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Brian Billick on seeing the 49ers back in the Big Game

Jan 29, 2013|

Former Raven's coach Brian Billick joined Bucher and Towny to talk about seeing the 49ers back in the Super Bowl, Harbaugh following in Bill Walsh's footsteps, and what he'd think about having Colin Kaepernick as a QB

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well as somebody who knows what it's like to win the Super Bowl -- knows -- -- for the San Francisco 49ers to be here. You know you go way back with the foreigners agrees it. You know for you to see this franchise on top millions of rates just an extension of obviously what Bill Walsh and John McVeigh and John Ralston admitted to -- started way back then. It's the next evolution of that and Jim Harbaugh has very close connections to Bill Walsh wanted to tap into that -- that is the pedigree of disorganization so it's great for them. -- found their way back -- Super Bowl. So like for you to see. The quarterback. Like Colin Kaplan. Is there. Is there anybody comparable that you've seen in your time this -- stunning when I saw him play for the first time I thought the way the ball he matters -- him. Reminded me of worn out and I'm not read a slam dunk and the whole thing just yet so let's slowdown. But Warren Moon had the sweetest tiger's ball I've received no matter what that to use the term choose nowadays no matter what platform through from. You see this in -- -- victory to get the outlet to schism and all we have things that just ten years from now. He and RG three and W what they're doing now there's just not but these guys are good enough to Dietrich from the pocket got one of the sweetest throwing actions I've seen a long time. Why do you say they will not be doing what they're doing now a couple of years and you can't sustain that long you know -- -- and I understand there's Sosa and weekend. This type of offense to you both quarterbacks to meet its and that's true to a degree. There's -- do this for awhile. But to do it to the degree that they're gonna do it earlier career. It just it does it the shelf like -- not that. And the key is it's still a championship has been one outside the pocket so far they haven't been. You gotta believe it takes that -- pocket the differences -- and I think can be -- from the -- a year an offensive guy. How much would you love to have contact predict as your quarterback. You know -- A couple of days you play quarterback won't -- something. We've -- struggling time with the public -- the upside of this guy. I was pretty good high school -- where you really -- -- -- you're you're -- out of the long list of quarterbacks that I screwed up. Not -- what he's he's just he's got all physical tools seems to have the demeanor right I'm adamant com -- really at an -- niners games this year. So I didn't have a chance to release it this with the Greg Roman coach going in Baltimore in visiting with Greg about this guy -- one. When you have to sort of smash mouth type teams as we have here. How does one goal now. Establishing the advantage. I think that's going to be the -- I think the team that can be the most physical in this instance I think the niners are more physical. Offensively defensively. Now I think the ravens are more explosive. And and obviously their apparent potential take the ball away from a young quarterback. And that's going to be the key matchup at -- doing something to affect on cap and that he's not ready for Henry's been doing it for years. I think the advance for the 49ers. Unique to the ravens team because it is transformation from a defense of dominate team profits have done to. I think of that the forty niners are the more physical team have been the more physical team I don't think the ravens have seen a physical running game. In the playoffs anyway. Indianapolis wasn't that kind of running attack Denver was that kind of running attack and even a good running attack like New England it was a different style running attack. I'll be surprised -- 49ers don't come out and we see a lot of the two tied it and the extra tackle NC a bunch of smash ball I -- build -- the other things don't get me wrong. But a little bit that smash mouth that I did a couple ravens games during the season where they got beat up a little bit I'll be surprised if that's not the attack for the niners coach against your body impossible in the Super Bowl can you measure would be like coaching -- -- brother. Yeah that's better than -- Compete is your brother and I understand you're going to be happy form when it's all done but at the end of the day that means you've got to sit at the Thanksgiving table you gotta sit there at Easter dinner. Stared at that ring and believe me the other one's gonna have the right -- you know I love -- -- but oh by the way I've seen by rank that's gonna happen. You're the best I know we're about to coach some -- but we believe we love Dionte empress of the free agency.

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