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Brian Billick on seeing the 49ers back in the Big Game

Jan 29, 2013|

Former Raven's coach Brian Billick joined Bucher and Towny to talk about seeing the 49ers back in the Super Bowl, Harbaugh following in Bill Walsh's footsteps, and what he'd think about having Colin Kaepernick as a QB

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    Morning he'll win. Cruz county and. As you're welcome to morning. Now to five point seven a game Brad Gilbert in studio don't forget these fat sacks of cash. National cash contest you just heard the code word here. Texaco roared each year based on let's see you are even cheer no fury like Tibet protests. 272881. You know a lot of our younger oysters just like man. That's eighties right there and I'm not big here I want to hear. Before dad text text here to 72881. Before ten past the are pure chance to win 1000 dollars be listening every day at 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM 5 PM for your chance to win. 8000 dollars and these fat stacks of cash national cash contest. And has dressed as flashed answer this morning. Getting ready for a Halloween what is your son going to be going as he Willie Peter Pan am really Chad actually super cute no doubt will. I'm having a little bit of brain freeze that that the girl that played four I stands. Here are a long time ago she was hot I was gonna say well who was sharing your tiny hot meaner. Well she wasn't Diaz she really couldn't dance. Right they had another yet another girl I he had a professional for Jennifer meals by the way Jennifer deal. All I remember I was a young Downey. Liked it like Emily a lot with swing guy young Downey was like. She really do what is she you can do that almighty god. What the what you do a movie come out landing was 8400. At 8484. Or I was a couple of dance music I'm sorry 83 the year I was born. And then you know us was around that time. Seven degrees of separation meant Kevin Bacon footloose. That it can be I was thirteen years old flash dance on her forget that. I maybe that's why I. Times are 704 and not for good and what's going on in my house right now 704. I don't know there's something about the eighties and the worked out here in the leotard and knowledge canister of those hot. You mean I ones that the one that you Wear. Over or bowl is a movie Jamie Lee Curtis was and what John Travolta and like that scene and she's like she's that she's leading the work out I mean shoot it's. That body was gassed. Are you young county at that point was like looking around on me you know eat you know the only thing that you look back upon. You or any of you or your prime aren't your heyday in the early eighties absolutely. Absolutely. Travel on the world problem is player and a you can probably speak to this last. Times in trends come back to you know fashion. But the ladies were really. I bad decade a hair. I was league beat hair a good institute means she is. Proves Dow puffed out it was bad hair on not allow I did not do they care yet this morning because those can take ways so let me right weeding get the fall. By the way my wife is listening. Thought you were all out and what I say it was set for thirteenth house eleven whether. Silly on Tony. Like flash stand list that was outside. Yeah shelters gonna join us on a football Friday coming appeared the bottoming out we got a lot to get into violin like those you know. Chastity ya he's so you think. How old Asif. The EU looking at me think he's early thirties out I'm taken it shifty. What is pushing in I seized mid to late forties idea I know say yeah late forties you know trying to niner fan. You got a game this weekend as the rams you should roll the rams with selling I don't know. Then they're gonna go to the saints. You start looking up and Arizona right don't ship to start looking up and Arizona Arizona Dallas. I mean went Witten Dallas now they Tony Romo or a bad back right now if you got to set the over under. Taiwanese make in the call the tiny car now how many games it take to win that division. I really don't know because of Arizona. Arizona wins as we do seven and one yet but they still got to play niners and they and they still got to play these are at the niners sit and they play Seattle. I can tell you their schedule in two seconds so meet regularly you give me two seconds your computer so African slow I got a computer that was built in the nineties for God's sakes it's the biggest joke in the world. They got the Dallas Cowboys. And they got backed him so there at Dallas for your point Dallas who'd just lost tonight Tony Ramos banged up. Don't know how that tends to Jerry Jones Jerry Jones is pushing his quarterback and a little too much you are familiar town's newest as usual then he's got. You straight home games Arizona for Syrians in my man Carson Palmer they play Saint Louis at home they play Detroit in Rome. They still have two games against the Seahawks. Won against the niners wanna use the niners but they do now they invested chiefs. They key point then I mean I'm not saying I can win twelve games they can win 1213 games and then now where does that put Seattle and San Francisco 49ers could be one of them look at on the outside. Can be only outside. Yeah I think both those two teams will still win. Ten games and obviously. You're gonna need Eagles or cowboys a drop of I think he could take eleven games. To be a wild card team in the NFC it wouldn't shock me speaking of winning. By the way right now it's minus ten niners Saint Louis niners come out I always like the team going off the vine and the raiders. Don't need tough. Sixteen Donny and sixteen point does our thoughts are going to Seattle and you know Seattle's pissed right now. I really cannot wait to see the line on Monday. The bronco bowl get a Sunday night I'm thinking in. Is dear readers don't perform well I think they cover easy in Seattle well what do you fear Pete Carroll right now. If you're Pete Carroll who's like talking to about this outside is somebody around here mountainous. Our marrow but if you're Pete Carroll and you don't pay boys remember when they were raiders were talking about how dare car through all over you. Week for the pre all day aft. Mary that memorabilia. My fair ruined with Harbaugh. And camp which India well I was watching that game lies I'll never forget that. I'll never forget that there handshakes or epic you talking about a rivalry Harbaugh and Carroll adds brow as arrival I think that is a bribery. Because at one point. Jim was own net right Jim was the USC's. Lawyer. He was he was the grim reaper and Ramon got him a couple times early in Seattle they always got him a lot of early and also an who's got the national championship rings and has got those Super Bowl ring you up. Well all I that would be that the cheap that's a great driver the Murray in law and yet I believe that he went to move. Not eight year what did Drake. He wanted it to you went to Drake it was a Drake pirate or the redwood I believe is the giants. See it what we held. So many people in the Bay Area can't stand him he's a Bay Area guy. He coached for the niners. It's funny how also need those USC every forgets he's a Bay Area I entered I can't stand him but that's been a very we bring up. Around her earlier. Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll so the niners coming off the Biden are going to be my sit well looking at the San Francisco Giants. The San Francisco Giants having won three of five and I know there's a lot of you are you or your race franchise that could not win. You're franchise had one you're. They played this day there was a couple there's been there's been some franchises out there we mention Cleveland already they have won since 1948. The Chicago White Sox recently got rid of there are a long time not winning a World Series we saw the Boston Red Sox got. Until there's some franchises and the giants were among some had not won since they were New York in 1954 half. All the sudden you rattle off three out of five. How do you feel if you are an a's fan it's killing me how do you feel appearing niners fan raiders fan. How about if you're a warrior fan you gotta go back to 75. Yeah it's been forty years through the for the warriors spin 31 years now for the raiders because at the rate is one last time in 83. But I think most. Falls upon two teams and by the way San Jose Sharks. Zip up. Up the green often. Hi last year in the LA kings and San Jose Sharks they've been closed for ten years who won the presidents' trophy the San Jose Sharks who have. At times been the best team and hockey. They never even been to the Stanley Cup finals about a lengthy Atlanta Braves we have the sharks game and take it or leave it in the sharks get screwed last night and OT. Every lesson ma'am ideally are like sharks hockey Mahdi Army aria do they're always consistent like the brazen that they never anyone does this thing on charge argued hello. But I I I really like god for sharks knocked thank god for three things OK give it to me sharks hockey. Thursday night football. And Florida State Louisville that was great game because the last night after soccer practice last night was the carving up the pumpkins and my house and I put it out there on Twitter. At Townsend radio you can foaming. My kids have. They've gone past the let's just do the funny mouth and make some triangle lies they now want like the pattern stuff so one. It takes me forever. I mean like the evil diva on one popped in for one daughter the other daughter wanted to be mysterious gas with. It takes me for and Merck those games went on a draw and a shot myself. I had clicker control you know is watching all those games. Daughter had a friend know her as like ordered some pizza for her got some Vietnamese take out for me. And I just wash those three games and I come believe whose vote is up 24 to 721. Off and on Florida State. And one of the most amazing things I heard betting wise. Two weeks ago the game was eleven point game. But all this huge money came in your to have a future Bennett came in knocked the game down until like three and a half. Over that span. Everywhere was circling think in Louisville was gonna win this game they're up 24 to seven. Winston threw three picks he looked awful should've thrown six opinion he had a couple of drops but then he picked up his bootstraps. And kept his winning streak of never losing game. Corliss Williams. The guy. Has. A charge against his girlfriend. Who he has a kid with and she's like six or seven months pregnant is that all 33 NFL like scouts were their last night watching this kid. Yeah he's playing in Dini also have another guy charged. That he apparently. Are lit and now apparently allegedly. Sent up a drug deal. That that the guy got to crap beaten out of them Florida State as far and and Rouse and rab but yet he was active yesterday. If he Yuri Frank Gore fan since then you remember Frank Gore at the university in my Miami. All then cook does guy had two long runs per scorers for Florida State last night. He reminds me of a young Frank Gore so a lot of people we think of frank now rises in between the tackles kind of guy. Back in the day before the major major knee injury. Frank Gore was the fast home run hitter for the Miami Hurricanes four they had like three or four who was a wide and the running back to play for the Redskins were all aware of the crazy Costello Clinton Portis is they were there together right Edgerrin James I mean they were just the use been put them out. Furlongs on title let's get back to the Jackson I think is interesting broken guess. See at the niners are five titles the nasal four titles the raiders are two warriors at one sharks. Zero. But the latest. For any outcome. You gotta go back. In 1994. When the 49ers and it was the 95 Super Bowl. That was my last year. I mean think that I'm in San Jose state at the time. That's how long ago that was I how does the giants' success how does their success. Make you feel. If you're not a giants Fannie you're a fan of warn these other teams. Then winning three out of five they don't have the biggest payroll they don't have the biggest stars. We debated whether there's a hall of Famer as a player. Both season no doubt but as a player any of these guys who get into the hall of fame you think the last time you saw the 49ers won a Super Bowl they've got multiple hall of famers. How does it make you feel about your organization watching the giants won three out of five. There's no doubt that the two teams I feel like their most impacted. Is the case because barely made some moves I believe predicated on the success of the giants. It's like OK they can keep steal our thunder. What close not doing it and the 49ers because obviously in the same city but not the same city anymore it I mean Santa Clara Santa Clara can't claim that. I don't know without the descent McLaren niners play now that's fifty miles away but I think those two teams will feel it the most. The days and the 49 yes well think about the day's 2012. Was a magical season. Tank it was a magical and going through that ride. And being with the fans as I was imposed game at the time pre imposed and and just going through that and seeing it through the eyes and a's fans and players. As this team was garbage you're never a bad day where both. At 1013 fourteen they were expect all 92012. There are bad. And also Billy starts making a bunch of moves and from my June 2 on nobody was better. And you finally reel in the Texas Rangers. And you go to the playoffs. And you get bounced by Detroit. After you've had a magical run and the giants when the World Series here you are again you both wild card teams. You give bounced they don't want to win the World Series. Since the trade deadline he's had the best record in baseball. They were like the front runner on the on the future bad. They were the World Series favorite. And then they see. They've team across the bay winning they get so and I think next year you'll see moose going towards that and I still feel a niners. And I why do you why do you see the niners will because. They had a window. You get a window and they they kind of built it they were close. And all of all the sudden that window is starting to close a little bit because of what's gonna happen with Harbaugh. This team if they've built. It can still be good but now also and a lot of these great defense of players and had some injuries are getting older. We you know. What you know how much longer does Willis have is bombing gonna come back from injury. You know ball was in Justin Smith is Capra nick the guy. They've give they've got some things and obviously when Harbaugh. But three years in a row they were right there and didn't win one. Just kind of like these were not quite as close but didn't win one and the giants weren't expected to win any one of those three. But yet they do want all our colleague of yours and ESPN yesterday here on 95 point seven game Chris mortenson. Talking about how the 49ers. Still can win the Super Bowl. I think there are well positioned. To make a run the Super Bowl army and I'd sit there look at he has C team didn't say I would expect to be in a super ball pretty close Hussein the 49ers are right there. When does not closed yet. I mean right now. The 49ers are gonna have to really. To me. It's a tough ask any NFC. If you're in the wild card team. Eight the means you gotta win furry games on the road to get to the Super Bowl. It's a big big actually we've seen a lot of teams dueling I don't. You know you hang our blood and I mean the giants have done a troubled times is seen as Steelers do it you've seen these teams you know it's a well these road games you know the most important position to being able to do that is. Without question. QB. Aaron Rodgers did. You have to have. Amazing quarterback Eli Manning's done a couple times Ben Roethlisberger you know I'm a switch on ya what about the Golden State Warriors. 'cause now the you've tasted success. Now that you actually been in the playoffs two straight years which to me. It's been fun it's been great to cover it's fun to go to the senate to oracle roar Cole a lot ship. But eight teams in the last may get eight teams in the east may get the essay in the west is tougher but still. You should be in the playoffs I can't even remember I'm gonna scratch my head here because I am pretty good it. Remembering. I the last time the warriors were in the semifinals. So they. They won 7475. The next year I think they lost in the semi is a 757. And maybe 79. I mean I. I'm not sure I bet it what it's possible that we haven't been back in this Emmys. Since 7576. Maybe grandma do quick check and that it could be close to forty years that we made it past the second round. Of the playoffs and think about this for the giants are one and three out of five. And you got an owner who's out there Bragg and hey this is all about winning. And you keep getting bounced early in the playoffs you run a coach at town who got you into the post season. I mean we're not gonna know Steve Kerr is a better deal until we get them. This year's post season if they make it let's see how far they goes out there. A 100% agree. Right now OKC. Was supposed to maybe be one or two with San Diego. Westbrook fractures his hand yet Iran has so I don't know San Diego. No okay see now he says San Diego. For NBA. San Antonio okay supporters. Clinton clippers don't see any sorry am I bet they clippers a San Diego can keys to doors they've actually reverse occurs. Okay see warriors are on the 450. I actually think. Ease the past year an opportunity for the warriors. To between 5658. Games and being number one or two C 7475. The last and the warriors went past the sack around. And of course that was the year they won the title. I tell ya soon that. They want it that ER RR you are you jus saying grant. Who's researched this so are you saying he's wrong 7576. I was there they lost in the semi is to Phoenix Suns to get. To the NBA title rant. Brad. I don't know are right now. I would beg grant our our job to do twenty push of some I'm wrong there. Right here on there they were playing to get to the NBA violate there's nothing better on radio been listening to a guy 120 push ups. That's like one of the epic things in the history of radio knack bullion award rate very loss in the seventh game at home. Western Conference finals. We're the second round and 7576. Yasser that they were big they played to get to the NBA championship. They didn't have sixteen it was eight. So the last time that we won two rounds in if you don't would have been the year they want it. But winning one. They have not been back at that level since 7576. So early when you look at the giants won in three of five. It's niners is a's and really warriors sharks I mean I don't mean an irony not same marvelous charts. I'm happy. I don't you know same yeah come on sharks and be like you're the sharks are going to be largely in the playoffs and then I think they had no chance coming up we have Adam Chester and there's been a report our guy Jason Cole logistical Bleacher Report on sports generate now are you just get a man as multitasking invited nine shows and about 22 minutes a U Virginia mosque for senator because he's come on this program. And it's based on the worst priority should be. You know why because it's a football Friday just about but I got a call Friday on sports center it's football Friday here he's not in Bristol I sees it is quite Long Island. Is in a place he was like seven helmets behind him is that it you know thank you we have chef give us smoking weed we do know through hitting a big hero played football. Unquote small coral reef. Smoke that we didn't. Think Shaq played for Bob really YZ have helmets. Can in his office okay. He here here's a look let's look at his helmet in his office yet here here's a little thing. The people. So many people in the business like your rarity. Sami people in the business. Who have the big whether they have opinions. Bravado. What are the media. Carrying the. Whatever you wanna put ninety plus percent never played a damn thing. And I tell you right now as you look at radio I can guarantee yet. Mostly guys you here in Sports Radio have never played a damn thing. They weren't even good in high school you're good in college. Ireland and college does great high school okay tells you thinned I think Alice. I was I always said this I was enough to get my education pay for some big wins so I had some big loss us. But inside most guys. Hey they may be lucky if they played JV sports the guys who already others bigger thing and I know more than anybody yeah. They employ a damn thing. They've never competed they never did Peabody they've never made a big shot they never in a big they'd never Danang. You on the other hand I see your different snub here in the media but for God's sakes. Given tunnel in this you're an Olympian. Was causing every near crib harassed that. That was after he you know I got to do I got to run in 96. Down to Justin Herman plaza I ran the last leg with the Olympic Torch and I live the collagen and throw like 40000 people. Parents ever Cisco where were you when you play the Olympics. And 1988 Seoul. It was so like when you like kind of like the worst Olympics ever nobody came here they were scared about things you know travel or they're nervous but still when you came out just slowed opening ceremonies and your representing our country was at just like them most epic thing. Unbelievable. The incredible except waiting three hours and he reserved for you know arena to get in because guys say it's worth about one Alaska she's come in but after. What you do with a bronze medal it's in my barn the Big Ten it's still sitting. Okay he didn't get cold you thought you're gonna get gold price is still got a bronze and so I got the Big Ten. Ferrell is back within all new season Wednesdays on and is CW. And now you never have to miss a single episode downloading digital HD today. And watch anytime anywhere for jester when a copy of season two on Blu-ray visit the contest page at 957 game dot com. I was a deal alone Smith they said they said he was there a shortest suspension did you put out the release. All right Michael you need to dad. And then also we're hearing that people around Mark Davis are saying. No go on Mark Davis wake up I mean on John group we've got a lot to get into their man and I'm shepherd's a football Friday on 95 point seven again. Fueled by foot wrong. On Friday on not a person in the game is brought you barred by the Ford store San Leandro coal American bank and the oaks card club. And a dress says flash dancer from the eighties will be back. At 745. And we have to play that audio. Of the woman defending women who dress a little risque. Mom Halloween yeah. Has that audio and it can be a little chuckle or two and that's pretty good Reagan. Now joining us as he joins us every single Friday on a football Friday the great Adam show after ESPN at. NFL insider Adam we just saw you on sport center. I'm assuming you told everybody I hey listen I've got my big hit severance Cisco I got to get off TV right. Chris Christie right exactly what I can't get a guy that are this up because I did get on to show just Oreo here and I gotta tell those guys number one. Congratulations on a tremendous groceries and make good that was great great Presidio very happy for our. The giants the orientation and then your friend and I EDO politician I had a role in sixty. So I was wrong I missed that and I'm proud to admit I was wrong and goofy guy that I was. Are you this the fact that you had Kansas City and you had Kansas City. In the World Series was bad. Well. Again although Pope or guy the to the lucky guess some baseball and the giant student and a great performance in the better team in the end. The most clutch team prevailed and obviously everybody's talking about the Fisher but the whole team played tremendous in this great victory and a great time for your old city. Do you know where the whole Alden Smith is going to. Had his suspension reduced because of good behavior I mean forty niner fans like sweet he's gonna be back we nine and then here we are week nine no Walden Smith. Well played game until right and he was suspended. Well addition this seven game break came. This is they've had they've had a they've had their body. So large shoes three or fired eight agendas their eighth game. And he was initially suspended for nine game try to act. So he's not come back Ehrlich the fact that effect until I get yet have been reinstated by now by Friday before the game and it happened this week. So. Obviously in the next week he's eligible to come back toward anyway correct. Correct that where where where do you have any idea where this came broke his. And it will also Wear here in Alton Smith is going to be playing in week nine. Well I think there was some consideration given to it. And again I can get to go back and forth between the NFL AFL PA and there's a lot of politics that go along with debt that are involved and clearly in the end. By the NFL would have had to. All that can release him from that suspension let them off that list. Allow him to return to game action and the league did not feel compelled to do that for whatever reason. Well a lot of talk this week now about the huge match out there I actually play against each other Brady vs Manning only five weeks ago. Mick Brady they were circling the drain on him after that Casey game what has dramatically turnaround. For him. And had maybe his best month of October his entire career. Well it may have been actually people were throwing dirt earned great. Amid an unbelievable how many people destroy our rallying I mean there are people who thought they could be benched there are people like to be traded there reports about dissension in the locker room. You know look any time understanding usually a team loses visually questions and concerns and scrutiny and criticism and certainly New England came under its fair share of it when it was struggling at them on that lust security chief but ultimately. Honestly can people have played that position. You know there are some people who just drop off the pace Sierra fitness skills knowledge if he can't read this true many things related debt position. If technique is talents. Intelligence almost think interest is an old gold like that it just didn't go that quickly. I think hit a couple of bad games I think they grunt got health care I think they got more comfortable throwing to guys like Brandon felt. They they turned back to running game mentions what Steven Ridley but we discovered it which direction reed and Jonas gray. I just think. It took some time for the shot and still warm up I think Tom Brady being the competitor that he or she responded told people calling him out. I think dead. Ultimately they they were always good team it just didn't turn out that way early on and they turn out to be exact what people thought they were so it's been really for the last decade. Back to the 49ers forty hear about Ray McDonald. As christianity Mercury news which is really consistent. With what we've heard. All along in regards to re McDonald and said that this story essentially shed an I'm paraphrasing it right now that. The PH selfish right now it leaning against tax. Charging him with domestic bouncing connection to it considerably. Heard about it. We get a decision from these options some point here soon and I I think there's some people felt like he could come to gates. The 49ers have batch Ray McDonald all along and said let's flip to prod just to take its course in which he would be evidenced. Turned up and I think from everything that they really had been told whether they were gonna be right or wrong. They were skeptical. That this was another re right since they didn't believe at all otherwise they would take him off the field so either they were gonna be right they would look silly. And right now based on the San Jose Mercury news story. What which is the prosecutors are are leaning against charging him with domestic violence it would take at Ford and other Istanbul have done the right thing. Melissa switch across the bay potentially. The raiders could be holding the number one pick in the draft. What are you hearing about the the value. Special the jets don't have a quarterback a couple of teams for Mary Oda is it is a possibility. He has value liken RG three trade. What do you hear about that. Well let me say this firstly borrowed the name Marcus marry order and he very well may be the first quarterback picture. In April. All but I've had people tell me they still have to choose Clinton may be the top quarterback prospect and I know there's going to be a tough questions. About Jimmy's when the men and questions what followed a metal scrutiny and we did Johnny Mandela can kibo and other people. Any physical teams are sufficiently satisfied with what they Cuba went than. Well it's very possibly goes higher the market Marriott now there's not an end to what type player in the stressed. Who had the misfortune of the Oakland Raiders because if you have a player like betting you'll learn more pick. You basically need the price that you want that take if you decide not think that player not to get pretty happy. We Derek carb addiction so far. Book but it there's a franchise quarterback like that like Andrew Luck you always have to go that direction but it doesn't seem like that's going to be the case in the draft and so. Yet to figure out which quarterback did the guy which guys in the more opaque. Do the dead computer the team will be offering for the topics that people between doctor willing to offer something and then decide make a determination. Although whether you're better off staying at one or two or three or they're taking a bit tough to retreat accepting brokered agree and that and I will not surprise me to number one overall pick. And then. See if that guy is worth all the competition get back or not. Adam Sanford joins us every single Friday here on 95 point seven a game that Chris Townsend show we have Brad Gilbert in studio it's a football Friday. We're hearing reports that people around marred Davis. Are telling him do not go after John gruden again have you heard anything about this. No I've not heard that and I think marketing machine to do a market is watching I'll listen to some influential former raiders they think some people that he trusts and respects. But I can defect in matters he's always desired Jon Gruden at least engage younger American to be very happy to get Jon Gruden. The question is whether John gruden would be willing duplicate their job to date she'd never has been willing to do it may be this time he changed his mind. Maybe this guy Mark Davis does something different kept sweeten the offer don't know how that plays out but. I have a hard time believing them aren't they Christian simply just say okay Mecca refugee under based on so I think I've been hearing. I'm feel like those are few people that. Don't want him because maybe they don't keep their jobs. Well I mean I don't know who's telling marketers that and and well again it is I would say this is it mark David could go higher Jon Gruden today we do it. In a heartbeat. Carry it no matter when he Kristobal. What do you think it would cost. A lot you know I I don't know that that they can get it done they've never been able to get it done that that's the problem but it never bitter price that they didn't. Willing to were able to pay because incursion you know it John have to be amenable to that and to date. And against the machine but to date. He had not been amenable to taking what ever been offered it at him in my understanding it has been very lucrative killed in the past. Humble able turned down that kind of cash but you know did do you see him as the next John Madden won it looks at football coach turned broadcaster. I would say the closest thing in the game to that right now John Madden. To me so once a lifetime kind of broadcaster and and Jon Gruden does it tremendous job in his own right. Two different kind of guides. You know look she'll play out but I think it's case where. And John Madden a great coaching and broadcasting career. I don't know there's never been a better. Color analyst ever. Ever in the history of the sport but he changed the game he redefined that he he like George Foreman also made a business that they hadn't. I eat an incredibly successful and Jon Gruden been incredibly successful all right. So you know whether or not he decides to. Continued down that path could be a broadcaster. If he does he'll always have tremendous success and B doesn't. Then of course the raiders riveting want to go coach. Well good as always have a great weekend will be watching you on ESPN we'll talk to next week. Chris Brad thanks Brad May join you we can do graduation T in the Bay Area and the giants. Thank you so much Adams after John Garamendi VN from an inch from Adam Chester. To slash dancer. Aaliyah. Joined 9570 game crew tomorrow at the progressive international motorcycle show at the salmon tail county event senator. Will be there from three to 5 PM playing music and giving out prizes including. Black keys to get ten more for details visit the events page at 957 games dot com. You hot today and I and I guess eighties way things. I think that's. Become ploy you're dressed as as an eighties worked out yeah yeah. And it's where an eighty's style clothes and you've got like the what do it and let bomber's leg warmer lime green link farmers. Leggings laying this leg warmer still alive. On bears this out for scores like five point seven again. Five point seven big game. Good morning everybody Chris downs and here I got Brad Gilbert in studio coming up near the top of the hour. How I explain it and it's a female comedienne. Explaining women and how they dress at Halloween can be the correct terms can give me the correct term for how women dress. For Halloween because there's two ways. You can say how woman dresses. How does is comedian look who may overcome it's is pretty funny she's cute says she thinks you convenient. But it is shouldn't matter bled when she comes out she wears a full costume instead of the and essential sexy costume. But it's. All right we'll have that Fauria at the top of the hour also Bill Romanowski will join us but now it's time for take it or leave it right. Joseph what. You run by San Jose state spartans is harder now blood next next step we get home game tomorrow against Colorado State. There rams come to town Saturday November 1 that's right tomorrow. 4 o'clock kick off. Spartan Stadium I'll leave the keys club narrower. You are you play by play as it. My life for you play by play guy for his spartans polio on the don't play let's play this card game. He's just enjoying. All Albie X amount deep before kick off our COB of the game on at all games from my buddies are younger you get a PC. The last PC. We to PC paycheck you're doing some then like you know working it like not a whole cosponsored an alumna I am I to closet I go to games. We party before the game so good I actually goes honorary captain for homecoming. And then also like taking you come up and beyond the be on the broadcast at halftime I was oh I don't know that's a great idea. But I didn't think therefore I ascribe survive did so months ended. Summer right. Our guys in the Halloween I love Halloween obviously yes you do I do and you look you look good to get out and I think yeah I'm I'm I'm missing it. You've got to you've got to send us a picture what it toll looks like donate hair and that is really don't Hillary didn't do the big hair and only that Alia and the makeup got Paula I gotta get the ball. Pull out everything better not rain. I hear that Big Dig down there. Published in self portrait or treating. Aren't. So it isn't they take or leave it Halloween edition blu. LeBron James boot the Cleveland crowd with an awful homecoming no need to panic. The cats will still win the east take it or leave town. Still when he peace. You mean win that division or get to the NBA I Wendy when the. This place Chicago tonight. You know I it. I'll take into the bronze in the diary. I'll take you. A rookie coach from Israel David Blatche. That's just how fluid. I know thriller for you here manifesto on the yeah I'm a little distracted thank god this is that isn't really witness it conjures UConn at the end of the third quarter and I'm still taking it is hard to bet against. LeBron because this team is loaded. I get the feeling it might take him ten to fifteen games get chemistry but there's still win Roland just went high fifties and I won't go ahead tell. Now even with the saints win last night in Carolina which gasoline the 500 the winner of the NFC south. We'll finish Monday's stereo and sub 500 record take nearly. Engaging. On leaving that hard piece. New Orleans that division is incredibly soft to say the least New Orleans. You wake up in the second half and win ten games. Did the niners have to go play Carolina last year and they did Carolina's three and five. I'll see. Sees the deal of New Orleans is that. You can't beat them at home. And they suck on the road they're one and four on the road obviously getting a win last night on the road flat. They're gonna start have a more home games here I will take that New Orleans will win the division and they will be over 500. Clarity now 49ers defensive tackle Ray McDonald is not expected to face any charges for his alleged domestic violence incident. This will be the end of the 49ers who list the legal channels figure leaving town of Obama believes that. And by the way. Once this 88 in San Jose dozens or Santa Clara County doesn't do any thing. I mean the more details at some point we'll come out for when you got the top shown up for the actual police officers were called from the nine on line and analysts like your comrades the relationship. Between the San Francisco 49ers. Santa Clara County officers. Per share if I should say and San Diego and San Jose police department. I mean there's there's this is gonna be looked out and are ready they've told the the officers you can no longer. Be working for the San Francisco 49ers this relationship. Doesn't seem very healthy. And it doesn't look good at all. I'd get this feeling you know there's going to be a laundry list of paper posted everywhere in the do's and don'ts of what tonight is can do maybe and I. Hire a couple over cars are a couple people would hang out with a fellas and nine. But I get the feeling. For the rest of this season. Choir boys and I will take it. Which you usually don't really know ensure all students know more jurors fruit she didn't say season she said I said the end of their legal damages say this season arsenal Nomar Jersey you're just staying yeah that take really the questions you're kinda for eternity no. Jurisprudence for this year residue fourteen. Arms in niners are quiet voice can I request that we always have Michael Jackson music and shows current. It's hearsay me you do whatever the hell you want and you know like. Are you gonna get into a dollar amounts do you absolutely. Yeah he's so fired up but we got to get a little bit of reality. What on seven's bad fifteen point underdog on the Seattle coach is doing a great job there is this like oh my god come off. All right and coming up next a woman defends. All women for Halloween. On the bears this out for sports not about point seven again.

  2. Adam Schefter


    Fri, 31 Oct 2014

    Adam Schefter joins The Morning Show with Chris Townsend.

  3. Aubrey Huff says he was nervous during game 7


    Thu, 30 Oct 2014

    Aubrey Huff tells Haberkauff last night was the first time he was nervous during a Giants game and how proud he is of the team winning another title


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well as somebody who knows what it's like to win the Super Bowl -- knows -- -- for the San Francisco 49ers to be here. You know you go way back with the foreigners agrees it. You know for you to see this franchise on top millions of rates just an extension of obviously what Bill Walsh and John McVeigh and John Ralston admitted to -- started way back then. It's the next evolution of that and Jim Harbaugh has very close connections to Bill Walsh wanted to tap into that -- that is the pedigree of disorganization so it's great for them. -- found their way back -- Super Bowl. So like for you to see. The quarterback. Like Colin Kaplan. Is there. Is there anybody comparable that you've seen in your time this -- stunning when I saw him play for the first time I thought the way the ball he matters -- him. Reminded me of worn out and I'm not read a slam dunk and the whole thing just yet so let's slowdown. But Warren Moon had the sweetest tiger's ball I've received no matter what that to use the term choose nowadays no matter what platform through from. You see this in -- -- victory to get the outlet to schism and all we have things that just ten years from now. He and RG three and W what they're doing now there's just not but these guys are good enough to Dietrich from the pocket got one of the sweetest throwing actions I've seen a long time. Why do you say they will not be doing what they're doing now a couple of years and you can't sustain that long you know -- -- and I understand there's Sosa and weekend. This type of offense to you both quarterbacks to meet its and that's true to a degree. There's -- do this for awhile. But to do it to the degree that they're gonna do it earlier career. It just it does it the shelf like -- not that. And the key is it's still a championship has been one outside the pocket so far they haven't been. You gotta believe it takes that -- pocket the differences -- and I think can be -- from the -- a year an offensive guy. How much would you love to have contact predict as your quarterback. You know -- A couple of days you play quarterback won't -- something. We've -- struggling time with the public -- the upside of this guy. I was pretty good high school -- where you really -- -- -- you're you're -- out of the long list of quarterbacks that I screwed up. Not -- what he's he's just he's got all physical tools seems to have the demeanor right I'm adamant com -- really at an -- niners games this year. So I didn't have a chance to release it this with the Greg Roman coach going in Baltimore in visiting with Greg about this guy -- one. When you have to sort of smash mouth type teams as we have here. How does one goal now. Establishing the advantage. I think that's going to be the -- I think the team that can be the most physical in this instance I think the niners are more physical. Offensively defensively. Now I think the ravens are more explosive. And and obviously their apparent potential take the ball away from a young quarterback. And that's going to be the key matchup at -- doing something to affect on cap and that he's not ready for Henry's been doing it for years. I think the advance for the 49ers. Unique to the ravens team because it is transformation from a defense of dominate team profits have done to. I think of that the forty niners are the more physical team have been the more physical team I don't think the ravens have seen a physical running game. In the playoffs anyway. Indianapolis wasn't that kind of running attack Denver was that kind of running attack and even a good running attack like New England it was a different style running attack. I'll be surprised -- 49ers don't come out and we see a lot of the two tied it and the extra tackle NC a bunch of smash ball I -- build -- the other things don't get me wrong. But a little bit that smash mouth that I did a couple ravens games during the season where they got beat up a little bit I'll be surprised if that's not the attack for the niners coach against your body impossible in the Super Bowl can you measure would be like coaching -- -- brother. Yeah that's better than -- Compete is your brother and I understand you're going to be happy form when it's all done but at the end of the day that means you've got to sit at the Thanksgiving table you gotta sit there at Easter dinner. Stared at that ring and believe me the other one's gonna have the right -- you know I love -- -- but oh by the way I've seen by rank that's gonna happen. You're the best I know we're about to coach some -- but we believe we love Dionte empress of the free agency.

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