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Afternoon Delight - Hour 3 - 3/16/17

Mar 16, 2017|

Papa & Bonta discuss the Raiders signing Jared Cook, make mock lineups for the World Baseball Classic, & the caboose pistol.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Okay okay. That was sacked Christmas night ravens and Steelers were still morning here in the raider nation larger cars and injuring the day before that was. Sunday Night Football much Yuriko on the collier Tony Dungy was working the game along with Doug Flutie and it was oh. Wow wow wow. For the touchdown run like values check he ran right over the former rader Mike Mitchell in the hole score that. Touchdown that gave Baltimore lately Pittsburgh would come back and win the game over the play were Antonio Brown caught on the goal line was it a muscle in on a goal idea. To win that game and essentially when the NFC. I'm north that night but their values check at the end of the game I'd say Natalie that touchdown run he had a blitz pick up where he was to the right Joseph Flacco across the entire formation it's fun to get a blitzing steeler. Linebackers in a couple of good inside runs a year finding out why. The 49ers made in the highest paid football fullback in the NFL right now they also signed the I mean to trade to get Baltimore's shattered Jeremy exude that. Sort of talk about it with a missile pod various files and I work in Baltimore Ravens games for a long long time former NFL. A wide receiver at the end of mr. heated play with the Baltimore Ravens whenever he wants about raven in jail we turn right to the the miss I'll. So a country that tell me about the skill set. That child you can't will bring to the 49ers coming out. Well a sort of one way bet if you hear that noise in the background and my training. I Portugal restraint affiliate. A couple of my and that he's back here there and you know so better that the the background in the late let us indeed yes yes yes in the tore round though. You have me tell you Jack who. It is just say a tremendous heart and an incredible. Scenic. And a versatile player back in the U. That's the way he talked about it blocking. But I. Partially. Is rated acts that obviously knew that pullback they blocking docket is rated it is his ability to you know killed. And really create. That matches in the acting game thing. No. I can I want to give it everything he does but I do wanna start was him as a blocker because it's not it's not he's a very good lead blocker Terence west switchers featured back most of the year ago average Justin Forsett. Early in the year but it's not just that I see him in he to me he's a three down fullback we could use them early. In downs because of his lead blocking abilities to catch the ball. But as say a guy who picks up the blitz. I've seen him. Just Stonewall blitzer go across the formation to pick up blitzers. Obviously he's a lead blocker this skill set as they're just talk about. Amid a variety of ways you could use this guy to block it not do which is the traditional way as a lead blocking fullback. Yeah you know I think pork Italian Shaq. In this day and aids. You you'd have to be able to recognize. The differences are that the chances epic in it is you know you look at Pittsburgh that have multiple tribe shall look and act certain that in new marvelous that yet. You know multiples are eaten well and you know. Or to make sure that your. On the same page Natalie quarterback. But I also know your optical line and win there yell out there are different from the slot actions once the other should announcement made them. You know obviously that's not good. Mentally. You rarely rarely. It out of position. Partly Callahan Armey. You know he is covered in a note to see what I'll let that block the minute is it that rarely happens and he's always shopping outlet that chip and he and back to. Very very Smart went away in which he goes about. Nobody can sign it but it also more important executing on. The mass soak Audrey a smile longtime NFL wide receiver and also former Syracuse apartment so election here in the afternoon delight. As far sketch in the ball and it's not just you know the traditional fullback in the flat despite her two bananas stuff heat. Then I see him often. In a lineup in the backfield but then the whole shift out a lineup in a slot no lineup is a outside wide receiver. What what kind of a pass catcher is see and what kind of a route runner is she is is a fullback. You know a lot on it will back go out to a lack sometimes you can pullback. Be in a position where. He'll be now just comment option how rapidly. Collapsing how so. Art at Hartford. And the way you who I mean that it split out wide receivers put him in the slot and do a hard thing. With him in on where you could see part Avery and standpoint. Obviously be the coordinators trying to change a couple of different times I was rule change. But Wayne coordinator so like you know what we're values values Jack. Com and and yet the deacons will react because he's gonna be let out why most of it slot. Coordinate the outline the most into the backfield whatever might need to. You could reduce its wholly comfortable with he would not stitching it at all very fluid in his movements and I think that in that today. Hey aids coordinator or even eight quarterback. YouTube pretty good about because if you are directional that okay. Finally happened and checked it out but it by do you have similar underneath route more likely going to open. So are some missile. You know he's he's the highest paid fullback it in football but that's you know he just sees the latest guy to go and will be somebody else that'll move past of just the way free agency works but to justify paying in these kind of dollars. He's on the field a lot what was seen out and it seems like he can play. As a lead blocking fullback he could turn handed to him. He had that great touchdown run earlier in the area the 64 yarder he also could be deployed as a slot receiver and outside receiver so. He is a true three down fullback correct if you wanna carve out Beck had a role for him. There were a 100%. You're absolutely spot on. I'm I'm got a dollar may we need to respect that whole thing. They think. About well you know it it's funny because it. Yeah I think. Free agency and what the rate touched own or their science is okay you we have on this. Happened. Austin where they're like okay. You go ahead to the waters and accurate in the water and albeit to get a contract that YouTube has been money there themselves. We're gonna buy it and we're gonna not. Matchup and readers and do well I think that's a you know when the rain that. You know HO you do it but I told imminently here in Washington. Did it money we're out there certainly China Matt and and they raid. What happened and it's not happened there. And have not yet when you're on the athletes. Are I don't know. Young actor was leaning back too far. He needed to go ahead and you know what they've latched. Why he would want his songs chart with children. So yeah he is okay banquet in the. Now how how young these athletes you work it matter anybody get ready for for the NFL money that age or younger. Yet so I public side it is regional combine work com and performed fairly well that was lost duke. Of these. There's a problem for aptly in general have. Some now pop on the field who they are college athletes and. Out there donor saying how a group of young athletes. That are middle school at high school and they also are. Down. Bart aren't too well there mobility as well that coordination with the about it. Sounds like your your out of breath you're working up a lather yourself to a facility any tickle take take a break let's not jump in a matter of cells affect the I don't know I don't opt out. I. Stuff. We're talking clock during his smile was the brother for the great racquet racquet. As for Notre Dame there Eva is vial. You're talking about no way I see Newsom does business in both front ever having on here a couple years ago when Torrey Smith was let go only wonder why they do that well he turned out to be correct. In Torrey Smith an hour trying to figure out of like values check it also that your enemies who dat. Who did make the Pro Bowl this year there was an injury and while he was able to sneak in but still. And the niners didn't give up a lot to get him they just flip draft picks going from 186 to 198. Which is not a lot and we read reports that. Ozzie Newsome the ravens' job arm over gonna cut him to save about two and a half million dollars against the salary cap so tell me. Why the ravens decided to move on from Jeremy sued the senator and what kind of players she because now he's as San Francisco 49ers. You're I think you're here. Clearly it did so well like you stream. Rarely that the make the mistake. I'm huge Lott and senator it's hard and that they are trying to create that. And that have been on the same page which quarterback he clearly cute you know. But one thing I'd say that we also. Have seen legit candidate most and that's later rather and more power. Type player so you know due chard do it why don't mean seizure an idiot who. And over and treat cure China. And a Jeep power we're just such an allegorical around him block down it is moving up in the position coach yeah. Him blocking up the second level meaning that start at eaten alive with an eagle and it moved. Linebackers. Note that might be due to a report from jammed Utah I think outlook reasons why. You know dialogue on race and they'll stop you know they need to go to that direction. Mail us watching in the day that's exactly what I saw very seldom did he single block that guy he would slide over withheld from the guard. And when he was a man on man he would get overpowered by a powerful nose tackle but a third Iran and the Kyle Shanahan be in my exploit. Missile that Letterman a lot outside Sony. Absolutely I think that that you know would entry to Cairo I'm sure that load all the years he's been coordinator. You know recognize and you know personality. Want to. I have been kind of team you want to line on Jeremy content that that bold and and and look. What needs to be done win become hits killed and two nets rabbit and you know just sit there aren't insane ruler of the big physical guys mall yeah he's not he's got a ball got a lot more should get to a game. We're gonna let you go get back to work that any names are the young man Goodyear put through the strength test with any any names we should file away the good of the NFL players. Well I'd play well there are a couple of different guys I think have. That potential. I'm in Italy actually goats I AP now in economic and now you know looking around it it's seeing guys who you know kind of looked apart regardless of the division is alive back but at some of that leadership in in very good. Intelligent. You know Ian law actually to the other it's. An aptitude to what he stands out near as having been in fact their. And public mentioning that we might do at its senior art school. Almost addicting from their backs yet about 600 quarterback. Look I'd get hurt BP it. Who played and how tall are all extra couple of 67. Quarterback. Well the reason is he doesn't grow what is going to be more. Natalia. I'm an I am done but you know about it all about the development aspect of his game. What's his first name out and make a note on him to keep keep yeah yeah it could be my dear. Year 670 runs like a deer is he fast like you when your brother. Well are you feel you have different you. Gain. I love about what it did not re fortunate guy but when you experiment he he got a chanted port aren't. You don't know. So let's what what god but what big name should be given me got the racquet in the missile that could slugger boy. I look I got a call mechanic and it put a letter U and the post illiteracy. For a effect. It's. That it's time and we appreciate it any after Angela and have fun. Reflected yet six. Or six for its annual 67 quarter. The raiders had signed a player and we'll say about him in a moment when one last thought. And what they're doing the 49ers are bringing values check in when you watch imagining machine play alive but really study and he is regularly. Energy that move well Iran's decent route for for the unique to match up last slog linebacker he's gonna win break tackles make you mentioned that he is just. He will get you a lot he's Lorenzo Neal as far as a lead blocker back quite low. But many also will stay in and third down and pick up blitzers and Smart enough to Harvard guy. Go across in you know formation to pick up a blitzer on the the side and give up his body so I really impressed by him. Jeremy soon exactly is the missile said he looks a little. Just a little the shutters are usually not the strongest guys you want more movement there and smarts you very seldom get a powerful. Center in those guys are specialists and anger Robin so that he could run but he was also really powerful. So I think he's he fits the mold of being outside zone run team but if we have a full back. Like huge check in every yesterday I was talking about Carlos Hyde and you know how much is he rug from under center so I carry emailed my guy. Richter Amon and from pro football focus and I should just give me a a breakdown of Carlos Hyde. Is numbers running it under center version shotgun because I think with the niners now. They're gonna want the quarterback to get under center. And Rhonda from under center now he gave me last year's numbers. And maybe that's why I had a hard time remembering Eric Carlos sighed running it all from under center that was Chip Kelly they don't do that. So last year Carla cited 212. Shotgun runs under shatter. Five. Or six yards but that that's why I could remembered at the white guy he had two of rug from under center. So then Rick looked up what he's done throughout his career now listen this. Under center in his career 100 in nineteen attempts 365. Yards and three touchdowns. So a 190 Accenture 360 Bagger is not good enough that is barely over three yards to care. In the shotgun. 297. Attempts for 14126. Yards and ten touchdowns. This four point eight yards a rush. So under shatter. About three yards a rush shotgun. A lot four point eight so for Carlos side if you wanna really. It a lot of carries in this offense does there ring and a new center they can run he's not a power guy and they're bringing a lead blocking fullback. And typically bigger want to believe blocking fullback formation you're doing and under center so Carlos side is going to have to improve. As it under center running back that is clear there's no doubt about it. And poppy didn't run under scenario house because Urban Meyer was always an are all here right jobs and what he ran a one I wonder if you lose in the guy in high delicate. Like to see that fuse and BI and high school. May be was in the spread then to back could be a problem because as we talked about initial four free gore when he moved into the shotgun and a sort of run the spread under Greg Roman. Court in like if he had did just took a while model looks AV is Murray he wasn't like we talked about today now not a cut and run so that is an adjustment. Maybe the niners are looking for running back as well and the draft and be engines and see what they do. Pop but Carlos are you digging in to make to EDT can make that a just and how hard is it. How how thefts discuss. It was I don't mean it's it's different I mean the other way around that's why when he was younger player in combination with Frank Gore. It works so well because gore really was a under center. Lead blocking fullback or single back but he liked to fullback that's why Bruce rather worked out well he could only wanted to run and gun stop your into Carlos side. Some guys it's just it's different gore is she got better as a shotgun pistol runner. But he's much better as an I back runner or a quarterback under center is was raised that way. And conversely it's difficult some guys are good power runners some guys can run his own like Darren McFadden for instance. He's terrible zone runner he just keep doing. He is he's just simple follow a straight ahead blocking assignment yesterday go outside read the backside cut. He can't do it so that's why young guys at different skill sets and you have to match them up they're gonna that are rep a minute and if you don't find it rout with a group when they start with a mini camps and will be. Quarterback under center Brian Hoyer. Matt Barkley and let's put the back 28 you're gone you know put your hands on your Taipei yourself that you heard Steve let's do it. And let's see he is not done and I don't I don't know we helpful take two at some guys are quick learners and it can do which they had some guys that just can't do it so it's a different skill set entirely so. That's the adjustment there that's the glaring numbers he's a much better shot gun runner as we thought he has got a lot of carries an NFL as they understand her own widgets that reflected but. We have a new raider they relate this official now Jared Cook. Has signed with the raiders and a. You know contrary details as a do you have it here Rappaport of the NFL network is announced it about 56 minutes ago that Jericho cool Derek Karr apparently recruited hard really wanna Jericho came here an Alameda. The play for a raiders a jerk cook your new Oakland raider tight and Lee Smith blocking out the he's one of the best blocking tight ends in football. Peter Cook up what thought with the Rogers improved because when cook was in Tennessee you're waiting formed a break I'll break out didn't happen got to Saint Louis didn't happen there. And then last year were air Roger she started to come on the made like we talked about yesterday poppy made a big cats. In a divisional round game against Dallas Cowboys and Packers so Jerry Cooke is a nice option for deer car like and how about yourself. I I we talked about it yesterday in a catch he made on the sideline at the end of the the Dallas playoff game when we daughter garage you throw a hail Mary again and he rolled out to was left in there Iraqis to get his shoulders square controllable on the sideline where he did I forget exactly how many yards they gained. But enough to make a fifty yard field goal to get him out of the rather 33 it was probably 20/20 two yard. Out caught rolling the left injured cook had to show a lot of nimble and as for his footwork. To get down that sideline it was a very hard catcher very hard for all. Without question. But it was a really difficult catch remain at his side Stuart cook is a big man. 64235. For tied in good size you know not enormous ought to study and see what kind of a a blocker he is in a lot of get a big play for. For Mike Tyson Jack Del Rio you've got to be a good blocker than they wanted it. A guy that could do both Lee Smit is basically a tackle he's a blocker he's not a very good in past. He catches the ball. Well in fact its first year generator for got hurt last year. He caught every single ball that he touched they wanted to get the ball more. But he's just he's doesn't have a lot. Change of direction scale is mainly an in line. Lead you know but if the third tackle kind of guy Wofford in theory could do both. But he is he's not a very good blocker he's just really became a disappointment. As a blocker and left about their lot. And he just could not set the edge she could not. He's couldn't handle it's been overpowered a lot and he's a bigger man now the knee injury which I think without question. Impact it is running he was not the same runner I saw Amy immediately attracts the couple times in games to get up the scene there and give Ron. Now if you don't have enough to run the knees bothering unit it was some power a lot of blocking comes from your lower half. So he was not that player. I think you're cook in theory could be both I told you yesterday I just I love double tight end formations and I'm seeing in the an embryo Harbaugh enrollment at Stanford they give you three tight ends their own stand up right vertical holes if you if you think you see a three tighter formation it's like big boy football it's. That's load up and then slammed Iran and then. They just please don't they all go out quote each not you know Jimmy drama. It's not rock but he has some skill that I ace numbers about the study and see. But his numbers last year in Green Bay British look at how we got hurt. He only played ten games and he caught thirty passes where I thought it was pretty good in Tennessee they you know they brought in. Delanie Walker. And he became the guy. And he wanted to get away from the two tight ends up that I'm talking about. But you caught it out it was a 49 catching their 44 a couple of fifty's in Saint Louis I think he's a guy. If he placed a full schedule he's gonna give you fifty. 55 catchers and I think they're a confident. In line blocker and that's what they want they want a guy that has both skill set so when he comes in the game. Whatever number he wears here 89. And you're not all you know yelling at that he's in the game the. An average American eighty target includes groundswell that he's directed that Ahmadinejad yes mediator so book popped his best whatever it is cooks this year can invites all humiliated. Rule or Monday whatever number they give them. But when he gets in the game it's not just an alert alert is not for pats are alert alert he's gonna there was going to be a of a blocking. Roles so he's a guy that does have each each big enough to block you would think it is also. Good enough to get out space and catch the ball so exciting. They're nice I mean Bashir came in 2011 when he call for him our balls for 759. Yards averaged fifteen and have. The arts they can't hedged but last year you know you can Molly Wood Green Bay so this would be good for dare Karla moved Papa meteor apparent agreement there but. You and I have been watching the World Baseball Classic we must have no life unlike most of. I call world our world I called WDC the first year. It came in 2006 I think for ESPN news read the rules of the term limits are. In the this works as ours who makes it and run differential and what is it. And it's teen USA. And it was a hell of a game last night and mean Andruw Jones hit that homer late. An Italian and Erica has a couple of batters later cranks out that you Russia they bring in the former open day. Luke sliders in Israel called the aggression and the gain. And I got a little you know USA. USA with them now the shortstop they're playing with a hail is. Currently in Brandon Crawford. Buster Posey didn't play. So what I wanna do now. Is if this is our game right and it's Denver on the WBZ team USA. What if we could roll out. The very best American born players. And play. And troops Matty had a hell of a good game last night. We're gonna starkly personal in ever gonna bring Bob garner behind given the logic here he had a meeting at the middle. And so go through spot by spot price but first second short third left center right catch. And we're gonna pick our team per team USA in the WB seek to do this thing and take these guys away from spring training that today. America should win it right. I should win it all to. Were based cloud placed on it like I hairdo. Or that sick and collapse. Talk radio via the problem but it's. Now back to pot and on T hill on points. Strikes killed. And. Headache ask there's another call last night and the MLB network Afghan born in the US say Andruw Jones is also from San Diego with a game time homer. Omar this scale managers to Venezuela owe money out maker could make it out. Actor rundown came in again the last did a couple of batters later Eric Hosmer the royals have now under news team USA. For the 42 win over Venezuelan USA Puerto Rico coming up tomorrow night at 7 o'clock so. And I get your brackets in your own news March Madness I'm good in the WBZ. That's kinda. We'll see a team USA can win. That is is our game right we've had this changed everything just to be the best in itself the problem is that timing avid. I don't like going to spring training early. Just for the guys that are taking part of the WDC than they leave. So I what I'd like to see is maybe the WBZ start right after. The Super Bowl. So guys would have to go in get ready you know early January late December maybe not right after the holidays probably. And then just right dose of first of certain syllables over. Doctor -- around the NBA all star game try to avoid you know football obviously played right and it. And then have those guys go to spring training to have everybody got a spring training early to get these guys ready I think it's a bit tone for the Major League Baseball season so is Null. Perfect time but in any event in a march of last night's game and we were checked in during her watch the blazers and spurs I watched the WBZ. Last night action team USA. And I'll be candid over the weekend are not a lot of bigotry Ron Jimmy Jack. But it just you know Buster Posey he's not playing last night and there's some good catchers and and the team that Jim Leland hands that the brain Crawford didn't play let the shortstop we were playing for team US sailors honestly I didn't know that Hollywood. Alex Bregman he's top prospect for me peace of nationals he Tebow. Late last season for the Astros he's he played a key can play. He's going to be a player American league for the numerous in the coming years in the minerals there too they Carl's Korea of that yet Bregman. And that's what their role in how quite ready yet acquired argue they're getting every break any be genetically shortstop in Houston so we'll see what they do them but. So if I wanna deal I wanna go around the diamond if we could have the very. Best American born baseball players to play for team USA. What would be our team here on the afternoon delight Eric so Eric let's start at first base last Knightley would start their cows Mary and Paul Goldschmidt. DH so they're good players we like gold but. Yet Jolie Lotto. Freddie Friedman who are Anthony Rizzo week which one of those three would you take someone at the result. Point result Scott Howard got a good guy who played defense Brazil right now to be the best. But he Joey bottles close second and a boy I don't reads bottles ops were last year 98534. Doubles 29 homers and I walked a 108 times yeah it was I should take either one the only other bottle tickets oh. Motto original as a result the company here aren't we probably take them both. And you know in academia the start everybody all right so first base your gone with a Anthony Rizzo I don't trust I'd probably take bottle but it they're both great players. Second base out Daniel Murphy his team USA second baseman did not start last. Which was interest and amateur what Jim Leland they committees saving him for a tomorrow and Puerto Rico but I. Second base play again after the American born. So I think I would take Daniel Murphy here and a name you wanna bring out. And though he can implement humans and Sarah jail in May or may you are not solemn and quite yet because that a whole course who have asked I don't know how really is he's a solid player and Jason Kidd this if he was healthy I probably would have Jason Kidd is back up. Daniel Murphy but at the big gallery would get Murphy your game. Many play less. Soccer's we got resort first of he had Daniel Murphy. And secondly the older maybe doesn't enjoy it's. Alan Alan gamer fair and in particular that singling aperture is a trip the guy from Sacramento way. But I would take you humor right now. I shortstop and I would put bring in Crawford on the team. But I would bring bring Crawford in late in the game like they did last night by the what you see the game ending double play last night when they went to the over shift but Nolan are not well. That third baseman. On the right side of the infield he played the role over second baseman took a ground ball to his side 360s and took draw the double play what is off optional error not a look at Eric out with a long throw from the outfield and crawl and right to first to. They got the score that's 563 technically than not it was right about who we're but it was. See this article almost there was so much a lot of like those two guys play together it's or guess where you go here I'm gonna Morrissey and go to laid out properties. She's into dodger via that he it's we Corey speaker. Is sweet mama I may have to suck them out later in the game defensively. And I would bring in Brandon Crawford but we're on board currency right now we're on board he's he's going to be born into it's it's it's night and you can walk again so we got to Anthony Rizzo I made a lot of auto deal which NF into like team here. So we got via Tony Rizzo Daniel Murphy inquiry seen here. All right now this is where it's really hard. Third base position and its American born. Players. So let me just throw the top three yet you feel when a stranger RD trenches that the the Josh Donaldson. Chris Bryant. Or Nolan are now. You pay because I'll take anybody else I don't care everybody bought of. By starting third baseman. Who. Do Christmas is Bryant. Not yours but here's my thought. I want Bryant and the team. But I played him in left field poll it's it's it is bad in games on the left fielders I've I want Bryant fanatic implant last year and album out. Defensively. So and between I'm bored me there I'll it's either move the pointer that your and but between Donaldson. And Aaron born Arnott. Or Nazi a lot of committee he is of course feel when you shot I I didn't make it quite well. Because they see there are now making AT&T park looks small. He's come here and have looked at catching made and that type of care as it is today in the last two years you get like short two infants up my favorite player to Ottawa short night it up relations 80. Yes it's the page national policy and at 37 homers last year at 32 doubles these walked a 109. Times as far as -- base plus slugging your beloved ops Donaldson was number one of mama actually third baseman last year that aren't on one -- now even go just Turner's might describe it pays for fracture. But he's the guy I'd like you're taking jobs data on. To play and I think in a team like dodger and you out of all dodger left side and answer these particularly of the 60. You know are not over Donaldson. I'll put this to Josh Donaldson can't make the lineup it's. We now we have a DH right. Because last Michael. DH. That defender Hugh Nolan. Where in this case I'll take Donaldson at birdies and Aaron marker is a BI DA excuse. Now where of these products is now. To go. If this team bought it not worrying about change of pain right we would be orbiting a La. That the that it would be losing last night to Venezuela. Venezuela before Omar went to the bench all right so that's the I I Iowa actress Bryant in left field if he's not gonna play there back ago. That was Ryan broad view that. And oh yes he can hand I Christian yell at you actually placed leopard team USA is there. But I think I ago. Of course. As Brian if he's eligible I'm looking at the list you're right Brian he tackles the issue animal problem regards Martin and trying to win here and I try to go ahead. Outwards related Wright Brothers go completely wean itself or go on it and I guess that's all we have are vehemently about him Michael Justin Upton here and all so yeah I'll go on in Latin pop star Bryant I'll start portrait Bryant. Store and saw. It's about. So about how hard rock great defensively we get you know in a few thoughts here well let's go to center field this is the one position that's the law right much yet. Lou bond blue. Right field we go right right so right field. In a sleeper for the hear what you're thinking right field for united team USA right fielder effort did you these. To which were eager. Gorgeous moments ago with the Houston Astros now towards Reagor war but on the MM MM ME. Who keep the ball you're critical bookie bet Chicago book you can yeah I think this team to take and. Ending each and speed here so having speed were bets are no it's rigor speicher could also steal bases to. It would nationals run whom he can get out there you Dicky calls and ten times last season but he gives you are like him here. We have noticed wire to stack facility don't you don't have your new results go Micky backs. Milwaukee that's so it's our team USA lineup Anthony Rizzo and I enjoy about a vehicle I ability with a result you watched our power. The Eddie Murphy's second Corey cedars show with product Beckham out. We are now out of our doubts that you are now. Gone a third outfield is Chris Bryant left Mike Trout in center and them them them them them them. The bachelorette select right field right how we started here who Monica Clayton Kershaw gave life of the. They carry added you to. Bob Gardner. Does well at the start. What they. Are. Oh I got your. Tropical all evidence helpful. She wanted to. Blue line. Justin Verlander but the bull one news that. Core Islamist brings. As long as he brings us to active SI swimsuit model as them. It poorly understood that KK he has a coveted Gates's speech and that knowing that you know the closer may be from team USA is that. The giants new clothes you go Omar little Hanssen in May be the vast I was looking at it. And you can't take the Cuban missile and the UK government regulation and is that Rio maybe maybe the balloon animals that Britain about somebody Andrew Miller Millard and on the one actually initial Walters guys here are ones that Britain and mark and Lance. And so we did this. Which you watch the WB on watch it every game I've still watch it a lot of skill guys that with this an uneasy and TV you'd really see if we had this team only had Rizzo and Murphy and seeger and our auto and variety Trout. And Obama moved Ian Kershaw and bomb that Dan watcher and absolutely accept probably never and never had it to be on fox could be on fox fox and carrier rights to the World Baseball Classic that he's in dancing was fielded out there. Just give me a favor Jim Leland tomorrow night which start Buster Posey please if want to lose. We need to get Saddam played a while playing all nine innings to get bored and move on the first space at seven figures Tony Curtis I enjoyed the WB it's good it's good Tuesday. And it's. Look at the ardent usaid beer came back Dominican Republic came back hopefully it plays each other again Friday he seems a sect of Venezuela. The Soledad that's right as criminals and have to watch that over saintly party and ultimately change from our veterans one TV set off for college basketball electric or did you see him as poetry a lot of green beer all got to my liver. The dialogue that at oracle on offer you any liquor and a character ORACLE Arena. All right caboose just outside right here got a little problem about it and about seven day. And now it's time wound for the to boost its two week break Paul pulled in bone retain him. No 85 point seven the game. This whole. You open which has a few stories that almost slipped through the crowd. I. That gave. You know the worst part is about watching the World Baseball Classic is that you could see the disdain met investors and has for the team in the long and he has to go back into the ex FL. And I want to. It's on the on pushes more often than that who is gonna happen. One of these days he would like he guided lasted thirty to thirty and he didn't sell and I'd forgotten. About justice in your view we are open up the debates and I didn't watch it live news horror. It was good enough. Speaking. About his admission price at home price harper right in right field. Then amendment that. And Bryce are the. All right your caboose pistol and now Greg one question I have for you and all the years even broadcasting TV and radio have you heard. Mixed mid gamer mid segment or whatever had to go to the bathroom really bad. It just it just couldn't take anymore and slap it like just treatment and none of these Japan's been like Tom to the call right back. Now but. There have been quite a few times. Lately. There real problem yet. And then drinking in excess of the final water. The last couple of months just it's like a week ago. Inimical pitched up when I get off the vapors so no one. And he's gonna let it trail whole way if you if you grow up the mountains it would have been yellow snow this fact that equipment nobody followed it here. During a team now now well I nobody does it show every single career. Now I know well I don't want to go to the game goes commercial goes to the bathroom every interview we do it. Putts under that it was SpinRite shots. Here on Saturday. Take my body break Alley than. But well unfortunately this happened to our good friend guru who is filling in for days and diddley the other day in score. You hear gore yes so I erotic I don't go for. So they have this additional at a time he's been segment let's listen to what happened to guru yesterday in the morning show. In the east bay times splash and make it a lot is known out of money is because. You understand. This Circuit Court. The and gurus over your signaling to me he's got to go to the bathroom and you caught it to dry it's hard to keep going. And so. Me to surgical in the stomach egos I got out there were. Mean. Yeah. I want to win this go by apple did mine right yeah yeah. Well what Laura whatever it well an accident is going to need to know that we don't and oh you're little you don't score out when he deadly. Trip. So apparently are good finger had a case of the mud but. That's what it was it just a fastball he would he would drop to do yet heater circuit it was a heater coming on the budget culpable blood in the mud tonight but we got the nod that bubble slant got Carnoy praying for the power I'd run out of time here but I have one story it's one more story talk about so Meehan bond to watch this yesterday or the other day actually snooped a ball boy has a new music video called lavender it's good to show. Pulled up the rumor is always have a nice little talk about it you know it's commodities and a test went well it's more so what the FCC's it is snoop dog so in this music video. At the end snoop dog puts a gun to don't Trump's head and shoot some. But it's and he has a killer on the L a with a little comedy Danes think represents the best known and don't like it's it's like it was bad yet it's it's just constantly the Bugs Bunny like what you like the thing that comes on the gun ban. So Donald Trump comes out and says can you imagine what the outcry would be its new dogs failing career and all. Had aimed and fired the gun at President Obama he gets certified jail time. So then so you get done he actually respond he didn't keep it certainly did save that and then snoop dog responded and I think he'd try to and do my British accent we do for the caboose pistol you know when it's he wears his interview me but guess what. I was caught off into Sunday night. At. And got nothing decide banks with juniors go right to your project and I know they're really for the company's he's he's going to totally blown to me. Very well his price leader agreed upon which rely on these or into it's no sober now announced. She really antsy at this in his videos called lavender it's kind of weird let's wrap ports and yeah my ground forces and it is yet. And it's everybody's everybody's a clown. Including Donald Trump at the end Annan's you've done particularly dissent. So it was staying music video we do have won at. Teachers story. You know I'd attack or receive for tomorrow I think to see you tomorrow for the 99 show. Had little or nothing to say my back on nothing to say I mean you have to stay after school. So we'll have tomorrow. Is is is is it JT the director Michel JT the brings can do three hours from 990 noon. And we will be will be out there as well drinking with us saintly. And we're gonna have Chris Mullen on and Orlando subpoena will be joined the show's one shot check yes certainly the recent shot if you do we know. Yes it's don't yell at night saying he's gonna have a nice leprechaun hat prancing around she you know isn't even rarer form RA. Over the entire regiment that's good news is still it's a Cuban pitcher number 82 who were up on pop broke quickly details on miners and their (%expletive) Raiders in Jericho agreed a two year deal worth that the twelve point two million dollars first years fully guaranteed. And that today and talk into certain irony. Oh hole off to hold its all of hold it. Folded his cup holders for a little code at all or no known known known Matt any of the people you're thinking. Oh really surprised some surprise surprise there are heated right now let's go to Asia EDT united play in the NFL. Oh really who believe that there local school issue are network. I would shoe on that what as a drug lords and these may shape the subject's life from ORACLE Arena lawyers magic tonight Greg Norman price and again. Of course north into Sunday night.

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