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Rod Woodson talks about the needs of the Raiders

May 17, 2013|

The Hall of Fame defensive back says the Raiders really need offensive play makers. He talks about the possibility of Oakland bringing back Charles Woodson and also about the inclusion of the spread offense in the NFL.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- are you surprised Charles Woodson who has a future hall of Famer guy that you know. Are you surprised she's out institutes have time find an gig. I count on what you know where. They currently don't wanna sign he'd be user burst to get as -- -- I. It's just wrong but I -- the. You know what's so funny about the league. If older player played bad is because these old and a younger player plays bad because he doesn't know any better. It now that's. Charles Woodson to Maine now my partner today duke is out I general for emperor from Comcast he is not necessarily buy and Charles woods. To me. Dennis Allen a former defensive back coach secondary coach. And you bring in Charles Woodson future hall of famers Super Bowl champion when all the all pros. Seeing those two guys help all these young secondary guys out I could see how Charles Woodson could fit in how would you seemed fitting in with the silver black. Well I think he can fit in with any team you know I think what undervalued. Would veteran players is. Their opportunity to your do your ability to teacher players use. But it did that day. At the plate maker. -- -- well that's what he did he's been doing this so career he did a great deal. When he was in Green Bay. Any developer -- maker unfortunately was there last year and they are dedicated and because these -- So they think it's because you're -- trees near you didn't injured -- I think again that being the silver black. Taiwan branch. I'd like that they may need. Charles Woodson in the rule because. It is so much so you know they can take. They're though -- guys -- to tell our players start to each other players. That's what level of quality and that's when he started acting dynasties in yet championship teams. When your roster we distribute other players in the block the and that doing so without the coaches that's when you have a good -- financial outlook will be moved guys where. You learn a lot of leopard Gupta Oakland. Charles what those guys. You know he was -- did -- -- a lot of great things but when he went to Green Bay. He learned how to be professional. And right now that's what the defense needs for the Oakland Raiders the first professionals. So accurately. Really firstly they need to certainly be in the professional -- big play makers many times that we saying. Stepping last year didn't. Make plays -- opportunities. And I think that's what they really listening to -- like that. You know rob this is my biggest concern is that. When he first -- the free agent market he made it clear he wants to play for contender in fact is right here in San Francisco. He met with the guys down in Santa Clara didn't even bother to go to the Oakland Raiders and now that you know the doors have been shot and many places that he went to. It's like -- don't wanna play. Now he's going to a former team. And I questioned veterans who are really set on closing out their careers with the bank with a Super Bowl ring. You know and all of a sudden settle in for a team that. I mean unless we know something that the average man doesn't know. Really isn't funny the push for playoff spot in this upcoming season did you think he will be happy. With the Oakland Raiders or is he just satisfied that he still on the leak. Well first of all it doesn't matter why -- to change your roster. But the longer these theories so that you win football -- -- Alan Michael it was going to be judged by winning football games at the end of the day Charles Woodson is a great opportunity. To help with the -- two ways he admitted -- the young guys how watch you know how to practice. How to study heightened public -- for quarterbacks. And secondly on game days and you play maker. And an old young guys can watch him do that stuff in the -- -- taken some of the things that Charles. And put -- into their game. And I did that day that -- matter you know battle lines are also in what could be a contender. You know you have another year to order. In her career. -- he's saying that that candidate wanna play. And beat -- I think. Bringing back. Because I still think he has gas and take in more than anything he can help these young guys get over that well because Coke to. Tell him little time that that little bit ago Coke or it can do so much. Players had to take it upon themselves to do that and help the other teammate so. Very interest and I just think it's interesting too though that guys like Richard Seymour said that they wanted to play football. And once the raiders struggled you know the nagging injuries turned out to be. Season ending the injuries -- now decide and you know you got Richard Seymour back out there against and he still wants to play football I mean I don't wanna lump them all until one because each guy. Has his own individual character. But if -- the raiders I would be a little bit hesitant before our brain in a guy that I know is going to be a future hall of famers. Mean clearly wanted to play for contender and now he wants to play for the raiders. Well you know I I wouldn't want Charles Woodson would Richard Seymour Tommy Kelly. Or any other big guys that departed this past -- football team I think Charles in a different category. I think Charles has proven. That he can play it -- simply hurt -- play depending. And some guys that -- when he. Those guys together. Now would that be in. You have to be careful I'll. Guys motivations. Skier a child with an obligation because I think he's still complain. I still think that -- -- commitment to bringing back. And we seen it before what other. Change. Let a player go please let whatever reason and it in his career he came back and finished up last year two years. The end the uniformity started with -- I don't -- at -- -- -- Matter of fact I would applaud the move. Because again -- -- -- -- -- exit at the derby keynote my talked. You need -- guy in the in the classroom teaching these guys how to study. How to be professional in a candidate. Huckabee play makers on the field coaches can say. But it -- players do it. Yeah that's different completely different story -- atom makes that really makes it better football -- Near -- the hologram around listening argue current town hey before we let you go. The not the end of the season it was the pistols is going to be if they're gonna stop -- at these defense of coordinators and be stuck in darker rooms watching film all offseason and there are all the read option the pistols going to be done. And they always -- to Kansas City Chiefs have hired Chris all the architect. Of the pistol to be with Kansas City Chiefs and the read option in the spread was run by Alex Smith with Urban Meyer. In -- years ago at the University of Utah. What is what did you think about the hiring of Chris salt chiefs and now the old pistol now cry gonna be run by another team. I bet you that question in the system -- some in the ponder if -- -- Did they hire you know dictates display at the pistol offense. -- -- they hire him to learn how to stop the pistol. And little light. Right well the chargers don't run -- the raiders don't run it. The Broncos don't run -- So I think you can happen in your system. But ominous lesson quarterbacks are so valuable. In in today's game and it's a spread attack that everybody in space you got to get somebody to. Get a tool. In make plays -- concede but it and that day yet be very careful put your most valuable player. In harm's way. 75% of the time it is really -- to secure economic today it would economic didn't get it last year. You know where you're gonna. -- And it caught eventually it just a matter of time Michael Vick might have been faster. Metallica -- Happens when you do too much when he -- in harm's way too many times in the game you're eventually going to get caught when you keep content that your hurt. And then now we're gonna see who's about the quarterback for the 49ers and -- might be. And let's not forget some of the biggest hints. Our quarterbacks standard in the pocket -- a lot of knock down shots brought always love having you all we appreciate let's not do as soon. -- hall of Famer rod.

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