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Jed Lowrie talks move to Oakland

Feb 6, 2013|

The newly acquired Oakland A's infielder says his role for this season is TBD. He talks about joining the circus that is the A's and talks about his game is suited for O.Co.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us here of course -- the Oakland a.'s flagship station and a big trade through the days. As they make the trade with the Houston Astros to get Jeb Lowery who a lot of people. Has said you know especially last -- about the a's need to shortstop if he wasn't injured there like give me that guy and he's now what DA's Andy joins us here on -- Johnny jet. Thank you so much for stop them by and it's kind of like we're bringing you back home since you went to Stanford. Yeah a little bit little bit age rounding -- guys. So when you look at coming to the days and Todd you Billy dean I'm not sure you've talked to Bob Melvin yet. Haven't they tell your -- what they think your role is going to be here in 2013. You know I think that I think that is still yet to be yet to be decided. You know they obviously. Went out bad guys he didn't and in all I think -- that I talked to -- about and probably going to spring training and try to figure that out but you know I'd like public -- middle. -- Paolo much attention did you pay a -- what the days were doing last season and the vibe that they had collectively as team. It's hard not to -- it was a big story. A young team. Going out that one of the one of the better division in baseball and come down to the wire and they have what -- Division is one of the biggest stories in -- also. It was hard not follow the story. You know obviously one that. Playing some time in the Bay Area you know I was in the back my. Back on -- goes quietly reform. And and what what are your thoughts when you think about about joining that. And I say the most complimentary. Way possible joining that's circus. Circuit but it was the one days. And you know I actually know quite a few guys that machine you know blatant cocoa in the Boston. Along with -- -- and Josh rhetoric so you know on most of the characters in the -- You guys Cristiano. I know him from a few years back so I'm looking forward to it does seem like a good group of guys and also -- group of guys that knows how to win. And how and we can just be honest and it is great just to be out of Houston. Let them I was I was I was really fortunate to the opportunity. To go to Houston last year. Yeah really I enjoy -- opportunity. By -- look forward to. -- Oakland and out an opportunity Q two win to get back in the post season. New aids -- -- Larry joins us your view current -- -- five point seven a game you said. EU wanna be up the metal. Obviously second -- two mile weeks didn't work out last year Sizemore you're gonna be competing with he blew -- and blew up Disney in the theory first practices spring training. There's some availability there how would you feel though about. Playing time at first base third base. God does not cops I don't see myself as an everyday guy at the corner. You know I can result in an everyday guy short obvious I approved last year. -- that I can do that on an everyday basis and not only not only do it do well. -- You know I I I think I can certainly. Played those positions -- a little more comfortable at third ballot in the first but. You know are a few myself as an everyday middle and done. I'd like to leave it. What's the -- what sort of adjustment do you think you're gonna have to make or how well how well does your game do you think suit is is suited for -- -- -- -- Yes and I obviously one of the one of the bigger stadium in the league. But yeah I can't I can't -- yeah. Let the dimensions of the field the way that ladies. The way the field plays. Of effect might affect my approach too much in our -- my focus particularly when I've played is it acceptable or. And you know first and foremost that's I'm not going on their trying to hit homers and trying to hit the ball hard and if it goes. Not a mystery angle there try to hit hard again. How do you figure get a look at those white shoes. I'm actively supported admired my guys over -- and remark about so much so white shooter right now. And it's. Look him I'm looking forward -- -- -- -- what the if you look at like -- well. Out because it's a slick look man I gotta tell you if -- -- those all are able Munis. And those -- use its money. I I side some might be dealer Evian you know I got some whites were at home in the ninth -- on the -- so. Though Libya's second -- I imagine what despite excellent -- Now there there are some guys that actually. -- aren't wild about the idea of of going back and it's not. Home home for you but I'm sure it's youth you've got a lot of people that that. That you know in the Bay Area. What what's it. What's it to how do you how do you feel about coming back to the Bay Area. I'm actually really enjoyed my time. Stamford the three years I was there. You know I have a few friends here and there that are there are still in the area by. You know not a huge can continued to get people that not going to be. You know hosting. Dozens of people every night. It'll it'll still. You know it'll be nice to be in a familiar place but you know it's still. Not one that I grew up and I have a lot of family and so. You know I I think that would probably be the reason that. If someone might not enjoy coming home because you -- after that you and I get to post a lot. After the game you're tired you know he's -- go home until the couch and watch -- kind of relax and -- trigger ready for -- so. I think L article be able to strike bound to me you know I know a lot of good people in the area and I'll be able to catch up with a lot of people. And I'm looking forward to. Joseph Lowery joins us your view current -- -- five point seven a game we had the ankle in the -- issue last year how are you health wise. I feel very you know obviously part of part of the trade going through as a pass in the physical and you know there were there were no issues. As hours. As far as the doctors told me man by my work out the Nazis and you have not been the limited at all. And so are October I'm -- ago. When you look at playing in Boston. It's so different because baseball is every single day. It's king there are no matter what the patriots do or the Celtics or the Bruins. It's just the history of the Boston Red Sox and the way they covered that team. How how did that help you playing for the Red Sox just dealing with the everyday deal with the media how does that -- junior career. -- you know it. It it's a situation that is its -- commercial and you know you every single day you know. Are your -- and the scandal that you know the media will let you know. And you know -- viewed yeah opportunities. I -- that that's where this news is sure you're -- you know you get -- right into the fire. Did you expect the world out of everybody and there they're so no exceptions. And we appreciate just stop them but I will be down -- spring training in a couple weeks to say hello welcome to the -- family and we look forward to watching apply. I don't appreciate it drug on jet Lowery former Stanford -- all pac ten.

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