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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Why he's okay. There. More than 45 minutes in the books. Yeah well sort of politics a look at my time card that's going to be a full hour. Don Collins. Would we care about you Danny. Rising you know on your right there. Fort Scott. After he won the AC. Divisional these whales can't wait yeah. You said what they have our back Tom Jackson only half what about you. Keys on. And he's been written wanna watch stat line yes they're. We'll see you win. I forget where it's courteous can't why Ethiopia loved the south Allentown Leo yes that back that was the man doing it well welcome Bob back Gerald under her job to exact a ride 95 point seven. The game we have two hours to dull for you we have Scott Miller at the bottom of the hour national MLB com is for Bleacher Report. It's about that time man pitchers catchers are reporting on Randy. You know what I hate though was that. Arizona Florida sunshine. That's when baseball supposed to be plate all in des Pittsburgh New York wash it did it snowy cold and rain outs in New York Cleveland. I do is oxymoron I. I hate. Did they start off with the sun out in the when the games count it's cold everywhere buddy well that's the cold weather cities. We all that and then. Tom so. We all unmanned and got standing ban it from the candidate not 57 not 57 Al we've been talking about very mongering can you. If I say trained and know that could be bad things in Rome I am there. Continue curtail. Somebody. To get to see you you do if he's gonna get suspended. I told you. Candidate not 57957. Al Tripoli 9579570. The Penske auto sales dot com tax line is not 575. On Twitter at 957 again to we post a poll or we gets here we got scared even from the second one. Of the Tibetan god you guys are terrified. Our turn out to know from box can. I thought the second question was varies. Some dude. Was it not. Who boring old willow and now I do want to do controversial look more to apply in this. At triple. GU war you are mad exports. ZAK sports if you wanna talk dubs were doing that. Great first half again my only issue and you get dream on green to curtail his actions just mismanaged. Trouble in on 579570. While we are of course lies from the DG DG dot com studios in downtown San Francisco from the text line who were. Help me with this police. From a foreign five. I honestly can't believe that you guys don't paint the dubs have talked drama about this issue. Exclamation point. This is a top tier professional sports franchise they analyze and talk about everything. Tool. Exclamation points. Especially this team which is at the head of the pack when it comes to analysis. There is no way they haven't discussed this already Zacks trip and tryst in formal ram. And I absolutely agree I I totally agree color but I don't think the conversation is like your teacher. Telling New York we're gonna call your parents that analogy used I believe it's like hey. Don't change. You know they do they have some constructive criticism I'm sure but getting rejected note you want your job gill as our dog if that's what it takes your text and look what happened after he got it last night after an hour you feel that he got thrown out I will happen I saw that say they went on an unbelievable tear you think Dan had nothing to do with him getting thrown out no. I don't. Wow. How could him not being on the floor help. The fact that it was in it that he got the blood don't when he got that. He he snapped a matter that the team was in the lowly it was walking sleep walking a bond. And stay at Stanford. Public cal bear Seoul would tread lightly Armando had a mark. I won't. Yeah it's a global. So. Disposed toward guru. Won't say I'm Lisa dragging by Cisco. Until now that means to go ahead. Singer. I know Cisco with a blond hair what is unleash the dragon a song OK I do in my Janet Jackson control his plan offers a case. Via exactly. So my goal a pillar tell you it I wanted to say you're trying to turn alignment so vegetarians. I think he's is got a straight month just got to be drama. OK so allow the tax and the injections and all that good stuff. Right well I mean I think that's the reason why JaVale McGee uses it is plain that part of it is I'm JaVale McGee came out. In the third quarter fired up yeah. Our Dan did how bad is exact of 47 and nine. Are not. Had they argue that the nitpicking store I just want. Try to Mon two contenders yourself as last year on a bigger level which was the big yeah it cost them what does this what are we doing this golf. But the announcement is a song song yeah hop in this moaned his career after you think it back and here is some kind of is this yeah well I haven't seen her. But I to answer that allowed you like you know I'm saying there aren't. Ams you know not 57 are far as the text line please irrelevant now does Cisco played the other team. Thanks so. Didn't this video cemented. On the beach I don't know. No it won't be peace happy and Dan bell. Sabre Steve what do you. Hey Q here Eric. We can't when he got. So you guys need to realize that that the one thing about train motto what he's doing is not about one day it's about 82 game. And it's about to play. He's now positioning between putting them in the right state getting everybody realized fired everything he does. He had kicked out now it doesn't matter. But it's about the overall. Construct 88 being the year and then getting rate could play. We need the fire we need to get them fired up idiot going on they get kicked out so what. About a ball on her knees now focus on the long term and looking at the overall ease in a different. Give Steve that's kind of my point my point is that. The more techs he gets the more he puts himself and a bad spot. Yep but he but he it yet you may put himself in bad spots but what is routine do. Egypt team reaction. Everytime he's doing in the knees looking at it from a different perspective that what we. Is that they've been about a one gamer regain its spent you know whatever. He's looking at a I would respect that 82 being a year. And they have to do what needed. And you know that he's the only guy that can step over the car and eat something different. And get them fired up. I agree I agree Steve that even a phone call I do I get well I like to echo and there are only four up on San Antonio. That is all fine and dandy until it cost you. A championship. And you could make the argument that last year trim on cost them a championship. That that would pictures of talent that's about it and that's the point where he needs to hold back. Even if LeBron is stepping over you not agree with the suspension at all it was horrible it was a joke yet but. That. With hold that it pulls. You should be able to do that. It's like telling Mike Tyson did just hold it down Libya yes skip a little bit yeah you can. Just this huge enough to win. Candidate not 57957. Al Tripoli 9579570. Durable wood Johnson Zach Iraq. Money five point seven again Josh in Foster City without just. They get they get there. And so when the warriors on candor and you know everyone knew that it's going to be an offensive weapons and irritation by. You know for me personally I didn't realize how agree with indecent and brought the best offense in the league. And now to be believed it we have the second that decently I mean it's that. It's really just a block from the watched his team and now and I guess you can say never really well the last tango in in the night in without being used by. If fifteen it would need to retire. Reid and agreed with incredible. And and I want guide. I know world halfway through these are. One way more than house yet to us yeah and and you guys releasing bought then taken and every one in. Question wasn't. I so wanted to bring this up later and jambalaya take the phone call Josh. Do you think there's any threat to to Cleveland. I told you are winning these you know that he took on Sunday at that they can kits Cleveland especially now that is your pick. Sort. Now that yeah I did say they were advocates clicker has a two back on so I still there I wouldn't be shocked if tickets who was that the team only Padilla was busted their route to project came in the only to collect those somebody else that those aren't mentally and about going to Toronto. As still not makes them better for you but they're too far back from my taste Arctic it's candidate 957957. No triple play 95795. Semi tech's line 95795. Let -- on golf. Or hone your met. Little bit a little bit hone them in a little bit is all a masking volunteer from Steve Kirk. Sound courtesy I'm assuming. CS and we it to. Your two. Sites down on a regular basis guru I'm assuming CSN. Your Steve Kerr concern maturing bonds ability to controls emotions. Out. There that I thought a fair bit of a pals out of negative effect. Leo we we love drain money plays with a image and we need damage in many ways he. Represents. Our toughness and an energy and and it's you know we struggle sometimes. Without him. To bring bring the energy that wasn't the case tonight obviously without him we stepped up and third quarter. He sounds he's sounds like somebody that is cautiously optimistic about. His player his player that I mean he knows that this is his guy. And in in you've got to be careful about is sound our snow just been describing it. Like yeah. Like I've got a coach that has a player. To Wear. His positives. Just crushed. The negative aspect of his game and he's not gonna blow it out of Pope. Asked with Steve Carson. Drake doesn't come out the Locke and tonight don't we get the (%expletive) you know Obama are we get thrown out but let your dad team needed to fire. And he had the matches and he lets you war. You error pretty strongly. Correct me if I'm wrong. To be wrong for you and you strike me as a person where you seem to air parties. Pretty horrid on the side of this person needs to be doing this for the championship. God Dallas. You know dad press Scott and Tony Romo yet you had a good rookie quarterback. But you could had a better one that modern legend of the championship hagee put him in there. So. What I'm saying is. All the good that comes from him being aggressive they're the bad port. But I would think that you wouldn't normally folk to focus on the you're not right tomorrow you'll see you calling you label it bad. I'm labeling the timing all of it he did it on purpose just like Steve Kerr about final. So game at Sacramento yes and they want to climb what about a finals right did what about the finals. It that was different Oca. That's bad timing. Got me there are that was different heating heating bill kick him on purpose okay. So you think is gonna halted in what about Adams and ugly you know the idea to via. You think in general he's going to be a brilliant home this especially after last year's finals are Saturday not 57957. Els go to Dino. In this. The ADL. Sub camp. It. You're so this. Why apple won't call him my day. Doubled he don't make up the slot which you. The dispatcher say do. Swap out core three. It's so it is a woman are Jon and still locked in not John Stockton John in stock demands of jobs he rejected. Well. You won double layered and they call what you. Are being. In the war. That ballot in the locker room. Are a Little Rock or not. But just how well. They are even. Higher green. Alert from last year by an old you know like. By the way. Now but not critical situation and I think he owed them or to go at them. At a basketball player but. You're right I mean the guys at an optimal. You make an Aaron he'd bring it coach you know. Turnout hi Gregory John look I agree with that soon to a point. Mike. You can date a girl it's hot to a point. Not to allow her to get away with anything. Will all depend on how hot is yell no very doesn't matter that it Jessica out Blanco and I holly Barry and Jennifer Lopez all mixed into one big gumbo. I am not let you get away with. Some things like body. That bubble look at the bubble but I don't care bubble blunted your lacrosse field line and Bob by police on journalism Estes. How much money should put in the looking that good yeah dude it's like sixty did it might be seventy. Body 2.5. Grandma to about the point. The point is this. To a point. Is where you allow that. And dream on a hassle learn how to not cross the point that's all man that's all that's all I'm saying I look nobody. Personable do you know more breaks of people than me. After we ask god mole hill and 650. How abrasive Meyer on a scale of one to ten button nine. On the left him out of 613. Can about a six. Meet. I'm terribly abrasive. Anyways. You take it to a certain point we just can't cross the line. That's why you're the good cop on the back up. Our relationship they used to exist. Anymore and I will expire on Saturday. You. I feel like you gear. How special dream is. It is more than just basketball. It seem motion back up and everybody. Held up as Israeli backed up my ears. The lake update you know what they have top nobody's gonna sit here. I don't know. That's where store and crossed that line. He's a junkyard dog is old never let him cross that line how many texted odds were in my corner that's totally different ends yeah he's completely get out he was tame what in the NBA he wasn't so into mineral. In baton pass me and back up a little he's got Zack I hear you I'm not saying in this is these are paying. But until you would tell me and I would tell him not new era because any pay we need to talk to close the door any all that. It's all bad in you lose your enforcer I feel like you would tell me and I would tell you. If I was doing too much you would tell them there so you put it that so who gets the blame on the team that's not having that conversation that we don't. Don't know this hasn't it this ever existed it could are already existed Zach. Heard he's a grown ass man horror. Are men aren't pop was a Rolling Stone it will then back up and I appreciate you trying to talk to me exact but I'm still be me what back up a little bit. In there's friction just a little bit today if clay during rant horror that they come out of with that approached you lose. You lose them. And what you wanna say hey great debate. Earlier we're Johnson I don't I 95 point seven the game candidate not 579570. AAA 957. 9570 Penske auto sales doc Comtex 0195795. Of course we are alive from the DG DG dot com studios and downtown San Francisco can be here. Off from Kerr again playing. With an edge to we have that memorial. After him on he's always a play on that edge and tonight he crossed that cross stitch and we need him to walk to outline and we we don't wanna take away that chip on his shoulder but we need him on the floor to. Exactly. So for Needham on the floor. Last night they did it well and I wonder drain knew that they did he's not on the floor he's getting rejected. But he got ejected against the teams aren't you get addicted gets OKC Saturday night did he Alan C hammer fell go ahead Al. I think they might call eight I think payment on. You know it back I agree with you I am. Yes pat caught went in the past you you alluded to the final last year if mom were on. Sacramento or Phoenix will be talked about and members you know another bogey cousin so. You know it's all fine and well but he's a motive later that either in the top guys got it. It is this have bad consequences in the past and it it may in the future and these are the pen he's got six more black forest are being suspension. Already thought that would bode yep in Sacramento so. You've got a real it and and I know it's that fine line between. You know being the tough guy and and yell and going over that line. And and you like right now climate the regular Q again in Sacramento no big deal. But we've we've seen what happens. On that biggest stage so so I you know I don't know they talk to him about that Bob Myers concur in all of that. IP either he's too Smart to give a player for him that corn belt and that this I'm I'm. Totally agree totally agree thank you Al for the phone call here's the finger but I want to ask you some look I love the aspect of what. Nobody else on the warriors can bring. Maybe a person may be David West. Maybe he's not sobre Trulia. Maybe they can bring the toughness that he does I'd I'd love it. But curtail it that's all you gotta do don't get kicked out of the game. And don't take this the wrong way I will. Are you bothered by the optics. In the anywhere. All right Laura bonds showing how did these technical that was how I played. I love it. But I knew the limit. And I do you think some people are bothered by may be having their kid to the game see in this guy just act a fool would like angry black man now. It's not a basket now I don't think that's it I think he's built up the reputation then you play that way you love it yeah yeah you hate. Well I knew when to stop. I think you do those two aren't. He didn't last night and again tick. In regard to the finals that wasn't verbal. Even though you know he got a verbal yeah he did get him out there yeah that was Il wrestling but anyway I deal which is and I just think. Right now file or to give you a survey almost the lawyers biggest problem in the first half. I feel like you would lead the technicals from drama yes and want facts. Go to be in Frisco. What celebrity. Preacher spoke cargo. Out the box trying to comment on its old situation. What do you think about the part though he's their right mind. Got a technical. In order to move forward immediately have to address the slate NAFTA promised that he had to go and. You're all. It's really odd. Thank you for me in Frisco that is far ranked but I don't think we're gonna get to that. Well I was gonna use that as best it's all gonna tell you about it we were gonna do that later Michelle. Bomb there's nobody talks that are about that the us. Now say that about an armed. I love the idea about it but I don't run for many he didn't run out of that now it's gonna catch -- tomorrow yes yeah it isn't well coached him. I have heard that idea. And I don't think should raise the type to run for me think if anything you want it more I don't think so we've if you wanna know. Well no my point is he wanted more microphones. To echo his sentiments did he sit on the pot tell the hardest jobs they'll do that he's not the tried to run the other way. Day yeah. Andrade betting coup yeah Zahn now I don't think that's it but I didn't want to teach yet I do wanna get in bed when. And great statement there. Art we're gonna bump can we bump Scott Miller I don't care who we call Scott a federal Dana is not well book. Can you call Scott in the commercial break you know Carmona to graduate 45 and 940 fives at 930. Some would do on a candidate not 57957. Al trouble late 957970. Text line 95795. A lot of people want to talk. But destroy him on green. Topic so will do that we'll talk baseball Scott Miller had 945. Now got this act a rise ended two on 95 point seven big game. Welcome back Bay Area not a five point seven the game alongside dear old the guru Johnson I am sick ride coming up at 945. The last thing we received Scott Miller. National MLB columnist for Bleacher Report and turner sports children is at 945. You know why people wanna weigh in on drain money candidate not 57. 957 ultra polite 95795. Severed its excellent. Not 579510. O'clock I think we'll do low. Rule do womb to malign. Jumble why. We don't have and you wanna you're crazy you know we I mean we jumble at. We have a big time show on Saturday I was gonna do whoa all the the idea that residencies that's him that's on the right there before roamed the pick John Dickinson well. Joins us live from new audience. Will talk to him at some point between 1015 and 1030. Figured out. We have a bunch of stuff to get to the right now skid to the phone calls the world. We have Dino in Oakland he was talking about turn Margolis Dino. Yeah it would sell I had to let me dialect and then yeah. Let me Glenn Edward Thomas memoir bizarre Baghdad. And. What do you do they Andre and the big portrait of wood off like dad was played at Sacramento in the program. Bill. Margaret not to go to did not do believe what you went up like dead according to do they need to and beat. Them competent team and I think he. It's we'll continue to do it seemed that situation would directory. Legal situation wouldn't want to play our time when you get a good moment I have to advocate that played terrible in the. I agree with you 100 pursuit. Poll are. Exactly what was right now. He did that on purpose than to do it to the eighteen under where why and what was the show he admitted. How great it even did it created good coach. They. I think about it that they don't get credit for that coaches. Very good coaches necessary and I'm pretty sure I'll talk nobody know this. At this time how do what I mean you keep doing what you need she's doing well. All right Rickie Dino pursuit and you don't win if what you we say he's this emotional leader it's not just about. I'll raw raw sometimes you gotta give you got to cost. A star Zach. You got to cop has seen yeah and came in and what happened after he got thrown out the team won on Iran although was in the current quarter you kiss sailed straight short of that mantra. Do you current Mike Brown look like hey I'm not gonna do it this is what we got him four and let him say his piece of wood to the showers early. Do earlier were Johnson Zach a ride on a five point seven a game taking your calls candidate not 579570. AAA 9579857. Tax line. 95795. Some numbers guru as you know on the numbers man. I'm no not. A movement like it is a joke. The best. Plus points differential. For a quarter over the last twenty seasons are you ready. Didn't and number one is point. Five point eight. In the third quarter. For the warriors in this season. So the wars have been out scoring their opponents by point five point eight poker in the third quarter this season. Last year. Number two last year. Plus five in the first quarter. For the warriors they came unbeaten volley lob to you from the game number three is four point five in the first quarter this year the warriors. And number four is the cavs plus four point four in the first quarter in 2008. Those are your four. Highest rated scoring outputs per quarter. Over the last forty years. I'm fine would you blame on doing what he did last night but you can't tell me that against the cavs that's gonna help. Him not being on the court is not going to be a good thing. It's not right in everybody in the warrior organization knows that in doing my nose it. A Christmas when they played the cast and indeed among more MLK day. Did you write give me any fisticuffs did he get do you have to go to the shower no because the energy was up exactly does not worried from a general no he won't have to pick in two you can also play or skull China when it comes to the emotion. Up this ball club that's his assignment. The warriors have 1640. Point third quarters this season and cannot how many can you guess who was number two. And what the number of quarters they have. The warriors have 1640. Point third quarter cell Montana are there's so who's this sick yep. With six. Boston and San Antonio you know. A led the warriors have sixteen. Santo has eleven we have six. But I'm okay I'm not now I'm so. It's just been there in the third quarter Saturday not 579570. AAA 957. 9570 text line 95795. Scott Miller will join us to talk baseball here at the what is it the quarter hour. In the bottom of the hour the top of the hour what is the what is not 45. Quarter did so from calling. Out more talks as he can we'll talk to him them. My thing in general is that you need dream on to be dram on. On a regular basis. But you can't have your cake and needed to. And have we seen that since his tenure here in Golden State he's done it done. Donating games. Of course you've Siemens many important games this was a throwaway game the team was lacking emotion they were losing to the lowly teams. Any gotten Reyes. Let's hear from step Currie. Talking about a dream on is a dream on greens. Projection as you alluded to might have sparked the win. We knew we'd have to make up for his absence in the second half we want to win so there's a message straight there. No next. Found a way to. Turn the momentum back in our favor in. Didn't take long force it sued to do in the second half in his start the third quarter and you know you can now scorching 4215. That and ourselves. What a terrible message. Just terrible in the legal Dr. Phil again police. Maybe he wasn't yelling that the rest like we think he was he was so bluntly yellen it is damn team. As there were a couple of times. I won't say now I have a couple guys got beat backdoor yeah and the ball's going to the hoop and he's looking around like. WT. Then. I know did you guys so I'm just saying that maybe he was fed. Was fed up. Edited on 57957. Outs or blade 9579570. Tax line 9575. View one way and I can. Dream on green get to the point without crossing. The gifted. And asked. What should make an eighteen million dollars a year what's money got to do with. I'd get that a lot of Mac cross now below were regularly talk drama out of 957 together in a we'll get to your phone calls. We'll talk some baseball Scott Miller. What's public that that play words somebody starts on second and extra innings Allan we're here. Now that's exactly right and it could on 95 point seven big game. Yes sir earlier were Johnson Zach ride 95 point seven the game coming up at the top of the hour. While we may or may not have John Dickinson who live from new Laden's. Figured out he's down there boots on the ground as per usual microphone everywhere I actually I saw them on forced take. Who. John Dickinson. Asking curl about a dream on grain. This Oregon. How would you be asking her about jury back. While they were used in the clip you have a resume play well last. When the 51 on the text line are covered in my car for eight and a half hours it's cool turn on the radio exacting guru yes. You're welcome Favre now that it right now I aids. I think job pitchers and catchers report Carol is that sure my time. That's when we talked to Scott Miller national MLB columnist for Bleacher Report and turner sports. Check him out on serious exam MLB network. Radio also on Twitter at Scott Miller BBL Scott how or. I'm real and that greetings from the great brutally. Just land and a border must. Lucky you'll. I yet either Florida or Arizona right thumb that I die I I have yet to be apart of spring training but I would love to at some point. You share in the year it's are like a lot of everybody is relaxed and everybody uses home. Our president get mode everybody's excited to give back to work but what he's got into a sloppy oh you've lost a game yet though it sure has thrown a bad outing yet. There's optimism and you know if tomorrow for borrow from our perspective on our side so because baseball that we can. I'm pretty good access you can actually talked with values. You know more than in more than just. You know two minute sound bites you can sort out what people and kind of get in the there had been. So what they're thinking and get to know that what that's all of that is so good and helped bring in the game that I. Yes sounds like a lot of fun let's start with the what the World Baseball Classic Scott and there's. Four members of Bay Area baseball going down their Johnny Quaid O Randy Crawford Buster Posey and a Sonny gray of the AZ thick have you seen over the years said that it has been going on for a long time but have you noticed any sort of direct cause and effect between players that go and play in that and and how they perform in the actual season. Now I mean you know there and improve cost effective home run derby guys seem to be exhausted such a year. You know whether that's coincidence or not it's hard to say. The World Baseball Classic no there's not that. You know that there hasn't been any any proven conclusive evidence that. Yeah hockey player. Yeah yeah have a bad year your tired already say I know from the us perspective. Worry always issues. Oh my goodness you know organized I'm gonna lose so on the return of the world classic. He's gonna come back hurt and and and now. You know. Are you there a kind of evolved in my own thinking IE I get that when I don't blame clocks for being so active. Of their own players bought. What side you know baseball it's in a war with you know. Four for its slice of the landscape against all the other sports you know the other well. You know NBA NHL. Everything and I think. You know. If you can grow the game in my I think it's a good thing and you know favorite major additional that the culprit because. You know there are certain guys at least fourteen USA has concerns. Are looking assay is only finished in the top four wants in the retard they had a World Baseball Classic to all the other two times didn't finish without war. And you can't hit. Mike Trout not playing miss your bright harpers not planning and you know the excuses and bureaucracies and then I get that but. Know your road original question. Com. You know there's not really been proven any negative facts and I do and the thank you prep pitcher is going to get hurt. Our home you know if that ligament readied for a Wharton whatever it is you know it's probably just as likely to do it you know lawn. May second guess the separate system giants it is it is on. March 22 against in Japan. Scott speaking out the World Baseball Classic study greatest participating. And the Oakland Athletics are open for bounce back season from him. Obvious kind of shocked when we heard the news but then now that I've sat back I'm like well all systems must be ago. Where you would awe shock when you heard study group was gonna participate. Now outlaws. A Norton saying I mean yeah I had a little bit of injury last year and it certainly had a down year. I'm the only news he certainly looked in about factors there's no question about it then and that perspective it's it's changed so. Well Bob. You know he's he's he's he's seven good spring and stay healthy and and maybe the world class a good agreement jump start embassies. Scott Miller national MLB columnist for Bleacher Report and sports to have to join us. You're the guru Johnson's Acker while you're not a five point seven against Scott talked to me about the armed. Yet the idea of starting extra innings with a runner on second base for I saw you tweet something out that Manfred said that's for the minor leagues no work close to the MLB DO tickets that we could see in the future obviously not any time soon accord according to him but it's it's going to be it's in the future. I know I doubt it. No maybe in the very very very distant future. Iraq them well I like about about rob Lampard is commissioners is he's very open minded and proactive and you're willing to discuss any. And now I. If you carry it to our I mean a lot of one of those grouchy old Europe based army blog in my whole life. You know I'm I'm of the age where my gut reaction most of the time is. If it ain't broke don't fix I don't like this change I don't like that change I don't want this change I don't want another change. That's generally my reaction. I do like that may hamper though. You know. He's now only four outside ideas. The discussions which I think is helping in baseball in other words. If you come up with the idea. You don't need currency currently talk about maintenance bring things on us he doesn't. They'll come up an idea doesn't immediately knee jerk shoot it down I mean he's he's open to discussing and thinking about things and I think that help the overall the sport now. You know one thing. I think we could see near term. He has the strike zone being raised in Hubert bat. That's one of the things under discussion and no one of man birds. Mandates this year's blocked we need to have more action in the game and the last year. Point sixteen. Record birdie per cent of that bats. Ended in either walk strike out or hit batter and other awards. 30% of bats. Goes up the plate in your walks to post racial walks back the dugout or strike out doesn't put the ball flies. I think again speaking probe by grouchy old purist view point of the game. Either borderline crisis I mean nobody wants go to the park in watts 30% of the bat had not been. Happened you know at least the ball or imply. As I do think something needs to be done I'd acrobat for pitchers because pitchers or no belt belt you talked to a there are always the ones that are on the bad end of the rule changes on Roche is dollars and help the hitters. Now. They can lower raise the strike zone from the bottom of the up a little bit maybe it's more ball flight doesn't that certain pitchers going to let let. Just in the last strikeouts you know maybe they hit batters of the ball at people and then. You will see that's an example rule change epic would be a good idea. Demeanor kickers this circular route to answer your question now back to your question about a potential change. The one about. Starting extremes with a rock concert that seems to have taken on a life of its own probably because it's so radical. I get park route map for today like with Florida. And he. Is very adamant he chuckles over that whole scenario because he said he thinks stay acknowledged but it's on his attitude is what. More apt considering this for the major leagues I'd imagine that is a possibility in the minor leagues in hit pages. Minor leagues especially as low lower minor looks like rookie ball. Third development well. And you're developing players. And at that point wondered developing players. Doesn't really do anybody any good play eight innings finished the game short stop it should you know I mean. In terms of the wall global miners were developing players and I mean I think there's something recently that Munis right now animator it's completely. There's history their tradition. Bare statistics. And theirs. You know the Oakland bay is playing in Detroit Tigers may under the seventy banning. I think in that quarter century and and sometimes fans to Leipzig shortstop spot. In an emergency so. You know I think the key word. You used Islam. Development tall and in the major leagues are not a developmentally. That so. The Orioles would need it's playing for keeps and that he's talking about a potential run on second serve extra innings. Lower level development on a particular attitude is you know we put in and out there. And see how it goes and what not really thinking about the major leagues and if several years from now it seems to be working well fans like while that may be they. Maybe maybe think about it but we're not we won't see that many times. Scott when you look at December Cisco giants in their bullpen issues they landed their big fish in my Lance and in the offseason. How confident are you that that will cure all the yells for the giants in regard to their bullpen. Well you know I don't know particular all the failed but I do like the sign and used to secure a lot. I'll. I think you'll look at that division I think the Dodgers and the giants clearly the class of the division. Op. You know what the guys in the Ottawa so average users have to take it seriously. Thank you Arizona could have bounced back to Europe everybody's all the also Zack Greinke shelled rebel or get a I know the Iraqis think they are improved. What I do think overall the giants and Dodgers are the class and I do think you're having a closer. That theoretically is gonna be placed it in some things calm. I think that's key for the giants help obviously Denard Span bust balls they keep these guys healthy by. Having alliance and ID yet to be huge huge asset for them. Scott Miller national MLB columnist for Bleacher Report and turner sports check them out serious exam MLB network radio analyst on Twitter at Scott Miller. BBA Al pitchers and catchers have reporter. Scott it is about that time spring is in the air thank you for your time enjoy the rest your night. What do my pleasure and right spot back to. Yes indeed. The birds in the beads. Is it April sooner did the birds moved. Candidate that 57957. Eligible laid out 57 to five semi tech's line 95795. Mike. Tony that new Yorker do we have the music ready for him. Mark in the city we'll get to all of you people wanna talk about flame on. I'll begin talks in baseball and also the the all star game also and so I can't wait any. It is coming to a city near you.

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