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Tim Bontemps

Feb 17, 2017|

National NBA writer for the Washington Post, Tim Bontemps, previews All-Star weekend in New Orleans with Towny on the Damon Bruce Show.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know it's so special about the food in New Orleans for Tim bon Temps here is tam that. The great thing is everything there is made from scratch Datsyuk makes their restaurants. So special I'm sure you've been there before but what a party it's going to be tamp. Down in New Orleans the NBA all star game or with very pretty that's a long season and now our bacon really let their hair down. Yes between and personally to Mardi Gras which is the same weekend the crowd because in the end it will be in here can be quite the week. It's just first week of Marty girl. At all we know god who are you very yet. The carrier rock. Wall I I haven't been to Mardi Gras but I've done super balls have done final four I know how packed it is. You're talking about two major major events. Re an end and Bergen street and the quarters not that big of a spots. What is it going to be like do these two major events. And you probably are you seeing some of it so far than dumbed gathered the same time. Yet black and Breyer argued that difficult experience. I would say by. Like you said that in the city that he's so some big events and it is pretty remarkable so I don't believe it will be a lot of walk and we can't stop all the. Yeah and I its sides and love New Orleans went when you think about this all star game and your spin so much drama this year. In the NBA whether retired about LeBron knocked it along with the owner of the front office just the overall mass. That is the New York Knicks well what do you think is going to be the story lines. You know the Golden State warrior is a story lines are going to be going into this all star game. And the media are going to be about Brosnan and Katie. In Iraq. And the fact they're on CG men out in the coach says some of the NS pat struggled on court at the same time. Not think that. I think that's going to be the that the dominant theme of the weekend and it's going to be you know pretty interesting to see how that plays out out in college pal. How volcanoes. Because you know there's no question that every move those that may whether the media outlet on Erica. Open practice on Saturday your game on Sunday at all going to be article back to the World Cup too in Florida eight. You mean taking it pretty much every moment. And you know house Steve Kerr is he's they're really bright guy a he's a fair guy and I just. You know I know people say why not have lass with a four all stars of the Golden State Warriors ice seventh the only seeker would never do that what do you think. I have no idea I mean obviously I don't mean it. At that point you know whether they play together not quite bolts of the story the whole game is gonna be. No one of those guys doing or do they play together Judy not portable tablet side. Outlook don't know early matters and I I don't it is our about it that your plan figured out what he's gonna do but. I almost just don't know if it mattered worried because weather update weather like that whether they all get on the court together or not. What you know that going to be people are just going to be watching and the entire so it it it Steve Pratt and if you were damned if you don't situation turns out. Abby in the thoughtful guy has sent a feeling dizzy knows that would be very odd for Westbrook and especially after what happened the last time that played but we will see. When you cheer about what's going on in Oklahoma city of course everything Sam your national guy world we pretty much get the most. A news out of what's happening here and our version out that what's it like in Oklahoma City when the war years were there at the reaction and how people truly feel about terrain and the warriors. I think the react in the Bay Area it will. And honestly I was there in Italy it was oh the hostile crowd. Aren't happy there there were a couple of you know bad apples and it either Saturday at some things but I think most people would agree but. Know being there talking to people there I think a lot of people kind of sat in what they're anymore and not from my perspective I think it all right for fans of the he'd be upset that the plot. You know I think you know for people. I don't quite know people popular spot you know I can carry grandstanding operation early and in thirteen eight. Locked in pretty epic playoff series last year the west conference finals in I mean. As sole. I don't know I thought it was about a pretty intense atmosphere pretty on last year to two the end per game. I had a couple. Like that and I think currently at it and I think a lot of it was just kind of silly cup cheat Coptic Janssen. You don't just kind of generic going forgot. You know I think understandably a lot of people upset when he decided the league. Dan made a regular season game hackable alarm heck of a lot more interest in ten months and joins us here on 95 point seven a game so Kevin Love out six weeks with the knee injury and here comes. Carmelo Anthony and replace them at the all star game a lazy the questions will be like for Melamine the as much as he's gonna wanna dodging it it's like a black cat black cloud that will not leave him. Yeah you know what's funny is if he's kind of walking in the rain last burping in there because if it wasn't that. You know even even with that the fact that you know people are gonna look at him clarion are on the scene team all regenerate today. There was this what this team is gonna look like when knocked. You know when a when they get done with when they get done with this week ankle back in and you know get you to trade deadline I don't think that's gonna happen but. There's little there's little doubt that over the next few days that we're gonna we're gonna see a lot of the kind of starting their removal got me in and water proper term corporate trade in there about all that all of the property I think pretty dominant storyline. Not the last regret stop and that it wanted for that. Not a Carmelo would be stuck answering more questions than anybody over the next it is what it wants future. A's. I do at the end of the day I mean liquor wanna trade on him and in Arctic in the right circumstance well I want you put. I just look around and I don't see this scenario that got a really materialized into a trader nick are. You know the clippers can trade emperor. You can train offers Jamal Crawford went which formed in Seattle arbitrate. To me it's just our beat. That kind ideal candidate being all the date Hitler are at that. North they'll probably just kind of you know push it off of in the off season and then and you're apt that. You know the Nextel as we've seen over the last week and have a way of surprise whenever. Anything is possible. Market as well six ops just too difficult to move up. I mean shows that organization of course there worth the most it was shocking to see the Golden State Warriors at the third most die able NBA franchise but. Oh lead dole and sell ol' Mel it's just never stops a main. How how how you think this plays out NBA you have the commissioner have Jordan come and and trying to broker a deal in their seats and things that are very obligated And they're talking not Dolan and Colin a slave master I mean there are stinks being said that you just can't take back. Yeah I mean. James Dolan problem with each other for fifteen years so that that it that there isn't something that you know been an overnight thing. Just digit oil over now and I think for as much as he once tried to. You know put it put it behind everybody's quickly as possible I don't think the particular ball like that epic. What's more likely that we're gonna see that kind of simmer on pearl island. In these guys are gonna. He's got a big article for quite a lot hide our own. I think to be in the baton to curb all the way to resolve this just are the kind of like the terminal thing I think there's just too much too many complicated. Act is here this thing going arts portion. So look at names you think you're gonna go or look at the Celtics and the bull's eyed believer playing right now there close to half time. I'd Jimmy Butler has been rumored to go to the sees. At what what's the name what do you say what would you predict something that we go out that that's a pretty good deal or someone someone of significance is gonna be moving. I actually don't really think any significant gonna move me can be active Iran about it. I don't see the topic opera and a ammunition did you need it would take you right now. I think if you look around some of the other teams that that have gotten off that they are 1 AM. Anymore on I just think it you know certain of opera it was one guy you that will be targeted eight. And so I think you know got which you'll permit me to get moved art got an orchestra moved. You know some of these guys with brain night and Greg Monroe and nick Lisovicz in Brook Lopez have been. Kind of dangled out there for a while now but there's a reason Batman and profit for awhile and nobody really polished and acquire so. I think it is going to be hard line. And it's going to be hard by trade partners at that point to you to make these kind of things work today. I just think the only talent what did the guy who usually now. Jimmy Butler well. Over for a variety of reasons I think it is going to be very typical liberals kind of it goes aboard next. When you hit New Orleans what's the one spot what's the one thing you've got to have when you get there. That's a good question. I usually allow I would just an act. At that as much seat advocate here that's really true though does that look like to go on topic of anyone's spot yet that they happen to their register app. The tournament seafood at and every meal has this he placed that there's anywhere in the world war. On the shelves this capital world deal like oysters. Okay the red fish drill. Go there they're famous for their barbecued oysters. And they're great they're sad has our little spot on it's an all hates him enjoy the time. Hey you gotta cover it but yeah have a good time while you're there Erica is it's a long all star break shall he'll have time to rest after the events. Death now on recovered to trade deadline but I'll have I'll have plenty. I'll I'll make sure I've played well here is viewed as you know it's impossible to come here not at all it'll be good aperture. Double hurricanes never heard anybody take care TM have thought it. Outfit picked out by now.

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