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ESPN's Bill Williamson talks about the Raiders recent trades

Apr 2, 2013|

Bill Williamson joined O'Connell and Steinmetz to discuss the Raiders recent QB moves.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Critical threat against. Glad to have you with us. Just kind of a general overview of how big of an impact can Matt Flynn have in the win column for the raiders. Well I mean. And beyond that the course that nobody who remain you know. We. -- -- Culture is getting or at the content related slightly from Palmer eventually or even the compensation that they gave. -- we can make them better. And what we -- It was going to be twenty years old he has to articles. Anderson's first element and starting quarterback completes his person's age and really -- -- and you know not work. The world and it's. -- -- -- -- Our goal and it's only the titans going to be different problems that we. Are we going to. It's you. You know. -- well. -- didn't it will -- This sealed properly. -- some new equipment group. Square look. At their pensions work she does quicker response. A movement -- rookie. I mean the real yet the rookie was. Used in dozens. Yeah bill bill you're up in Seattle right. -- -- -- I'll -- but Europe and you were you you were in Seattle lower chip. Yeah okay anyway it's gonna say. So time flies and is what I'm trying to say. What I want to ask you about what did happen -- Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson because. Who was. Pete -- really. Looking for Matt Flynn to be is guy Andy and he didn't wanna do it but he realized it was just out of his hands. Or would ordered Wilson just blow away Matt Flynn in terms of the competition do you do we know how close it was or what they're. Thought process was behind them move. Fox and people and it is probably the -- situation last year winning side literally. An incident in the coming. Is scheduled to -- his let's coordinator in green big Miami needed court. And interest to lend -- some people called for a little bit -- that god will put them need a quarterback. And waited until the rookies now -- there. -- the way -- -- on the scene and to go to jail and the -- that wasn't going where. Big win in the end genocide and Lindsey Graham. Really focused and also world in the league knew we couldn't he once again and get them in the bank is that you -- more. And he's a special. That was a full point and could -- when he was given when he went. And with a substantial period and an acute and probably should have been a top five pretend. Like Brett you know belief. Outsmarted himself could do about it. So you know a little bit and ultimately a tight situation in the we're sort of -- -- question. We're joined by bill Williams and ESP n.'s AFC west blogger here on O'Connell and Stein Mets on 95 point seven a game. I heard some interesting comments yesterday from rich -- and regarding what he feels might be short leash for Dennis Allen as this team tries to improve. How can Matt Flynn -- either help or hurt the cause for a raiders coach who hasn't really proven himself to the organization yet. -- I think about a loss bill will try to get him back for him. Those comments yesterday if you can see -- hear them. Rich Gannon effectively said hey you know. Did -- is not safe in his job out of all the Reggie McKenzie is either probably more so than Dennis Allen -- thing but. When you're looking at a quarterback like Matt Flynn -- such an unproven commodity. It's got to -- nerve racking for a head coach because. The fan base expectation a managerial expectation might be like all right we came in we got you a player we can win with coach now make it happen and really. Like bill said we don't know now if you can win with match play though and kind of along these lines may as -- bring it up -- show after reporting that the cardinals trade for Carson Palmer is now official. The raiders are gonna get -- conditional seventh round pick in 2014. If homer starts thirteen games for the caller I'm sorry. No what don't you get little -- like if Carson Ballmer starts thirteen games right the raiders will get. The seventh round pick that's according to pattern shift -- Is usually fairly reliable on these NFL. Breaking story you know it's funny as you seemed to suggest that homers doctor bills start thirteen games and my question would -- why -- well. What I've -- would -- -- -- if those are actually the terms is that the raiders are getting. But you know what the cardinals are position of power here because they know he's just gonna get cut anyway bill backed bills are we lost there. It's been really good stepping over -- Was gonna say you know yeah you never like to go more than maybe twelve seconds. Without knowing that the line's gone dead but -- I can go about 45 to a minute. -- did apparently the Carson Palmer trade to the cardinals is -- -- their daughter all but done. The raiders get back a conditional seventh round pick. Your thoughts on that real quick. You know. And they wouldn't let. There exit pit. Your cockpit yet there afford by that that would little tired guys. Gonna happen -- on this is that the ball situation you put in a bad spot. When he if it is orchestrate -- and it -- -- who does interpret it that encrypt. -- no no -- at ten million dollars. Put America five. You know Portland guard is pretty reasonable for them so I won't eat it -- preventable and content Obama and it should be. How about this acquisition of Tracy Porter. They knew they chased him hard last year weren't able to get him but Tracy Porter coming over from for another AFC west opponent for at least one year in Oakland. What kind of an impact does he have on the field and of course also in the locker room. You know who would like. To last year because he that would be even considered pretty good examples starting quarterback. He ultimate hope that you -- that year and then couldn't beat out the young corners in Denver that was a little bit at certain you know I think -- well well occur. At a later you know -- could put it best salad -- Go to the familiar -- bill that -- thirty. EG in between banana quote. David Beverly -- quarterback I think that the good -- yeah. I don't think there you end up getting the starting job in Oakland Matt Flynn or Terrelle Pryor. There are some of the starting quarterback. In week one this year and -- -- -- -- wow we mean when stinks. I don't think they would accompany the team. True all they need to die. We're going to -- that he's in the quarterbacks through the same as competition back. You know big big problem at one achievement -- -- about -- spectacle that Clinton gained six point five million dollars this year show you. He's going to be the starter because you don't cut back up who has two articles starts. Six point five million dollar -- back -- so they want him to be -- Bill Williams and ESPN AFC west NFL bloggers joining us here on O'Connell inside minutes. What is the -- Let's X-Factor with Terrelle Pryor that what we hear so it's. Complimentary things that the organization. When they're talking about the -- and others tried to like boost his trade value if it ever comes to that they just want to make it look like he was an a wasted acquisition. It seems like at least -- there's a certain camp in raider nation that wants secede Terrelle Pryor. Like that then yeah I mean you know he exciting point and look at the wind is still young quarterback. Who about anything until they understand. Like they're beaten them you know -- You know it is it will -- I think the team really. Didn't like that where there them. And they really impressed by how hard you worked for him and his dedication that it could happen and so truly used to. And the team and they really impressed by the. I'll let -- go so I don't go ahead. I think particularly the little rock and -- limitations right now and that he's not quite ready for the examples starter coming. Look the other a lot of young back up in the league but you know. He's property had a chance coming out. Bill do you think that the raiders. Have. -- finished let's say -- it downed an inner that are beginning to ascend to or do you think they still may. Have to go down a little bit. You know and hit rock bottom before they they get back up there I guess what I'm saying is they were four and twelve last year -- you think they're going to be any better. In -- it would also they didn't go down I mean -- -- content that got enough guys that it kind of start getting better I don't think. And it's certainly on the way out there could be a very the chick that give up. But -- -- is the doubt that they brought in improvement from the guys that they got -- I don't know I can competently saved. Really and many in many positions at all they have a chance. But you know it is gonna take a -- yeah I mean the rebuilding Hughes is started and you know if it would get better I don't know could be better this year. Bill Williams and great stuff you can follow him at ESPN underscore AFC west bill thanks for joining us let's talk again before the draft. --

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