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Matt Flynn excited to be in Oakland.

Apr 2, 2013|

Newly acquired QB, Matt Flynn, joins Lund and Papa and talks about is transition to the Bay Area and his enthusiasm to be a part of the Raiders organization.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- the new raiders quarterback Matt Flynn good enough to join us here and we'll ask John hundreds pop on 957 game. I'll welcome Matt how are you. Appreciate it yeah. -- have to be here. Read on -- so so for those who don't know you're obviously you went to LSU. -- your seventh round pick up and in the league -- to -- -- you're in Seattle last year Russell Wilson emerged there are now you're in Oakland so for those who don't know. Telus and it took just tell us what your style your quarterback and style. There while -- been fortunate enough just to learn from one of the bed and then there an agreement and Adam. Select. Took a lot from him and I've learned how to play I'm a Smart. You know are like they -- that's Martin's plate discipline to the defense gives you. Know -- to push and pull the envelope a little bit. And now because that's got to -- your telephone. The more of those that didn't take take -- very well no matter and no matter what David -- so. It's been around winning games have been around championship games and in and nobody takes it from the from the inside out and been there. Watched -- since it happened so. Hopefully I can bring a little bit of that attitude. Or -- He wanted to AS NCAA championship your. Finally here in LA this year and of course when the Super Bowl with the Packers I was watching your you're speaking Aaron Rodgers I was watching the game you started against the lions the final game -- 2011. Was Erin your -- see that -- I -- on the sidelines and headphones on and he's he's covered up his mouth overs play -- she was commonplace for you. There was we actually the first step. He was on the headset and that he called he called those who plays that apple first if we pretty much when no global times. And so there was. Me and turn it kind of collaborated through the week of kind of want to some doctor Gartner. And things like that so. He was -- most of the place former and the first and so that was. Else funding -- was -- my fears about the loss -- to a term agent -- Buick megaphone here it Japan so the so it was pretty well he's he's got a in terms of the the team comedian there's. Matt Flynn new -- court -- enough to join us here and we'll ask. And I 578 so what do you learn backing up a guy like that. As good questions from and I didn't spend it. Spent eight or nine hours -- the day for four years and so he kind of picked up. Every time you pick up things you know every which way so. Are there he was special players try to turn the respondents in a predictor of the does so -- much like could weather -- -- has put work throws watch in. -- You know how -- Broke down -- sense of how -- read certain plays. On why he's made different checks and things like that so. You know -- they are striker picked up a lot from our -- A look at different Tuesday differently now because of you know how -- -- -- -- would you know certain considering a breakdown defense loosened and just. Think of how we would attack them and so. It took a lot mentally from a -- and typically after a particular things that you know he does exceptionally well and bad things about never thought about doing rather be used drives or so worker whatever it is and a -- corporate government has to Moscow -- You only made two starts with the Green Bay Packers. How many stars did you make at LA issue. Just your senior year -- -- behind jamarcus have a quarterback earlier here. -- -- started -- twelve gave us started. Let's start first start with the soft warrior in 05. When in the started in the peach bowl -- Miami. So you started like fifteen games in in your career. So somehow how tough is that now -- who knows hopefully will be the starting quarterback -- his team that how tough is that to come in now. -- this team when you haven't started a lot of football in your career. Auto tunnel -- -- -- I don't look at it that way pretty. I've found. A way to develop myself for the player. And bar watching and make the most of every -- have gotten whether it's practice or whether it's in the game. That leaders and experience what it comes -- it that you can't game you know practice and stuff but. I don't look at it as saying well it's going to be this can be a toaster opposite it's going to be tough to just jump in here and and do this public as a as a exciting you know opportunity and that. I have to come -- here compete again become better compete to be the starter and what what an opportunity that is. To get another -- out of shot at a. Yeah Matt Flynn Joseph Minnesota raiders' new quarterback here and -- must come on Greg pop on 9570 game. What you learn in this Seattle experience because you know based on when you sign -- this nice contract and and again nothing's given -- and I know Pete Carroll's -- is compete for everything -- -- they bring this -- in in the third round. And he turns into this revelation. When the whole time you probably thought you're gonna start -- on the precision -- what was and an elbow issue last year maybe a tired arm they said so how how did that change -- ago and into a situation where I'm sure the raiders gonna say okay. You can be the start -- re gonna have to compete with Terrelle Pryor so knowing what you went through last year how does it change your outlook and this year. Well what I went into last year amid a signed on the dotted line with Seattle knowing that I was gonna be in competition knowing that. You know I was going to be handed -- -- saying and that is that's where I wanted to one at everything that. But I did that to be earned I don't wanna be different things around the world competition. Who have do in the bottle bill do sort of drive on it and them play better. But going -- to Seattle also knew that I was ready to step up and Chapman entertainment and try to take control of the team and then. Due to corporate support and Antarctica and -- away from Seattle. -- I want that more now from. You know it it's flat and it's. Let. Under fire you know a lot of material so it's it's something that. No -- I'm gonna. Give it a 100% and you know. The raiders and raider nation and every everybody's gonna get a 100% mission in all the time whether that's. On the field whether it's in the meeting room wherever it is it's our government here and there are ready to work and not not expecting anything. Many of you grew up in the packers' system which is the -- assistant to play in that system as well in Seattle -- not met Greg -- yes and I sure kind of offense he's gonna run have you spoken to him well the raiders running a West Coast offense now -- the quarterback. I -- I've spoken with him a little bit but dismisses -- -- ever really sat down and didn't talk -- and -- -- So I'm not really familiar with too much work on I think I will have some familiarity with what we're -- So. I couldn't really give you an educated answer on that so. Our gonna have to. Which obviously. A part of the reason why people assumed you'd be here two was the year your connection with our Reggie McKenzie who obviously was with the Packers when you were drafted. -- what's your relationship to him. I'm a good relationship -- -- obviously he was part of via the group in the team that drafted me college -- relationship there are always. Always respect Reggie and and new -- You know get -- -- head -- shoulders that he was -- vision. Though that Reggie you know as a the big picture kind of guy and after talking to him when missed. Trade things started happening after talking to them in -- to get it done because he. He has great vision for. Where he wants take this program where receive this program and here -- sort of exciting vision and you know that it's something that I knew that I wanted to be part of that -- after speaking with them. What do you know about the offensive personnel on this football team meant. I don't know too much about it yet after the study a little bit on home. But I know there's a lot of and there's no -- here than some very good running backs obviously. You know. Know too well Darren McFadden from my college days. But -- yet they -- going to be less than massing here questioning the decision. I know him a little too well but other Matt. In power shortage -- didn't work to apologize and get to know them build a relationship building and some chemistry goes -- so. Great stuff -- look into the Bay Area thinks look into the raiders in double level authority season. You got.

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