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Glenn Dorsey shares his enthusiasm after joing the 49ers.

Mar 13, 2013|

Former Chiefs Defensive End and newly acquired San Francisco 49er, Glenn Dorsey, talks with Bucher and Towney about being a part of the 49ers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm exempt for the Kansas City Chiefs he's beefing up that defense of line that the niners they needed to get beat there any now joins us here on 95 point seven a game. Glenn thank you so much for taking the time end -- why weren't an -- such a good fifth orient. I mean how about the air -- CD quality. The denies have a good situation go alone and had some guys believe in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- talking to people about you they all talk about your tremendous talent. Great expectations. And that. Date they are. They've expected you to actually be. Good to be better what how do you locate your career to this point. Well on the -- I don't over the due to people expectations I have expertise ceremony and -- -- come out -- compete. It is the best that I -- and legacy everybody everybody's don't have pitino on the artists legalize it -- digital. It sounded great to come in and work -- -- you know being mean if you guys and talk with the coaches and everybody is excited and now I'm I'm sorry about the opportunity come in and work. When you have when you see the personnel that they have how how do you see playing along side. A -- and Justin Smith thorough re McDonnell on how that's going to. Fit with with what you do. -- oh come on look for the opportunity watch more film you know they got a lot of great players guys you know we've been around awhile and know how to do things and you know in in in just demise -- there about it and I got you know Tebow working you know so. I'm just excited and -- over the -- -- do -- -- do its best in my ability. Well I gotta think leaving Kansas City. As it's got to be a blast saying knowing the struggles that Kansas City had last year. Brain and a new coach Andy Reid and go to -- team that was just at the Super Bowl that has a chance to win the Super Bowl talk about that change for you. Right united but it could be changed. You know on not not taking anything away from Kansas City residents agree on the occasional bit to a lot of respect for those guys. You know they gave me opportunity you know you know that he -- but set -- -- -- -- -- and you know they it is is lack of black on or about positive thoughts on here and a lot of positive action you know and -- just bank for an. And that I have the opportunity helped contribute you know I'm pretty giving -- work. So watching Jim Harbaugh from a far what was your impression of him as a coach. A -- put it it's you know catches. A -- I think everybody CA you know he did he break galactic today you know you won't play you know and he used. Many you know in the outed as a team player and playing well. Glenn Dorsey joins us here. New San Francisco 48 iron on 95 point seven a game EL one of the big things around here when your plane and that 34. -- -- just take up blocks -- you can elect the great linebackers for the 49ers rob what do you know about Patrick Willis and Navarro Bowman. Who obviously are two of the best in the business. Right to a tremendous players you know you. You have -- watching my bill to to conceive of record silent silent. About monopoly you know again actually he was -- this you know other shows you've. You know when I first got there will be a tremendous players and I guess now I'm just excited. A lot of players in the building you know a lot of great event. You know I'm we're tired -- -- schools looked interested and in China mean now excited and a despite an opportunity to avail. When when. You look at your options. That the various options that you had what was it well first of all what were they and how what what sold you on the 49ers. Well I mean you know I had a few games where it needed Yahoo! which -- -- -- you know. They discovered was too low. Ability they have that they -- -- formerly you know and and data even give me here and -- did not the plain -- and come -- the facility -- -- -- guys interact with each of the the players and personnel coaches. There is some special is some special and I've -- I'm just I'm excited to be a part of. How have they told you yet how they expect -- lies you. -- I mean like -- it was you know I'm coming into it. Try to play well they wanted to play -- locked in due to help this change in attitude and has their success in the past. He goes away Iraq in due to a you know to help that. Think he'd be going on board doing and I'll have really don't know noble posted spotlight that is doctors -- a company compete. And wherever they see it you know let's go. Could you play nose tackle for the niners -- operator care. 95 point seven of the game Alex Smith. As you know is -- he's going to -- your old team how do you think Alex is going to do in Kansas City. Well I mean are you not think you'd do well. You know you know the dissident community in an organization news to replace you know a lot of passionate fans out there noted they've been sorted detained and he you know. You know when you. They -- it's not known and you know they'd they'd be in -- visit is that is good community of people are and you know he's he's gonna see that and you know -- don't enjoy him and so on do well. Well I know one thing where you're from Baton Rouge, Louisiana which by the way we just were there for a week ended up. For the Super Bowl one thing you care a lot about -- having a good time include. And I can tell you that's one thing you're gonna get beat here. In the city of San Francisco the Bay Area so welcome to San Francisco the 49ers beat a player just like Q. And it's gonna be great watching on -- try to help the 49ers. Get to New York for next year's Super Bowl. About bank now look forward to it meant. Take care Glenn thanks all right figured.

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