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Andre Carter talks about his role with Raiders

Apr 9, 2013|

The newly resigned Raiders DE talks about all the changes to the silver and black this offseason and talks about how long it takes to all get on the same page. It says it's all business when it comes to players coming and going.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are good enough to -- -- -- high school in San Jose went to cal course seventh overall pick by the niners. In 2001 play for the raiders last year and he re signed with the raiders. Today you can farm on Twitter at mr. underscore Carter 93 Andre thinks of the time are you. Derby mode of congratulations Jim and welcome back. Thank you -- certain. NTELOS NTELOS the process so obviously you know you look around and you come back to the raiders tells life. Feel about this stuff to order Colombo. You know bundle of love history and political resolution and -- a little bit different high caliber team. In the past in the residential community and mostly -- an infomercial in the Klan because slam. Colosio's. This -- to the franchise's good attitude. Being plummeting and so the problem to come back. It's amazing your thirteenth year in the NFL from scaled the niners now full circle with the raiders. Last year Andre you played 315 snaps in twelve games a -- fusion mainly in the nickel. And I saw you right away your your technique was -- you obviously know a lot of how to rush the quarterback but it seemed to me like you're a little slow coming back from that. Quad injury got your First Act against Josh Freeman in Tampa early in November did you feel like the juice came back later in the year. The data would be like big league injury with the label Russia -- and amended it to -- take awhile ago. To get back in full form you can. In -- and we have all you want the potential you have and so you can bet on the field well -- not appreciated ever that they believed were being patient will remove a lot of been taken just. Slow process. -- Bill Hall as far as the Republican to -- games. I took advantage of villagers and gunmen tried to me -- than it was in that -- back -- full form and may be the last I got what it takes so those who worked properly. Under Carter come back to the raiders Sri signed with the raiders today John migrate popping here in the wheel house and -- 57 game. Lot of changes defensively for the raiders what do you think of -- move so far. Can do though as part of all the parties in -- fortunately. -- -- being creative good friendships. Or local field. Businesses -- and so. But remember. That we could -- about those -- contribute -- -- I don't think you know. Strong in the regulations or has been. From two problems connecting -- -- you have the talent put things together. Of being consistent. Definitely on all the little pain as well don't. Mean those things are probably part of becomes the troops were being in -- Since you are one year away from that injury is it is it possible your role could expand next year and you could be the -- send your do you think they'll still use shouldn't -- nickel -- -- -- -- they'll probably term. -- And be able grow from twenty ultra. Call -- on -- you know proper. As part trend toward the end of January just put forward. You would stay -- mention being grossed an awful currently. Among -- so called upon to go through it competed. I -- children in terms. Locking out electrical it would important. -- them Bloomberg training camp is about -- and so on my heels these past years. Did I just hearing which is your data said that he he longs for training camp systematic review I would have while. This. You were a foreign power up and students at. Andre we do this they told the truth machine on Friday and I think you're probably gonna have to go through because I don't believe that's exactly you don't want to accurately give the didn't give half to that. Surely can't -- -- they'll islands here are right there in the laboratory culture war. Ramon who. Completely. Away from. -- -- obviously -- -- the game a lot of time with his many changes yet and he got a few defensive -- sent a couple of defensive tackles and defensive end. Three or four new linebackers signed Mike Jenkins a quarter today say get a couple in the corner -- new say early today Osama young from Cleveland. How long does it take from a continuity standpoint -- you kind of feel feel that -- on the same page. In those who have to have them coal mine but it was important position communication between the putters and collections car. And discipline and so we do need him as a group. You know it is called controlled content who's been with group economy that we have to count -- a couple of close. We can definitely try to grow to create a special. -- called. What. I've do you mean you mentioned Jason -- every year your DC with the raiders also was with San Francisco when you played there. I remember talking to Bill Walsh about you good bill was the guy who ran the draft in 2001 when your high draft pick their not a scale well. Part of -- last. -- Symbian going through the contractual. -- -- from these sort of about them pollution do -- probably and indeed Mattel and global leader. Near what what what was your relationship. Like with him because he really he really -- you. -- -- -- Now with Bill Walsh coach Walsh. You know it was great. We have talked a little bit and the kid and I mean he's just been so. Police also social meeting with them -- them -- it is. I work all our all of them box field. I wish we had just because more consumers millions. Unfortunate dismissed. But the organizations however the times who have been able to 49ers -- just went -- because you -- and -- He's he's neutralized what we look for not consoles trust. Great stuff Andre welcome back I know raider fans are happy to have you back in double sees this season -- left of the time we appreciate it. You promote Barbara thank you under the noted there again there's on.

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