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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Why is. Yes sir. War we got like an hour and 45 minutes in the books. More more power to go back correct 59 minutes of offering and JC. Of those. Fake facts are alternate. Alternate tracks. What's going on with the news. We don't give him that. No we don't we do a little bit. Didn't somebody. Drake and I was very globe will leave it alone. Updated 957957. Al if you wanna lay him to talk about dream on a time. Can he mean. The menacing man that the warriors need him to be wall all so not crossing maligning getting taxing getting kicked out of the game. AAA 9579570. Tax on 95795. Do we ever portable pool. Not we are scared as the show. I'm gonna forget about both of you when I ever get to a high place. I'm done with those two those two were cowards. When you put one poll. Couldn't we couldn't get the verbiage right verbiage right. One was too soft. Carpet we both too soft and too controversial. Candidate not 57957. I'll Penske auto sales doc contacts line 95795. On Twitter. He has act as he has surpassed me in Twitter followers. You mean. You're at like nine million now. Awed tripled eagle room. DD GU. Org you wire match exports ZAK sports. The media. Well going. Now we're gonna sank to go to generic when we we go. I was gonna say the thirty for darted for the ex FL was phenomenal and can learn. John Dickinson at JD John Dickinson on Twitter he is everywhere. I saw you on first take JD today your thoughts. And what. Play out I didn't know what what it's breaking news to me. Away. Don't ask me about Cymer our third inning like that. And jaded outlook o'clock that it died are tomorrow's. Problem on the map right. JD your New Orleans you better not know what day it is but no I saw you on first take today. Asking Steve Kerr the question about Dre Ahman Green which we've been talking about all night tonight. Well I'll not ask. It. Does that. Point five hours and it on SharePoint so I'd I'd like out. You know totally out of the loop. And sound more look Jerious just a lot of the people JD you say you're wrong the first you know you know first dollar of first class first class jet plane and you got to let you know new volley and you're down there and your eaten all the good stuff and you're drinking all the good stuff. No but seriously your question is what I wanna ask you because me and Doug Herbert or you know about it. Don't you think you were Adair who don't you think the jury Ahman Green can have that intensity and get to that point Bernard crossed the line. I think for the most part he's Shelby candidate I think you look at a game last night. And he all right. Flat. There real wet of back and looking at a pushed around for the second time in less than two weeks. And that thought process is. You know I'm angry guy. Balloting. Called earlier the game. I think you'd pick the market cut in May that shot. On the well. He kind of acted like are you kidding me like I'm out and that he made that great shot. And they'll buy things are like being in this game because were totally flat so I think he'd make you. Is that moment. Didn't feel it last night was really. Last night mattered what web app. At the word was black I'd be all right yet it. Well the closer but from the wars perspective. And it ought to row for the first time in forever like. The reality is they're going to be judged on what happened in June I think for a regular gained. Accumulation that technical foul and all that not a beat eagle. Where becomes the big deal is. Obviously what happened last year in his ability to do it in the post season and not accumulate points which lead to a suspension. On the night where a team could clinch a championship honorable war. JD the first half this season is in the books and I got Italian man and I mean this in the only other guy didn't. Said this before it finally dawned on me is Charles Barkley. But you tell me what to think. I think course in a superstar Klay Thompson. And I think he's elevated his game into another's stratosphere. But let me know if you see what I am talking about or do I sound a little overzealous man. I just think this guy this secrets out to caps out the bag he's ball went on both sides of the court. Yet he is I think you all at that Adam I did it the warriors don't always need that come out. I deny LP the last night was the point where it needed to come out back in the playoffs Oklahoma City. You know they were up against it in any needed to create three goat on the clutch shooting. And Hewitt they're provided. I think you know you just the guys that always there when new medium what he can reach that. Level. Courier Kevin Durant or anybody else on on a night in night out in yet at the Utley. As the other two guys duke I think the main agreed to it because you have an app you because typically go that you guys are doing it. Anyway or are. Blot it out. Couldn't it'll light quality any given night at the org or want me. And curry grant at. It could go to number is he dead or better. And L they've got the longer track record than those guys are always going to be viewed. Or maybe a little better just to date on it for longer but that there's no doubt like how has that it back it beyond on the level. On any given night. You guys talk about how on every Saturday Ewan spiny. Thought MBA this week nine known on Saturday but I don't think that I've heard you talk about this when it comes to bomb. The sacrifice. From what you were going to assume. A player was going to have it seems like a dream on as the guys saying no offense for me at all do you think that that was pre determined. And they talked about that party even signing him. Do you think he knew that he is offensive role was going to be as minimal as it is now because he triple double without score in the points JD. I think yeah I think you applaud you know I don't think it. It was dead I just think you read the room and he's such an intelligent player and he thought you know why. Stepped in and and Durant are gonna have to work out of there one. And verse is wanted. In they're gonna beat that out it took a really hit a probably years to figure that out the quite competent he wasn't sacrifices that they didn't. You know I'm actually surprised but not like not the ones because it would would probably want to attack frightened. The most going into the year that doppler it was right. You sit on Acker they anything he admitted he didn't want to local city Utah had a lot of he makes them. So no I don't drink might regret the room. I think he said look I'm the one player that the most capable. Of doing other things on it night in night out basis. Whether he had emotional leader or defend or rebound or play maker of the pick and roll the ball. Yet they haven't got to find the body whether it lead the break in transition top rebounder turn over whatever may be. He knows he. The guys at the most capable. Of being a winning player. In a matter where he can do without scoring I think he gets it forget it I'm that they make shots. And you know what if I'm not take as many shots that meet Kevin Durant kept curry like not at all better shooter than me are gonna be taken out shot and it's gonna work out for the with a bat in and the belief is is not ilk comedy triple bubbles are. No school can drag on green bring it to scoring average up that it can win the championship the team leader you understand that or anybody. But think what he made. Admit it I think there's a part of him that carried the way of of not winning the championship last year because the suspension. And the way that theory got away from. An amazing on average per game how close the shots are between K the staff Currie and Klay Thompson John digging a it and it's insane I mean that like pretty much exactly the same John Dick it's a good to have to join us live from new wall and he's down there. For the all star game he's everywhere you see there a microphone. Not a five point seven the game during the rumors Johnson Zach. Mariah. JD would keep keep you on the phone all night we won't do it talk about everything that's good it lawyer land. But I'm I'm I'm watching JaVale McGee and I'm starting to see more than just lobs. I mean it looks like just this euphoria that the lawyers have his Robin off on him. Are you shocked that he's he's grown into where he's batteries made the progress he has because I am. Yeah I have to. Be honest I mean I I've got her principal player for the warriors beat it. It doesn't totally surprise me that he's been able to be patient player are it. That'd be and so seamless. With a lot. It's just what that starting group really mean when he's been in there and then opened up up up to yet you provide them. LA it's sort the president had a passer and a big body and I truly and I adequate into the starting lineup without them the flexibility. Which is perhaps somebody else that you try and that's where the most surprised that it. That rocked level would be there for JaVale McGee on the night in night out basis. That has been able could be developed to where Steve Kerr. Brought them to go out there at the plate that the other guys in and that there is gonna Pia. L critical state. You know that bit that put the warriors in at a position that it it and it. First and foremost it probably comes down to that that trust factor and yet it does surprise me all bulk. And I mean he's a talented guy. Round. Guys did. Plain look for all our right now so you know it it makes the game pretty simple here at the U. When you look at of the three point contest and staff Currie and obviously look brand he's been to a lot he's done a time. With the president golfing doing whatever. He has bowed out of it on and clay Thompson what they do is more adept to it he beat Seth Curry. Last year and it after a step Corey beat him. But ultimately it's here's what I'm asking is gonna have any effect on the actual outcome of the season the number one seed. On the actual broad to the playoffs is there anything that goes into. The all star festivities the you're going to be witness to that you think is gonna have an actual effect on what happens in the order season or the playoffs. Not probably not. Advocates on the clicked out going to be and that report she'd gotten out I would stepped curry was going to be and it acted because that they from a you know put a ban perspective that it makes it more fun to see if he can get going to be it. He hit every shot in ot it but it wouldn't support it yet. You know what some of the run at that you typically get on it and quite some of them similar level obviously that the displayed that he that he put up last year but I think. The one thing that stand out you know guys. It the fact that you know 20 man stepped curry. Re buying green even Kevin Durant had discussed in the last couple days the fact that they they dial back schedule. For the week ended New Orleans and not to yes yet not do that three point shootout but not so much that that the team events were around the other players are your. Is sir your. At the media availability at all the other events. Where you're meeting with corporate sponsors in the NBA want to initiate the CEOs and the that you're gonna go to law that. This guy wants you know get a picture with the cases that you got again it's all that kind of agreement greeted mentioned the fact that. Essentially. It would be thirty between here and you're in the car that you're twenty minutes there be to the point where Beverly. Amid it could to stop. It during the weekend to cancel a lot of that out. Stepped curry said the only thing you do on the actual basketball. Cited things that are practiced the media availability obviously. The game itself off or Saturday night were pretty gathers around and watches everything so that though the ban. He's got to kind actually relax did it take a step back from what I think is beneficial when you look at how closely monitored. This war and her team did since you superstar element that goes with. At JD John Dickinson on Twitter you see as my phone everywhere are you word the most. Coherent. Thought jeez of first take. On around me and the dias towards the other people but you were the most sensible voice in the room and your question was the most sensible question that I heard. During the entire time I was watching that Apple's lead. Today JD. I appreciate. That's enough that's not the that that cannot be coherent and it while the scene and in war. Oh yeah yeah. Her at. Her and some talk DJD better be hammered and it barely coherent at all. That god it was it was like you know what an unpopular at the debt back it you don't get it in this would have ranked signal yet that the at a clock not thirty and clear out at 2 o'clock. And that we're gonna get accurate to connect couple days are going to be a lot of on the board thought. It out there enjoy the well as he celebrity thing I am slam dunk thing in the all star thing and more importantly. I just stay away from Thursday tree Ed trainee Thursdays or whatever. I bring that Johnny was talking to me about extend it. Its target rocket aren't Bryant. So yeah. We're we're great aren't right here ready to roll. Fair enough bar and have a good time out there and George for us. John Dickinson he's ready should elder daughter he really was on first. Zach I believe he asked Steve Kerr. Do you have to worry about during mongering. And the whole joke was. He paused for like thirty seconds and then he said yes and not my seven game Mike. All high you didn't see it Brea. Well curt was up and JD was down spoken. But I mean al-Qaeda that was the gist was inability to the point was in them that limits and he paused for a long time and he said yeah. Love him to worry about trim. Saturday not 579570. AAA 95795. Semi tech's line. Not 5795 derelict were Johnson is that why your money five point seven again do we have the intro music. For Tony. The New Yorker do we have that go and play. Yeah that's it. Salary and a new Yorker didn't come around the world what you got Tony. Get plus Saul. Maybe I don't. Landless unmanned animals sob. There. I do which which is to. Emerge such. I actually like to and they do and like finished. He had like servicing answered killing is. You know. It's not a public that's like the fake job right. I. Did you do Sullivan on this I don't get higher on the dubs don't. That dobbs. The NATO a little story. Might I add on once told me. He says it's. Going. At a young age Larry. Don't you ought to be our. You get that. And no one can tell you what to do. You realize it's. You words. Court actions. You are ready to. Actions. Shall be. Not. Keep it. Now. Mr. green. You get back so well. He's pretty good at all. He's got a lot of spears. Which is why get all the troubles are you got good spirit. He. Unfortunately it's not a whole lot more players like at least. I'd control Laurie Hebrew. There although it surely. Pop individuals. I mean everyone shows that there won't lawyers gotta get this is our last time I checked. Erin Hershey. Jim don't get first seed from not being as. And you know it sure it. Which that's. A goal and take those shots and get knocked the war. We love that it would give about it in his own interim net he's got a voice on agree disagree there. They're physical enough. That only conundrum it only got it all. Pages guys hear me he's right on this is it this is shelving. Pay that man his respect and that's why they give him the leeway they do mark in the city go ahead mark. Edward Arnold wrote the law since its Q and it will. I got a look at ovals Sacramento situation like and he did. Yeah I mean. If you are blacks in what is lost in Sacramento. Everybody expecting leave me. After we used to blow it out the third quarter. Technical for the gay and been so called middle with the basket for basket in India or wrote it. Trade barbs obviously bring about to have beaten. He would never let you in that streak of not you know who's back to Judy. So he did what was necessary. And of course the warriors are in the go out in the third quarter in the last group that's what we expect it. It didn't do well now you're is just they didn't do. Schema to be in the second time these scenes Sacramento. It almost in its. As I. So I only ask you. Turn your radio down policed by the way. Mark are you saying that dream on green purposely got himself ejected from the game in order for the warriors to win now again. I think it was a motive. Lot of people commit to that conclusion I'm losing on that. Okay there's a deficit so she did that for a reason. And he was justified and that reason. Is justified if your boss or your captain or your coach. Allows you to do that injury months nobody's dummy he knows he had that leeway and used it and it worked perfectly. Our com. How long I mean how much longer can he do that. He got his tenth ninth and tenth glass tonight the goal is sixteen is a one game suspension. We talked about it last year in the playoffs. He got over the limit. Which is why he was suspended for game five the 47 and nine I don't foresee him having to use that. Did that bag you know centric in his bag to meet a candidate now I'm 57 I'm 57 out triple A 957. 957 attacks on 957 on five looked. But it came on the third quarter when you think it was because dream on wasn't there. I just believe that lit the fire in the last twenty seasons the five. So you think without that Jerry they knew he wasn't there are so they could so they had did you pay ahead we may help prevent. Parent it is psychology Zach last when he seasons. Number one quarter of the best plus or minus is the warriors in the third this year plus five point eight. They always dominate third quarters. Last year. And a plus five in the first. I was number two. I elected are better elect my damage done in the terror number three is plus four point five in the first. There all impressive but I like the third quarter that's when you just. This year again you know we're playing which in pain at number four is plus four for the cavs in the first quarter and 2008. That was the last time Brahms that are now. I'm gonna go ahead and guests that. I didn't have a lot to do with. I mean there is they just didn't do nothing to do with a win last night but you don't have any concrete April wanted did to spite so you can't take away from. That possibly be in the reasoned that and that if as I say when Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer they won despite. That not because I don't like the bus driver I don't. If you believe that you know it it's as bad to kind of though. The play offs. You can. Rejected and have that serve as the reason why you won't it would never happen because of Doug motion would be against that he's gonna control yes candidate not plus exit not 570 Tripoli 9579570. Text line 95795. Not serve you know guru you're going to be on the mortgage or more Ottawa. So I didn't know anybody listening to me and 6 AM. I'll be doing the afternoon driver you'll be doing the morning sir you've instead Obama but to get after Mike JD and a new normal and I'm going home. US to stay here for the mortgage. Good luck with the all do the afternoon drive show what it later in the afternoon no we got plans and we'll do our plants. We never know. What you did something possibly plans eaten. Anyway it's Bob will be back Saturday you'll be back tomorrow morning. But you'll be back in the afternoon NBA also are not sure you're heard about it. Little thing called a dunk contest. Three point contest. Skills challenge winner. That was beyond that and dunk contest to a bad dodge ball with a light skin cancer last week last year Gordon in Levine that was races. Now that's his sack right ended cooler on 95 point seven big game. Welcome back Bay Area 95 point seven of the game alongside Gerald Andrew Johnson I damned Zack rye. Half an hour ago if you wanna sneaky and we've done mainly dream on talk. Forgive us were saving all our good stuff for Saturday and next time will be on 37 correct yeah I can't wait. But I'm really what did degrade Zach arise due from Allentown or tomorrow. When I was on Allentown at India I was one debit Derek Jeter was knocked it out the park now sentinel Oman. That's our girl tell a Chilean player rolls on Valentine's Day a little. Yeah I spoke. Here we have some to hang on you know what I'm rephrase that please like the second there eco. Yes we have some dirt meets was that. Suburban drink got cement and it. Some lemon I believe we'll get after that to the soon we don't trust her share were not demonstrate our Q do you have are you gonna be back here like an hour. Sure asleep derbies. In the in the hallway a turned me on the mid June looks yes and derby sets. Give me the edited out 57957. You want a sneak in before the show and 'cause we don't know what's coming up at 1045 that's the word. The wacky world of sports got a lot of stories now got summary tabs opened up. I got to close some of these bad boys. I'm ready delegates fifteen open public fifteen somewhere Boutros freeway Saturday not 57957. But. Drew we'd be remiss. As you do the morning sort of more Woodward total. And I do the afternoon drive with Chris downs and it's somebody would say that we should be together in new mix you have to do you globe doesn't matter. Let's talk about the dunk contest. Let's talk about the three point contest let's talk about the skills challenge on that let's talk about and rose to 650. AKA hi may. Moreno admit he's known. What you don't like Kamimura I don't that'll give it was the Jamie would you rather be called hot name Elaine L or Jamie. Is it. Six reminding me. Spiral mode G six vabo. Had some great suggestions for other things that they could do. Let's start with the dunk contest are you ready for your. Oh yeah 'cause I'm back on board after last couples here are some combat it's back and number which is that a light skinned people brought to Baghdad. Gordon in a living Eric Gordon from the magic into scorer in Dion Andre Jordan from the clippers. Glenn Robinson the third from the pacers. And Derek Jones from the suns who you picking grew Derek Jones and Willie Horton didn't win it because Levine Levine won last year. Did it via area and our needs are up via. We need to Jersey Zia has caused more generals. Yeah boy from Phoenix okay have you seen his dunks in warm ups have now it's all over is it. I'm taken Aaron Gordon. Aren't marked keep these down we're gonna go don't we won't have until now we did would be all I had that still do you have the other prop get a break. Critics we will we'll boats that are caused them don't doctor roam our last show I'm a doctor then familiar three point contest winner Kemba Walker from the hornets is why are you leave it. He's amazing yeah embodying got Jimmy and I agree Wes Matthews in the mavericks in stroke nick. That up please Nick Young from the lakers he can he can get hot air I DP Eric Gordon from the elegant old Kyle Lowry and the raptors. CJ McCollum in the blazers and clay Thompson from your clay and state clay play golf labor rights bright Thompson. Somebody had a good one about clay you know wanted to steal it who was it it was the right Thompson. His brother. Skills challenge winner. I'm leaving all of those I mean that this is the listeners out there if not I'm not hearing what the sandwich I'm choosing to ignore it. If you skills challenge you or I'm not into it would go what do you mean. You don't like. It's the biggest walked wanted. They'll do good don't key thing I've ever seen. Who cares. Yeah dude jumping out to GM shoot our hero Indiana steel -- enable real. Unless somebody's really out here DN yeah. It shows your ability to be steel pole you know the lit sun yeah practice quarterback all wrong all looks real nobody's coming after his next. I wanna see what people are coming after his next week in judge but no I want CD he's you do not wanna see people coming up Tony romo's neck. Don't talk about them skills challenge winner forwards ebony Davis DeMarcus Cousins. Closing is now not see his first name. Stop. And his ass on the and that's what Christmas was a pork chops Chris stop he said he you look the pass off. In the cola joke it's a lick its new Isiah Thomas. Gordon Hayward. Devin Booker. And John Wall. I'm going Devin Booker going John Wall. Gored here though right evidently April 4 get a damn good Booker. And let's move on to hide it terribly group were Johnson Zack Ryder to five point seven the game. Are breaking down your MBA all star game weekend if you will we predicted everything edited on 57957. Al trouble late 957 under par seventy attacks on 95795. This is from the six Volvo not to tell excellent. Our producer. I'm Garcia. Any more contests you would think to make it more fun. In a more creative. All star weekend. Here are your options rule. You pick from the four. Which of these would you like the most to see MBA players do. Porous. Knock out. 41. Dodge ball. One. What the hell was not count. We're happy Q and you guard me. He's that old the U Arnold that is so I'm from new that we don't knock and we're putting the well yeah but don't we shoot from the free throw line okay. And if you miss I can knock your ball. Down the street. Okay and and I go back to the free throw line in a press corps bowed and again that I win. Not that's amazing. Did you make of the three point line yet and in my offering we did three never Nakatani and then you say it's not good if not saying it's not like a ball I don't wanna run down the street and take the damn well pick one we want we want. I'm 21. Do you play each morning one word you miss the free throw that you start you go back door ready and I just did it the other day I had a game on the really funny. Missed the free dealt with a thirteen about dodge ball. Saw the NFL had a lot of success of that now as to give that night at casino poker. I would take knock but that's. Not talent. Yeah whatever happened with that I had one night out when I know it was one that argument torrent of started day. As we say arguing because to lose a war on yet so there's really technically no threes in the game so when I hit 23 and eighteen app that I want my buddies remember. They caught the show went crazy yeah I was right but it was 5050. But if it's caught Tony one because it to lose a ones they're the threes don't count threes or twos. Hope people remember we got fifty it was we did people it was split. But the games talk 21 detectives of the two's and one's ex I don't know three need to weigh in on any of that candidate not 5795 so don't AAA 95795. Somebody text line 95795 what. From the nine to five O rules the eating it. Wall. A whole ball. Flag on that tax burden. Eighty is Ernie justification behind. 510 air water and rapid many from settles I guess that's as high school. Who cares about that way why they call you an idea any any reason behind the scary part who can be about the last odd things of and leakage Atlanta how relieved that right there edited on 57957. Al the worse the wacky sports damn. Now that's his second right and the cooler on 95 point seven big game. Welcome back Bay Area not a five point seven game alongside earlier we're jobs that I hand zag arrive you wanna sneaky and now as your final chance edited on 57957. Al Tripoli 957. 9570. Penske auto sales dock objects like not 5795. Week or lie from the EG DG dot com studios. In downtown San Francisco power thanks to mole hill. You call on felled else. 650. I call them high and a Garcia. Produced and board up the show. I'm and try to give my love when I cancel and give my love and of course my thanks to you why. Now of course my thanks to you are started believing me now you'll be big timing tomorrow. You two more afternoon drive more you'll be morning drive. And I'll see you what Saturday and then we'll see for about a month. So welcome and enjoy us why you can't beat him. You come over and less. Often then. I can myself a hot story in the new U this year well that's because Tom birdie was tests of completing almost all right whereas in common are that Canada had no I'm wanted to know part. God that was nauseating. Off flags update for you people that are true still. And you know about the flags I have one. You have not and not look this is a load the score 650 has non. It's about Rumsfeld Els has won. What do you do. That you messed up rejoinder so many Gocong time you call didn't go to call to the Tuesday event colors and textures have. So it's a recap notre scoring at home. Only for Soriano who. Wore. 00. Permit me this so that steals the flags sound played the real flags down again. That's the real one if you hear the fake one then you know would show. Got a flight let's get the word shall we the wacky world of sports we all love it. No. Why it's important too I did it act created the sort of work. So laughter. You know on here in my so pardon me yeah. Evolves because of us and we are washed can't shut out Oakland California out of the California term limits. There will be in the. We oftentimes your room as we gets the word. We talk about negative things in the media and when it comes of these sports. Shock athletes. So we've been through can reduce some positive here. Marcel Darius of the bills Oca donated 25000. Dollars to the hope. For Haiti charity. I wanted to point that out does indeed an operation to doing that that's a lot of money and a lot of groans makes a lot of money but case. Put your money where your mouth is and number step has been doing a little bit of that too. The jeopardy your camera and Jenny put is much much Italian oil like dumping about the way we didn't get in this we can do sunset I suppose you're users won't have to put Aaron back. A lot to do. You think Sonia pathology. Know what you have out. Nothing right now to all literally you know you gotta hello and opted to coordinators and head coach rafting guide to RG three was. I'll see. Milk diapers 2.0. Not draft though. They had a quarterback aborted due to the niners. Two bit stiff and wasn't Watson yet. From this and you look I'm with you want. Our Richard caps numbers this. His touchdowns to listen especially here where both figured out bomb. Steve Kerr was asked about playing Russell with the for the warriors. Quote the only thing the you have to do is a coach in the all star game is too. Par sellout the minutes that's it you don't wanna draw but he plays at least I don't I didn't two years ago so we've got to figure out the minutes. And I've thought about it and I'm not going to share with you here today. So we're all going to be on the edge of more seats. On whether or not. Westbrook will play with the other four warriors what is your guess I would guess know where I'm guessing yes this is where the guess is Emeka via yes Steve Kerr is the guy. It like Jordan deal would Dolan in Adam silver hill brokered this deal and you'll see all four. We rugs. Details on Darrelle Revis in his drew allegedly knocking out. I'm not digested this could go allegedly knocking out to stalk her stands cops investigating. And he's charged with four felonies that's what has relies Sloan and he's got money it'll be about. Four misdemeanors by the time we wake up in the. Blaine Jones law the firm that represented Revis of the following mistake quote. Mr. Revis came home to Pittsburgh past week and visit family and friends. During that time mr. Revis went by a location in the south side that he is in the process of developing mr. Revis was physically assaulted. While at that location by a group of at least five people. Mr. Revis feared for his safety and retreated. From the aggressors mr. Revis was not arrested after this incident mr. Revis sought medical attention as a result. Of the aforementioned attack. Chances that Darrell Revis has some legal issues on his hands to solve. There's no doubt because you say I two of the supposed five guys. One had a broken I sock. So he went to the hospital broken eye socket don't sound like you not read this right now I think his. Do you see. We don't get paid did you see the amount of ridicule on Twitter that stepped curry Kevin Durant dream on green. And Klay Thompson god for their photo shoot. I don't get the real. Looks like I. Please visit out we have on our Twitter feed it looked like they got the fit from the gap. No I don't think he was bad my biggest is you know the categories. Big day be claimed this Doc Rivers was low quote lucky as hell to win the NBA title in 2008. Wanna hear a quote you please give us on that I turn to him what doc had to know it especially was lucky as hell the year before that there were wearing trash bags but then the next year they win it now he's one of the best coaches ever aren't just not feeling that. Give credit to KG give credit to Paul Pierce give credit to Ray Allen. Those of the guys that may serve whatever doc needed to be done got done and so now it's so easy for doc to do his job. Harsh words from big baby. That's what to do is a good coach is a good captain you delegate. And Nestle curves don't we drive on and that's why drama and he was duque every year or you would dom would die out Coca. Our future raps on rent money about cheating with Marisa Pippen after Scottie Pippen takes him. Followed now all I just thought pitch Europe pippin who tweeted out his family and ass handed to lit for the misses she's there. And Ozzie said as we were friends did he ramp about. You gotta go here and beaten. Did you all know your audience. Well I mean now. The BC he's got a good. Look at one of the most underrated players ever some beautiful all full of good looking dude he's got that I know that's bad naturalists. A months somber and now TNN Taylor stripped down and celebrate love. He had to do you wish you zip from Alan thousand dollars please tell the people who she tweeted out or she Graham did. As soon as I get home it was a picture of him to not going to Blake. His brains out. That is how did you miss you were valid view what to Monroe. Fact there. I'll talk to Gilbert Arenas on in the Graham explains why old blanks need to stay home for all star weekend led on. Well here's the thing that makes me feel old the year that he sets as the cut off line. Is the year that I was born and like a grand ball 1983. And I'm 33 so he's saying all. Blanks. 33. And over you and your stay in my older from the all star weekend. But activism if they look like. Did you else like fifty good if you looked like you're thirty like she'd you still did rob really given to Tony Romo we will on Saturday ago. Or. Charles Oakley we didn't get into we'll get into that on Saturday also on saving the big topics for later I save it tomorrow Tammy Aggies. He wants him the only three hours. Mark Connor McGregor artist plans to see fat blank Chloe cart ASEAN now I loved him I love that. He kept it real fit. Quote maybe also urged for Chloe is big fat blank the she's I figured I'd say the word that I'm not saying yeah. Mound now on six Lagos for him she's been floating around Malibu I don't give a blank about them. But it's like to see them in the flash just see with the big fat legs on them look like. Admire them maverick. What's the saying never put the blank on a pedestal my friend artist wanna see it artists wanna see them the best the chances that Connor McGregor. Sleeps with the corridor I believe it already happened. After that Abbott about a hour two hours later dumped. What else we have here are new spring football league that already has great party wants man's elegy does this. To name company name dear mister Rand Zell wanted to reach out to you personally invite you to participate in the spring league that's when he seventeen season. Which runs from able fifth to April 20. April 26. Weeks via. Fourteens consisting primarily of NFL veterans and younger talent will play a total of six games. However you have to. Be required to check ins with a member of our staff our only night at 930. Says undergoing successfully pass a drug test. Upon reporting to the Greenbrier. Or on April for three weeks Louisiana Tech. Asked EJ let me get this jungle wanted to see it fail is the day hardly Steinberg is his agent all right. Here's what you do if you're listening right now. Set your alarm to 6 AMR 5:58 AM where Amazon. Guru general and a grace her airway for seven unit down all beyond 37 with Downey you when I will be back on Saturday radio seven for Sunday leave me. For a birthday which I got I did you see a burst of get on the he claims his son as a birthday on Sunday and that is why am I on Silas. All I need to see the birds. And I want to basketball again we there always a pleasure my friendly. That's. You're only Jeffords a sharp and pretty much in the motel 650. We love you dearly. Adds that sports on Twitter ZAK sports bachelor Bobby guru dvd GU war you he'll be back at 6 in the morning and state Jones and then me at 3 PM. So I NRA everybody parks sports dress the way.

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