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95.7 The Game>Audio & Video on Demand>>John Clayton weighs in on the Raiders QB debacle.

John Clayton weighs in on the Raiders QB debacle.

Mar 28, 2013|

ESPN's Senior NFL analyst, Jon Clayton, gives his insight on how the Raiders can be beneficial if they choose to let go of Carson Palmer as well as news around the league.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's gonna to join us now and they were talking about Carson Palmer and that's we're talking about so let's. Talk about it with. He is a super genius John -- -- PM hi John Dario. I know how that's great -- it's great to talk -- Legs everything. Now. Generally it is. -- every day so you know and that is cutlery in this Mike silvery Yahoo! column January where it what do you make of these quotes. Somebody close to Carson hands. Well I think that. And that the raiders are trying to at least say that it's not as bad as it looks but. One thing is clear he's not playing for Oakland at thirteen million dollar salary now what adjustment he's going to make is going to at least determine that he's going to be there or not. If it was say for example the readers are going to put up ten million dollars he may be better served to stay there because I don't know if he's going to get ten million dollars. On the Arizona Cardinals at thirteen million dollars of cap room and and got a lot of money that they've blocked in quarterbacks signings -- these acquisitions with Kevin Cobb. So there's a number of -- that may work but at that doesn't work him and I think it's pretty clear that course is going to be gone. So you say if he does not accept -- pay slashing presidency in minute they're not going to extend the deal out sort have to be a reduction. He is just not workable the raiders can release would release him because the other option is just pay and a thirteen -- let them play. And honestly mean that may sound like something that album and wanna do because. At this stage with the team you wonder what you really want to have courts and at thirteen million dollars. Think it's a bad idea and here's the rationale. And this one make a little too complicated but you know this is the first here. That teams have to spend 89% of their -- now it's not a one year thing it's a four year averaged. But if you let Carson Palmer go in Oakland you're taking the payroll down to about 7071. Million dollars. That means just to get -- 107 million dollars which is roughly 89%. It's not that you have to get to that number this year but you have to ratchet up and start paying a 130 million dollars of salary in cash. Over the final three years to try to get of that so I mean it's -- consideration where. You know if they do want but he obviously wanted to take a pay cut. It can't be too dramatic it can't be trying to -- about five or six million because if they did that and they end up cutting them I mean what they have to make up a lot of difference. Over the next four years just because of that thirteen million dollar loss. John cling to professors join us from ESPN we're talking about to Carson Palmer situation. That you're in Seattle and now there's a lot of talk in the secondary cornerback market here of of Matt Flynn maybe Seattle takes a four or five verse or the raiders are involved in that would what are you here and as far as Matt Flynn situation. Well it's one that I think Reggie McKenzie was involved with trapping him and I think as the viable option and that indeed. They don't take a quarterback with the first round pick and -- second round pick. They've got to have something for the offseason program just to balance out Terrelle Pryor and that's why I think politically viable option now. The one thing that I'm hearing is that the raiders don't wanna have a net loss in draft choices to try to get that done. So what now would be the option would be take the third round pick that you flop that. And then you re compensate with a pick next year so let's say that. If you have -- twenty swap which is technically a fourth round pick if you look at the value and then maybe throw an outfit next year to make it all right. So that what I think would be the option that they would have and I think it's a very viable option because bill collectors -- total confidence but don't Terrelle Pryor can take over the top and to win football games. Then Flynn looks like the most viable option and it's something that Ingrid in the can be very competent. Well what do you think Arizona doesn't quarterback this -- Georgia. Well it's -- but the display at the clock is ticking because by may first or naming a starter. And so they're not taking one in the first round that was an Arizona for the owner's meeting and that was pretty evident there's no one factor at least with Bruce Syrians says. And so I think that they're waiting for -- If Carson does not come to them. Then they'll probably do something and start the off season program which Drew Stanton as a starter and then legal go into the season without. If they do that it's going to be a while conceding that policy drew stand as being a viable starting quarterback. They may take 12 round I think they could take it Barkley is available maybe they'd trade up from the bottom part of the first. But at this stage they wanna have their quarterback named by the first of -- -- and if they don't get Palmer that it might be naming Drew Stanton as a starter. Well they can name on the starter for a month what what what if the raiders Scott Carson on June the first to spread out the campaign it would it would Arizona bring him in that. Then as a starter for that be too late. -- I think that they would still consider an epic that they would look at him as a viable option and a better option understand that. I knew they couldn't wait to the June 1 which are clearly still up. Rolando McClain that they can either let go now hundreds June 1 casualty at work they'll let him go in June but and I'll even take a payroll down even more. So that they technically could do that but really there's not as much of the caps they think. By waiting on cards and you're gonna cut and he's got to be probably cut now because they do there's not a lot of pro ration it goes in and they say more than ten million dollars under the cap. Other great John Clayton is -- from a ESPN. And do something for -- because you know how this works and it's like this and every single town. The backup quarterback becomes the most popular guy in town and everybody in the and it's a raiders fan of the Bayer AG's do is scream and for Terrelle Pryor. When you talked to of people around the NFL what do they say about Terrelle Pryor. -- just think he's too raw on the net that in the accuracy isn't there. Mean better than ten people I think that's for sure but still not -- but -- right now -- -- ready to go that we did some good things. -- the final part of the season at least getting out there and doing it but -- in this league you need to be accurate and I don't know if he had the accuracy at this moment it doesn't say that he can't. Development but I think that you know he's still considered too raw he's still considered to be more of a running quarterback and a throwing quarterback and even know the league is certainly doing good things but the read option -- that's not where you want to base your offense and so. Don't that they can maybe try to CP there I think at the moment most people around the lake I think he's not ready to be a starter yet. Niners' backup quarterback situation there Scott so lousy right now backing up camper nick what what do they do. I think the -- despite a veteran that they feel comfortable with the Mets one bank and they could easily stay with Scott but don't want that you know Jim Harbaugh is very good at. Spotting quarterbacks finding quarterbacks and he'll find one that he thinks is going to be one I don't necessarily think it has to be he read option type and I'm not sold. If they bring in Pat White he's going to be the back up and he would be more distant fourth quarterback trying to compete for a spot. But I don't think they're overly panicked about it I think that that's something that. If Jim Harbaugh knows the column -- nick is his quarterback and -- starter they could feel comfortable enough going with Scott. And the back up but I think it. Those spots somebody year and probably came close to the minimum because as we know each date free agency goes the price of players keeps coming down. A -- it looks like a short rain for Joseph Flacco is the NFL's highest paid quarterback is if I hear that Aaron Rodgers is -- close to a new deal. In Garcia summit it's going to be around 24 to 25 million dollars a year and it may come accompanied with a claim that -- -- to which of course that would take care of two of the three priorities as far as trying to take care guys on the roster because they also have to try to do a BJ -- the defense of wind and so. It's just a matter of time because number one they wanna get the -- the books and number two if I was to task on sports centers like how big an effect. Their ability to acquire. Wide receivers and tight ends. For Aaron Rodgers doesn't affect them whatever I mean Ted Thompson -- It's free agency so it's not like you're gonna Gilani gives companies a free economic cost them. To Michael Finley next year but that may be more because of the seven million dollar salary -- he's not producing the seven million dollar level so. In the end -- -- just have to be done and I think gonna be very happy to do it. How about the ex packer. Junior trader Charles Woodson -- where to sea surface. They could separate -- separate Cisco still think there's police some interest there. The door closed on him over in new -- prominent sign Adrian Wilson -- just outside chance he could go to Seattle but like we're seeing the Dwight Freeney and a lot of other players if he's first got to make a determination that his ten million dollar salary no more and and you. Except playing in the 12 -- three million dollar level and it just takes time to adjust to start I would have to think that there he would consider. The Baltimore Ravens too because if they still have some safety of chaotic than -- most states he's go and they signed Michael -- as one. So that might be one option to want him caught the ball. John it's great catching up with you we know how busy -- thinks forgiveness and inside it's always great catch and a Padilla again. You got there you know John Clayton he's the best.

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