes to call on so I. Hey look at your that it. All I enjoyed it quite war by meant the warriors and now. Right last year that was so much on. I don't think people really appreciate. How impossible that went. And I know we didn't win the championship. I don't care I vote and support the thanks. Not thank you have my guy I'll be here as I added they lost their goddess Kevin Durant is on we'll see the loss as a win. It if they do roll off Su three I'm not gonna go oh not five not six that stupid. But if they do not rocked out here. I if they do roll off the mile bag no don't you know. But they win at 24 no. 221 in nine to 36 and two to 48455. And five. 62 to 668. To seven. 1698. And finish sept. He took a he got an sees it as a video game you're playing the warriors. Any dual or a full season like they used to and be able to do that unreal let's go to is it dead in Oakland. I did. Dogs and I are right outside that's Symbian insisting he handled that I was gonna get instant that the go ahead death. We. Won't outweigh the board later in the day like out of shape Obama. Coach an important cup like I actually played out like this is the best week. I'll also selects the government and the assistant staff. Last year recovered one and our players down to the ground and what we needed them you know when it counted. You know they were kind of their comic day this year app that like the way. You know Graham LB scratches. That led to a due diligence. Also the player development like just as JaVale McGee. Waited a year at him yeah April you know also I dislike. That's still going this is probably the best you're forced thank you that. I die there's no wrong answer I just drive and today I was thinking about it Siskel and god last year remember that start. And just the numbers after every start dared to aegis and standards are doing that the post game show and I remember you know you gotta. In a warriors at warriors PR or ESP and net has all the great stats after on Twitter and they are just all of this. This has never been done before well this is not me it was just it was like after every game never seen. And like that yeah I agree by the way all of the guy's name bed. Pretty damn. Lies and then. And room tonight just go online review who's written stumping to create help sexy cool I've always wanted to do late night reading now you do. Between the sheets with us Tony ninth that Kennelly married via. How are you Jana what are your thoughts and prayers on Valentine's Day. Would be great to be that guy. That I need to make any money let it be great to be the late night between she's. I mean the late and I got these women colony out. In my these cycles or not I'd still buy let's go to Alfredo Pittsburg you are on 957 again. Man Lanka is an expert on caller. I want to call broad base. As. Wardrobe and born in the day in Obama words span went to a lot of down these in and I mean team forward and win the championship and then take. Well I'm waiting in the it would have been there but this season as well. It's more impressive while. Because that and happened to that. That would happen to tackle this and it occurred in joy. But it balances on remembered packet not regret not enjoyment. Being morgue moment. That's interesting. Not enjoying it. I had that's hard for me to believe the canoe are Joseph enjoyed last year. Just I mean at one point I was Israel achieve their 55 and five then 67. And 73 and nine. Heidi and not enjoy a last year was beautiful basketball. It's different this year it's a different team. Because you've added one of the greatest players have ever played the last year was incredible. I think it was enjoyable until the playoff started on talk playoffs just a regular saga just regular season half. No it was it was great it was where Z and you want them to get their record but for the most part it was enjoyable. Exerts its Amy would talk about resting guys podcasts out but she never see that steps. Lips hurts than the mean anything can happen that's why it's so. It's it's tough when you do post game show and people are just gonna win the title needle eight minute man it's not that easy. Winning and titles is not daddy's. There's the it factor so many different things have to go your way no one would've seen going to play out staff getting hurt dream on being suspended. That's what makes titles so great. But you have to you have to slow the brakes until it happens. We've got a huge one year tonight the number one team in the country. When you think about that I'm not talking about. North Carolina or Kentucky or duke or Kansas or Louisville. Not talking about Villanova. The number one team in the country tonight here on 95 point seven game we're talking about it right. We got a big odds are not on the Hilltop as GM has told him my old friend paddles symbol of the call for your right here on 95 point seven a game Kyle Smith begged coach of the dodge joins us here on not a five point seven a game coach you gotta be jacked up for tonight. I get the leg on that note ripped poking and we're not on the field. While you're on the road tonight OK okay let's get after Mets always. But you know I doubt go to say this I got a shot back in my college career to take on cal state Fullerton when they were number one the code country College Baseball. There's just something especially when you're on the road it's you against the world what what we would tell your team owner and a sub like this does this is a real special moments that your kids I guarantee yet. As a guy who's 44 I never forgot it these kids will never forget it. No doubt that would wrote the rubble. Our goal at the rope belt took note that Edwards and have the I did everything you need more and try to hang in the air and hit your shot late to step up that some big plays in I know would like to. The leader Heidi why kuril Guyton and reload most. Am trying to the most culturally possessed and have that belief that he needed done goes long lines. You know the great thing about the tradition of this university you know when you when Europe there on the Hilltop and you look at the banners and you look at the names in you know how great history is. Other USF Don basketball just look in your guys' team notes. That the USF does not faced a number one team in the nation since January 18 1979. This is the tide type of moments like coach you guys can make history. I absolutely yeah. I can edit we used the I had to eat. Your. Court. It off the actually previous job at Columbia plate Michigan State when they were number two. It does speed up become number. Tuchman. On cap situation. You know we're trying to preserve the legacy. Did not start up 29 now. Because I don't want it. You are. At it. The Ellis put them on old as the outfield cellphone is. Not working for us but it's. Will give you will get coach back in just a second the year out it's an opportunity. And you see it all the time in college basketball you see it night after night. I don't know how many people watch a lot of college basketball I get my chance you don't hear that jam it's always on me to watch and ESPN there. ESPN two and you're seeing these games these talked top ranked teams and you see these teams when they winning these kids rush the floor it's the moment right now than an hour and I even where it closed at a conference German time. But these winds can be so big these opportunities for these schools and what it can mean for someone. Like USF who is really turn this thing around and you look at when you'd the year of the USF has had. To where they're eighteen and nine and 86 in the WCC going up against the zags. The first time the zags maid's attorney and then they had a couple of years and after that they made it began. And hide a body who has said graduate and I said man you gotta go follow these guys you'll never know if they'll do it again and they just on year after year after year coach is with us once again. Coach this finish that dot you're talking about your team play number one yourself I was kind of breaking up Ponce. Okay can you hear me now. It lot to say no. The last job went on the we had two chances to play against teams are ranked number one so our staff has been in the game they're pretty well at. They're so opportunities. To actually be in the game and have a chance when game you know cases so. Or open would be something like that like so we're trying to preserve. Ultimately it's opening nine down there were 29 notes. China not that tracks or let their points of it. In the corner you know we're trying to establish the connection. She legacy that don's Noble's banners and what that means to be. A part of that and you know conduct is doing really well right now but US opens the betterment of this report so we hope to try to get back to that. And coach when you play in games like this and you play well. As you just said you've been here before doing something like this just talk about how this set this helps. This subs in your had a very good year but it helped switcher program on the map and it really helps in recruiting. Those are recruiting and culture of people on the program we farewell to just get to net competence and know that they can play with the and as of right now as the best in the country in a high bar and know that. Atop the WGC yet to be as good as anybody so others that are there is no. When your recruiting guys you know we will use the term mid major obviously we needed as good players is that he has. To compete with the Baston adults who these programs that are due while our legal system. You know Paul softening the gonna keep dole also yet to get better and keep strive to keep up the test. And hammer says this game right here prepare you for your conference tournament. Idol to Prague and have to get through these guys. To win the compass terminal beat the primal better hole. And so which it is intended it to compete against them on trying to tell us where your. In players need improvements in which you do well and hopefully find some. Some weakness in the game that you can exploit. Well you mentioned the old rope and helped coach and some of us are old enough to remember Mohamed Ali taking on George Foreman back in the day one of the great fights of all time what's it like duel in the rope a dope where odds are about boxy but we're talking about in a college basketball game. It's their but it kept control tempo. To think they have they only looked Foreman before which Wilson young and it. It knocked you out some wrote are tight and and you know they're home they're gonna try to. They're gonna terrible all the on court try to run yup Jim got beat top we took the all in does stay disciplined and and do what we're trying to do won't be easy. That's that's politics. Kyle Smith echoed see the USF don's joins you right here on the home of the USF don's 95 point seven game basketball always is a game of runs you talked about. Controlling tempo. In a game like this the old rope a dope what is the key to making sure. That is they start getting on that type Burundi you've got you've got to stop that you've got to stop that momentum. Makes Europe timeout in the pocket and had a little help build up in the yet taken the ball around to keep pressure. You know just in there will be used up and you gotta got make sure you know no light turnovers relief. Heard Burger King human development and Taylor don't doubt Chile that mountain it all worked two point bills into. Energized team that I am basically that you've got to be really cost but just can't give the ball. The other dust into the hobbies now on the home Florida her body fired up I'm always curious whether. Whatever level of basketball that's not NBA when I look at the Golden State Warriors in the way they're playing in the way they're changing the game to really test starlet the Houston Rockets. Rather take a three than a two. As is the analytics of basketball but now at the Golden State Warriors staff Currie. He's the greatest three point shooter of all time how have you seen what the Golden State were especially since your in this town with the warriors how do you see them influencing basketball from the college level and down. Thought they would really influences on down I have three boys there should some degree. They laud praise it doesn't at all levels so weakened that you know not all that new. And their you know I've sent it to what kind of exploded two world assistance saying there isn't a coach Columbia that we'd. It would use analytic support while it's just too short it's worked. You don't work a 150% at two so it seems foolish not to take advantage of that and beauty that's influenced. Our game in the in an NBA game and helping to be looking back at big picture to stay in and it's just she's it is miraculously. How much has changed last twenty years these these topless in the deeper relations from and how accurate they are so. It definitely came from bottom up. We'll think about winning you first got into the game every day ruled that the closer the shot to the basket is the way to game was designed you wanna get as close as possible. And now you've had a slip and go all the three point oh so close what point your career did you realize you know what my mentality is changing on that's. I think our camera over the year but remember we're. So cemeteries in Portland rain in think of about a our report you're into that we have two really good car parts. It would have been a kicker for anyone that's a true WGC and libraries 62. Led the league report shouldn't essentially had to it would play in one buy widgets and we got way to utilize and that China's. We start run or drive motion which was a lot penetrate kick out cheap cheeseburger against I'll and I think that's kind of world we. Which started on their and never looked back in Celtic actually back in it's kind of it's been like so we've been part of the blues. The ball in the college game it kind of started back in the bottle. Thank. Well coach you got some young guys who need to performed in night it's got to be inching always there's you see how young guys perform in a game like this. No doubt juggled its that's one unique. And because that's all. Haven't been here seven years and I doubt it's changed much couldn't get much louder too it'll that would be like that it Phillies. It's an exciting game and it's just that is what about about will about some general importance in a bridge. No data back coach could lock make history tonight will be listen ready or not it five point seven a game we'll talk to you down the road. Trials at the head coach of the USF Don Hewitt they're starting line up at three sophomores and freshman. And the last ten games. It's awesome to play number one. Aggies is telling I know is a long time ago when I did I got an opportunity to play number one number two. But there's just some then about when you play a team. That's number one. Mean they're going to be number one at the end of this thing in there on the net when the national title the team I did play did. Mark Kotsay and cal state Fullerton that titans we were down there and lead. And they smoked us the first two days we beat them on Sunday. And we were then San Jose state we were the last team to beat them they never lost again. Never lost again in conference never lost again in the regionals and didn't lose again and the college World Series they swept it all the way out there want the greatest teams of all time. But when you play that team that's number one. There's something about there's a difference between their four or six or nine just there's a number one team in the country. And you look at the zags right now and you look at what they've been able to do in their program over the years but at 26 and 014. Out of there it's you know there's four number one seeds are. That was Tellme they would even be the number one seed the what are years they're having for the WCC. To have the number one team what that does for everybody else later tiger about Saint Mary's or Santa Clair US dear loyal or whoever. It helps in recruiting. It helps in recruiting that you're looking around in now. This is a team in your conference and their won the big boys like bullies Boise State did in college football for teams around themselves. Going to be excited to see what the dons are able to do tonight speaking of analytics. As coach Smith just talked about analytics how people had to flip. People had to flip the way they think about the game because game's constantly evolve. I actually saw something this week. That made me realize. As much as analytics is keying may be a little old school is coming back we'll talk about it right here on 95 point seven a game. We have something very special going on here adds an am I get the phone calls or triple A 9579257. Seattle skip my way. Digging out on Saber metrics in baseball on how things are changing maybe back to the old ways go very interesting and it'll get her own. Does that hold you what are we going to 5 o'clock. Face it this merely by insert club could be halfway through the NBA regular season not RI are debris flows by the way there's like 26 games ILE you know what I mean that a kind of how they refer twit so tonight we're going live on face the at 5 o'clock so everyone join as it's your chance to vote on your favorite. Where's moments so far and you'll actually get to see the results immediately because we're gonna be really fun and hopefully everyone to join us we'll share all the information as it happened. And you get a chance to vote on your favorite top Warner's is it weird I'm getting warm and Fuzzy inside because since we're going to be able CU and vote in the top ten. The high and just. To put it. But he lets yeah. It's votes speaking. To pull. It. Is not that what little we are you not read it. Me. At this duke and do it. You'll free years. I think you rather be stone and campaign guy I'm just sank the I'm just sand let's go to Joseph in San Francisco. You're gonna tell me was it last year or this year more enjoyable as a fan regular season. Charlotte San Francisco. You their jail. Joseph is gonna stinking cell. Cordial he waited a long time until that let's go to drain centro California Le Mort don't address. Downing a lectern out beyond niners plumber thing. We on the on the niners when you warned they need doubt that if he to execute game there greatest. But yes. My lap these it was more enjoyable. I was kind of that we lost in the box. A that the words are going to be direct lakers record of 33. Wins in a row but they're gonna start to see that way. But for the regular seat him when I keep remembering it comes back to my mind. Is the last game of the season. And they show the replay within two and a panel and vote lead sciences center in at black college. Here is that atmosphere. That was the most enjoyable renders you ever seen. This is sold via playoffs this year and most enjoyable read war and. Yeah now that's gets gift to open it. Is definitely different or talk about regular season and added there's no wrong answer because last year was magical. But this year also is so special because of who was on the floor. And what you're watching it's it's it's a dream team it's an all star team. Yeah you talk about teams are like puzzle pieces. Do the pieces fit. This team. I mean watching Italian night after night sit narrower on its entry just be able to be at oracle. But to watch people's goddess games over legal settlement slept in the fourth day it's pretty generals go to Jason in Pittsburg welcome tonight 57 again. A place guys. Yeah I think I think it's here there's more pretzel only because like you said who's on the court and their New York curry drive and he kicks it out to clay. Thought that the remark in the frame on passes it to go back and even wrap my mind realm still. And that the impressive thing is that Durant ends up in the best he will be here this career and that's raised everyone's game. The only consolation to last year is that you know brought these people who. Measure success I would be when the championship or not. We we have to step back in. And make sure that we're realizing that we're witnessing greatness or whether it's better at 61 chick he wandered Dickerson gore won in 1989. You know will go on for a hundred not a vote can never won a championship. Well but big you've got to witness greatness as a fan and worse Ian a little bit of that. This year but I just still can't believe directly on the team and I hope they make current. Had I had sat thank you for the phone call. I use air say there's just times we looked down on the floor and ego like he got staff who's going to be the greatest three point shooter of all time. You got Klay Thompson who's gonna be. The second greatest three point shooter of all time and the fact that. He is a phenomenal. Defense supplier. That is such a thing about when he when you think about clay. Kevin Durant we know how special he at the at the end of his career what is going to be said about him. Dream on with the fact a dream on does things or you can have a triple double and not do certain points. And be one of the unit the only player to ever do it I mean it's just. It's night after night you're seeing something and I know we who we always want to put the cart before the horse and it's got to be out of got to win the championship but you know we got to live light data day. Now when you. And you see in Steve Kerr says this in a little spot. That we run before every single post game show warriors rapper he says we're gonna get. Everybody's best shot. That's when you know you're the best team in basketball. That everybody else every other team. Is going to dig deep up fur EU. They talk about the long season they talk about the travel they talk about the dog days of basketball. At some light brings out. You know at the bottom line is no matter how tired team is. No matter if they played three and four nights it's back to back they'd been on the road for a week when they play the warriors. They're gonna give their very very bet you're gonna get the best shot Hamid teams we've seen this year gives the warriors a site the first half. And then they come out at an. I got enough left in the war is wipe them off the floor. And that's one thing we've seen the warriors take everybody's best shot. How about the big plug Belsky. Talk a little sharks hockey right here on 95 point seven again.

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