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95.7 The Game>Audio & Video on Demand>>Paul Gutierrez explains the QB situation in Oakland.

Paul Gutierrez explains the QB situation in Oakland.

Mar 27, 2013|

CSN Bay Area's Raiders Insider, Paul Gutierrez, shares his inside knowledge of what's going on with Carson Palmer's contract situation in Oakland. Plus the plan for cutting #55, Rolando MClain.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here is joins us now how aria. Good guys I was doing in the wheeled out not to Chappelle's Show player haters. You guys -- -- I. Man I don't know all right ladies. All right so what what is the latest there Jason lack of four was reported from CBS were stack that the raiders just won't pain in that thirteen million. The 153 cap it would what do you what do you think when you -- I mean would what I hear what I think is basically the same thing I mean obviously. The raiders that they can get out of having to pay him thirteen million. It like it is evident that what a lot of people are missing the boat on this whole situation is the reason that his salary that -- salary cap numbers are so huge for the next couple years. It because he already did take -- take a plastered the restructuring anyway last year. And play for the minimum. And and where you kinda -- here is. You know -- the raiders -- basically -- to him for 28 million over the next two years in real money. But you know that the raiders are not really gonna do much on the field with him back if so do you pay that for a good competent. Quality quarterback what you really really though expansion franchise mode and blowing now and then start with somebody like -- Terrelle Pryor. That's kind of what they try to figure out in Israel insisting that the party decided that far off. The top of mount Davidson a couple of sections knowing that probably not going to be very good next year anyway event and wanna come out so. Is thirteen million worth it to at least win some games or he's just really release start from scratch. So what do you think they do involve -- at an impasse here I don't see a quarterback out there in the draft or -- you can trade for street free agent that's comparable to Carson. So so how does this deal did get solved. I think. And it may bill and I just. You know I do right by partly because of everything that he did for the team last year. I -- there's a lot of fans that visit that don't like him in -- they're really just intrigued by Terrelle Pryor and I understand being intrigued but the thing that he's ready right here right now. That's just not the case. What they need to do is that they need to let Carson know exactly what the deal that. I've got to make changes in -- email over the past couple weeks I haven't talked him for about a week after so. But he was even got. And confuses the timing and said he wasn't sure what. What was going to happen but he was looking forward to coming back and competing and that to me was kind of the when the bells went -- would use that same phrase. Competing because you're Reggie McKenzie say you're very and -- it. The that they want some competition but nobody ever released that it was an open competition for them last week at the NFL owners' meeting that down finally announce it now. Carson Palmer is our incumbent starter. But they do want these guys to get better by competing against each other so. There's a lot of walking between the way the raindrops in trying to figure out. The hard -- here and everything but yet they've they've got some interesting decisions to make going forward. Yeah I thought people read too much into that because you're also prior listening to what -- saying and if you're saying. -- our quarterback and Pryor has no chance to be the quarterback here in the prior majors now workers are your. You're trying to get him he's a hard worker he's got a lot of room to grow but he needs to work hard every day. To get better setting people British reading way too much into that. Explain one thing Paul in your article the other day. CSN -- counties in the final two years of Palmer's deal void if he's still on the raiders' roster five. Days after the Super Bowl. 12015. Which should be after the 2014 years so we're looking at his deal. As a four year deal but what what what do you mean if he's on the roster five days after the Super Bowl after the fourteen year the contract voyage how does that work. Yet very similar to what just happened with Richard -- because you know that had -- came out of nowhere. The raiders announced late December that Richard Seymour was going to be constrict and restrict -- and we're back. I'll probably welcomes back from. The restructuring -- last year. And I think that was in the raiders -- what they were doing when they had Carson restructure of the news that he's gonna be -- -- some big money. And parts and who you gonna be it was a big money that's what you did to restructure played for the the veteran's minimum last season. And I don't think anybody expected them to go for twelve in the media make them rethink things going forward here. But that to me is what I understand it as part of the restructuring. The same way apple Richard Seymour the contract -- After that point and after that point he literally do another thirty million in base salaries so I'm pretty sure the raiders look that look at -- that's really not gonna count anyway. That Libya a captain obviously. But you know such is life in the NFL it. Appalled -- -- is good enough to Genesee incendiary of course raiders insider at -- here -- -- CSN -- Twitter for all -- -- news. It in we're gonna be just released Tommy Kelly and from my understand that's four point eight million it'll save in that transaction or some dead money in there as well. But as far as where they are cap wise do you know where they are after releasing him as it is the former deal they may have to make this -- make this happen to fill up their roster to sign it takes how how tighter they against the number. You know what I did go to UN will be selected take a couple of -- classes at the toxic assets in this. Yeah I hit it. It's unbelievable what these things are made up along the way you know -- -- -- basis as -- mentioned earlier when name restructured Taiwan branch and might result. And in cutting now a lot of the guys that they did you know and it that he is -- -- cut part in the it will save another. Close to six million but he's still an accountant more than nine against in -- money. The caps so there's a lot of of movement in and shaking that still means that happened because. The only have. X amount that forty plus guys sign right here right now and that's not even counting. You know filling out the roster let alone the draft and they do that haven't -- I do expect and Katrina and number three and I think that actually is where a lot of these geno Smith rumors came from because. The more the raiders -- interest in you know meant it would make it seem pretty draft that was Warner want -- to deal misery. What's going on a number 65. Or are they wearing -- June June 01 June 1 to cut him or what what's the deal with the Orlando. Yeah you know the chipping areas is that we talked a radio after the season he actually admitted that he wanted to cut along the last summer but the cap it would have been to being. And that's really as it is -- talked about the capital that they were in much of the morning cap purgatory right now. And so. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what June 1 thing has not been told tutoring them and told that the June 1 rule really no longer apply is. Do that they -- CPA but and a multiple ballots still does because you could spread out that it over a couple of years. There's no doubt in my mind reliable and going to be on UCL these linebackers that they've been signing. Going forward -- And you know I think -- made his own bed with those comments after he got kicked off the practice field that day in and Reggie McKenzie said it himself. I decide what you know operator. Interesting. As far as a lot of these rumors there's a -- today there's some of the defensive backfield but one was floated out. As far as Matt Flynn in Seattle and one of the reasons he doesn't make sense to me isn't I think people are just connecting dots and I don't know that there's any rumors obviously Reggie akin -- -- Green Day as was Matt -- so I see that. But his cap number -- Willis got number seven point 25 but then it's a Seattle paid the two million. So he'd still count five point 25 so if you cut Palmer like you said it's around six. You're not saving that much money by bringing in a Matt Flynn plus -- probably got to give up -- picks I don't see that connection. Right where you're saving money is in the real money going forward like that part of the twenty million over the next two years and that's -- they would save money there. But yeah I mean all these -- -- in love with packer players and you've seen some of that in the -- but I mean the idea that lack of Atlantic communion. Are these packer players that are out there and then to go get Reynolds -- -- like. The magic man. Down Murkowski a -- hard they tried cat Lina didn't work out so well I mean you know I I just I like you said I don't see a mass exodus of packer players come here. Now an and then when it comes Atlanta than they Rhode Island that you kind of surprised that it took this long for his name to surface but you know it. And Greg mentioned earlier this is the Nazis in this is went a lot of the rumors starting and fans can't get enough of that kind of stuff. Did you Seymour where's where's big rich gonna go real quick poll you're an inning you know. I can share in the minors but I'm not hearing any. Response from the niners on that so I don't know maybe want to go back to New England he needs to do to finish with a -- if you really wanted to get into cantonment. Here in the niners I haven't heard them that would make sense early early on -- -- before they signed Dorsey well -- -- nose tackle he could be a pipe technique and can back up just has been both sides couldn't. That's Richard Seymour. Is it a backup justice and he has he seen in a market in in our hotel and you can protect the jet and a Pulitzer. Hey Paul thanks -- it was good talking in we always enjoy your work at CS in the area thinks. Appreciated the what you they're out there which when he got that but nasty. No it's only app stores in the hours now it has -- -- -- -- -- part time covers the raiders music and a two hour. He's I have anger or anything nasty as you mean just whenever.

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