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Damon Bruce Show w/ Chris Townsend- Hour 3 - 2/16/17

Feb 17, 2017|

Vote on the Top 10 Warriors moments of the season thus far, a talk about bars closing at 4am, and Tim Bontemps!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not today. I'm Chris downs and Helena Christensen move. How are you Townsend Bell tower you want to respond to Gionta with its deep Papa here on 957 game I'm really excited. I'm just. OK I I'm not here yet. Like your hair blah. I'm looking over it's you guys right now gap and we have this big cities blog lion we're going to be voting on the top ten moments. I just don't know if you guys are ready I'm I'm ready to golf I just don't know if you guys are ready. We are ready I'm ready irony well we're not where were rewritten my shots and thirty seconds can is Jacob one of Barak are basically our social media guru yes. Basically get in house separate CI and I seventy I understand all these years have been in this business. Whether it's engineers. Tech people. Whenever they're moving around and going quickly I know they're not ready when I know the body language of a human being that's ready and that's. Doesn't look ready yet. I mean I'm ready to go top ten moments I had the list in front of me. You're going to be able to vote where they go to FaceBook face that are 957 the game face the page you're gonna see it all happening privacy everyone vote been the amenities everything it's really really fun cynical only a remote G yeah we can follow along and we'll share all information. As it's happening. I love the mode geez what's your favorite emerging. My favorite that the by the vice appease anyone that wanna live well because of my my friend the guru I love guru. And like you room because of guru ice in GM. The app firm African American version. Of all those emote geez that's my favorite to do to him and he loves that does does he appreciate that yes he appreciates that Gionta with your spirit emerging with a you keep face like Greene Nikki I don't think it's funny Valentine I disliked approved the most he's one of my favorites oh yes I like the act like coop to I like to cash via a money bag cash. Johnny that's a highly kissing it's fun and I always like to sushi it's just get sued she's dead happy birthday ones are always go to you. I do you like like the golden thumbs up. Yes I send analogue okay gases keeps you from it sounds like they were gonna meet here to send the thumbs up as easing its lazy grip populism now if you this year eight partners Acker I had. He send you all these emote geez you've never seen disease like 818 year old girl. A little weird if guys senate ton of them OG you know yet definitely. Going. Same it's not OK you know what I whatever you want your allergies but I just like when guys as are each I tell me what to do my MO geez I am no I'm not. But I just when he got at the time and it's a unless unless he's Garry saint Jean who just figured out a Moody's. And it's adorable when he sends a mood on main assailant. Is. I I guess the one I it's insane now raises the the two Beers together or the colossal line that's how it's in the same in Boca again. So I have a speaking of the year I have a story making get to should I go to that story. I'm being told yes we're being told SOK so you know in my lifetime I've I've always like to have a good time I don't think I've ever made at secret about that. You've you've never lied to us about him brownie brown you are now. I finally I'll think you know plows go and who garlands of unmanned JD I guarantee we have a great time I think does not thrown a great time but I think the one thing I've always realized in my life. And it's changes I've gotten old ramble on deck to a younger town me. The town that was crews in downtown. San Jose back in the day rank and. They're always was a time. That someone needed to tell you it's over. Night's over. Let's low lights flash. It's it's last call. It's time to go home. That's always been the problem. That's. Would have when you go to Nevada as a Nevada no one ever tells you know and that's where the long nights the gambling all night you haven't slept demands I mean it's etudes brutal. And I saw this today. And Alina who actually is a bartender were gonna get her opinion on this also. I think this is just a really really bad move. State senator. Scott Weiner. Is trying to inner introduce legislation. That would allow alcohol service. And tools late as. 4 AM you in the state of California nice pace and hats well I and then boring am that is two hours I saw last skull now don't think 145140. The lights going off. We're now talking in 345. No hands and if you can rip called a bad decisions in your life you made at 1:30 in the morning. Now think about those decisions at 3:30. In the morning. Yeah. At epic into an appellate Derrick still at age Derrick still at that age where he's right in the streets Ed in pretty much you're telling me I have two more hours a close does is we talent and yes the what you're trying to close at 130 have a feeling is gonna be really do if different of three. Third brought all the people that work in the industry ice or as a bartender cocktail waitress along Elena. Hello I mean this does she does this on the weekend let me just say this for young pop up yes. When you're trying to close. 9:10 o'clock you're still deal unless. Frontline starter. Right you're still deal with somebody who the scouts say got a good arms got good stuff. It's guy can pitch in the rotation blue chipper brag. So many kids later in the nights and I are looking at a back to the rotation guy you look at it got a four or five starter in the rotation guy that sounds weird yeah. So EE you're looking at some. It's what bong that save look at somebody trying to pick up goes back to the rotation care. Nine is starting hidden in the 1 o'clock hour we've now prime moved into a double a.s starter. You Broderick you know look at someone is in the Texas League. At 330 young pop. You're trying to close at 330 were now look in that eight ball may be instructional league. And I'm I'm not sure that's that's a good call and I know he can go to places like I think Chicago's foray am New York, New York is 4 AM. That is a beautiful voice and how high and grade the Greek goddess. Are you ready for my taste here a bartender currently bartender I think it's horrible firm on my standpoint but I think that around. 132. Is when things are getting rowdy and people are getting sloppy. And as far as that I mean fight that happened outside in my bar around those hours and you know what's gonna happen the next two hours and also. I think it's gonna put into play a lot of other things that. I don't know what how do people stay up. They're doing things that are not good for you are not good for the so he just for the bar not good for industry and I know works well places like New York in Chicago. But they have a night like that never ends here it's it's not the same I can imagine. Can imagine having is working to look at forty working until fork is yet to clean up for hours after that he let me just kind of become like New York in Chicago and last. That's when the net more not more all of California though I mean I can maybe work in a few places I just I don't like the idea now and I don't think it's gonna happen here is it just asking for more trouble. Yeah and I and all honesty I did it at 2 o'clock there's a good cut off point like for a plot like going to set discuss how many of your bad decisions it happens. Lately not all happy you left the door the hall I think these are slick. I mean really. I if you really want a good rule Som. Anything after midnight usually is not going to be good. After midnight. You maybe 1230. People once you start did in the 1 o'clock hour. That's when Emmy when you think I mean it's been a long time for me since it's the let's go outside the bar and we're gonna you know get into it it's been a long time. M been married for fifteen years yet but that's when that that you didn't I don't remember. 9 o'clock all of sudden your buddies walking out against these guys and you're going to mean that in happened at 8:9 o'clock to didn't have a tent that always happened late as a plane set and and if you're going to be going late like that. What are the other things that people are due wing that you're not serving and not paying for in the bar. Points are tired on drugs up like that so I just I mean for me I exist for a clock to see why. I you know would there be it at triple A 9579570. That's Tripoli 9579570. If you do own a par. Do you like this do you see this because obviously it's gonna be you're gonna make more money well I don't always pay in this only points. Here you're gonna make less money at some point there's not gonna be maybe as many people out and when you're drinking more and overture later in the night does not as many trees it can consume. There's got to be some sort of bell curve away and the people ordering the most drinks and when they're saying is sloppy and throwing up and causing prop fights and problems like that. That happens later in the night after you have the opportunity drink more and maybe can start serving breakfast. This. You know that's out. Breakfast we should call Matt from pick six about this up pick six that would be in pleasant and I believe. Yes where we do warriors wrap up along with the raiders pre and post game show. Picks exports lounge in Pleasanton also with mavericks the country bar that millions he's best bloody Mary I've ever had as a pick six. Very good very good example. Anything you convinced delicious swear I've done many post game drum com writers and readers that you might actually try your wonderful again they DO I like those he's burglary pressing and I'll blasting the season. You're I have. I've done some depressing radio I really have the most depressing new Christmas Eve. That or Z final game Detroit for a Lander to that as well as game five but you know what though. Sat was bad because it was a special season and. ACI's here and ace manual remembering if you're listening Bob Melvin called on his way home and days and yeah it was emotionally with but you know like you gave me your best shot loss. The game where Derrick car breaks his leg. And we walked Guillen. And it's you and me and we're looking at each other Arab Fontaine actually came in and we're looking at each other don't seasonal. In season. If you're not winning. With backup quarterback let alone on their free you know I do the on channel two I do the silver black TV show for the raiders and I remember. And I interviewed Jack Del Rio every week around Dario came man and you know off the air we talk about Conor cook and he basically said. Here's a reason why no rookie has ever made his first start ever in a post season game. Yeah well you knew then that the season's over repeal the season's not over the Golden State Warriors is the halfway point and let's check in let. Is is sick who. You want a YU. I you people we will get into it. How have FaceBook lite comment you Popeye and pitcher comments and and vote for your face it we lawyers. Moments of this are we going to be can they vote seriously right now Ken is it set up to. I mean they're there based condone the project and go poster comment to our furniture what your favorite. Where's moment we're gonna start you can voting UAE lovers gonna goal. Ten through one W devoting new way you want and what we have by the way the winner by the end of the program before we go to USF. And the zags. Yeah and we yeah really well and I won't have account for sure they're. There especially true for this. All they want him. Did you in first half please. Moments of the warriors sees no intent. Where did you develop this weird fur trapper voice type guy you love it don't you love in the night's sag doesn't like it. Whatever number ten number hasn't. The youthful. And on Iran. Drive down the length of the floor. Dream I'm looking and wanna beat this guy. Good to curry jets fans did remind everybody out to play this great story. At that time. Kerry trailing it's a great. Rantmaster fast Marie. Some observers. Are very. Why did margin of victory this year 45 point that would block 35 that night the over the Portland trailblazers. I DN ideas remember that game and does Portland was then coming team there and up and coming team right now at 23 and 33. But back then December 17 the Golden State Warriors. Put an absolute. Law open. On the Portland trailblazers they beat him by 45. Points. 451351090s. Then act is ugly number 99. Move. And now he's doing here. For the world's we traded our defense away. God maybe I disagree. The let us of that pissed me off in order to. We're still privilege accidentally popped back profit over allotment of art. It's going to be here. To play of the game I just think we're getting more work for the guys who. Found their roles and but I liked the fact it costs and competed I think we're getting more more comfortable as we. Remind wrinkle thrown it at the ranch at this blood belongs to the Golden State Warriors. While warriors 105. Atlanta one under the Golden State Warriors have now won twelve straight game. That's restart stayed about 73 again Glenn. The land a 1052100. Great defense number 825. Pass it around here. Very good doing it sounds like every other way got. Kevin Durant and 43 point usually. You can't drive to Randy Clark Whiteside was definitely a buildup pervert. Eight seconds seven seconds left for my debated now off the streets outside the up and down let's look very good feeling as they have over what I hear. Good news. So I know he had me on our book so I'm giving us better. Straight up. The not as few as it is now although that music as fact so. Whenever that is I don't know it was going to be going. Home plate again very baseline without the right place for both on the baseline speedster ran it definitely at. Okay guys it's. Enough now. Kevin Durant sacking game against OK see that game of course was here. Westbrook didn't get a chance to get his ass bag is thousand was not in the game and a showed up to Oklahoma City but to rant. Two games against Oklahoma City both games you could tell fired up any really put it to on number seven cents. I've forgotten is supposed to coaches and think about records it's my dad and totally my fault. Maria's comeback. I really love along my thankfully. I can't get. Here I mean and so mind boggling to me. The playoff but doubles. Very much more seconds. Take a different one. 113 he's 21 for 4843. Point 8%. Who warriors over the horn at Stanton. Perform in front of his dad in his hometown team won 26 to 101. Knowing you know it's interesting about that it is now that we've seen what Denver did I asked the lawyers. Is truly what the greatest shooting performance is number six. Listening bottle out of like we will take it from our replay it finds that just the right side he's nobody buys it carries a triple. At the warriors around the board now either ran up his fastball my grandmother steel levels aides portray about grade. Now they tops and beat these Jersey people by now there featuring much grief as matters directly did not get it got. Home beautiful fast. The QB that can't Pacific during my dream right there. I don't really know well was this as far as rebounds steals were but I really wasn't worried about it. Those are legacy unfortunately you have the right way and try to help my team could win. That's over to resolve those the quarter. Was down dribble drive and reinstall it like for Bonnie yeah I don't want to odds got the franchise record he's got ten steals and he's traveled abroad cohort. That the electorate to Michael Gray's got and steals he's one giant the FB and right you're going. I'm can be. The only one of some an NBA history. Of some very good I think it's amazing. To sway cannot stay in the morning got to think. I don't know anything to do students can and no barking from the don't do smooth. Momma cook the breathless no home any growth bond. At a Democrat on mastered it. Why are. That our our drain mongering initially you know. So I'm it's an I after the game like on this has to be something special rank he's got to wait for alliance or the warriors PR. First guy ever. Triple double. Any didn't do it points. Rebounds assists and steals eleven. And end ten. In a game where they beat degree is 122. To 107 which was big. Because the president to know against the Golden State Warriors to to get a triple double like that absolutely amazing never five. I'm doing that is the weakest move by the embassy from superstar wanna him to stay in Oklahoma City like she would do. Get a chance to rest. When it's everything you were out and you. You believe national coaching that team then beats yeah part of globes awards and I'm sorry you're partisan Brad did those last eight years. Stretch you so vulnerable to give good government. And well and sales. Well I. The grand del Meyer playing. Very gifted behind the bank didn't rant in where you live where the way are you. It got go ahead. A brand holds up very long distance. Or go home game. Rather. Boy I'll that land that was early in the season 122. To 96. Site these guys talking like. Men thought for all these years for free agency to be free to have that opportunity and that these old guys go I hate to see that night. Think Curt Flood all these guys fought for players to have that opera to I just that. It's beyond me never floor. You just tell. It was one of those nights pretty you know so we let him go this its first person very candidate fired over break. Yeah did turn fired. Very mom make. Those questions. Thirteen threes and a game by staff period once again against the pelicans. You got play halos play in the king staff was like the pelicans. And I got to feel on that thirteen is not gonna hold that leniency and joy and much more than that. All right that. Is tough for we've got three more for you to vote on Jan awarding a I notice FaceBook Carney says have in the game page and just poster cock their pick which one you like where Henson New Orleans to Ambon Tim's works for the Washington Post covers the NBA also for 95 point seven a game. It's NBA all star time right here on 95 point seven again. Yeah. And seeing him Obama. And. You know the biggest nightmares as a broadcaster Chris downs with the united five points and the game is when people can hear you. And you don't know the canyons. And Tony Harris and on announced that we're hearing that our FaceBook life people can hear us. And you're still see mouse stuff it's amazing to me what comes out of your mouth the minute that microphone turns on and. Like. Every four months in this rock said it around air show. C.s with insane being nasty and now I would and I went irons out or not without. How. Island under a New Orleans like thirteen times and twice it's incredible I as a kid and as an adult and both times. If you know it's so special about the food in New Orleans for Tim bon Temps here is tan that. The great thing is everything there is made from scratch Datsyuk makes their restaurants. So special I'm sure you've been there before but what a party it's going to be ten. Down in New Orleans the NBA all star game or with it that's a long season now our bacon really let their hair and a. In the first week Marty drop which is the same Rican is that because the president had to move to gain here are going to be quite a week. It's a first week of Marty girl. And all we know wha ha. Are you very yet. If they're rock. Well I I haven't been to Mardi Gras but I've done Super Bowls have done final four I know how packed it is. You're talking about two major major events. Risk and and and Bergen street and the quarters not that big of a spots. What is it going to be like do these two major events. And you probably are you see some of it so far than dumbed gathered the same time. Brian argument about logistical experience. I would say by. Like that at this city that result in big event and that's pretty remarkable so confident you'll be doing a lot of walk in weekend. All the. Yeah and I its sides and love New Orleans went what do you think about this all star game Ender spent so much drama this year. In the NBA whether retired about LeBron not get along with the owner of the front office says the overall mass. That is the New York Knicks well what do you think is gonna be the story lines. You know the Golden State warrior is a story lines are going to be going into this all star game. And to me at all going to be about Austin and maybe in Iraq are under. And the fact currency G men out in the coach says some of the NS a pastor of the ball on the court at the same time. I think that. I think that could be the that the dominant team of the weekend and it's going to be you know pretty interesting to see how that plays out how they handle it I'll. How will kill us all because you know there's no question that every move those that may whether the media Friday Erica. Open practice on Saturday here at the game on Sunday at all going to be article back to the world got up to and what are they doing in thinking it pretty much are remote. And you know how Steve Kerr is he's they're really bright guy. He's a fair guy and I just. You know I know people say why not have less with the four all stars of the Golden State Warriors ice sever thrill seeker would never do that what do you think. I've no idea I mean obviously I don't mean it. At that point you know whether they play together not quite that simple stupid story the whole game is going to be. The one of those guys doing or do they play the Saturday may not portable satellite side. Outlook don't know early matters and I know it is all about it ensures that a plan figured apple can do but. I almost just don't know if it mattered quite because whether they whether lock that weapon they all get on the court together or not. What you know bat and beat people it is going to be watching and the entire so it is kind of an Indian to do or damned if you don't situation turns out. Abbie in a thoughtful guy has sent a feeling casinos that would be very odd for Westbrook and especially after what happened the last time I played but we will see. When you Scherer about what's going on in Oklahoma city of course everything too and your national diet were wheat pretty much get the most. A news out of what's happening here and our version out that what's it like in Oklahoma City when the war years were there at the reaction and how people truly feel about terrain and the warriors. I think react in the Bay Area lol. I'm honestly I was there and an ill over the old hostile crowd. We're happy there and there were a couple of you know bad apples that either Saturday at some things but I think most people would agree but. There are being there talking to people there and it a lot of people were kind of sat and we'll Barrymore and not from my perspective I think it's all right for bands that he'd be upset at the plot. You know I think you know for people. I don't quite know people. Popular spoke you know I give Kevin Durant is standing ovation her redeemed. Date. Locked in pretty epic playoff series last year what conference finals in I Mena. Pad so. I don't know I thought it was about the pretty intense atmosphere pretty fun atmosphere suits at the end per game and I had a couple you know Pakistan I think currently at it and to take a lot of it was just kind of silly pop cheek cupcake Janssen. You don't just kind of generic going for a guy you know I think understandably left a lot of people upset when he decidedly. The animator ray healer seizing game hackable alarm heck of a lot more interest in Tim bonds and joins us here on 95 point seven a game so Kevin Love out six weeks with the knee injury and here comes. Carmelo Anthony and replace them at the all star game always do the questions will be like for Melamine the as much as he's gonna wanna dodge it it's like a black cat black cloud that will not leave him. Yeah you know what's funny is if he's kind of locking it in Durant Westbrook being there because it if it wasn't for that. You know even even with that the fact that you know people are gonna look in clarion on the same team all regenerate say that. Yeah that's what this team is gonna look like one and not. You know when they when they get done with when they get done what this weekend nickel back in and you know get you to trade deadline I don't think that can happen but. There's little there's little doubt that over the next few days that we're gonna we're gonna see a lot of people. Kind of starting at removal got me in and water Bronson try to put our trade in there about all that well. Become property I think pretty dominant story line not the last regret stopped and editor wanted to bat. Not the Carmelo would be stuck answering partly more courses and anybody over the next it is what he wants future. Days. I do at the end of the day I mean snicker wanna trade on him and in Arctic in the right circumstance well I want you to put. I'd just look around and I don't see this scenario that got a really materialized for him to get traded at Munich and a you know the clippers can entry emperor. You can't trade offers Jamal Crawford went west which opted for the Seattle arbitrate. To me it just argues the backtrack ideal candidate being all that they get per hour epic. North they'll probably just kind of you know push it off for the curiosities and then 10-Q what happened that. You know the nixed that we've seen over the last week and have a way of surprising everybody. Inning as possible with them market as well six crops just too difficult to move up. I mean since that organization of course they're worth the most it was shocking to see the Golden State Warriors at the third most valuable NBA franchise but. Oh lead dole and Phil Mel it's just never stops and main. How you think this plays out NBA you have the commissioner have Jordan cumin and trying to broker deal in their seats and things that are very complicated And their tiger not Dolan and column a slave master I mean they're there stinks being said that you just can't take back. Yeah I mean that it. James Collins probably hate on for fifteen years so that that in this isn't something now that you know bay and over night and just. Digit oil over now and I think for as much as people wanna try to do. You know put it put it behind everybody's quickly as possible I don't think that particular ought to let that happen. Much more likely that we're gonna he's the kind of simmer on the wild and in these guys are gonna. He's got a big article for quite awhile high art you know. I'd think you'd be in about the to curb all the way to resolve it just our community the kind of like the terminal thing I think there's just too much too many complicated. Act is here this thing to go away aren't so fortunate. So look at names you think you're gonna go or look at the Celtics and the bull's eyed believer playing right now they're close to half time. I'd Jimmy Butler has been rumored to go to the sees. At what what's the name what do you say what would you predict something that we go out that that's a pretty good deal or someone someone of significance is gonna be moving. I actually don't like that any significance to remove him aka the record Iran about. I don't see the topic offering the kind of ammunition ago did you need it it would take you right now. I think if you look around. Some of the other teams that that have gotten off that maybe the hawks want him. Anymore. I just think it you know sure to bock it was one got you out and will be arbitrate. And so I think you know got which you'll permit me to get moved the art got some Turkish removed. You know as some of these guys with brain and I needed Craig Munro and nick Lisovicz at Brook Lopez has been kind of thing about that for awhile now that. There's a regional government and prop for a while signal leisurely polished and acquire so I think it's going to be hard line. And it's going to be hard by trade partners at that point to you to make these kind of things work today. I just think he'll we how it what did the guy who usually now. Jimmy Butler well. There over for a variety of reasons I think it is going to be very typical liberals kind of guy it to go somewhere next. When you hit New Orleans what's the one spot what's the one thing you've got to have when you get there. Not a good question. I used to allow I would just an app. At that as much seat advocate here that certainly true though there's been enough places to go on topic of anyone's spot via the app to. Is there a distraught out. And trying to keep food and at every meal. Out this. The players that there's anywhere in the world or. On the shell fish capital world deal like oysters. Do OK the red fish drill. Go there they're famous for their barbecued oysters. And they're great they're sadness or will it by arts and all hates him enjoy the time. Hey you gotta cover it but yeah have a good time while you're there Erica is it's a long all star break silly he'll have time to rest after the events. That now are recovered to trade deadline but I'll have my I'll have plenty of I'll make sharply while Eric you as you know it's impossible to come here not so it'll it'll be eager to aperture. Double hurricanes never heard anybody take care to MF. I mean last time we are in New Orleans I just remember. Couple times lock and amber in street. Sense. With a guy that used to work here. A guy that used to work here bing EB third horse got used to work here. And that guy as a show from industry. And it it it was fine it was stupid Thon like her for. For guys that are you know or not our twenties anymore but we we we did and a costly and it's only. The vast whatever lies media day. I can remember. I can't remember what time being 83 horrors he and I got and as we are rooming together. I just remember we had to get to the superdome. And the funny thing was a crisp Ernie know Chris Berman gets asked her for a guy his age. And you now he slept a little bit it's hot there and I'm interviewing Chris Berman. And I can tell might well I thought I had along. Berman at panel long. Hole he had. The matter early that that that early immediate aid to the media game night noted for me. Have to get up and over to media day it was a blue route to all right. We're gonna do the final flurry that you can vote on where can they vote. He got our basic page and picking him OG underneath it correspond mean. Choice so for example he returns that's number one you can hit the like button it here more for Claes sixteenth then you hit the heart button. This is the clear front runner so we have three more to play for you and the G spot is back on 957 game. I thought it must win game for gold their love for the road. We will. How will look like we'll have a little bit of reform but defeated the warriors wanted to show that. That they controlled the game starts finished and they did that might tell. We're three atomic. I personally didn't know what do your replays showed you there just did not play out like 3 o'clock looked down hard. Stayed here about Palin want to proved deadly. I think he got a handle the road game. Oh yeah MLK day little warrior blow out of the hands of 126. To 91 that's number three. I've your top ten moments of the first half number two. They review. Marriage. No don't go brought 120 million. We're NF. I'm very quiet. Very good. Hundred million new. It worked and it. I know how to flee as. Got the right side. That's my vote. Me because I was there when it was incredible it simple trip it is ludicrous just. I love you know what if there's one down the warriors on drink Beers with a it's like on drink Beers like that's my vote number one. Period picked up his dribble drove to Fremont street. But still wearing that patch does look for the final draft. Number fight Iran have a place place we are excited to TV opens with a bunch and he's used to pressure and made. Goodbye pressure and we used up my style fire threat stepped around Westbrook. Down the lights side we'll let Robertson all the way to a company related and our Booth by JD Hillary and doing it today game like tonight Perry moss two feet to regularly makes up around Robertson took. And it slides at the right events. He gets this strong right hand. This isn't about looking at night to ramp up and down the right guard bicycle was. Crossover dribble white hand painted to look three got back in his circle pray for Kevin Durant who ran it last record going at each other. They've let their respective models during that time. I'll grant fossils that requires that might drive up Robertson goes up as a lot to get it don't stand up now that he's got a chance for the headline. Robertson no ran. But let let him. Think that the ball clubs I might just fires away. Home about three feet. Balls down but god what's available there in one place where you want all morning. Under false attack it very control. Activate your dagger right here. Where'd they go. FaceBook. Night extending gains page I was just again at the results right now. So the clear front runner Abby lawyers at top moment as voted on by you on our face of pages of mine and it's clay sixty. Thank you. You know one glaring omission is I think Steve Kerr who just losing in on the sidelines in Sacramento. And you know the answer to that is for you. We go. Not top ten was a Phyllis. Won't play again now do we go now at a now analysts time for the G boos please G spot whom. There fancy can't find it we ever and a fan all my hopes to six GT boom. But it seemed market whether you're. I'm not feeling that I could Asia. Saying what an amount Justine. As the real went. That's listed as. It's kind of the big east. Certainly for now environments and it's. And yeah yeah yeah. This is known today hey I alliance. The authority what story of the lady. The history and that's story I'll want that late. I'll don't have delay gets around downtown now now now there's someone out there for everyone's yes there's no doubt happy Valentine's Day happy Valentine's. OK so this is interesting are still sports had an out the girl this guy basically it's his girlfriend hook up as. Matches she wants without guys as often as she once you apparently she averages five times a month. And if her have a quote unquote open relationship except it's not open when it comes to him because she said she will keep him if he. Participate in any sort of extracurricular activities. That don't include her fat. Our house why so basically is that their relationship. Her reasoning is that she cannot be faithful she she wants to explore she's only twenty years old. Let's see what else about that which lessened so much if he's OK with it. They come to the agreement where she can hook up with five guys the month. Annie's totally completely OK with the but he can't go look at the somebody else he can not that part she's not okay what she does not allow him Danica would anyone else other than her. And he's he's totally on how are you judge on what a loser I don't. I was totally imported to read the whole thing even to eat deals he also but he I mean he still he'd rather be a pair I can't do that others I. Listen I hate this guy with we thought about this this link this guy's loser. Absolute lose. I I hate this guy. IQ walked up and kicked him right communal violence. And is stuck out to meet is. The fortify that she dates or hooks up with for tomorrow is random like random strangers that's how I she gets up with a regularly now and that's not her boyfriend he's a booty call. Yeah since I had to each there I think this is dysfunctional it incredibly dysfunctional over trees. Well you know life. On that as a team this terrible woman and god she terrible he's OK she play. This ain't right I'm im just saying in mean it is a game come and I'm not the number one team in the country. Against the USF dons the dons on the road it's the dons against the world. And the great paddles and we'll have the call for you will be back tomorrow from three to seven right here on 95 point seven again enjoy the game everybody.

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