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Sam Amick on tbe Warriors' playoff hopes

Mar 15, 2013|

USA Today NBA writer Sam Amick joined Bucher and Towny to talk about the Warriors' big weekend, Andrew Bogut's recent game play, and Kobe Bryant's ankle.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

SA today and be a writer level of Mueller a Mueller with you which you PX and I don't. -- we don't well appreciate taken the time. That there are additionally let's start with the warriors. Five they've got a a big weekend ahead Houston on Sunday the wars have obviously lost the rockets three times this year. And don't have the tiebreaker so the succeeded jeopardy I think it's safe to say and an all year long most the season Sam we've talked about. The key matchup for the warriors being the clippers. In the first round. The do you see anything the warriors can do. To enhance their opportunity -- success. In the first round of the playoffs or. If every variable you look at end with this warriors team being a first round and done by team this year. Well I'm an -- clippers matchup would be you know -- BJP. Today just got after it. Everett -- that -- don't want to be where it. And Barbara that there were no. Did they finally. Be. -- Creepy now -- -- Oh by the way out for a pack. Up. Assemble posed the question you that we posed to. Earlier in the show. If you could have Andrew Bogut now healthy giving you the kind of performance is the that he gave against Detroit. For the remainder of the regular season but it as a result. It it would get you a higher seed -- succeed against the clippers. But you're gonna lose and as a result because he's hit the floor so much for the post season -- or. You slide down you don't hold -- succeed. But you have -- giving you those kind of performances ten rebounds seven points three blocked shots. Which way are you going which way would be more beneficial for the warriors in your mind. When you stand on the jail and the area. One thing about it but -- Yet you haven't you haven't so we get to the higher seed the -- time for the post season or use slipped down a spot. But you're gonna have voted -- -- have voted giving you. You know of serviceable. Performances double digit rebounds. But he posted double digit points and couple blocked shots. Any knowledge I walked out I don't love their aerial view a daily because. I agenda today. Well without -- won't be a bit below but the lawyers and outmoded. Currently it is picked -- I don't have very much out that this victory in his effort yet they did they got you know a lot of but like you know you guys think they're -- -- bet is that the only actor get it they're bit on the back -- I'd probably say -- -- whatever you got it inept state ballot. But at a rate and it brought the -- In Atlantic bottle and talk about what -- Kobe Bryant is supposedly in the starting lineup tonight. Where are you on him as far as this is some miracle that he's playing -- all our you know let Kobe loves to play this. Like it is it manufacture shirt or is it just astonishing -- I probably. -- the appreciate it can't wait but it's OBR. I expect a I mean I'm not about debate that that was the Specter of a video but you know ankle that run. You're not saying you're not saying that you you. It may have crossed your mind but you're not saying it. But it was. Not sure what that they didn't. It. I'd like to broker to break out you. Got your trainer. On sweaters and at the tech athletic. You know you got its trainer that are -- about what warriors. Europe -- the world so our you know and I would later in the attic. And yet could be. Not by the ball in the our -- -- I do think that the break out and getting back. I NBA insider from the USA today San -- joys of the secret that a guy favorably for Downey dramatic 57 again Bayer's -- separate sports. Well what what's been the general when you talk to players most guys think Dante Jones did something wrong on that -- Why did -- like that -- that way. Short. You are. Charlton on it. They edit. It. You know that. Internal want you. They don't. At the very -- That they get in the door and I'd think jail on it. -- see -- that there. It Dubai. Bars -- the -- -- -- and picked up. In good spirits though. The get the word. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The trick back. -- For a you know it. Is the Internet made. -- But our area. That they but -- that. It hey Sam before we let you go very quickly the Sacramento kings of the standard gone. I you know prepared. Prepared to be at what now on. It sure that that. He checked out but -- be. They waited. And this thing. Bad idea yet. -- -- I know you hate that question that's I have to ask it every time we. Not nowhere but opted. But -- just you know and now at proper book. It. They don't break. They pick up in Seattle but. They got out of the art. OK hey Sam listen thank you very much always appreciate your pop and all this in I'm sure will have you on again it's as the playoffs approach. You got it all right they stamp it.

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