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Brock Huard sayd Matt Flynn is a polished QB.

Mar 29, 2013|

Former Seahawks QB and radio host on ESPN 710 in Seattle, Brock Huard, Talks about Matt Flynn and the potential of he being a Raider in the very near future.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Raiders -- -- is always good to rescind a former Seahawks quarterback post on that ESPN 710 in Seattle easy money is being TV. As well he joins us now hi Brock -- of. Under will also do well this has been a story we started talking about the end of the regular -- in -- and it was spokes within the Shia organization and you'll recall very early and it's taken to twist in terms but I think. Ultimately this is from capitol. Yes they give a -- -- of a -- for the -- mean obvious he was back up expected to come in there and -- Russell Wilson did but he did the rest is history but to what kind of what kind of quarterback we talked about here in your mind. I think he's very polished user and Jackson LSU laid back. How worn backwards in many ways the antithesis of Russell Wilson and the urgency due to the office at 5:30 am never leave. Our Russell going to be robots like Pete Manning -- -- back into time what that purple ball at its central in his life and that's not to say that ball not important to map plan but he carried himself. In a much more southern laid back style. When you watched your bracket all summer long and many of aside -- would -- jobs that they'd have ten million marched China by a million for that. You're going to be the starter and you watched him and you look like he looks like -- accused. But the first mini camp in Oakland gonna look at adamant that while he got great fundamental and proper well I'll -- time. In the Green Bay incubator working with McCarthy crew and -- spear very polished that what you. He's not a guy that overwhelms you with this side it's not a guy that you can look at and they locked up -- rockets out of opinion. You not a -- gonna launch seven yard bombs but -- accomplished very poised very polished. In many ways very professional and that's why I think the Seahawks were intrigued and signed into the fuel they did a year ago unfortunately one of -- great rookie years in the history of the league. Beat the amount in his left him I think homeless -- -- Yeah his body award his -- so I haven't seen them play a lot lavish one Sunday nighter against doing and remember watching and then. I did not see the whole Davis saw the highlights of the -- -- had against the lions and his skill set to me I just thought he was average average -- Average mobility and he was -- seventh round draft pick if he gets a chance to play. As a starter do you do you think he will become a pay more than average player. Now that -- who want to Oakland and Reggie McKenzie remember urgent action would be pretty -- -- -- what you saw as well maybe about our year I think politically it would cure all are well up quotes from what you know what. I will take the risk of a young guy being much tires fuel line. Now kidnapped when you match up because any Q if you look at match -- early in his career he's an actor and have a big army certainly not athletic you've gotta gotta create and expand it but he. Smart he's a good diet -- been fairly durable actually very herbal them or Houston or even though. What it is not chicks what or he would excuse me it's well together but our point five down. That would be the guy on the high end of the upside would be would be a match up. You know on the other end of the spectrum you can also look at say -- you know there's just nothing there that overwhelms you and anyway. I don't even know about it but get this feeling would be -- -- -- What the war would be. You know you dispute that that that would be. Mark Sanchez is that with the -- message is. Did you know permit the kitchen make unity he cheat and -- standpoint prone and or so early this is opposite this again. Five years. He watched Aaron Rodgers Tibet and the game you want to benefit from a rookie perspective really good player. It's been document dated February number of times that we don't have maps and thing in Seattle maybe it in the will be well on its little. Because these -- quality quarterback and Pete Carroll will tell you that too. Matt Flynn didn't lose the job he didn't lose the job Russell Wilson took a chromium -- it was all about the world I would agree with that about ninety some stat. But there were still in map -- I would a lot of talk to him in April instead India after day one of many -- do you think there's any way you can lose this job. US had no way am I gonna lose that but unfortunately he did it and and I hope it's sacred it would have been sold for you to McKee made. He didn't make any waves. I hope or its -- gets an opportunity didn't -- -- a polished a probe or that leader fundamentally sound in -- right West Coast estimate gonna be able to get plug in -- -- but they want. A rocky were good enough to join -- former Seahawks quarterback in the rumor today is. I'm Matt -- to the raiders. Or she works at 710 ESPN and Seattle as long as seed money -- -- TV. As far as that injury they kind of opened the door maybe a little bit for Russell Wilson did -- have a tired arm memories or any issue as far as injury or anything like that. I don't think so. There were tired arm and what pretend ignited is that. You know he's -- you guys will see him all of it comes to coalition make agree on the contract on the terms of the deal. And that and when we checked on the road -- Wednesday. You know he would accurate yet. You know very polished you it's fundamentally sound he would what you would expect it would I'd been in the plea. Up five years to -- by some of the teachers in the game but it -- earlier you'd not you know overwhelm you with the physical skills that been. I don't think that the injuries anything of great concern. So it if the raiders to make this trade and they released Carson at some point here. Do they go rotting get a second veteran do you bring Kevin Cobb indeed to compete do you. Draft a quarterback may have been out of three but some or else in the draft were aware -- -- this quarterback roomed together -- flames in there. It -- an out and Oakland. Jay you obviously go up prior and you guys know about story better than I do indeed the that -- Very very rotten anyways yeah opposite of ornaments or accuse training and being groomed in a pro West Coast system and it is just natural on the battle growing mechanics so I think he is incredibly intriguing. Are expected how you would utilized him. Mr. opted to have some value in the -- rounds I think you're gonna be eight back archer I think you're gonna see. Some of those guys that could fall into that middle ground -- and Matt Scott need depth they're very popular but it. Yeah I think if you're urgent care that you follow the Green Bay blueprint overcharged batter -- -- -- an -- -- never have enough competition. In that quarterback room and I think -- time got appointed -- up. You maybe get their 5:30 in the morning hoping that somebody other young dropped -- kid doesn't even now. Great stuff rockets -- always great catching up with you in your information is always spot on we appreciate it we'll talk decent. We can't direct direct.

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