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Ahmad Brooks joins Buch and Towny at media day

Jan 29, 2013|

The Niners LB discusses the week leading up to the Super Bowl and about defending the Ravens offense. He talks highly of his coaching staff and the job they've done.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know you're one of the guys it's it's been around for awhile for the San Francisco 49ers you've seen the bad and you've seen the good as a feel. To go through everything and finally get you to the super. It's coming it feels great because you know when I first came there. -- a school 2000 was a plan at all houses Breyer dissent. Always traveled with the same but I wasn't planned saw this seat would they went to update any Macy's and a year and in. Who wants them off to view and and a foods plant and I think we had a they -- season. Then. We have sesame -- -- to the play also we didn't. We lost a game and then you know remains -- what. You know after that you know based -- -- -- we always had a good group of guys. We hadn't had such days of our staff and once they came in the midst of the bill's list is. You know now -- vehicles almost again and it fills their -- we're gonna -- boat. If you look at one ingredient. That's the difference between those days. And the reason that you're here what do you think it is. Rome. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and other factors. That if they've made such dramatic change from those days to be in here. I wanna say home. -- say -- just. Number one. Number two. The group -- we. Sure it -- -- he's made a lot of changes. With with the guys that he drafts. But does it picks up picks up in free agency. You know because you noticed this on Basel registrar that we had all right is Florida now play and actually going out there making plays on special teams. So that that makes a difference and then probably just that this team that we have all this in defense. Home. Zero office accordingly these days ago -- record -- and we've got big fans lose it. Security was quoted as -- and so all those things make a difference we have a group of camaraderie within the team in the locker room. There's nobody. Are you would be so there were all on the same page. A number of choices -- 95 point seven a game in just over your right is expansion talk about what a great coordinator he isn't. The way he put you guys the game plan seems always puts you in the right situation. -- it is good to have is good to have but you know just this much is good to have deep as good -- good to have. 111000 food and logged in applicable so. It works and ahead. Jim Harbaugh has been a bit of the the -- -- since he's been here he's kind of opened up and let people see his personality. What do you make of that or are we seeing are we seeing something you guys always knew about or is this a little -- breaking out of his -- a little bit. I guess is regular cell -- -- only known for two years -- he's he's. He's all he's always Edison humor and a meeting in Rome and make things funny but he always Daytona on a serious note because it's all about business -- Trying to make things simple for you for your team and make simple foot make it make things simple for you for you guys. And amazement that he's been a great got to work with him. What signs are you seeing. -- -- you elaborate than that it tells you there's some other story -- when use when you see him. What are the signs that you're seeing that there's a competition. Between Jim and John that these are Brothers on that in the Super Bowl. Home Willie Nelson though locals were aboard as more and even breakfast and news he got on wanna put his bizarre like that -- loses and they he got a variety. Think -- who assumes the so those are wrestling with this on my dad and his brother was going to be there and I guess that telephone. As well let me supposed to vote where. -- I was like -- ma'am I'm not going. So -- a bit. -- -- My -- the memorial Tuesday in his room. As Michael wants to win so is like the only one told his brother right now and we'll see you. -- of the game did he wasn't read his brother that we talked to dad for the mom did. Have you seen his I would tell who -- have you seen his press conferences -- I've not seen any I don't even watch is in right now. Because it's really it's rough to deal them the right now I mean I had an Israeli exit ram right now he's he's. Bust and it's Al east Allen jokes that it completely different I would. Are -- so Miami's and he's in the media's eyes he's in -- in the world right now. So me -- -- personality he does have a great person that's the guys who wants folks whose personalities out his world. He's always tell the stories is always tell the jokes. But he series though is all about business. When you look at that ravens' offense. What's what's the number one thing that you feel you need to deal with with them. The houses thing that we needed to just play physical with them -- a physical thing. They wanted to establish the run. And we don't we have a good run defense so we need to stop as early as possible. And then when he -- -- so Flacco he's a good quarterback he's talk. He's a -- he can he can sling the rock. They got good receivers. They got to the good deep threat. Would tilt toward a matter of fact he's from -- way Virginia. Son of results or is there isn't so toward. So. The guy have Anquan Boldin they they got a good all the salon. They got a good fullback we played against them as soon. -- -- given in a full that was this. You know. -- in some of our guys who and so we we got our hands full Sunday. Even mentioned the deep ball you mentioned -- how he can wing it out. How important is it that you and Alden and everybody else you've got to get to Joseph Flacco in this game. Listen it's imperative for us that gets home as soon -- possible -- Calls per suits who. Put a hand in his face. To hit home. Just get rattled managers haven't thinking about it during the past Ross's so he's is K through. Comfortable in the pocket and in total -- will be most of those two. And that's about it. Joseph Torre. Human to human Torrey Smith. It's. True. I can -- is Joseph Torre can't -- like that. -- towards movies from Rome always throws that you know we're -- That was like the county below me. So it is. So outdoorsman. And Jason Love man may get lucky in the --

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