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Nick Roach talks about his move to Oakland.

Mar 28, 2013|

Newly acquired LB, Nick Roach, talks with Lund and Papa about joining the Raiders and what role he'll fill within Oakland's linebacker core.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

New linebacker for the and then -- race I don't know if you -- to join us. -- -- -- Good man yet you have the do you have the autumn is now the raider ransom we should play this on foreign are you familiar with the raider -- the neck now earlier we ought to win. Yes. The certificates play a little effort for the raiders new middle and back. And will pull up it'll take a suspect. You've heard this on the floor right. It's not -- and that's not a big Lake Michigan alike are. -- the yeah. I'm like you know NFL films right in the secondary. You guys -- welcome to California man to tell me about the choice to to sign with the raiders now. Iowa -- you know came came pretty clear that that is going to be the best. Decision for export. So compelling visit the coaches to sit down and you -- who -- -- everybody -- it is going to be. Over the coped well written and just started to YouTube. It looks like the raiders for the most part -- gonna revamp that that linebacker -- as it it of the talks. A progress to the point where are you play the middle do you know are going to be. In it has been our customers' specific. I think that question in the middle. To begin with at least resulted in -- Adam -- evaluated. Evaluated just as a it and similar. And very true -- we have -- -- -- To whatever their current market share or 600. To rebuke of. Yeah and they may add players and -- a draft coming up and he -- for relationship to sign but. I know and Urlacher got -- at the end of last year you did move to the Mike but I remember you in Chicago -- was the weak side linebacker. And you play the strong side linebacker how much middle linebacker you played it in your career both with the bears and in college next. Then or because of -- -- bit -- dependent on these that we had so you know you went -- played out it's still critical of the total. And then talks and the -- browser most of the time and an election. Hunter Hillenmeyer to remember him. And there's -- -- as -- -- -- played a lot of -- record pre season and a lot of practices because it was only 6000 in back rooms. A lot of -- again August without some sort -- -- so critical would. And approach is gonna have to join us a new raiders linebacker John hundred popping into bailouts and out of 57 game -- nick stepped in for Brian -- locker last year. In sixteen games said there was Chicago since 2007 its interest in because. You went to northwestern and then you're Chicago Bears over and has kind of where you were what what do you think the transition is gonna be like and have you were played ever played Oakland in the NC in the black hole. You're actually. I we're prepared in 2000. Yeah. Who we elect elect upon over Devin Hester said. Brilliant mind here and -- -- -- school because I was on torture and no can it record from Mexico for a start on -- -- -- -- -- friendly. -- on the West Coast so would be nice to be closer reverse. Were a little. You know when I first moved here in 86 the first thing I did. Was did it -- And drive due south on route one right along the highway murder and I hear you have a trip planned but you're not gonna go and in an automobile you -- your life for gonna do -- Lowest possible you're pursuant to review career recreational vehicle. We if a victory streak boats and it would have been a drive from Chicago California a couple of times and ships currently an organ. So that we drew from it send it organs. -- and so it's destructive of these your extravagant go to. The Gary trips onslaught -- negatively. Or that is nice so are you gonna. It now you got a big RBC gonna do like campsites and stuff like that. Our program pressure that we don't go there yet officially booked. You know now down -- -- to the inevitable everybody. -- that considers both. And -- intermission. -- -- and structure a total. -- touchdown. Navigating a route one cells can be tough and there he is a tough. I don't know -- arts. You you do about a critic before you can -- It. Sand semi and you started Big -- and go to San -- is the right yeah that's the way to do it early. You're AEU into -- your Smart guy sob that you're let academic. All Big Ten all the -- the middle linebacker Janzen -- Now I don't know are much more better thing but I was carmaker school so that it trickled in an -- premed. Courses so who's got pictures. I. In order to -- so you grew up in Milwaukee did you grow up Packers fan a bears stand would you do grown up. -- election but he. -- -- -- I never really -- partially anybody here is played pledge fortunate. A burst into Israel national. It whatever you mr. for a toaster fortunately. There was just in the bears Packers or anything. Fortunately didn't have to choose and -- -- -- A. Up for those who have not seen you play. I think RC -- eager to play like those terms that because. Just. It's actual way to Atlanta that would -- It is certain natural. Boller in her physical. Oscar record leadership abilities. Are -- accuse. The player of the -- -- diplomatic. So. Of course like to do the -- -- Two. To say that -- specifically target a one urged to view -- So to speak and Urlacher and mean arguably the most athletic. Middle linebacker we've ever seen to play that a middle -- that Tampa to for so many years sort of great rotary was to cover the metal. But is coming off a severe injury and right now he does not have a job where do you see. Urlacher landing this offseason. Doctor honestly though. I'm surprised that it's true that you would. The political back the first which partners -- been so long. Just a little associate in Chicago -- So now that none of the -- the -- that your. The world open sort of discipline. Nick Roach knew the raiders linebacker pat Rick notre right at Rick -- coach on Twitter Nick Roach 53 dot com. Lot like Rick note chew on Twitter. Should not a -- -- -- just sort of thing equipped second. And it sort of in numbers are potential. First topic at the world switched up socialism. -- -- Pig Latin and that's and a pig Latin Rick no -- By the by the way you're going to you're going to -- People like you to bear that are raider fans because I'm looking at your website right now Nick -- 53 dot com and there is a picture of him smashing a Frank Gore on there so people like death. Earlier you shouldn't. -- -- There's a lot of guys is that on the Monday night game this past year and a. I'm not Estrada from. Here. Lanka. -- smashing the Seahawks a forty niner fans apartment like you for that so anyway. We made a raider fans alike and you know they will he's mentioned fragrant some new pictures up there and certain people not planned and managed them. Well -- think for the time welcome to be a variant we'll talk decent. We appreciate you thank you meant.

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