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Damon Bruce Show w/ Chris Townsend - Hour 2 - 2/16/17

Feb 17, 2017|

Chris Townsend fills in for Damon - joined by Joe Pavelski & Roxy Bernstein!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Actually Chris Townsend and for Damon bait shop auction and quickly G on this one up for grabs is fantastic. It's a San Francisco Giants luxury box experience. Twelve luxury suite tickets to Sunday may fourteenth against the Cincinnati. Reds. Food and beverage. Banks always good. And this week's an appearance this week by San Francisco Giants Bay Area sports hall of fame enshrined me. Good and I 57 Diane nine fives in the game dot com. He's really dream sports experiences things you could never think happened Maynor getting an opportunity to do and now you can and it does every cut that helps out kids. Yes and they show off what they have done and to think of all the great athletes and I think our next guests at some point his career will be going into this year's from out of the day. Area sports hall of fame he's one of the great San Jose Sharks look great American. Hockey players Joseph put Belsky Willis here. On 95 point seven a game how we don't this afternoon gel. Underground area. I'm doing well by the way you know you're going to dwell on Sunday night houses at this place you key sushi and willow Glen. I actually had the Pope Belsky role that's you know even made it when you've got to sushi roll named after. They haven't done them well glad there are few years now in love the area definitely am. Popular and well. You know last night even night you got the point three loss but I really think about Patrick Marleau and I remember what Patrick Marleau signed it was so long ago and I was back in the days of bone Nolan Jefferies and and the San Jose Sharks are just good team but. Our memory and this is an eighteen year old kid and honor him last night where he is 45 guy to get. 500 goals I know how much he's meant to you he's image Maines is team he's been here his entire career Mary is San Jose girl had their kids here he lesbian in the Bay Area talk about what the last night was like honoring him before the game. That's pretty good January with a president who would do it and discover what it means solitude and all of those payments over the years and and how it's playing this year in this kind of what a big piece he has great now. Pretty cool the prequel the parlor my first NHL game covered from west here fine and that they have. First climate action morrow he burned it in December 1 call it alms. You know he just showed up every day at work are looking to get better you know just enjoyed the game and it brings a lot of characters that are term. Yet you talked about showed up to the barn every day for God's sakes this guy in his career the longevity. And playing every single game an in your guy is a sport which is so physical and so often so many guys heard. I mean just talk about the fact that his ability to show a lot every single day means so much. You know to that lockyer achieved earlier in Narnia centuries ago has popped now. We get a player that can play 82 games. Give you an advantage of you know that he league caliber. Players here lineup every night that he can count on that it means a lot the difference you know throughout the course of the season there's nights when. Someone might have a pretty you know to have back consistencies. You know brings lots you're human pedestrians in the ointment do you want them on the watch. Now you scored last night in the third twice and at the very end to tie it up what's that like at the end of the game you know we see in other sports where you score that touchdown at the end of the gamer he hit that home run in the ninth inning. When the clock is taken down. And you get that gold attire at what's up feeling like. Integration. Relive obviously down. Here's a look at the clock we know we're down two goals we feel like we've let this games looked so Barbara handled that weren't looking for a little spark so. The candidate we tkachuk who gets a little bit of break my traffic passed over the banker ran you know our ramps open and could sit out one going to you know audio like now and bomb threat to get the sound viable Libya that was victory I think for our confidence that. Will wanna do it we have an over last year to a that that last minute of the game have been you'll find that triangle very often sought to get to get one. He's excited as you know bill it you know it's pretty amazing colonel both have been going very supportive sixers lose weight there. I'll vote and popped back out so that momentum in the chart connections building building and in. You know kind of capped property get a ball. Jobe who knows you from San Jose charge joins us here on 95 point seven regain any idea past Longo was a great line and 37 point six seconds. Tickets through as a hockey player. Got to follow the pot get position and you're trying to follow the clock at the same time tickets through that process. They just getting his own. But the biggest thing as a supporter of the puck in zone because. Ever and lows you know when you're on the other side your desperation or interest in the besides you know whereabouts of opt out keep pretty simple so. He recognizes the play being made at the top in and you just trying to get free Korean front and we a couple of guys there and you know I watched that pocket Tipton macaroni tickets go on and have them all done it dozens. Here it's ten Cadillac bacteria in just trying to find. Bundling and trying to fallen you know give him some it's it's pretty great that you can. He would tell nobody breathing and bear it is just plan out there on emotions and he's insane in the spurs didn't Google. Well Brent Burns band fabulous ever since he's come over to the San Jose Sharks and he's assigned that long long extension and the goal only assists last night. 61 points on the season talked about the year he's happen. Well that's impressive in Austin again assists. His game over the last couple years is just really grown Anand now he just become the dominant there it. Every time we're out there with you know it as forwards you feel. So confident that he can you know create a chance he gets workable and on he skated well and kept epic by an epic presence there and then just how we can shoot park he just has that it bought the shop which. A lot of he plays to get to the metal quicker and in broker a few more opportunities for us that it. He's definitely in that's for sure. And tell us turtle comment back from injury. Then plane sent her a lot on the third like you gotta be third line. And that really does a lot freer club. Yeah you know kept in the in the Pacific division in the western conference's. You'll do some big heavy cute you know coupled with a beaten on our turbines and playing good here lately have. It's. You know what kind of impact how we can make it on that third line center I think communal as a team we pray believe that a little bit in this match up. All when you look at dollar roster reason when he's going to you know he carried the outline and he definitely period that mismatched. You know we talked so much about teams that win the title and then the very next year. The odds of them repeating a lot doesn't it talked about the teams that don't win in the championship here the Stanley Cup final. And then how does they get back I can just tell you in football the last time a team lost and then came back and won the Super Bowl. Dates all the way back in 1972. You guys are trying to do something that's very hard because she did so that final round. You'll lose and then you got to try and do it again what is a bit like. As you know it's like to get there you know it's like to get to the top but now it's about going to actually get that trophy. That's for sure on. It obviously it's not going to be you know I have been making that. The short summer in Kosher restaurant scene that you're not trying to get better. Wrong. Many turn of the World Cup in there this year short you know David Graham and more in the more gains and a shorter time period that. In other a lot of factors that are playing in the right you can theater of the league you know with some scenes and some actors is that you know it can be a little bit more off than normal but. Currently in the same boat there's no excuses notoriously I think we've done a good job imagine. You know bodies and get some Broxton. I'll shored up plain are put maritime men and you know picnic this team does is our run last year reused for alliance. And players. Really chipped in and gave good minutes and so part throughout this year we kind of stopped that plan and you know that before finds yet again at 1011 minutes and guys there you know on and when when they need to do it without some good depth so. Open up to rescue that'll help them. You know when we get to the playoffs it's you know it's just about. Get the job Downing Street finds some big goals along the way it. You know he's in a lot of good things to go right to get there so it'll look for more of that this year. Here's skater around last night in the armor yarder at 45 years old how these older than I am. Hits his nine in 19100 career point he's 45 years old joke or that thing again. Strip. Pretty amazing when you hear that. Now they get is 19100 points than in either and stole second then these about the points behind Gretzky as it is. Like the host that you're just shaking and had to happen. He gains by the mention Asia's got the gray beard gray hair gone. It is keeps going along and you know out of prep indices that are one of those players growing up as a kid you watch it. When I expect he played against the referred all. A number of years but since. Yeah you're a little kid growing up pretty easily easily LeMieux in Pittsburgh here it's taken my god it's forty fight ease. Here's 32 it's not like Geary on Kidd era veterans league but he. He's at 45 by the way the last weekend. I was following the great line Dustin Johnson and son in law so Wayne always plays. In the AT&T. And it's amazing is people follow him around Joseph agency ease such shake. For a guy that had I mean he's got Scott more assists than anyone has career points he's the greatest player multi Ronald you've ever gotten a medium. But when you look at Wayne Gretzky of what a star he is the what I humble just nice guy got to meet Blaine. Yeah actually. In not. Drama played her time to. Well when I was young we are going. Exhibition game. Bradley Center Milwaukee I remembered on. That's get in there premier players walking through the catalog of the building pretty early. And what it can market through. The concourse there couldn't find a way to get them. And it is whatever locker duplicate for the times it's kind of the first time really experienced some on the partisan and that's story. And I think about it forever trying to get their race can we got to go through different Doran. And so that happens but you know he's obviously. There's a lot of presents around with almonds you know these great appointment as well. Before lets you go the sharks foundation had a really get event today in northern California wineries whenever you can go to through the whole winery thing Joe's not a bad deal. I tell us about what happened in the sharks foundation I guess fans got to come down you guys are wine taste and players and coaches who blows out like today. Actually were at rather deny listen honey sometimes. It's night it's a pity that you know it's one I think we're consortia to go on. It's gonna hang mountains south of Nightline and then you have a remote cannot kidnap it's malaria season. You know have them come now it and you know our effort could cause the church donations. So the record that. Well you guys are haven't held a year cheap bit up and we'll see you down at the rank and enjoy Napa this evening. Jolt of Belsky of the San Jose Sharks. A tough is that idea. Special athletes don't it'll wine tasting. Tracks. That I was thinking about watching the highlights last night because obviously we were at oracle. Count again. 45. Years Ole an annual it's one thing when you play a certain sport. And this is a calorie evident let's say baseball. You know you're an older guy he can pinch hit you can DH. May be your guy in the NBA intakes and threes are still big at Peta bang a little bit get some rebounds. This is hockey. This is one of the most dangerous. The sport. The physics Hallie. A pot if you don't watch hockey understand and uttered watched night you know we in California. Not everybody grew up and Johnny united group. You'll younger than I am but we remember when Ronald Wayne Gretzky showed at the Southern California how it changed mean if Wayne doesn't go from Edmonton. To Los Angeles. I don't know if we have a San Jose Sharks I don't know if we have a team in Arizona our team in Texas or team. Double teams in Florida I mean it's just changed the sport when Wayne Gretzky showed up because he was such a star but the physics Allie of the game I'll never forget it was something that's. The sharks didn't laugh. I had the DNA test. I have your attention now the the attack the Dennis there's a dentist. At the arena. Every single game every single arena he's got like a makeshift. Dentist office. Because these guys could have some serious. Dental problems very very fast. And it's not like one of these deals where you're gonna like okay we're gonna take a guy who needs immediate help. 839 rates not too many places not take place so they have a Dennis that is there so these guys will take a pock in the mouth. Big gash. She whatever. They you'll go win. The dentist no McCain work on am sometimes they go back in a lot of times he gets stitches and they go back again. Now I don't know about you but if I had a puck hit me teeth gone on done for I'm done for awhile. These guys they lose tees that gum split open and stitches. Numbing up they go back on the ice. It is crazy the injuries. These guys will play with the first job I actually had. First job I had was covering the niners and the sharks and no I knew a little bit about hockey. But just learning about that that type of pain and the injuries that keep these guys will play. And especially in the post season. Is something that's absolutely incredible so I have so much respect for the stats who their flag in the National Hockey League I mean it. They do things that no other apple may football players a plane broke in south but a lot of people there's no. Absolute way they would play with what these guys play with there's a reason why. They'll say it's just stay upper body injury vs a lower body injury because. These SOB's are tough and Roxy burns you'll join us at 430 Roxy actually has called the only got a call sharks games other than the great dinners a nasty when Dan. A needle time off rocks you'll join us coming up here for thirty and we get talked about rocks me it's crazy what these guys played through but the reason why it is it's a lower body injury. Or upper body injury disease cite those who they really would go after he I mean they go after each other. If they know you got a bad ankle denoting got a bad need to go to their goal right after the target it but it's funny thing is nicest guys in the world. It is so weird. It's a violent sport but once you get these guys off the ice there are all like some. All town. Of Belsky born in plover Wisconsin. Where the hell is the blow over Wisconsin. These guys are from these small towns in Canada I mean there were about to really cool guys. And if he never bit if you don't like watching hockey. On television you've got a gal. You have to ago. Because when you go there it changes everything when you hear the skates on the ice and how fast that putts. Hit not the glass I mean it's is it changes everything for speaking of longevity I saw this today and I could not believe it. Tom Brady's current contract. Runs through 2019. When he will be 42. Years old. 42. Radio right now. Is talking about a contract extension. To play past 42. Years old. And houses are gonna my buddies from pro football focus. And what they're predicting more than half of them predicted the patriots to win the Super Bowl again next year. I was suicide act its site it's like a disease. That's never gonna stop. You know what even worse. These guys are becoming like herpes could eat. Random you can't get credit Bob that's a debate at the game is not the game is not set up for you to keep doing this. They've you go to the roster of theirs first Super Bowl where they are now it's like it's it's Brady and Belichick and theirs is gonna keep guys leave new guys got man. Get a much a new little light bright wide receivers Bobby it's just it's crazy. That means they can roll off a few more to think if you were tired of it. On Super Bowl Sunday. Which how many VI know were rooting money is so many. Even there's a reason why. You're rooting for. The Atlanta Falcons I mean if you're forty niner fan and you wanna route freer your new head coach is the offensive coordinator. As a raider fan and you can't stand the New England Patriots. Can you imagine the same to just keep on Roland as the raiders will be seeing the New England Patriots hopefully dot Collins I'm ready go to Mexico City. I am ready to go to Mexico City. That's where the raiders will be taking on the patriots sexier Mexico City I think we should do get mean bill Roman now ski. And do our do our rader pre imposed game from Mexico City. I think it's great I think I should come and help out it'll always excelling at this week. Why is he sent Spanish I speak Spanish C Abbott has an Obama so that an espy survey sense that a sect Al Donyell by Neil that got me through years of Tijuana. Surveys somebody yell and where's the border the public and does any idea cab I need to get to the border gotcha if you are patriots fan by the way. Check this out. So are they shop option you go to 957 game dot com or maybe you're just Tom Brady you're Sam detail love the guy. Two tickets. To a 20172018. Patriots game. Three days three nights. And had downtown Boston. Luxury hotel for two car renal. Round trip airfare for two. Patriots Jersey signed by. Tom Brady. CNN's Tom Brady signed Jersey. You get air fare he had hotel. You get that car you get tickets to the game. I don't know fear and fear of patriots fan or Tom Brady fan from the peninsula Howard you're not gonna be in on this. And 9570 game no doubt come. I'd I would throw feel a little bit of money that way for shore my recommendation. As someone has a lot of family in the Massachusetts area. Pick a game in the fall in the leaves her turn game it's absolutely beautiful. Massachusetts at that time really that the entire northeast let me just electric when you watch all the leaves turn. Is if you start going in 2018. You're gonna freeze your ass. It is and you wanna know why the patriot fans and why people minorities when they go to those games and their so. Hammered. Speaking of that and I have a great hope that you're freezing. It's windy it's duke where you build that stadium I've driven past it's it's horrible. It's horrible. You'd have to be three seats to the win to go in there to say handle it. Enjoy it kind of tabloid did Tom Brady I mean I can't even met IKEA what we're song I just can't imagine sit there. As we know these games are going like four hours rain sit there and it's Fries. Let's say it's 56 degrees with the wind chill factor has it minus fifteen. Need to be sin and down. Understand. I'm a sand. I have a story I gotta get into and normally this would be a story. Save this for Imus save my. Deep might Kiki baseball thing that I saw that I think is if you're baseball baseball fan. You're gonna love saved 4445. And I have a story. That normally. You would think because I play stuff like thirsty Thursday or whiskey Wednesday do you think that I would be fireball Friday I would be. Happy about what does lawmakers trying to deal but somebody is doing something that is really really stupid. And has to deal without god I'm not talking about what's going on in Washington this is California. This is something I saw this let us an idea. And trust me I'm someone that can vouch for this is not. A good idea curious yes I have that for you act for 45. The more importantly. Roxy Bernstein we got a lot to get into the rocks especially what we got on tonight folks we have the number one team in the country. The zags to start the little engine that could anymore. Is that George is not that I'll look it's a small school. In this is this greats. Now the zags in the real deal. They're number one in the country. And they're playing tonight. Right here on 95 point seven a game so. Where have Roxy to bring it down for right here nighttime point seven again I have. Two groups and three. Rex C Bernstein. Experienced team. Relaxing experience. Chris as a woody here on 95 point seven a game. I don't know if we're going to be able to do this but I've been seeing this on the Penske auto sales dot com tax line. Touting. Now we get negated G spot from Gionta added that. People don't forget. Who it was popular it was popular back in the day from a three to seven and I 57 began the great. G spot. I think if it's if it's lack of lines Downey. Does not appear tomorrow and I'm Mir now we're doing we didn't get his got back up around. 5 o'clock hour. The G spot with Jian or bring an impact. Yeah down in holes that are hitting Steve torture me. For more places than anybody on the plane that ESPN it's back to weld nauert it's the days type knives and a game. He works for everybody because he's got a little town are but Iraq's C Bernstein Roxy. What does shaken my man. It's so wrong to spread the love around counting. Another day there is not the wrong with collecting checks from a lot of people frontier for by the way great place to buy a sort forward Al mobile and Cineplex we have a number one G touch on tonight here on 957 the game. Cool and that helped our tall order for Kyle Smith did you let that die and but the content night Percy and at the US that is that a lot of really good thing they open up supply its. That it could be a very difficult challenge tonight on ethnic channeled that inevitable attacks. Yeah Roxy I remember years ago and zags guiding hand and that was it it was a couple years and they got in again you're like you know. See them have around like and it's year after year after year and to now be number one. And the only unbeaten team in college basketball people thought the biggest obstacle. Perkins that it. To remain unbeaten. Heading into the NCA term that was going to be given Iraq this past Saturday at Saint Mary's and day. Being handled Saint Mary's and I don't think easily but it double digit win in every time at Saint Mary's and Gail put together a run. In fact they had an answer and then not that mark phew now it's Eva Mae is. Any annual occurrence during the NCA tournament winning the WCC. Go deep in the tournament. The dot has been that he would get to a final four didn't believe it's but have not broken through. This could be attained it yet and there. And a lot of people are ready to prod that this is the best contacted team we've seen I've got political pitches he had courage and I think they'd be stopped himself to Peru. It's a little late element that that that statement a Marc you but it won't say it to their best defense subpoena they have. They've had in this it's heat it's got a real chance to go to. I so let's say they run the table right they go through the WCC tourney in Vegas and they run the table. They're gonna get a number one seed but law which wanted to can they get the overall number one you think. Yeah I think again. And a rocket that depend on how the other turn image shakedown and and who are gonna get that one seed whether it could beat Villanova what could happen to the big twelve B eight CC. It can grab and go unbeaten big community without question that the number one overall seed in the field. I think even if they lose once along the way. And I think that lot could happen the WTC championship game whether it's to Saint Mary's or BYU. I still think their number one seed I just don't know that and a more old Rossi at that point I don't see them losing in the regular season. The BYU game at the final hurdle in the regular seat of that at all. They go to get the WBZ tournament and I don't see them losing. To be honest with you immediately championship game whether it's being married can knock the mob that. I fully expected that it'd be unbeaten heading idiot determined and that one overall seed. Iraq's neighbor see what is here on 95 point seven a game and Roxy the only time I really watched college basketball's when I met the jam. You know that I start caring column but I start asking you. When it's time to start put some money on his when I start Red Bull Roxy what do you think about this. So when we start looking at that the team's morale others yell. Kansas Villanova you start looking at teens young North Carolina has been pretty good. You know Kentucky. Ali's and Florida in the SEC courted teams that were before we get to the conference title games he's turned a little dense I'm looking at these teams really have a shot. Well I think and it seemed to keep an eye out right now and I'm real I don't think I'm putting out that people haven't thought about it years. They kind of fell off the radar for a little bit with the with the injuries they're dealing with. But do it's getting hot panic and it's the team to really keep an eye out right now like she gets you back. And I had a great fidelity had its troubles it's easy and Friday. He's crazy. But duke seemed to put that behind him right now. And that's the team to keep an eye on right now they're going to be maybe three Europe for a seat we'll see how they play without the ACC tournament. Prior to meet these do is getting hot that's the scary team to line up against right now the other preteens it. That I either watching closely to the three teams in the pac twelve and I look at Oregon UCLA Arizona and defied the 67 right now the rankings and all three of them got a legitimate. Chances to get the final four. And if it's been really fun to watch those teams as closely as I've been watching him this year because. They're dead they're really fun to watch it there'll and there are different ways. Lets you know I'm now a Actel bear basketball fan. Do you like about it with both mouse was desperate and the play at Stanford again tomorrow night on the far. Now madame Le Mel them like I got it your form but yet you know what eighteen and seven overall ninth for the bears still counting and it. Other capital unit and I do it daily updates you know until an RD EST and bracket colleges stint he hit cal verbally in the field right now and while they're on the probable that they were in their out of there in in new couple little. Little bit. They are formally and right now in terms. It turned out one of the final eight teams getting. They're above that. So that it should be good side but it scheduled very typical for cal it down a stretch that's like Paramount that the win that game at Maples Pavilion tomorrow night. Against Stanford. Then they come home for the Oregon schools they should handle Oregon State. If they can pull off the upset then that starter and and now would be huge win for them but they could be don't worry and but it could survive that. Even if they don't win that game based I think he's still lead a pretty good signature win the best win right now as a road victory at USC. They finished the regular season with a pops scheduled going to Utah and Colorado. Before they hit the pac twelve tournament so that there's still some work to do account yes very good spot right now but it's scheduled pretty daunting it down the stretch. Well Grassley let's switch over is UConn gains for the Oakland Athletics or else upon Major League Baseball for ESPN radio the Alanis casino and resort and Marino is always the first. To come up with the win totals in Major League Baseball. The a's came out acts. 66. And a half. I counted. Is. I do it and I don't have any major in the cooler and it may be a little bit of all if you wanna throw that that may. Pride I keep more than 66 and perhaps win the that team don't fuel. I mean you're right to be on the team high seas were 66 and a half games. And the last couple years in those seasons where supposedly disaster. And category is not going to be that bad yet it's just it's not going to app that he could about stacked. We have good young pitching. They've added to meet. Some quality Major League players to get Bob Dole and depth and the versatility. I think it seemed oddly I think their corporate 500 even at 66 would think. And switching over to the San Francisco Giants this isn't very interesting line because with the giants. And I know people in hander Barry really just had an article out today they have thirty won't say actually was 32 of seek out the post season. 32 blown saves they bring in mark my Ole Hansen is gonna establish that closer position. Then they have a lot of interest in young arms are hoping to be able to get back to a situation to where. Boat she's not having to go out every inning right left right level you gonna have some guys are gonna be able to come out whether it's a lot Osage we go down the line of guys sickened Hannam Obama's seven do you handle the seventh you handle the gates. So the bullpen will be very interesting to see if under Malloy Hanson they can establish itself early. After was which is based it was a historic bad season. I need the bullpen wasn't so bad wouldn't amazing with the giants record what event but the giants they have at 87 and a half. Well considering they're going to be playing. The Diamondbacks. Padres Iraqis 1819 times. It's definitely doable and you lose to the book that I would want to coming and and how we're digging a bridge to gap for the starters the pulpit that's I think initiate catcher in the courses spring training. But I think there were legitimate starters in and there's no question about the threat is gonna be Cain who's going to be at the back into the rotation but. It was going to be a lot the other dissidents still. Some question marks. To meet the brunt of the giants but it. It's definitely doable suited to go over but I'd I'd be up to Libya I wouldn't feel comfortable playing at number either way to be honest with Egypt. Just because I think there's some question the giant still leading answers. Where are you going to be denied airlines your next game we don't. Captain died down. Often. Had a lovely pollutes tomorrow. I had Arizona State Washington State's Saturday. And then Sunday that got you top origins state dozer. The second game of the two it is personal and if you thought the problem seemed on the outside looking and maybe you'd give it's Oregon in Eugene but this is a critical stretch for Utah's SOA. I think it is the other day at bounced back assuming that they can't pull up the upset tonight and and the nation's longest home court winning streak that award at scale. I but we'll talk sound. Rap C Bernstein. Ali strategists are 957 again. At 5 o'clock. Sensor calling it the first half the all star break. Top ten moments. Of the Golden State Warriors and you know yes this will be live on FaceBook and when I mean you what you mean you're okay. Well I mean you. Rude aren't able to vote on it yes yes you are you're gonna vote on it at 5 o'clock so stay tuned on night five point seven again. Jim let's get a begin today yes I noticed freelancing I cut up a potential topics. Her interest in there interest exertion some creepy as people in the world they make me feel so much better. They do yes I think wow. I'm not crazy know how bad your life is you can just on the Internet and read about people special people in Florida need else you know I tickle down not that bad Amal good. Like never wife's mad at me funny whenever she's mad at me I should just you know say hey at go to far. Gaps and read about people Florida Google weird news at all on the way to Florida. So I saw this. The other day on the MLB network and it was one of the best conversations. MLB now for a lot of view you have a life your at work you probably don't watch the show. And some of us have no lives and we watch the shale. Ranked Cheney as the host you remember him back from his days on ESPN Maria's sport center he was the boxing guy. He was a guy that was are always getting into with Floyd Mayweather. So he's the host and he's now become the Saber metrics guy right he's written a book. And then I always bring a writer on and then we'll have an ex player. To kind of dispute Saber metrics semi it's very okay you play the guy about the numbers you played does sportswriter. You play the ex player and and they always have some type the special clothes or has a role so Jim Tomei who probably be next year voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame who now. Is retired he's on the ballot next year he. A special assistant to the White Sox right now he now lighter are playing the two X players Tom Perdue g.'s point in the writer. And you know I've seen this conversation. So much. But something was so interesting to me and I'll just give it to you quicken it's really something Obama follow this year is someone who covers Major League Baseball. As they weren't going through the hole. Metrix and chemistry. And is there really chemistry does that really matter in their goal of all of this. Tom Berger Gemma to steal at number Gucci who we have the united by seven games from Sports Illustrated said the best thing ever a long time. Because back in the day we are all living through money ball or before money ball or certain teams. Were using analytics. To give an advantage they we're looking at things differently. So they are able to find certain players. And say well this guy may not be a great player but she does this really well sort of put him in this position. To perform well because we know the numbers show if you put in this position he's going to succeed in his start building eighteen now away. Well all these years later and now it's an all sports is the warriors last year just won the best analytical professional sports team everybody is using at. So the advantage that certain teams had Bakken that they need to Branch Rickey if you go back to the Brooklyn Dodgers had a pretty primitive form. Of analytic so it's not like the days invented this thing. But certain teams. Started doing yet. And then copycat league now every but everybody has an analytic department everybody's using it. Not everybody uses it the exact same weight but everybody is using it. And then Tom birdie and she said this and it made me think well that's a great point. Cents. All teams in baseball use it now wears a competitive advantage. At the like the eighties had in the money but where's the competitive advantage. There really isn't. The competitive advantage maybe. Finding things in players. That you can't find numbers now. And that's word that guy is on the left side of the panel Tomei. And Al Leiter started talking about you don't understand how some guys change teams and it's not about the numbers. It's not about. There ice so it's not about oh PS clause it's not about expand that side it's what they do inside the clubhouse in the dog out. Because there's a lot of people that believe that. The next generation of coaches there's going to be at least one guy and the bench who was a metrics guy who's gonna sit there with a all the different metrics and he's gonna tell the manager will this is the move to make so won't be the guy. Up in the GM boxer put somebody. In the actual dugout as a metrics guy. The only time I heard it she said that I said you know what that's that's pretty interesting. And then you know what I got today an email from cow. I actually got an email from cal from there from the psych department. And it's a whole baseball survey. From cow and it's all about. Major League Baseball team chemistry interest and I was I was sit in traffic to get a house checking my email and I know I should now but also and I saw the some like cal Berkeley is now going to be doing a study. About Major League Baseball. And chemistry. This over the last ten years. Is what's. Major League Baseball me Saber metrics people are trying to tell you it doesn't matter. Edit it. It you look at the numbers and numbers tell you what players should play went our way and. Left right they tell you everything you need to know they take the whole Schumann element out all of out of it. And all of a sudden now I'm seeing what Purdue she said. About the thing that's untapped right now is the human element. Hart do you really have bad do you wanna like. How Smart are you what you do you know the game all stuff you really can't get from a number you can't measure that you can't measure certain things here here's another thing. It ounce and may watch the swing in case. That was just on Major League Baseball play a lot of people didn't notice I mean I was a little kid at the time I was just born in 72. So I watched that. And 75. Win the Acer playing the Dodgers. Raleigh fingers was going through a nasty divorce. You don't know hole what these guys don't want have going on away from the field and as somebody who constantly travels. If your home base is Iraq how do you think that is when you're traveling the country and home base is a mess. You was a player to be amassed to consume you mentally there's so many things that going in to a human being having to perform at the highest level. That I think that. Is now gonna go back to. How do we figures that out to get the most saudis played jacket look at his numbers I'll attack a look at splits are deleted all this kind of stuff but the untapped. Of what the human is more than just putting spitting out data Angola. All right. This is the player. Some accepts it as I mean some personalities can be toxic to. A locker rooms so you have to definitely consider that. I think when you're getting players on the field I mean numbers are important obviously but it goes beyond you just can't tell you cannot that you could be great on the field. Analytically. But Saber metrics except threat but your personnel he definitely plays into it for Taylor and industry's huge. Out and this is sent that's not a two players Melky Cabrera at the giants who are doing that show an opry house when he got popped for the PEDs and he laughed. You could see a hammy giants are psych path that guy. And I found out through robbery that there's a lot of guys and every talked a really didn't like him. Yell at least that English speaking players and that clubhouse. And then I think of Brett Lawrie with DA's who he was somebody that's been a top prospect coming up the when he came over. How would you know that he was an. Absolute Psycho. Not saying he was a bad guy. But it was he was so I know he was so what it was like he was on crystal meth at all times where did an interview with him she was shaky. As we are doing the interview so wrapped up like he's on greening is like a basket he is he owns them but no this is how we used. He chewed his nails so bad they were so bad. He's just. And you mentioned traveling in a plane and buses and going over somebody who's just so wound. That stuff you don't kitten analytics know. And it takes an actor my guy Jonny Gomes. Jonny Gomes was such somebody who was so special for the a's in 2012. Talk about the ultimate glue guy so that's something. And Arnold darkest with that but that's something I'm really gonna watch this year and asked people as I talked to GMs and scouts and front office people. How the it'll. Analytics is everywhere it's taken over the game but now truly trying to find. Okay who really is this guy. How much do we really want to pay him one and what is he what's he really did do first beyond just numbers out really find out who that guy he has. Ready to back doors yes let's do we are gonna do that top ten moments so far of the season. It's crazy. As we always say it's the first half this is that this. Two thirds Henry Moore we put 46 games left it rotation as. Growth I don't understand LA Major League Baseball the all star game is way past 81 games hockey we just had the I mean it's way past the hassle halfway point. Are you were at the halfway point but there's only two point six games left and 82 game season. The top ten moments you are going to be able to vote on it yes he can play along will be live on FaceBook at FaceBook live so be really fun and I have in the game dot coms faced. They spent. Hey you get to influence the top ten moments what is the top ten moment. So far this season were gonna find out on 95 point seven a game.

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