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95.7 The Game>Audio & Video on Demand>>Lincoln Kennedy says the Raiders should let Palmer go and "take their lumps".

Lincoln Kennedy says the Raiders should let Palmer go and "take their lumps".

Mar 27, 2013|

Former Oakland Raider, Lincoln Kennedy, Talks about the Raider woes regarding the QB/Carson Palmer situation. He thinks it'll be several years before the Raiders will be relevant again.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Linking Kennedy now joins us on deedrick -- 95 point seven a game Linkedin at. As a former raider and I know you still cover organ down there fox sports is still cover the at a felony looking at your old team. How do you see what's going on with the silver black. Well you know our public what you make of at this stage at quarterback picking your your particular order I think it would JaMarcus Russell. Except packet number -- now. Because you know the reason why he -- quarterback and proper update. First -- that they expect them because franchise but then you know and but years. Back -- and happy you're not really so you know you put our. Patents that they probably some shots. Nobody expected to have better -- or opposite of that results but he just sent out. But -- -- this is that this is sort of my position and Italian I have gone back and forth on it whereas. I feel as if the current raiders organization finally has to pay the price. For all of the mistakes in the ills that have built up but that it is a necessary price to -- there's no there's no getting around that you were going to have to make some painful decisions. And perhaps have a certain degree of disappointment next season but it's the only way. That you can get right again do you agree with Saturday you know it is is there's some middle ground is there a way to avoid. Have being a you know he hitting rock bottom and going going up from there. We're the only way to truly airport workers are all part of it at -- -- in -- was ready to take it right. I think it through bad but there -- what have you it's just been that active. -- -- -- -- a lot of help. Doesn't have wondered if there ever put on one guy. Cancel its particular that's not easily overcome our -- have to pay you know what would reject sorts. There's a lot -- -- go I don't know -- quarterback. But by the civil war. If if you were Reggie McKenzie how would you handle. The Carson Palmer situation. Well -- -- about what happened over and over the -- Car you know while harper are about what -- instructors you'll. You know obviously he's you know exactly -- and let it go picture arts and try to -- buyer great market. -- now you know and then we pick it up and it. Yeah couple picnic at quarterback. Elect or something like and what he hasn't let you know you know that what really hurts this what this team right now the fact that there are. To -- there are not the typically players such quarterbacks in the way. I just don't see it I know people rich and powerful obstacles that. Before you know at a press a certain extent about what went to some degree but its not like it was last year and that's really an issue. Leahy Kennedy George your former -- on 95 point seven regain its view current Downey Lincoln you know that there's some teams who've been bad. But the NFL as a once more we've seen eight people be able to go. Worst to first or even -- it -- so fast made just look at the Indianapolis Colts. Not to long ago the Miami Dolphins. But excuse -- raiders being able to kind of pull that off and has this thing is nosedive and be able to. Had to pull up maybe when he Gary are you see him lose and now offer for a few years. Lot of the people working here but I think at that particular loss and you'll what you really know what to do what are the raiders got the other complications that it. Or call. Certain he's we have seen -- congress so. If there -- a lot of well wait until later this is the opposite side of certain well. -- can happen but you know there's a lot old films. And you know you Ralitsa -- I can't sit in it it was like now but extract it. Why is everybody so down on Matt Barkley you're down there in Southern California use all all of his games -- supposed to be the guy -- -- down on. Because when the pressure Angel this year seen here he's fault. Independent figure out deceptive a college to professional -- bit more pressure you know obviously but what people don't. There's more pressure especially those are areas start quarterback and LT -- a lot of question. When it happens -- how -- pulled it back you can say about what he's capable. Of butter ones. What would you how would you feel about Matt Flynn is a holdover is the next quarterback for the raiders. So what it's. The important you really just -- -- got to see him under the current system how to abuse. -- -- -- -- Quarterback in there is protected by -- running game more a short passing game more. Quarterback uninstall that -- more I think that you peaceful people are getting. Each month so I mean not that stupid quite right here actually are the judge whether about the guy that based OPEC. This is because it kept off. As well wildfires are things criticism of parts of property office last year was that well what they did not have great weapons shooters which will in her car bomb belt so. Couple of all I was able to make it neutral field and that ultimately capable -- however without Robert you picked off. Anyone personally I call on which you don't outfit you're. So what would be for for next year what would be the the the step of progress. For the raiders let's throw out trying to have a record or whatever what what's the what's the first step that has them moving in the right direction as the raiders -- said this is. This is gonna tell me that that they were moving in the right direction. You know what is that particular point any gauge forward. She progress by assured me that well I don't believe in here in the better buckle deeper with our coach. He's such a shock as if he shot and partner -- -- articles about people not knowing your office channeled natural -- but quite large. Create an identity he had the opportunity are what happened. Because every thirteen partly. I'll you know what are such suspects were Serbs Turkey as well as an end and that partners all all. Whatever you want to use and indeed fox last year also. All he's. You know at a lack of -- -- -- -- operators you'd ever. -- and always a pleasure to have -- on kids it continued success down there. In Southern California we'll talk to you soon thanks -- in -- -- -- --

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