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Shane Lechler on leaving the Silver and Black

Mar 26, 2013|

Former Raiders punter Shane Lechler joined The Wheelhouse to talk about how nerve wracking free agency was, and why he decided on going to the Texans

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's weird decision she's gonna miss session and he's he's a former raiders chain chambers of the show every day is gonna lessons that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How much guys that I don't. -- -- That's weird to say that right former raider and that's weird is that senator. There. You have to compliment you know something that I'm not used to and you know quote. You know bitter sweet buildings considered. Yeah I remember a few years ago when el -- have chew you did talk to the Texans. Was there any communication with the raiders this time around. Was it strictly Houston you were targeting because it is home what -- what was your off season. Thought process election. Well originally it was my first time court bigotry industry. And two pitchers man it's nerve racking. I don't know world oh world Politico where marchers ghost rule and it was one of those days -- -- -- and hear anything from Oakland and you know locker give them you know thirteen years and and plus what that they've sent out for me. You know our iPod out at least have a conversation with someone manner or something -- -- all this down and it without Russia's -- You know I can't say that I even I turn the contrary -- or anything because -- it was really offered. And you know -- doubt frustrating but I understand and well written on that thing well you Rotterdam and and it's pretty safe to say that -- -- own the land. Celso since you have signed with Houston nobody from the raider organization contacted -- -- -- -- Sign that -- called me and I thought there are active and -- -- -- -- some text from liked on the phone and coach could try to approach him you know him Al Saunders. That. You know -- some -- -- -- two organizations and spoke 200 basis. Some of those guys -- reached out you know active chart that I'm. Shane Lechler is gonna to join -- so he sat with the Houston Texans what's have been about a week. And I don't think it's been around longer science matters this. Yeah. -- -- -- 32 minute drive from your house of the sections facility and. Not bad at all triple stand there are certain schools without sleep in my own bed and so that that's their problem. After he checked with your life in your -- is in your closest family members. Sea bass is the one I'm worried about your chain. What was -- what was the conversation would you let him know all you guys were hurt or separating. You you would -- -- You were frustrated you know old book that is -- you understand that the but it looks frustrated and I got through -- matter bubble chart that there -- others talked and and beyond -- Coming out on -- his comfort zone now on him Wall Street policy. You know the difference a year ago so. -- Still held that far and and then be okay it would have been to a very disappointed. -- Shane Lechler is enough to join us here in the wheel house -- 957 game. So explain for those who don't know explain the dynamic in the relationship between you and you and him. Ideologue I mean come out first met him -- deportable American -- word tiger out here. You that you're girl so. And a proper madam Leo you're the only room across the across all the way. Combine and we have player talks that are in income five Arnold -- to the other thing. In the center at a -- to a lot of dollars five and -- it's. -- then we roomed together or shoes are almost nine and ten years and drink and thank you sir have a great year on the rose. I mean I -- there's other thing about -- -- in the year and you know we had a good relationship especially. You know especially on game day you know luckily -- would -- -- first two years or three years under and you're. Out there and when no other you know talked about in situations. In game time situation you'll do here and there. Don't special relationship economic team to play to -- for the law thirteen years. And you know it's it is but it very differently and you know it's who taught -- -- -- and bad times and opt out on the -- You guys are like Brothers you've been you've been inseparable since you were drafted together went there when the raiders choose. A new punter Shane how much do they factor in the other -- which is holding for Sebastien they got to get the right guy for him. WWW. -- -- -- I don't know if they're gonna go out there are. Altered a bit hotter this year are on the older -- -- -- -- where all warm -- Maybe you don't know about -- like dude it's the -- problem out there all the time no matter the situation in. And then. Let out one thing that I have a very good relationship with a -- not talked to -- and I mean who have been neutered you know. To be challenge has been waiting to calm down and it's something that that are bigger role in the within the ordered -- -- orbit as. -- -- He's such a powerful weaponry across the -- you get Eddie York your report so -- not. If not. You don't that Toffler also at Portland or. Would you know and later you're within your ticker -- you know on the other hand there there are. You can draw and -- in the whole ball like you want an older. And execute that apple here. Shane -- gonna have to join us here in the wheel house and on a five similar game you sign on Saturday with the Texans. It is far as the raiders are concerned that the direction that they're going in and as you see that as a veteran and you were there around obviously for a lot of good years went to a Super Bowl 000 what do you see there. You know it it's it. Not -- last year it was huge turnover you know and it personnel and then you know coaching staff and Robert over the huge turnover and I think they've done just about. As much as the election already this year you know and and their own. In other. There can be at their locker room and different amateur partner that I mean you also sponsor of Abacha part of grunt work player aggregate shoots you know not not a lot of store it is a lot of guys who got the job on you know -- Brandon Myers. You know -- -- city all the guys and I got contractors you are so right now and then you know you never know that's gonna go -- him. You know when he got a better at all Islamic -- follow him into the sponsored peace since. That -- and it didn't feel it you know it's it's. I'm gonna talk to Reggie you know the planned. Though a lot of people outside an -- that you know -- got planned and hopefully that it worked out well. You mentioned Carson chain and it's all everybody's talking about and sound whether you know caught restructure. Do you make natural prior move him up the food chain there and you're obviously very close your kind of like the fourth quarterback on that team all you were here. Oh what what do they do with Carson Palmer do you think for for the soft -- and. I mean you know it in my opinion. You're -- -- -- where I mean it talks these very -- football player Smart football where you. You know that there -- Want to miss out last year -- acceptable stuff early but it also guys that work. On the other end -- not the forgotten -- because other lives and other remote to either turn -- Heard them argue in the timing not only in our culture and then another Abacha style Arctic are your your best. Now whether he's willing to restructure after all the turnover I don't know that I haven't spoken -- -- you know the area from. It's one of those things you know what -- about internal prior and practiced without seeing him in game then yes you don't have a lot of athletic ability. And it goes sixty games well it's yet to be seeing them. And it'll definitely isn't there -- They should not receive new. Dennis Allen he's -- an -- guy as well and he's got a tough task ahead of women in you're in that locker room how do you think he's gonna handle this. Now I don't know well I think you're still in the process as coach and and and then figure that part alchemy goes. Million different according to one here and want to outlook to -- -- -- -- talk about. You know golf was secondary to the current quarter -- an -- -- -- and older compared to work out and figure out a long way. I got some good and wholesome. Some good resources eureka which competent and so and you know -- -- to -- your outlook I'm rhetorical. Or your first three years and NFL -- little spoiled AFC west AFC west AFC west. AFC title game of the -- you game the Super Bowl Dolan I know you you chose the Texans a large part if you wanna go home the -- yeah I mean you're picking it seemed with the acquisition of Ed -- chain. You could go back to the Super Bowl this year. In other you know just being here Allman and then. Inspectors -- a signed copy a little bit more attention to it. Not that I have. All the text it would have been involved around the inbox column in the past and they're -- -- -- -- you know there. That computer -- the last year's playoffs and advancing by. You know it's been like a lot of -- partnership together. But you know it I'm I'm still. Brand new that the thing. I'm Margot and actually console or canals and the guys at retirement in all -- a culture that though. What to expect from each other and solar atmosphere on you know going to so I really don't know the organization. You know not nearly as an Oakland after thirteen years. Something Austria I'm excited to do it. Is Jane there's a lot on Twitter in the text just thanking you for all your time in and obviously be a raiders -- a lot of love for you but. A before -- let you go just is is there one memory that that sticks out may be above all the other ones. Now that there. But remembers them. Back to. File how about orbit and then it will give the ball well you know what else is looking. Then each. You know and so and so it's a couple -- the entire league for years for juniors or eleven years and the -- -- law. You know a lot of things. That you know an actor remembers you know it's. In older I mean I've been through players coaches. And coaches but. You know -- the nuclear of the and -- -- The church and so that would you know tell you all from Jericho on there right then Jerry Rice camber out -- and he witnessed these other. Both on and off a great football players though it was. And and truly good people -- and so that. Another there's a lot of had a lot of great memories then. -- plant robbery in which a lot of slot because those guys -- Every Sunday in Iowa and it would have stopped that -- those special always will be special to me. Had so many amazing -- it was just every one was a sixty yarder but the one against Devin Hester Shane. At the at the coliseum was that the best -- you ever struck when he went back -- like a center fielder in the ball still one over said. Doubt doubt -- the -- one element that's now -- not only was there was such original. Parker was virtually all of it because it was against him -- and the most electric -- At that permanently in. Not while listening tour. Everything that happened just right for me and no they didn't Covert. It -- that entire openness in the united game without -- -- which you to -- -- our problems at all for itself. He's wickedly you didn't mention an infinite UNC men's club the 76. And -- And stir. -- the idea of. Thought out this -- are used to he can make it 76 yarder -- I know what do we got out like that turnaround -- a lot closer and it. Great stuff man good -- reluctant absolutely thanks love your time and again all the raider nation is behind you good luck with the Texans -- is Christian -- Our order to guarantee that you -- with this should.

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