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Roxy Bernstein

Feb 17, 2017|

Play-by-play announcer for ESPN & Pac 12, Roxy Bernstein

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rex C Bernstein. Experienced team. Relaxing experience. Roxy Bernstein a man collects more sex. For more places than anybody on the plan that ESPN it's back to well nauert it's the Hayes died five cent in the game. He works for everybody has got a little town are but Iraq's C Bernstein Roxy what does shaken my man. It's so wrong to spread the love around counting. Another day there is not the Rollins collecting checks from a lot of people frontier for by the way great place to buy X is sort sport I'll mobile and Cineplex we have a once he touch on tonight here united 57 the game. Oh and that helped our tall order for Kyle Smit that you had that done. But it can't night Percy and at the US that is that a lot of really good thing they open up supply its. It could be a very difficult challenge tonight gone up nick handled that inevitable attacks. It had Roxy I remember years ago and zags got Dan in there was they knew it was a couple years and I got in again you're like you know. See him have a run like and then it year after year after year aunts and now being number one. And the only unbeaten team in college basketball people thought the biggest obstacle. Perkins that it can remain unbeaten. Heading into the NCA turn that was going to be that brought this past Saturday it's primaries and days. Being handled Saint Mary's and I don't think easily but it double digit win in every time at Saint Mary's gaels put together a run. In fact I had an answer and then not that Mark Few and now it's easily made its. Any annual occurrence directed at the NCA tournament winning the WTC. Only deepen the tournament the dot has been that he would get to the final four they've been Dili but have not broken through. This could be detained it gets them there. And a lot of people are ready to prod that this is the best contacted team we've seen. I'm not critical accused Fiat currency and I think they'd be stoked edged up to Peru. If we're gonna late element that that that team and a Mark Few that are located at their best defense subpoena they have that they had in the achieve it got a real chance to go to. War so let's say they run the table right they go through the WCC tourney in Vegas and they run the table. They're gonna get a number one seed but law which wind you can they get the overall number one you think. Yeah I think again and a rocket that depend on how the other turn image shakedown and and who are gonna get a couple of exceed whether it could beat Villanova what could happen to the big twelve B eight DC. It didn't. Go to Dayton daily community without question that the number one overall seed in the field. I think even if they lose once along the way. And I'm saying that a lot could happen the deputies to Egypt Egypt is whether it's to Saint Mary's or BYU. I still think their number one seed I just don't know that a more old Rossi at that point I don't see them losing in the regular season. The BYU game at the final hurdle in the regular seat but that at all. They go to get the WBZ tournament and I don't see them losing. To be honest with immediate attributed game whether it's being married can knock the mob that. I fully expected that it'd be unbeaten heading into the yet determined and number one overall seed. Roxy mercy what is here on nine to five point seven a game and Roxy the only time I really watched college basketball's when I'm at the jam. You know that I start tearing it can't match. I start asking you are. When it's time start put some money on his when I start Ribble Roxy what do you think about this. So when we start looking at that the teams around whether it's I yell. Kansas Villanova you start looking at teens young North Carolina has been pretty good. You know Kentucky. Always and Florida in the SEC courted teams that were before I get to the conference title games he's turned a little dense. I am looking at these teams really have a shop. Well I think and it seemed to keep an eye out right now and I'm real I don't think I'm putting anything out that the people haven't thought about it she is. They kind of fell off the radar for a little bit with the with the injuries they're dealing with. If you can get hot panic it is the team to really keep an eye out right now like she gets you back. And I don't great sit down at his troubles this season and Friday. These crazy. Does that do seem to put that behind them right now. And that fatigue keep an eye on right now they're going to be maybe three Europe for a seat we'll see how it plays out the ACC tournament. Pride to me they do is getting hot that's the scary team they'll line up against right now the other pre taped it. That I either watching closely to the three teams in the pac twelve and I look at Oregon UCLA Arizona and they're 567 right now the rankings. And all three at that time legitimate. Chances to get the final four. And it's it's been really fun to watch those teams as closely as I've been watching him this year because. They're there they're really fun to watch it there'll and a different way. Lets you know I'm now a Actel bear basketball fan. Do you like to probably a game with us. Desperate and the play at a pretty good tomorrow night on the far. Downloads I'm a -- them like I got it your form but yet you know what eighteen and seven overall ninth for the bears still got a and it. Other definitely and it and I particularly update keynote from Jill at a party at the end. Bracket colleges state and he gets cal verbally in the field right now and while they are the problem that they were you know they were out there in they moved up a little. Little bit. They are formally hand right now in terms. It turned out one of the final eighteen getting. They're above that. So that they should be good side but it scheduled very typical for cal it down the stretch that's why it's Paramount that the win that game at Maples Pavilion tomorrow night. Against Stanford. Then they come home for the Oregon schools they should handle Oregon State. If they can pull off the upset in that Stoddard and now would be huge win for them but they can beat Oregon but it could survive that. Even if they don't win that game based I think he's still lead a pretty good signature win the best way to right now as a road victory at USC. But they finished the regular season with a pops schedule going to Utah and Colorado before they get. The pact alternatives to a bit there's still some work to do for tell yes very good spot right now but it's scheduled pretty daunting it down the stretch. Well Grassley let's switch over is UConn gains for the Oakland Athletics or else upon Major League Baseball for ESPN radio the Alanis casino and resort and Marino is always the first. To come up with the win totals in Major League Baseball. The a's came out acts. 66. And a half. I like accounting. I. I do and I know and I may be drinking the Kool may be a little bit of all if you look rather that may. Pride I keep more than 66 an app wins that team don't fuel. I mean you're right to be on the team I he sees more 66 and a half games. And at the last couple years in those seasons where supposedly disaster. And it's funny great not going to be that bad yet it's just it's not going to app that he could about stacked. Group community young pitching. They've added to meet. Some quality Major League players to get Bob Dole and depth and the versatility. I think this team and oddly I think they're closer to 500 even at 66 went to. And switching over to the San Francisco Giants this isn't very interesting line because with the giants. And I know people in Andhra badly just had an article out today they have thirty blown say actually was 32 if you count the post season. 32 blown saves they bring in mark my Lance and who's gonna establish that closer position. Then they have a lot of interest in young arms are hoping to be able to get back to a situation to where. Boat she's not having to go out every inning right left right level you gonna have some guys are gonna be able to come out whether it's a lot Osage we go down the line of guys sickened Hannam Obama's seven do you handle the seventh you handled the gates. So the bullpen will be very interesting to see if under Malloy handsome nick and establish itself early. After was which is base it was a historic bad season. I need the bullpen wasn't so bad would amazing with the giants record what event but the giants they have at 87 and a half. Well considering they're going to be playing. The Diamondbacks. Padres Iraqis 1819 times. It's definitely doable and you lose to the Pope and I would want to coming and and how would they get a bridge the gap for the starters the pulpit that's I think this year catcher in the course of spring training. But I think there were legitimate starters and then there's no question about the pit is that going to be Cain who's it going to be. At that back into the rotation but it was going to be a lot the other dissidents still. Some question marks. To meet the brunt of the giants but it. It's definitely doable suited to go over the night I cannot put I wouldn't feel comfortable playing with a number either way to be honest with Egypt. Just because I think there's some question the guy at the leading answers. Where are you going to be denied airlines your next game we don't. Captain iPad. Often I. Had a lovely pollutants tomorrow. I had Arizona State Washington State Saturday. And then Sunday at guide you to call origins date dozer. That second game of the two it is complicated that you topped the problem seemed on the outside looking and maybe you'd be expedited Oregon in Eugene but it's a critical stretch for Utah's zealot and it is the other day about back assuming that. They can't pull up the upset tonight and and the nation's largest home court winning streak adored as Gil. I but you'll toss down. Roxy Bernstein. Ali strategists are 957 again.

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