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Josh Cribbs says he's very excited to be in Oakland

May 16, 2013|

The newly acquired Oakland Raider says that he is a momentum changer on offense and is excited to bring his ability to Oakland. He says that his knee will be 100% by the start of the season and he will be ready to go.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Cats now joining us is the new Oakland raider Josh Cribbs. Anything about how dynamic he was at the Cleveland Browns you go all the way back to as a quarterback he can't state how electric he was. Back in the days and now he's gonna be donning the silver and black Josh thank you so much for stopping by being a great town -- how is like tree in now and raider nation. The fan base -- here you are always kind of indeed greater agent. That'll black hole experience you know I enjoy you know. Coming -- -- -- -- guys and as I say late -- some of the greatest and you know it's going to be that indeed. Just it it appeared you had to deal. A little while ago where you actually were headed to the Arizona Cardinals. What what happened there. It. And have written out with the cardinals. Bartlett free agency it diet right -- that global. At least scope. And it was you know basically -- that. They were you know scared about the scope united right you got an eight year old war before you know. So in the apology and you know my agents and you know our people I haven't -- ticket things like that go either lap so we move bill. And and where is the mean now. -- I am fine. I'm really glad that I don't have to play in until August September between red this same day. I'm out behind it was -- this is you know. Basically my first -- Babbitt and and net sales have been blessed in that you know -- that he played with injury. Do not vote your ability and now. You know I'm I'm grateful that the organization so the same way. So I would -- the best now that's going to change already worked out today look for a board and exciting fresh start with that -- -- Three time pro bowler and new Oakland raider Josh Cribbs joins us here view -- -- 95 point seven a game. You know eight judging your receiving stats I don't wanna throw -- year old teammates under the bus with the Cleveland Browns. But it's not like you're in the best system what's the best quarterback tell us what you think you can provide. The Oakland Raiders from a receipt standpoint Matt -- this year. Not momentum changer. You know at you know wanted to receiver out they're -- you know but it's -- we don't have a web book book and. -- you know definitely if you need a football game. Definitely expect you know exchange -- pace. You know some fact book quick movement -- the football real quick to create some change you know. As soon as possible without active above and not. GM and coach about. My I wanna create change I wanna do it much barricade you know what I -- out there and Obama say article Bosnia they agree. You know so that's what -- you know wanna provide a big right mentality. You know change it pays it'd be at some out to -- -- you don't know -- You know. -- opposite quite knew what I'm not gonna it and and that's what we want to be able to have. You know it all bids this year is to have you know and that and -- see. -- -- -- -- And he's worked in the atrocity raider nation -- again. And and then and then it but. You guys know that it would make. It. -- allowed to repair or step it that want and to be watching now and now. Operate ultimate that it I'm excited to you know it's part of you know as part of that pressure not to have a -- hostility you know flat out there. In. That -- tradition you know Oakland -- you know I'd definitely. -- How would you. Assess or size up your career in Cleveland. After like that great career in -- -- like you know like you know that the carp have been built and you know. Been fortunate enough to play I would agree under great fan base there you know visit that this thing that Cleveland you know that. That was being comfortable where it was a constant change. -- -- -- under or five different paid coaches. For a flat GM's. You know true owner. Different coordinators. You know so a lot of turnover a lot of -- in Cleveland. -- out of winning recipe. Not at all -- idea I knew they were some rough times in Cleveland. That's gonna be great to have you here in Oakland in a lot of things you are so dynamic -- and such a game changer one the reasons why. You've been over to Honolulu a few times for the Pro Bowl. Is as a return specialist. With Bettany with a scope just got to ask yet. And what you talked about within a salad a Reggie McKenzie. How much are we look to punt returns kick returns how much you get a return -- kicks for the silver black this year. Well. The plan is it you know the fact that at some accessible. You know. That is my plan tickets to a black you know reality. You don't want to you know -- -- to change unity not comments come out here but do you who I love to tackle I love it. Latin giving -- -- you know we've you know basically upgraded our strategy and bringing it more. It has built from Cleveland you know -- it we we are already. Obstacle expected things out of being. Jacoby is you know we definitely like tag team it and our game. I'm looking forward to you know -- -- not -- a -- and capable. With all those coaches that you had a chance to play with and and AM in the heat of the fire yet with with Dennis Allen but gave him give us your sense of what what -- the Dennis Allen is like compared to some of the other guys to play for. Well you know. You know some other coaches you know you know is everything in. It's made these -- you know one thing -- like this back and you know in the perfect out personable they -- You know -- able -- -- you know keep you know acted as multiple well. And you know -- oh you know I was concerned about wind out -- the whole process. And it was in spite. Ali hey shoot you know one failure. That it. You know so that is how personable that water. You know the organization. You know Brittany and talk about all the Philippines as whether it works both ways. You know I'm you know apparently. -- activities opposite. On the field you know -- how I respect the not could be no better place it is and I am account that they got out at that point about coming. Well I know there's only three combined starts for the quarterbacks for the raiders and I gotta tell you I love -- Kent State actually make real money back in the day you'd ever got. Look at some snaps guerrilla QB you what does that rumble -- You know what the fact that the diet -- -- problem. Whatever we have to do it and I you know I was out into the -- In October market here's just wanna win I wanna be around Jackson just wanna win I had a beer now coaches -- just -- it. Because that's -- know our fan base that -- agent they want him. All right Josh we truly appreciate it will be seeded -- maligned congratulations. I'm -- any raider nation the fans are gonna love yet. Thank you are really appreciate -- -- that sort of banking. Coming up.

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