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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Why you can. And under the program. You are the man Gerald the guru Johnson Zach why not to five point seven in the game for your listening pleasure. For the next two hours and 45. Minutes. Mr. guru AKA double gang your love. The one the only. Emmitt Smith. Ever since Arafat is out of Washington how are you Mark Levin and I'm I'm excited happy Thursday Thursday yeah. Thursday that another nose talk Tuesday well you actually take you by the way for dinner. A room. Right brought me dinner tonight we won't say what establishment. Will say look there's enough things and I had a gift certificates though. Val you. Are your boy and I am very thankful offer that we have a great show for you were able torque with. Conner looked porno bug Golden State writers beat writer for the San Cisco chronicle I read him. Every day as I have like nineteen different sporting greens in front of me to root it's that time we are ready creative with your content. We'll talk with him at 845. We'll talk to you throughout the show candidate not 579570. Scott Miller. National MLB columnist for Bleacher Report and turner sports will join us at 930 in the John Dickinson. From the no Lola sung out there and east Al air hopefully getting down. A whole lot he's enjoying himself in between. Put microphones in between famous athletes and coaches faces yet to do imagine us in the by you know. We wouldn't make the shift the next morning while we need a late show yet they would have a back in mid day like afternoon or night we can do it. Morning show no way. I'm happy I'd be asleep in the gutter then do you know call the no comfortable too by the way I wish. I could sleep anyway. Anywhere anyways we'll talk to what John Dickinson. Somewhere between ten or 1030 we'll find out he's flying out there. To the by you if you will so we'll talk to him at some point as well lot of stuff to get too well obviously going to start with. The warriors the is that the first half the room start with first half and it's so dumb is deep common core math I don't do it but no we're past the halfway point well it's the all star break it's. So two thirds of the way through. And the warriors and how they played how you've seen. Them play how you feel about them how you feel about their chances and a foregone conclusion of the ball make the finals and win the finals. Also dream on dream last night getting rejected two technicals. Pretty quick you can weigh in candidate not 579570. Tripoli 957957. Needy Penske auto sell stock Comtex line. Is not 57 I'm far we are of course live from the DG DG dot com studios here in downtown San Francisco and on Twitter. At 957 the game is the station comments exports ZAK sports he's that should be guru dvd GU or you tweet at us. We will tweet back at you actually before the show guru somebody was saying. My favorite com dickering married couple real bickering married couple. I don't think so it's a new we have our problems bullet. Wanna divorce. I would I would describe it like that it takes that. Although enjoy tonight and enjoy Saturday 'cause who knows every show I do with you a country like my last. Let's get in his right Ahman Green I've I've talked about this odd nauseam. Okay and the bottom line is I've said that in Steve Kerr said at last night. They need that fire they need that energy they don't get it from anybody else nobody else is a red ass if you will on the team he is the guy. I've often said. No work the line is and you can split up to the line. Let's stop before before you cross it any cross the last night he got a little bit more leeway than actually thought he should've gotten. It was a bad foul call you can't talk to refs like that like you if you. It would be like me calling you the B word and you just chill and ambient like oh OK no big deal now you would flashed. If I called you the B word and essentially what he's doing is calling these breasts the B word that's the equivalent of how was acting. On the court so I'm just wondering. Steve Kerr basically said look no big deal we love the energy eight. At some point would you have somebody go talk to him about this or he's gonna letter raw. Just let it roll and to put it you know better terms. You take the good with the bad he drama on his own this leeway. Some people out there has acted steel will not you know forget about last year what transpired in the final yeah. But at the end of the day what this dude brings to your team. And he's only want to meet did break it to the team. We didn't get to showers early. I know it's bad optics it looks like defeat looks like dog life like like mayor almost. What I'm I'm good enough did all he had to say it's like when rule would just don't get attacked. But that's who we years are now and you markets cousins take to do with the bat in the well I'm Matt most DeMarcus Cousins up a whole different Steve Kerr was at the podium you know any said this is who he is we need it. And there was no private talk major mark. Obviously there's no talk so if there are not you know if they're fine with it you know obviously they're not saying egging them on. I'm not gonna blow it out of proportion because it's gist what comes with a magnificent. Drain mongering and take to do with debate. We put this on the pole or organ and yeah well that's a great one parent who didn't fit the course another concept but you're probably gonna back away from the question. If it if you think boxed him in there look we are home of the warriors. Senate to button bright embarks Campbell's. Does he give us slow and Saturday game that you aren't persuaded to you're looking at it if the love is. Is he is reciprocal than five if not then stop this stop shop and amount. We are home of the warriors so we're gonna get in trouble for this and don't put it out of the question and I would pose is this when it comes the dream on. As you said so the question would be when it comes to drum on question mark and then the options would be take to go but the bad. Or try and curtail. The what's the proper word. Job. Anger. Okay take the good or bad or trying curtailed anger because there's a lot of people will say if he does curtail it then. He's not going to be the same player he's notre he's neutered yes. And I never did that to my dog because my dad said that he never looked at is that his dog never looked at him the same after he neutered him so my dogs are neutered because of that reason so. I know exactly what you're saying but my point is shouldn't he be able to beat the junk your dog with outgoing and crossing the line. And break in the chain and biting somebody like you can Bork. Just don't bite. Just by Gibbs did it is easier to sit here you know on our phases say that. This guy is wired differently you think it's a switched its total he's awful on it it's a middle as some details image. How is that if you can't dim light debt. Like we have studio we're putting that on the smaller sets of controversial and take the good the bad music pegged to go over the no well they're expiring they got I don't know I don't know we are scared Shelby we will won't put anything out. The most politically correct show on the planet but I do wonder from dubbed nation candidate not 579570. Tripoli 957. 957 tax line 95795. I feel like dream on has the ability to do the image why I'm asking tell me why why do you feel that way. It's it doesn't solve this act up in Philly or so in the finals. And and that that's a problem. Hence me wanting to particulate what you say you see a lever or you feel like he has that button. I feel like he should be able to still be the junk yard dog still be the heartbeat of the team still be the aggressiveness and the passion and all that good stuff that they need the aggressiveness that they need. While also being able to not get kicked out of a game. I see when he goes to the line and I see where he should be able to pull back on that. And I mean it's the same way that it if you love to drive fast you should still be able to. Keep it arm under him you know old ten miles per hour over the speed limit. I told to a cop once told me. Five your foreign tenure mine which is why go nine miles per hour over the speed limit. 'cause I was told by a copy you don't get old for that when you have a driver now you're never bond will but yeah I did it. Used to have a driver to our now over he's gone I had. I'm off I think that got like three months to listens active he's listening pick me up over anyways the point is. You should be able to know like I don't gold 75. 74 you know why it's 65 out here and nine miles per hour is one mile per hour low more than ten he should be able to go nine miles per hour and not that tent over woman legal Dr. Phil want to please the warriors were lethargic in the first half. And guess what he did force team after he got thrown out. Day nothing there. Ass okay in this I don't think they rallied behind the question was what did he do. He did nothing. Wrong route he Bob did he took a shower getting is that you think he was in the locker room at halftime and you're like damn drama got thrown out we're down. Let's rally. It was eighteen it was like Roberta why did you do on the court do you score a point now on the court and grass around it what it was slow and my whole team will slow their third quarter it was great. Her third quarters have been historically going after he got out. OK so he contributed to the team just like getting thrown out I'm just say and you can't dismiss it and don't forget. Dream on received his ninth and tenth technical foul last night. Sixteen technicals Eagles are one game suspension now the markets is already way ahead all the way ahead too easy thing. Then write it on thankfully we're out of the halfway mark were the three quarter mark which is what they should call all star weekend. So he's got some time to do it and it resets in the playoffs but. Just in general and this is that this goes in line with what you were talking about game five. Kicks LeBron. Our that was an on that now gambles or rejects LeBron that was totally different. LeBron obviously. This broadcast and data for him to be suspended which he was but he's got to look on how to not do it Gerald the group were Johnson Zacharias. 95 point seven a game taking your calls candidate not 579570. AAA 9579570. Text line. Not 5795. I love it rural and I think you when I did you know we don't agree on a ton one of the things that we agree on is that we'd love. The junk yard dog we'd love the fact that dream on as one of the few guys the you can go to where you gonna get some attitude Klay Thompson. Allegedly a month saying that he smokes weed although we do get caught for that and wash lately let's. But he looks like he's high all the time stepped Currie is like a pastor Boyd. You know great and his wife and doing the cooking shows but like you don't get the junk yard dog feel out of him Kevin Durant same the same type deal. Dream on is the only area where you're getting a guy that seems like. Dammit. Ayman Al not only win this game a little when it being demonstrative. And ominous seven in your face animal to be angry about it Amador nasty and not dirty but nasty and and and has a grinder mentality and I love import. But Lauren. When to hit the brakes and I don't know who needs to do you know what love means unconditional. So you can't say on one hand Zach you love them in they beat them in my mom's listening she loved that statement she always talks about his emotional because that's what Steve Kerr. Soaking additional no love is on condition of my mom love you anymore. What if your mom killed me you would love are not yet you want it. Option and now to yeah. Let's get a reasoning many great and it's a singer sang. You just have to take the bad with the good obviously are what else can you do and do you have something you mr. Fritz aboard the night to where. You have and I deal I do that the warriors can implement yes. Do any would be negative now they would be a fine. I have a great idea well I can't wait Steve Kirk. Peter Guber Joseph lake up. Bob Myers Kevin Durant. Stepped curry. Clay Thompson. Andre Iguodala. All of them. Take him to a world we go look we need your fire do not tame your fire but to me your favorite. Pump the brakes when you have to. Don't get kicked out of a game don't get a technical he can still be fiery without crossing the line. That's the bottom line here and I heard Steve Kerr last night to my foot down on the polar is that these are you are scared of that too. There's like a more tamed version of the poll we do this one. Yeah are you playing next knock and actually put up on the ball so you want to feel good about the whole music. Are how about this. Can you be. Can you be fiery without crossing the line yes or no can we put that up that's not that that's that seems pretty tame. About a keyboard I would put the device control that I would put that aren't. I've still got a good chunk of our said that talks that they don't talk about it if they do because grandma doesn't stop him from freaked him out though. He freaks on the court I see it. It's it's blatant disrespect what did Bob Charles Berkeley's say. About Rick James he was a habitual lines snapper. I've never heard that from Charlie yeah he would tell stories about him and his brother. And they'd be out at club 121 or whatever New York. Andy called him a habitual lying step as he would always cross the line because he was alleged. Target and allegedly a relatively little. On blow away in them and it's on a and so he would cross the line and so Charlie Murphy had a slap them a couple of top white horse. The point is you can you can be fiery without being a habitual lines that. He habitually crosses the lines Armando but he's not a happy day exact it's not every day not and he's what are we can add their reason were they have already have won the fines were at ten okay aren't and my point to you again you've always had that one friend that has baggage but you still you have love for that free and digital when you go out in public you are brace yourself or if they could be up to let's execute well you don't just debris for disparate. Just say you're not my friend anymore dear leader were Johnson Zach or ride at a five point seven began taking your calls. And it may not 579570. AAA 9579570. Text line 95795. Can try Ahman Green continue to bring the passion that he needs to the aggressiveness. He's hot. The anger really hot last night the army but that was histories hot can he do that without getting text I don't think I believe that began. And we have nominee got last season. Well I don't bracket he got suspended. Import in the playoffs as part of it. He got. Looked it up for me the kick so the you know what of and I think that's bureau that doesn't the regular season and three sets exactly but I think he got involved. Normal Democrat Jeff I think Libya a bit naive if you think that they have and you don't just talk to not see you must do it. Dislike don't you know you can't leave us without your services. Yet his thirteen Latin while he's on thirteen last year in the regular season what about the policies. Oh we know about that would be suspended specifically for the kick or was suspended because he had too many. Looked up I think you're right the latter on our own candidate not like seven I'm 57 no bomb. I just think that look if it was you go over and you're not on the warriors and I was who would I be a pipe like collect the announcer got stroke out there. Who knows what Bieber and if you dream on and Alice collided. Even if it was clay who I don't think probably has the proper level of authority. In terms of talking to him I don't think anybody does it is not because of status because of personality quickly put. You could talk to my point is if if if you or drape last night. And we won the game we beat the kings it's all good you got rejected I would go to our goal look. Who were a lot of the past and I love the fact that you're out there and your soul. Passionate about winning and and and and and it was a bad foul call I would give you all that but I do like. Four for the team for everybody. Just take it back one notch when you're about to get those tax because you can do what you're doing without getting the technical files. That's how I feel and I feel like. I know what you're saying it's either on or off my my dad used to call me a light switch she said when you were on you were on full tilt Chile and then when you were asleep you were completely knocked out there was no in between for you there was no dim switched. For you but you've got to be able to have that and he should be able to have dad and I feel like a deal would it. Expressed that to you without it being a bad thing. And with you actually being able to go you know what you're right I can I can just back off a little bit when I'm about to get to tax in a row and it kicked out of the game. Yeah but but at the end of the day's act take basketball white these are grown Meehan. Who have their traits and terroristic. And I don't the clay staff who has children or is he had time to try to change a grown man. Or even talked to warm. And it is what idiot is this a leopard now being outrageous odds that you what happened. After he got the tick in the second half they went on look incredible run I'm not saying it was planned but they rallied. Around the fact that he was absent. Which is finally gets the kings it's not a final against the cavs in the finals that dated 89579570. Jeremiah green accumulated three flagrant foul points during the playoffs part of game for the finals the fourth flagrant. Triggered the automatic suspension item in the in the finals yet 'cause it resets and it's a different scale. But he still gotten he's got he's got to be able to homeland and go to the phone lines rich. And Sam Paul say what separates. Haywood. But that Richard B. Just the ability and it's Saturday. We're prepared to tackle this is now reporting that Marcel. I'm we get to in programs that do that think he's Dottie yeah we talked about him. You in. Basically to. It. Oh. Were available here and yeah I think we're gonna go. We worked this Saturday it's a weekend doable we can next time that it is pretty got to the dubs. I. The trying to trying to you know base the train me and it's really. The warriors are what they've been based we single. Ticket policy ball. In diplomacy and it. Okay and using it you go and make it. These ball so. It'll trend line gets bigger. Each. In. Place where. You don't get the typical game and he really. Changed. You know is that. The media and succeed in a critical stage so I believe the ship. It. It. Yet we need to see. That however. You basically. Georgia want to present at that. Point security. It just. Call who'll protect against is that. Because. I mean. He should be able. To. It took to be questioned. A K and the question. Can he keep it there to keep. Exactly thank you rich appreciate the phone call that's my exact point and I wonder. And I'm with you guru Greg maybe you can't have one with the other. Right Mary with children can have one without being. Had a crush on page and that's actually Frank Sinatra patent. The red and OK now we've got to love sounds and argued to a time. I liked the the blonde daughter but okay in them policies ovaries neither here nor there bomb. Maybe you can't have one without the other but I doubt I feel like you have the look how about this. You're a class clown did you get in trouble in school all yes okay me too that put my name up and then we get to check your pit again called and I would stay after the crime big not to get called though don't get Adrian Peterson McDonald box. Believe that right there are just for a second opinion that I I know I am aware. All right let me go yes end and then you can hear my voice so I was incapable of telling any secrets ever saw was constantly in trouble in school. But here's the thing. I knew who. When I was gonna get sent to the principle and I never crossed that line I went right up to it. I did everything back I don't pass notes the girls. I talked to my home boys I did I did everything until I knew I was actually gonna get in real trouble and then I structure can now would play wanna ask the law. Okay so again I go back you take the good with the bad. And I look at DeMarcus Cousins if you have game which both of these players do yeah and you are emotional leader for the team. You got back up and let him be who they play. But cousins in the same why. Category as three models topping Sacramento well that week but no okay the warriors are in trouble bow if if DeMarcus Cousins is in the same category as dream on green the the warriors are in trouble. He needs to not be even close to the due to the DeMarcus Cousins category. The skeletons are full blown nut job now I love him his game is ridiculous is even shooting threes now it's certainly don't Zach. But that's a problem for the warriors because the kings. Org barely trying to get the eighth seed the warriors are trying to win the championship. We can't be talking about cousins. And green in the same conversation and feel comfortable about the warriors chances of winning the title. I got to hone it in Zack and from the tax line is it's a few of our. One from the 51 all say it almost looked like ray was trying to get kicked out and that's why I'm almost giving him credit because he saw how look target people wrong ticket about the your plans for him maybe he was like after it I'm going to take this one for the team and look what happened home for our recorder one of the greatest quarters this season. I'm just sit don't underestimate drink. And throw a flag on meet first. Lie lie and I missed and I'm at a bus the myself well do you do when a guru just months of their purse from a good guy. You know I mean I'm I'm just nod and admitting it. I talked about that that Kevin Durant dream on green dust up when they were yelling at each other but more phobia I thought it was something a little bit bigger. Come to find out. Dream I was doing that on purpose because he wanted to get Kevin Durant and Williamson someone Kevin Durant started dropping the F bomb that's all I'm saying he turned to the left so they Kevin Durant couldn't see him and he smiled it's that is exactly what he managed. But this this is not an example of that is sticky and RJ this was an example of dream on not being able to hone and im not trying to fire is being Mickey so you think so yeah I say it I want. This out in UE you know they should beat the kings about thirty in the first half yes think yourself into re shorts that are edited on 579570. AAA 957957. Let's go to Josh. In the big city big well. Also job disarming and. And it was gone off Charlotte fire broke Lou good to your job back on the already out there and. Yeah name you know our eyes on Saturday and Sunday it's tough to keep bubble gore many leaves me every chair of the dead cell lines don't wanna I Quetta I keep the immune arms and. And yeah RE right on top slot Burton a couple Andre imam and our. You know line. One outraged auriemma is a target bro like I'm Nigerian team or lack all the way. It's hard to kill somebody not to do something not being allowed a game blog up apportioned I would think it one game I'm a man who coached. He got attacked by hanging on the right and don't want ba and alleged text that root out artwork or even the one outlook on saint. I would defer comment spam out so you go back. And a lot all they're both bad out like to go and play occupancy. Bet. It will use the target and and yet to not end. Two things he's our. Eject patent and put in the position we're demonstrating yet not. Gently they'd go overseas and just like in points and then all of a plunger in everything in the playoffs and I have to believe. All of my heart that your name you know like. When he do it to play out like bro. You have that target that you can't believe he's not and you just haven't been able to demonstrate that there and and every important and the eight. What are well last night Josh what about last why it was last night. Not an opportunity for him to you know all too to show that he can do it. Out of luck because at the regular meeting to be short on par or against its own. That's like me. Honestly my one. The occasional bursts. And you never let that commentary. Should it play out and make clear ought because they aren't likely that the Obama over. I don't do it neared sixty. Not clear laps. Being broke right. Smart basketball where we do your pocket interviewed ready to. It took immediate EP panel thank you know so he can't now. Play our jet. If you go back to. It. Michael Irvin get blown out ports and a lot of people are. Here in the oh yeah they're not watching her lip and an embroidered on the radio hearing him say that not technical staff income that it they're seeing on. That's not that. Apple acting out or opt out the car so calm so let them so Ria or that you're part. In. Bombay they're. Well that likes to play out on the Mac. Much like. I hope I'm there I'll be right Josh call any Tommy love when you call and Josh and Oakland. Bomb I hope your right but the bottom line is he's got to figure out before them because that might be some Dicey times in the playoffs whether it's Houston whether it's. OK see whether it's the spurs while we're going to as Jackson as I believe he has control. They did not 579570. Certainly not 579570. Tex why not 5795 if you're on hold stay there a promise you we'll get do you Connor but torn Al Golden State Warriors beat writer for the San Francisco chronicle. Do you make of dream on and the antics. Now that's exactly right and it could on 95 point seven big game. Welcome back Bay Area 95 point seven again alongside Darrell the guru Johnson I am zag trying to. We have mole hill some people call him felled else on the ones and twos for the night big cat fans we have six viable. Jamie. Depends I mean look man people are dead wrong when nicknames away for me. That I give to people didn't six file those good right we're good on him like him. Moe hill not so much room Cleveland fan that better. That's Tim Roy says did it felt how's it. Probably get a lot of love from the US USF. Staff. Shouts out to them and they said we were coming up they said the station's call letters. We appreciate that at the top of the hour furor on hold Ivan and Steve won't get to you or anybody else you wanna weigh in. On dream on green and his antics from yesterday. Here's the deal. I love it doom just wanted to be a controlled. Temper. Go to the limit don't cross that candidate not 579570. Tripoli not 57. 957 fax line 95795. Right now a man that I read every. Day or every time he writes. In my sporting green to December Cisco chronicle. Connor but torn O Golden State writers. God Golden State Warriors beat writer for the San Francisco chronicle on Twitter at COM underscores CH or O and that's. That can't underscore on how or UConn. I'll give them it's got to Doyle a few hours ago involved that'll what should be an edge in next he'd. Take a glance. I hope you enjoy the hell out yourself cause I'm jealous the tomb with the two places on my bucket list Connor. Off for the United States is New Orleans and Miami I have not been the either I want to go to ball. They got yummy that happened there yet. There. My my worry is that if I go to either I'll never come back. Especially Miami Todd Connor let's start with Dodge Ram hungry and help us solve this dilemma to my partner and I've been gone back and forth. On whether or not dream on is capable of going to the line but not crossing it I I feel like he could still be the fiery guy but the warriors need Steve Kerr talks about it all the players know what he he's unlike anybody else on the roster I feel like he can get to that point without getting kicked out in getting the technical fouls. Do you think it's either one of the other like eaten either enjoy the benefits of him being a fiery guy or heaven be passive and not as you know all of not is up productive. We'll kind of the countries that make that is electorate on beat grandma again they're gonna take it hazel technical. Beat these objections. If it means that they're getting back out fired and and emotional leadership. Out of jury that they though. Dyer at some of it about -- seem like it. Too pretty or her night at a firm a lot of the property currently upbringing. Patents globally are becoming dependent on him when when America. When they're stalling now eighties is critical and so they're going to take. I'm at bat with all the active at that magic that comes along drama. Connor bear with me Yardley get a little crazy this may come off as is such. But when you look he Klay Thompson when he first came in the league I felt like he was a by product what's Tim Curry was doing. And a soldier is awesome to watch his growth but now the growth just seems to be skyrocketing. And I'm thinking and if you put clay Thompson let's just say on sacrament or the lakers. Klay Thompson is still gonna be that Klay Thompson. That we see would do rant and curry. Do you think the league knows now I know Charles Barkley just as beholden to him in high regard but do you think Klay Thompson is becoming like. Maybe all NBA. First team or second team right before our eyes of these don't want it out bolting in and he's don't want it it's ash. Yeah I think Uga only in the conversation. Every year made. Stride I think it a lot more we Wear it and than people give credit or yet he's that your time but it certainly has become more than that perimeter defenders. And so. On exit or. The people credit report while also. You'd become a no longer justice shooter. Eight year Korea one thing which obviously units cheating. He can. You have it in all of them by you become a good about where he'd users. Commerce. Late night conversation occur on. Connor look turn row Golden State Warriors beat writer for the services so chronicle good enough to joins there'll the group were Johnson. Zack Ryder 95 point seven a game of give your phone calls. Well here coming up next candidate not 575570. Tripoli 957. 9570. Connor when it comes to how you expected all of the different roles to change. As the year went along a lot of people talked about would. Would clay get less shots would step get less shots would KD take less shots than meets up with the thunder last year. Ahman Green and it seems like Trey marches sacrificed all offense the other three guys are taking this and a lot of shots. It could this have gone any better for the warriors organization the warriors team and and and everybody involved is it seems like the three guys are taken out. An equal share of the pie when it comes offense and dream on to says you know what I'll get a triple double without even in getting the points necessary. Yeah I think a lot of ways basket there army and of course it could be as. Load rabbit he's in there is going to be our anchor which we mean and obviously. Curried took one out account. Figure out how to play with Iran during that it and it. They rule on one's Iran I think he was really adamant to declare. An opening night on. But. Hurried panic yet he's had a couple back injury. I think he's figured out how to Iran and and away has become it has talked about it wanting his Corey is accurate that you need the ball would be year. Dynamic in the BA to make an impact on the game is all they can Ecstasy tablets were perpich in the opera. Entering mine. I think he's having is that even today even now the obvious. But he is taking a dip it in the opposite numbers I think what he's done defensively. And pretty incredible and he also incurred at the old bitter dispute out. I think they're great ship I think there really get to anchor a better spot and they ordered I'm last year that opened up a lot detained in the not peaking yet out. I think wears sensible bill pretty optimistic about that. Connor so much about La sports and life is about confidence and on C and confidence just lose an added JaVale McGee. I wanna know have you seen it and are you shocked that the improvement. That he seems odd to me they've shown since the beginning of the season. Comedian bill. The best Oreo. On this team that he's in the dagger you. Well that'll lead this summer you know he had that leg injury that is really in other news now opponents. The fact in the pool guy and it's bound. I think he found a really did it with gold stayed he's doing exactly what he does well which a lot run. Or block the occasional shot an app unions do any thing. That he's not good that. I got plenty of space in the floor because he's playing with more great players. And I think he's really happy in just comfortably told me today that he's actress her and in his career. And I think he's still. Oh really fulfilled because. You know regular firm. Can't little little but rejected by the lead him into demonic or it only can not even operative and training camp. Non guaranteed in this summer so you wouldn't pilgrims in the summer and out here he is targeting. Temporarily albeit by starting war vet in the league spoke. You know a good spot. Carter would turn oh Golden State Warriors beat writer for the San Francisco chronicle go get a subscription you kids. All of you guys on the Internet don't get that green thing you can hold in your hands. On Twitter at con underscore Krahn CON underscores CH aura when. Connor thank you for your time enjoy the by you for the bulk of us police. Yeah. Added 89579570. Tripoli 9579570. Tax line 95795. If you're on hold stay there. We'll get to you it's on to talk about Andre mongering and whether or not he can real daddy and also the first half that we Saul. An amazing woman. In all honesty and what it's all that plus we'll hear from Steve Kirk what his thoughts on George mongering.

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