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Franco & Kags Podcast - 2/16/17

Feb 17, 2017|

Gianna & Anna discuss the NBA All-Star weekend, Patriots boycotting the White House, relationship talk on 'He Said, She Said', and meet Nick Brown!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Lot of Franco are tag that 957. Game I'm Gionta Franca and manic again so good to have you join us on our podcasts they need to get through before we dive into all the craziness of this roller sports and lots and a busy week and a that's the grammys attachment to AM Pasadena it was a few days ago but still but first we should introduce Nick Brown who was joined in at helping has produced in high. Are you guys doing I'm really excited to be a part of this intimacy guys before. We you at at intercom and 957 for awhile so you're you turn. I debris got a job. I intend to Damon Bruce for a couple months actually about three to four months whose gray and Yani John I would always gave me a lot of advice. Keep my head up put after that elements of promotions in now I'd do some board opting for Kate Felix and. And in your if TV is just trying to keep movement can graduate next flaw. Ryan stamper says. Can't stop that man is on the monitor and yes yes yes and were ball in this year I wait with Basmati. And that's what is it actually precedent setters here working as an intern prize earnings Bryan Allen didn't ask them if you'd like seventy. She's yes yes yes widget Seubert as well okay cool. Well we have a segment called he says she says it's so nick is going to be aren't getting paid. He didn't participate now with us for the night to go in a big time. I only watched part of it it's funny I had B and pop well actually it was really more popular than mark in most it will not. I have when I watched beyoncé. Yeah I was actually not a fan of her performance I did not like it either I did not like it I thought that she's very become very self absorbed and I brought this up on the morning show. And I think you know I lover I think she's talented she's beautiful she's wonderful she's a great artist. But he didn't like the performance that I was very self absorbed very mean is just to west east did not like it at all I think she has lost a little. Of that authenticity. She used I and believe me I am a beyoncé fan through and through from Destiny's Child. Back in the day I've been such a big fan of hers and I 8 am so disappointed in the fact that the reformers ISIS' and actually we were it we have waited for ever just to see her seeing and you don't get up there and do something with all this video happening and I understand the whole. Mother earth and she's got twins on board that's beautiful and wonderful but it just felt so. You know it just it I just get the authentic feeling I typically get with beyoncé in the. The whole. Correct different rob. It's. Collated. Isn't good even album let it isn't her best I mean force is getting all these amazing accolades for it I mean I love the message I think that it is and it comes with it. That that's spoke to more people and that's why people like it's so much. Because OK it's not my favorite and I adding that she's done but I think the message is what speaks more people mean one song is about her husband cheating. I just I just I feel like she's take teen. Going in the direction that I'm not quite sure I'm on board yet. Loved lady August preferred them even Metallica's Mike was that was messed dad that it that was not well they needed to fix that or they need apparently it's okay at the grammys to stop and start the Dell. Makes it a pattern out every few years they should just not started and why not right. Don't be mad I'd rather hear Metallica as well exactly Metallica to now they're getting out. Of an interesting makes it is looking at what kind of. And back and forth in all honesty and looking back and forth. But they think for me was watching him if he was gone beyond that it was not granted that it would have been better especially you know since she's pregnant and everything of people are saying you know it can be too much forget of course. We know an expert with winds of four hybrid a little putt. Even to get something simple like standing up there and Jess singing because she has such a beautiful voice app distinct from the normal simple. I would appreciate them more NASA sites white eagle went up there with the gold envelope for your acceptance speech. I know some I just not a candidate like mine and it's a little much what I did like about I love that her mother entered Easter. Yeah I thought that was beautiful and I and I thought that I I understood where that's come different as it carried a nice tone to the arrest the performance in that regard because of bird. Being you know being a mom she's expecting twins and that kind of set and I love that. I just felt like she was trying too hard to be something that she doesn't have to be she just to go out there being beyoncé. And just beat her out you know some of these followers. Never followers really creeped out they eat like. They worship her she cut her ear a concert apparently they'll like it did take beyond. Cutting themselves. That people it's getting creepy. Creep he's right it's getting a little that match wanting to be and it's. And it more seasons signed we have shots are coming up I can't outweigh act like I. And let my focus for the next few weeks is to get caught on every movie that I haven't seen it on the land summit let's. So apparently they're really in any app this year sell. You know beyoncé often on the sidelines or on I guess on the front court you are in the F front row. On foresees I'm trying to say when he usually at a warriors some times with too easy you'll find there. That and maybe you'll find her at this next week at the NBA all star game should be fun to watch every point on that is and then you. Big event you know he's needed unconscious now with you know Stanton played this year he's backing this year three point. They played I don't know steps that theft act outweigh his act eight clay needs to do it again. I'd ask. Clay definitely and packing heat index and he needs it like defend his championship this year is aiming. At he'll do it again. You seem seem against king last comic ash he says he is incredible. In its so funny it was I was mentioning about Alec it's too many Al is because it's altered announcement. The warriors have too many. Also it's like I'm sorry just happen beyond good players who take out of those four we take out really clicked after seeing what he's seen. Kevin Durant dream on greens going to be there but the thing is I just I think it's always happen when you're at team like the warriors and year out the leveling your act happiness seasons you're having. People are just gonna meters it is what it is it's how they. It's just it's kind of like the prom queen. You know. She can be the sweetest nicest most beautiful girl on the planet straight a's at their people are gonna hater because she is sweet nice gorgeous and street based. All the guys in the ass is up to the quarters. You know it kind of you they love to hate people in the and that position is just a former jealousy I guess so. Whatever I race I think it's great there's for all stars in their I think it's the you know it's nice to see that recognize the only bad thing is I just hope that. With everything it's happiness or you know at the quote unquote midway of the season halfway there. They still it's time to rest and kind of reset for what's the content. While we had likely to ounce in the and that when he sent out in Denver because the issue because it was like eight under its. He and a lot of issues more caution cautionary move. He said he could have played but they wanted to rest of the best movement and obviously he went off. Against the Kate's problem. Now. Think it needs some rats at the long season but I eat in town now this season they're not pushing. And nine point keen. Wit to society. And they arresting. Interesting trip you consider what happens to Casey was very emotional. In Denver with the did eat at which just traveling to get to where the nuggets please kind of detract from the airport is it the distance there's so. It's hard. To lose occasionally. You know there lack have a bad date it's it's it's their human. It's par for the course you know their bad days or so far and few between. Compared to you know other teams and let the spurs or maybe the closest behind ours right now it's still. I am I I I don't sweat before it now that we're at the all star break when everything's all set dun know this to me is where really needs to start. I mean stepping up like matter big time like this is anywhere abrupt playoff bound we're championship now we've got this is where we have to focus. So it on the peaks TC talent not at all just like they've been playing consistently been playing well a year and now. Thea goes second app at big east right now just waiting till you keep saying well legislative and cats in the final and it. The camp having their own issues now have allowed is right he will not be at the ouster game currently company instead we'll be taking its place this week in which is kind of interesting ironic there higher on considering the toxin can potentially going to. The cavs. Interesting too with Kevin Love being out I think that's a little rough for LeBron because the minutes. Are pretty high so and he wants he want somebody help absolutely and he expressed that he's expressed that he you know he needs a little bit of I can't help but just you know some there to kind of take a little bit time off his pants he get a little rest and so. It should be agency but I think that only helps us is fully and completely you know the lawyers are really great about balancing you know time. They're they're playing time and everything and they do a good job with that. Rotating guys out so and policy should be per. We thought we let us liberty street on green apparently is coaching the celebrity basketball game yet and all of the warriors coaching staff has pretty much at the office urged games. Hopefully they get a little bit rest if you weren't not if you're a warrior and you are not supposed to be their don't be. Right you need to beach just lacked by the way will we see. Our warriors on the court missing them at a high hopes out of us. Isn't that kind of honesty. Acid and like. I I in an interview he's ever thought about that. I think he RC how do you not think about. As. How you think about that when you were a case he teach you pound defender and they were wearing khaki shirts and human candor and Hackett do you not think it's such a Kevin Durant AB who does who would bring cupcakes at entering Russell expert at gates' arrest. Bring him to eat eat cake who should they did as like a fun to get over it off it would it would find. On light at that think Russell Westbrook though is good at making light up when he tries to make a joke or safe sand being sort of like Abby Katie it crosses really got a negative he just act exactly so it's signatures to you were wearing action as. At a game. I think it'll be fine I just like if he's gonna give you these negative if that ever end of the ball to him. When they're all five on the floor they have to they have to act that's at things they hack mission that they can't just. Look. At scene. And now all active mean that's just like K. Okay. We're better you. Your there. Of people being attacked our divine next thing Tom Brady. This whole. Political. Con you know Al other. Us at the Tappan wit style truck now being in office everything is happening with our society Ian. The uptick and racism and things like that with things happening it's really intercede to see how Tom Brady has reacted. As also the other players from the patriots being the fact that six of them not be Teddy White House. Which is as tradition it's what you do. When you win a Super Bowl or championship the World Series at the cubs you go to the White House you know your hatred you honesty W go to the White House. Six players though not attend dean because of Donald trap. You know that's a decision that's their political right that hit there in a country that you're free to make a choice to do itself at it and here's the thing I think people forget this is not the first time someone has boycotted a visit to the White House that this happened this has happened in the past I think the reason are paid attention to it is because. This election year has been so crazy. And there's so much happened so much have a some controversy that I think people are just I don't there's more media attention put on it as a host of one person may be not going. As happened pat and it's even the bush at the same like there art time we've had players 10% of my players don't typically go to White House meeting or just for the mere fact of family obligations or issues or may be they have personal opinions about things on its territories. So what. Yes if they've already you know some people just want don't want a gust and people have no time whenever I mean the upper cheetah got the White House is an amazing thing I think. I've but I understand if he don't agree what he's done and I think it be different if it was a year removed a year death a year later. I really honestly think it's so fresh right now and the recent decision that he's made rain. That's why people are making that stand I understand completely maybe you're later. When we look back and see some of the other decision that people agree on other decisions maybe I don't now. Sound. I'm ready to price I would be surprised if not able to get it it's there's one thing that he's actually talking about potentially canceling it I would be absolutely. Upset about tunnel trap is talking about canceling is not this land but down the road canceling visits like say the war is or another one like we had Shaun Livingston on the morning show. And he says you know a lot of guys they're very vocal about their political opinions and let you may not go to the White House. It's not understand that I think it's sometimes you need to put politics aside the thing that. You know when he loves sports and you watch these games and he was a sports talk sometimes it's for them. Opportunity in the mere fact of just checking out you don't have to deal with all the drama and the politics that come when you listen to news choppers CNN and Fox News and that kind of stuff. We get so much of that every single day just spit in our faces constantly. Especially now with everything that's been going on and it's nice just to sort of put everything aside and show some. Enos is show show the world we cannot be positive come together when we have heat at different views and do something that shows just. A positive thing right I mean I think that's what I embraced trying to accomplish it like let's forget the politics let's just go. Do or supposed to do you know photo ops smile visiting the White House put the price up to it. Something I would honestly still wanna do I would want I want to see the White House that's on the end of the that there's only one team that wins the championship every year you don't get this opportunity often so. No I'm kinda tour and I because I get the idea like stand up for your political beliefs the same time to be able to go to the White House that opportunity to be like locate where the championship team maybe it's old hat for the patriots though because they've got somebody to. Answer them for some of them pressure. While he is going he stands by that he's respecting his teammates decisions to are not going to six players will not be attending the day has even been set yet they're so much talk. About his Senegal and yes imagine if the lawyers when the lawyers. When they're championship this year if how many bull go and not go yeah that'll be interesting yet and I really hope in all honesty that Donald Trump would not be the one to cancel. If if a team like it that he was deciding not to go I hoped he wouldn't cancel. Because you meet elegy SP more arrogant more than anything minutes so Donald Trump and that's I don't like and I'll be neither and a juvenile. Just a quick note on Tom Brady he actually didn't visit Obama a he did it you know as he did a week he did it yeah. You know and keeping which is anti days you mean it's like it's now Donald Trump pits are so much media attention on this. I just him as a as the president there and it's been going on any little thing that pops up the media just jumps all over and Yan and now. In that it's not the first time it's something I mean it's it's interesting about definitely. Yeah it's pretty agency too is I think it's the owner of under armour was a very vocal supporter of Donald Trump for quite some time. And Seth Curry been one of his biggest you know endorse sensor. I think it's what -- didn't go to the White House and they won a championship I don't think have heard yet but he is decency like and a lot of ties there that kind of have to sort of find a middle ground in present themselves like all under the same positive. Picture under armour in all honesty weighed. Like the fact that he is expressing his beliefs and understand that he has ties that. As long as they are both on the same page at they both believe their own thing. And that's keep it you know keep it separate from business I think that should be fine Anderson let me be an arm might support him because he has it. You know very business friendly. You know politician right president so he's somebody who can meet more pro business. So. Night and it. It will not be filling out an NCAA. Bracket this year. It's I had mixed feeling on this Europe. Did it's a lot of presidents that yeah even tackled later bring Italy's tradition a tradition which I. I was kind of like at same thing I would think that would make him more likable. One ever said it's so I had I was kind of surprised he wouldn't do it but. Actually because that candidly on the show this morning with mentioning how. As I don't like the fact that any president that's it I'm in gambling and it's must be illegal. Our gambling in the US he can't blame well technically that's what you're promoting. So it's like I get it and he's like you know we have so many other issues be worrying about you have. You know issues Glen on the Middle East issues going on Russia would that what have you and your focusing on it. I personally don't mind it because I think it's like hey you know let's. Each can't have a little fun being human. It's five minutes he could sit down with a pen and a little ploy amber at and I would point. Pick the mascot you like best whatever you aside and just a lot of bracket for the fun of it because they think it makes him look better. ER standpoint it makes it more personal it makes people maybe like eight I'm a former jayhawk he's picking Kansas to an annual thing I mean. How would that I mean I'm not really from Virginia but if I was. But I'm just saying like can you imagine people just kind of had a little bit of I don't know a moment with Donald Trump maybe people and hate it's much I'm I'm not saying you don't forget politics by. It would have been better for him it would have been a bad good PR move for him there's a lot of people who did not like president Obama's politics as well but they liken it definitely is a lot of people like him as a person. And I ironic I know some people personally. That could not stand his politics but love him as he means I would love to have dinner with them I'd love to sit down and I didn't agree with him honest but. He seems like peppers us he was the president and he gut so far and he was very Smart he's of an attorney and he's married to an incredible woman you know I would just sit there and talked about his family and a how he got in him shall. It. Misch out for president. Is their XX enjoyed Johnny. I think Mark Cuban. Part Cuban Mark Cuban I'm I would be surprised you know the rockets considering running as this is becoming calm and isn't this comedy and reality show. Is that it is now. Appointee to the creator and host the apprentice is now our president I can't even Kenny and okay really cripple marching for Casey mystics and were so going pastor at our time here royal oaks where ace thirty patch in spraying it's you honor you're on inventors so it is spring training at pitchers and catchers reported to the desert. The Kansas City Royals will Wear an east thirty patch on their jerseys is spraying tee on your Donovan Tyrrell who was killed in a car accident. In the Dominican Republic happened last month he was only 25 years old is nickname was ace. Yeah I guess solution to the comedy film is that terse Jim Carrey. He were never thirty during his playing days and ESPN. Tweet a photo of the patch. Sharing the ace thirties so that's critical. Of them. That was such a sad story because apparently ran. People who went up there how were they they were stealing. So apparently he was there the accident happened and they chose to steal his wallet to worry except incentive. Getting help. And maybe had they had that little a time where they actually sooners might still be here and it's just like. It's very sad. Anyway we're gonna rapper read about these things are brainer a few things like can't talk today. FA wrap our brain how to keep thinking is next when queen. Bring nick on board to talk a little he said she sat on pink tags they pass of the game. Welcome back to break exit 957. Game it's time for little he did she said I'm Gionta Franca manic mechanic and every in and brown hi hi you guys to win a major column Gerri you're ready. There are. Or gang up on here anything is the only guy. Let's look at our so called are. You ready for just there every teacher opinion that guy's point of view. And we'll obviously share hours. But couple stories popped up here assert this is a little crazy and aggregate is videos had you decided to spare us maturity. I think I'm prepared we'll see. Are it's a different explains why he's OK with his girlfriend cheating on him with five men month. I've and she explained that if he cheats on her it's totally and completely. Oh McCain. Very messed up so pretty Beatrice Gibbs and their obviously sharing their story and sharing names I would never shared a personal issue like that hale now. Are you take that she wakes up next to this guy who's a stranger next to her chic it's close she leaves she goes home she's twenty Euro make artist. Ask her boyfriend's name is Adam and Gillette and they have this agreement that they're both completely fine with that she is okay. That he hit her cheat on him and she can date five guys that month. One of those are regular by the way for former just completely random and he's not the regular adamant not to you began number six. But that's she considers him her boyfriend. The problem lies that he was there the whole thing so he's funny seven she's 22 and he says that she said that it's it's controversial. Yes but it's. She cannot be. Cell she does she can she has too much going on she's got too much or desires actually that she does not want to be any relation to the just one person. But she really really cares about Adams she did wanna hurt his says she explained to him the sisters this is where she stands this is how she feels. And if he's OK with and they can be any sort of quote unquote. Committed. Relationship. With the exception that she gets to date other men. I love sex he love it you be cool A if your girlfriend is say I'm honestly only panic as you can't and other checks of course. I'm not the man in this scenario. All because I think he goes back to just my philosophy to live your drama two dollars and seventy. She's getting the most out of her life she says she can be with one and so she's open she's up front she's honest. I cannot that I mean that's I idea understand the fact that she's at least saying hey I cannot be faithful I don't hurt she use of your pay with its arrangement I'm OK with that too. But how would you ever be OK with the means and that's the thing if I was on the if if I was the guy in this relationship and she said if he cheats on her not okay see that the problem. It people have open relationships. Go for the wanna do that. That's a two way street a once cited open relations mess is she guess the hardship he has to be committed it is I carries. And dare he be able to go out really wants. What I think we see this with a lot of I think we see the reverse scenario though right BC men dating one woman who probably is faithful. In he's out here with 56 different women I've seen it a lot. Cheater. I mean and but you don't hear a lot of men seen that my wife has a wreck or is OK with me having sexually and that's the that's the thing right that's right think. She says that grew at every game not you said they write something that keeps him totally hooked on her. I mean she's not she's a solemn. And that's right she's good at some bit where its abs he's 100% committed to the relationship just the way it is some. I I am fixated on this irregular yet one thing when you have the Rand m.s like pages meeting random people but a regular that's like another way different relationship so another person that you're having emotional connections -- the four grand slams are obviously not. The emotional just physical connection. But now when he has somebody else in the mix who's always mayor. That's another most of you can't say that if he sees somebody once a month that you're having sex with a Munson and that there is no fun and run action right there's no way. It not if you're if not if it's a continuous thing even even people urges I notice a hook up. It's still there's some connect sexy if you if you look at the discreet and a corporate backer or back or back. Or is that little out of control do you does that guy know the other cups is he familiar now keep at it doesn't say daddy he knows them I hope he doesn't walk in a bar and try to talk about his lady that he thinks is his lady. And in the guys that. The act. Different. Another red arrow and now other friends and family know that they're completely 100% okay with that so what if one of his friend actually look like she began its own hook up with her too would mean she was there say it hasn't happened it peaks means them and I did a winch I would RD be jealous. I would never happened for smoke but I would ever be completely Giles. And I could not handle it. It did and my friend African Cup records well hey now no no no no no doubt that this is the situation of two very extraordinary people. Are you so a man started there is very comfortable with himself. And the woman who's also very comfortably and with herself right and they're both. I know but she's not come because it she was comfortable she wouldn't mind him having relations. And that's right. That that's right to appoint at Anderson's total insecurity there madame there's some big there's some there's some. Bigger profits and ominous relations airport you know but hey I I don't like to judge. But I do yeah well. They're crazy. I don't get it but that I don't understand so we Wear around briefer when we're getting ready for the segment nick Brett does video on the scene website. Which what is their slogan other slogan is mobile women ones what women want that's okay. So it's is Nvidia these from equity depressed seeing video. Of a guy and a girl. In an interview discussed scene how he cheated on her she found out she acts against asked about it. And asked about cheap it is I could to stop watching it on a stick and it's because it made me feel one and confident on. In order to completely dislike the guy for cheap on such cute sweet nice girl. She steam liking and they talk about how they met and how the film love and this part that killed me though she says she walked in on him. When he was in the middle of relations with another woman and he told her out cents Ron's status. That at the right there. I mean and they idol watchable and they broke up in that they. Do Erica it and so does how does one and it's not understand I think exists a millennial. It's it's unfortunate as it is play. There's a there's a very high turnover relationship that they. Is there and he LD of crimes when he won you're right I'm right there to be EB. Not debut I don't yet know yeah you're baby adults who took. Way it's the is a lot of my friends that I see I am you know I was in a great relationship to an lieutenant of friends but I would cheating assist this crazy. Did you cheat on now okay to cheated on you now. It's not necessary it is decent. As. You can just east on imports. Some thoughts. He's an excellent news in the east it's. Hard but. It's maybe in different directions. Where. You aren't any line in your whole life had been you know it's it's fun to meet people right now it's just it's time to keep need to settle down 2% fine girl that's wonderful it. As each church just to know yourself as well. Life is just start and now you're one relationship for your future changes. Right. Eatery that's. It is it was an absentee binds somebody. Needs. To lose just now. If you really happy. That it's hard as I speak and it's. At that person if it's if it's it's if it's meant to be in that you aren't you meet its when he when he won and you're going to be together and has the right person for EU. And you'll stand by each year and now. Right to have that feeling and you make. I wanna do this with my life and that person's gonna support you 100% you're and in the right. We can't it. I can't I did at. NC times where it needed you know let's break up. Of people yet. Almost every stripe. It's different. Acts yeah it does not work at all. This it. Do this why would you on the film's. It the most devastating. Intimate moments. When attached. Attention and like. I would never. That's not it just. Goes. Right. This is who I am this is my problems I did and that's what they think that it. I'm not gonna lie they've gotten a lot of traction on this little clip six minute clip a lot of traction we'll think about how many people are watching different reality shows you have all these different reality shows like the hills or whatever I you know all. The card dashing and you're watching them in some of the still it is incident. Some of the stupidest things like really why am I watching is why am I wasting my life on this the people are just drawn to it like. Half of it is that you get to see how the other Catholics. I mean Sears to the T get to Tennessee that you know think of all the money these people have housewives of Beverly Hills they have so much money to do so many wonderful things. And I admit I've gotten sacked in and I sat there thinking to myself I. Submit in Beverly Hills hinges shopper all day and have my little puppy oh my restaurant have my little cute shop on the corner I mean. And not worry about a thing in the world except for the fact that you know just I gonna filler out show I mean it's not a bad life if you think about it. And I think people are just kind of drawn back to that's not how the real world is at another rest of us live. Also like if you look like just like the bachelor bachelorette. And you have one guy or you know in all these like 25 women trying to go for this one rank pension. Like really it I would not want to be in a situation like that share. Sorry my daughter back and there was also I'd only heard clips. There's this one girl who's on this current episode our current season right now who she sent them like how she has eight platinum these genes. It's like how could you want to see your family to watch this just Iman again because of my platinum that Sheen. Says she does she think she's got to get yet but at the fact that she says that. Saying this on national TV do you realize what you're saying is does not trashing yes right and if you marry whether comes office is trash. This is the girl I'm Mary. It's not a good lie even take them seriously. So that's the things that and it just that's a perspective ease for I should completely beat a farce because. Would you ever seriously consider except for the first episode it was tryst and now that the second is the one actually like and is the one that actually work they are still together. All the talent to earn out what they've all broken up speed of the bachelorette by the way so after twelve seasons Rachel Lindsey is going to be the first black on the black bachelorette. It was just announced. The house was being on Jimmy Kimmel Live last earlier this week with Chris Harrison believe that to the news before Lindsay came on stage. First ever black lead in the bachelor and the bachelor franchise which has rained a span over 33 seasons or seasons at in this long. I realize one thing that they've done in the past is usually a pick favorites of people that were not panic so there will be people who like some finals like the final three. Eight contestants. And somebody that the audience that what the pay ray bursts two rounds and they brought them back at like the bachelor bats that's Apple's wonder if that's kind of the reason. Because it's just that and it worked out that well is this what sucks about is because you're right it's usually one of the last three or for calls on the show. So this kind of just burglar since she obviously doesn't get picked because she's won the last four girl she is on this episode of the season of the bachelor so they already had visited they had a date in the Bahamas apparently that an incredibly well but obviously he's not gonna picker because she's going to be the new bachelorette. So I want either releasing this early and I did just wait after the final rose hair. I'm surprised that maybe they did I haven't watched its I don't know maybe then maybe cutters and now she's gorgeous she's 31 years old Dallas lawyer. She explains the show as Ari began filming for her season and that's why she is ready to find out and husband. I think anticipation is really important yes I I think having an having mean and we're talking about this. A black woman of a darker shade which I was surprised I think the first time I even heard about it. I was little hole K I cannot imagine or envision what I thought the will look like in. I was surprised. Most destructive gorgeous and order CIA to be your real I'm sure to be a fun season I have yet to watch a bachelor's since the first or securities and mine was on the she was that. Question. What do you get out of watching that. Well I not much because like on the watch couples these in the same thing. It is it's it's again it's all drama in its it is kind of interesting deceive people sort of go at each other and kind of fight for the love of one person. It really I think it's for me person it's kind of comical I say he's. Love for the raids. Flavor of love I used to look I love your video church and let them pitino and you're able is more. And jazz to him looking for a lot of like when you are came on the scene her seasoned meat it was interesting it was she was concrete info on any. Get her spin off it was a little. I think you had a much bigger level entertainment. Hitting the bachelor on ABC in the bachelorette really try to per trade that they are looking for. That's. There's a show on lifetime I cannot remember the title of it. And filtered and censored. Something anyway it's based line and a behind the scenes it's it's. It's scripted but based on what happens behind the scenes. As it is dead indicating is not a period. Yet it there's some things that happened were huge and it's based off of eight book apparently that somebody wrote who participated. As a producer on some patience and be crazy. It's crazy right headline it's scripted and there's girls that be DeWitt when they cast everyone on the show they they they really have like 45 and nine acres ago. All the way or be his top rise so they'll give you a complete writing our sticks and his controversial I was gonna pick somebody who is completely opposite of fees keep panic. And they will specifically set things that is not reportedly excuse me at one and point fingers on. He producers but this is not reportedly based on what I've read and seen. That they will put people in these circumstances to sort of and create television create a little bit of drama but just it occurred ash have to do it totally. Sent the Kardashians on booze and I can't and I watch it I can't watch it meaning an aunt and have no patience I detail like really killing at least in different. You are more important she. It's likely you are cook at least liked you much because you might wanna go to Burger King for a little bit of time. Check this out. If you're in Israel you wanna little romance Hatteberg working for some sex toys. Did you burger king and sex toys as a offered it up like that kids yeah I was gonna say happy meal. Yes so barking apparently is romantic a great destination for couple if they're willing to sweeten the deal with a couple of Beers and a sexy way. In a deal be offered only Israel. An autistic opportunities can affect the way that you know Kitna be asleep and if you change this Elliott an adults only meal that comes with two whopper two packs of Fries. As well as the year and an adult way. Thirteen Israel hasn't specified toy on offer that would add posted on their face the page shows a sack mask. A scalp massager any feather duster. If DJ this yet that the grand Sampson chronicled by the response article as a look this is that as one whopper of a deal folks who hop company. Eddie is that's against the fast food and sexual activity no need to get a fancy steak house different restaurants at the mood you'd crack is Beers in the boot them at the inhibitions just melt away. The free out you'll be on me if men don't say that. It's not 8050 state degrade commercial and in an article by. Why now imagine. So. And Purdue in this the only thing is how it. There is a mishap. And in that many kids meal in hell I'm dead or where it could dare you happen to many Ngo or why McDonald's traded aid. Happy meal at different kind out at me out of evening meal gaffe yet and it Canada. As an opportunity I think I think it's cool that Israel's open to sexuality and that's great yeah. And the purpose of fast food with seafood. At altitude quickly I don't know that's the thing I apparently I mean to date date night they're gonna they're they're they are helping EU. Gates at the next part of the date that a lot of people want to get to a lot to write I wonder how many people actually like I'm an nodding get this I just mere fact that it's really kind of funny I would seriously really that's the sizzle race at cook it and I had an idol sex. Totally happy meal would it work in America. Eager to impact it would mean we did there'd be hit angry mobs. Same pot for McCain and you do this how could GO maybe you should treat like a restaurant now. And funny we're at dessert is not just deserted sleigh. Sexy toys as he can take home. Work in certain places like San Francisco probably make a play like that here and there I mean there's outings of the illegal about it not selling. In honor for your crazier is flake place that do worst yeah exactly you're just got a little house. They have the dating naked place where you sit there and have dinner in the dark native you have that in LA and that's a for a short. Positive hits the. I certainly know about I can't do it did I'm sorry does who have been naked have a Howell the gross me out in the front nine and a half weeks. Examiner and now homer kids I just I just think it also people are dining at the rest on naked what about the shots this is closed minded art isn't it. And it's in it's supposed to be very upscale you can't really get in you have to make if you know someone to even get in the building kind of thing. I don't know what's the matter which you're sitting around it like other people oh yeah and it's in it's like an atmosphere where you take your date. You guys going to private room you drink first in the U naked in your served. All of this. It's near her privately knows all right so I not like in a dining room with seven other couple. And that's naked. It's all dark too it's again you can't see I think. Jesse anything you have these little you know I vision glasses lead seeped through the ECB food. Like green. I've seen it on television I think it was sixty minutes of I don't wanna. In magazines so hues of etiquette in. Cheers. Popped Headley is just packed. Neatly and I think dirty movie theaters Nike and even add them. I passed on and off. So many that the beating. It does I think that's specifically some sort it all there high then Friday amnesty at the moment that's I think that's. They're marketing towards towards. It. I don't jags but it but I do hope though that one played that sleeps with all these other guys that she bring. She bring all of them once each. Now they won and be completely. Out completely naked picture. Would it matter Hughes six to do anything just. It seems that there are average at. It looks like the and crazy things it's not at our ports and gagged night that game. Well Max Franken at night at seven game and GM and writes notes a hot flat panels stories that happened in sports that she may or may have heard of but there's certainly funny an interesting closer at how is she beat right now. His YT it's right now and Tony are expecting their third. Patients at them. Yes this is their third child she announced it on and at the KT CK 96 point seven. Radio show and and they're very excited now the only thing at the time as a little interest dean. Consider Reen. Today when we're recording this podcast we are expected to hear news that Tony Romo will likely be released by the cowboys. So he is now unemployed. About to have a baby but I think he's going to be OK I think he's a case probably a little money statement saying I think the owners of playing a professional sport so I think she'll be just fine. I don't really see an issue with him and even if he doesn't play football. He'll do something else I do something easily he might talent broadcasting. Or something like that you don't know it is the life of being married to an athlete she's been very lucky he's in the cowboys for so long. They have a great life there and you know hey. Maybe he comes to a place like I don't know San Francisco. I would be happy with that and honest rich Riviera theatre about you know why because. The niners need to that they can't bring in a young quarterback that. Has no experience and new offensive line they really need to start building this team is rebuilding time we have Kyle Shanahan. And John Lynch it's sad that this is rebuilding they understand that. Have patients. Have some patients right now. The need to focus in this draft on building the trenches right so they want to see you think it's better that they bring some. A veteran and cracked who has a little more experience it and they contrast somebody later and not some I would entrap somebody with the second pick at a quarterback. I would at the trade back or you know get somebody really good that's you know. Maybe passing somebody on defense somebody somebody wherever it is they need a wide receiver and exit and in that class right now anyway. But I think honestly they should get somebody in one of the later picks and young quarterback to sit trying out for you haven't. The high sitting behind Tony Roma yes he gets hurt I understand that. Andy is not offensive line here for the 49ers but giving him a little bit of a chance and he can come here to California it's beautiful out here. I'm sure I think I'm I'm sure he wouldn't wouldn't mind the change of peace our change of scenery he is like for the kids will follow. I'm sure she'll bring the kids with her in and out exit soup it. I don't know there's Osmond conversation of Jay Cutler potentially coming to the matters not well not. Worry. Idol she was she in on the field at any sign that things. And in your your heels and I don't let me know that it totally up for having her on behind the diamond. I wanna see she might be expecting it's. I think so a lot of people expecting this year it's like a baby explosion ops. I OC congratulations to them. And Republican deceit Chris expecting picture. It's. X-Factor. For either the jets had a baby like Albert. I now it's now in short he's an end. If they island. Who knows he beat like Texans eating. And eat partly. Get a suitable. Piece. To it. I'll guide now he it's. Even haven't opera to. Approve an actor's. Older you know it is and of opportunities certainly. Closing. Unless eat your Tom Brady who apparently doesn't wanna stop until he's well into his forties that he got on and I beat. He I he's he 100% plan on define me. The rides and plane into his early forties he's probably the only person yet. Is the way he takes care of his body weight. He'd gotten better evident there's not a decline of he Tony he's still he's still he's Tom Brady I mean you saw what happened in the C purple. You know go get into your forties and the hole that the politics on your body. I just don't know if he and I think maybe two or three years and he's gonna have to hang ups maybe 4041. 39. I think he's as soon to be forty hits close to port eighty not like close to beat all the icky place for another two or three years fueled by. If the plan mean yeah for sure. 45 yankees split a 45 years before that be about 45. I can't imagine a 45 quarterback. Brett Favre. Forty. Now. About the age I think in football if your if your like an elite courts and it's only the elite court tactic at the rate you just think it's politics and your. You know that's why it most professional athletics UC retiring Albany you know when the forty don't see them around as much as. It's just hard to deal he sealant Patrick Willis who retired at thirty. In itself. Fontana and coming closest idol whenever I added some of these Jersey. It's Jakes at the Kennedy it's my birthday a few years past posters all excited. And two weeks later actor and yet it's. During and after exact. I am not getting lawyers. Not getting any jerseys of players note shirt he's not. Just because they love this season actually a lot of a lot of listeners trying to get beat by like LeBron Jersey each. Other mr. fantastic like it's. It's. Not get it. And maybe just having that year in your hand. It and it's presidents'. With all the holding it up outs and that seizure occurred that. Here's game island I love monopoly and it's so fun to play on game that apparently is ditching its classic pieces that. Are we the monopoly you have now because it's it's now going to be. I guess a collector's item. If you have the. Well there are no longer be a symbol in a monopoly game is wrong ice is. Classic did you actually took out the iron. Indeed as in their teeny change to attack the gone I I haven't I have like it might monopoly game and he literally old well the other thing is so. They're trying to get rid of them will be a hole like. Of votes in order to see which one people don't like. And they're gonna bring in some other options and one of them like hash tag modes like really really have to be. That social. Over. Millennium Turkey and what do the people. Are. Not typical of. On your finger when you're threading a needle and it keeps you from poking and needle. For poking a finger so if you're gonna sell like a button on Asher. You with thread the needle which could symbol on visa protection finger from the needles point team we're actually directorate. It's a selling thing hmm again like my 1950s monopoly board as they. Symbol on it but it's class it's one of the pieces nobody won it right. The people voted yes the three piece I love the Scottish not. We'll discuss sucks to access an announcement this. Dog and a home now. The dog a dog is just at the Scottish dog is cute what they eat any animal like a much needed to like. A golden doodle because you know nobody Alexis got stuck it in my really rid the golden doodles are true yeah I saw the dot ever go away. The current tokens that will remain RD Scottish dog Scottie dog the car. The battleship the hacked the dudes the wheelbarrow and cat. The cat again is relatively new as you said. With the lineup back in 2013 changed things up to replace the classic I took care of replacing tired to you. Advocate and a Eli because I don't like I like he tired and I felt like it was a pretty ST yeah. Iron is just checking I do know. Just acting on its practical steamers I've got to steer a weasel way more than every man hired. But. It's kind of like atrocity breed of TV. But homemaker. At the end. You know I mean like think about it we think of an iron earth symbol of my grandma selling so well if you're tired of fashion designer who residences. And I'm that was my teeth at that would Michael. Passions. What did she won the V I promised you amber dot every form. They want diversity of researching on at the Kimball when it played monopoly well. It's a matter. It's a matter and it don't more adults with the bat at the John thank you Betsy Johnson and it's. Well I think we're okay with that angle I don't mind changed it's pretty bad shape to class monopoly has been a classic game in a sign that change the game totally completely under percent are different cities on there now isn't there like board. If you think about it. Not the actual way you play the game they have different versions of the game now they may they also incorporated electronic version but that's bad too because to me acting people don't know anymore. It's terrible yes in nineteen about a British fits in that situation changed the because you're not you're doing a ticket service ain't but that's not keeping up with the time that it means no to any disservice to children out but he can't cash. Now are exactly now like people with cats disease critic I can still multiply counting an ad and I think that's the ticket because you had eased cash with your monopoly and now I'll be hit academics. I don't know. How much money to back games it's funny. Hold on a snack and now this is just depressing. That is actually kind of sat bowl and it looked at their for mice and only played classic monopoly get into a monopoly now. Monopoly was never a good idea in my money to depend competition breeds. That are in short range how many siblings do you have. It's just means it's just so you when your parents got competitive means. My mom my grandmother cousins and parents and really just be the oddest thing. People not talking together. Temperatures sixty various dates vary Syria they take it serious thing that's not a practicing here. Wow wow what about like what they games he has played O I loved Bono. Out of it all right we love it out yeah Iran and you cannot go wrong now they've had to change is with Anna. But dating like there's now Blake and a wilds and there's a couple different version to get with you know in case it Wheatley provided plastic to your please give them. Pinky and a I don't know if skip Bo it's really a card game like it's very similar to it and now it's made by the same company the same treatise of India have created. Is old school and Simon. Actually tried. I I so wanna target now is trying to get my send this sort of seat he would I want it personally can't pick at I want one complaint nor ours ours like at least some storage unit somewhere. It's a world that I kind of wanted it so I made and Steve Steve when he liked it didn't get yet as a us. It though pushed us that it's like. I. Came to. His house. Disney and Disney's. We have everything is my son loves the sense of Disney Channel goes in the year it flights I'm an eight game he had. And it's ray. It's time to gain from it because you learn court nation color. Where he has memory. Of so I can remember everything. Me. At least or at bats. Scare us some healing OK Aiken had this dessert later. Eighties say that like a few hours against number on and he remembers. How can you heard yesterday because it's such a long day. Was at my nieces field trip in history to work. It's nice hardly an said the more money bring it chocolate chocolate to sec and Lockett are not high calorie beamed as he mommy. Yet. For that defines them. He enters the air ads that some how I can't instantly the same the other way. Accounts of being an imminent and it but any what surgery to treat the league pitchers got Tom Brady's face tattooed on his. I mean about it jokes. I would do this ever fans entered Austin are protected company after the patriots one simple 51 over the falcons. This particular guy according to bots dot com. At one notable request he wants Tom Brady's face permanently attitude his. He just said hey I'm seeing tried to get attacked you and I wanted to get a portrait Tom Brady. Specifically on my left but she. Said the employee of the tattoo shop like. Markets do it up looking pretty good. As it is time Greece based on eight that possibly could. So since he apparently to defeat and he won it Brady on. Somebody. Like him. I don't know my mom had missiles saying. Whenever she was mad answer we. Just. Had no idea that even means LA mama always. Exactly. So it's like. To. It it seemed like something that you would do if you are not a joke but at the weirdly at some key. With that shall he he does haven't a problem that apparently he was packed show off he was scared he was taken his pants down to. Use for that I personally think he cost and he's maybe watch party information but I would think shall know in the right mind would ever where would you would leverage the Tom Brady's. The east on. Anybody who's peace. In essence of luck Davis. I shot right there and a deal. Now now on an accident it's. Averaging Pena. And it's really my husband does not have any pets now he looks like he. You. Are not one he's not on factory if there. Militants whose from the attacks though yeah still mom went on to that. It yet. Are bad at it. It'd be a mama's boy looking. At it but did you design influence the time to fix it always call him. Well we've caller actually think I eat. Companies view the different so no. Global grandparents my parents live in LA in the past it's. Did you grow up and I yeah I did okay woods. You. I hopes. To keep your neck. Just mere fact he brought that video earth go directly to treat the week before re hat on that he. Ayatollah and they weren't on political offers aging Peterson now looks like his tenure with. The vikings is likely to come to an end as offseason and knowing this situation that he spacing Peterson has been really open about discussing his future like last month he mentioned the giants Buccaneers and taxes as teams he'd be interested. Dean joining if the vikings released him with a giants just this week I had actually just released or shot gen X now Peterson. That meant very notable actually sent. Tweets he said the giants. Had been making some interest in earth and he's letting him self. Honor and for the first time an athlete as tenants about it for another team it's a very Agile for clarity it's on you but it's not mean weeks we've seen before anymore yeah BC co is actually. Who have done that who said oh Ike and it job. And get hired ray. The Angela Atwood a weight that they actually went there I believe I like Phil I think we've we've had it in a tweet before yet of that nature something like he needed a job or some I want to say it was land might be wrong on the but it I think it's at yet needed jobs if you ever need me. And then kind of job Catholic weekly that's crazy startup on Twitter I guess when your big name like Peter Peterson some pay attention. Here's something is blatant attempt. Give Reid a disguise. So it NBA all star game this weekend yes. We'll get it. Love to mess around on us to grant mine is little in this. Is involving us and weekend and he just wants the young ones to experience all the lions awesome weekend because it's their time to shine and tuck them at the young players. Namibian ladies who attend. So he'd say if women 35 and older just happened in July. Is not for. So on his insignia and he wrote this from 1983. And down it's over for you old. TH ATS's. Lead then young beliefs alone. You know bay is probably one of those shape ESPN commentator is bankrupt or just in the new half court leaked. Which means season starts in June now he also added on its high that it's not Albert. Attention all digits 34 and a don't bring your asses to all star weekend 2017. Let these young homes and Jerry life you all hose. Had a chance to Shaq and Kobe were winning take your better ass. I met Tom Joyner crews. Leave NBA all star weekend them. Mine died. And department saying it isn't all he's he's at least thirty lack of their OK seriously right there yet but later you did not want to. It for. It's. But still a ticket. Us about the women over 35. Who he is completely. Just to see if they were available. On Tellme Gilbert Arenas would ever turn down I don't know Halle Berry Halle Berry Charlize and Jennifer Aniston and Lopez incredibly gorgeous hot women over 35 M iiroc. Know exactly. That would lucky are we. Gilbert Arenas it would. The time of me. Do with them but you know what it is also you know like he wants the young ones because. They're gonna. Don't know about C because it's an older ones smarter. Too. He's just he's pissed that he's back and attention from the and 35 grass which you know we can get detention over. I just. Yet had an issue an aunt and now the treats you he would raise me he's just weird as it is. Credit card that I don't exactly think you. Act if he was he was than post out of its friends sign day it's an Alley he would call up and say it was not him that's at a strip club rain so you get out of office Monday. He is so closely the stuff on its missile you're happier it's like. He does need to make the news more on every did yet it is and it. Net via you know it also bringing light snow and just say it's off I'm sorry. To. I call learned. Clean. Homeless because in. A most. Great Amer I. And knocked it. Is is going to show up and saying look up people. Nominees to. We earth. To its that's. God. It would have an update next week I would support Hillary is that it's or am afraid. All right thanks to IS is the son frank on tags Nick's great X and arrested him great. And that yes and again next week. Find episodes and I said in the game. And.

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