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Jim Harbaugh Discusses Michael Crabtree's injury

May 24, 2013|

Jim Harbaugh joined O'Connell and Steinmetz to discuss what the 49ers will do without Michael Crabtree.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are joined by 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh coach -- -- this morning. Oh glad to have you with us and obviously we have a lot of questions about your 49ers the first we have to ask you about your weekend plans you're driving the pace car at the Indy five hundreds. That's correct. Was informed that about a week ago. And but two -- three weeks ago the shadows. Shortlist. So I was just thrilled. To be analyst of considerations than. -- that -- depicted dread that the pace cars. It is I think it's -- lucky to get to do that so Amir and too little work with Johnny Rutherford get ready for those duties. Jim -- I checked your bio after we found this out and so tell us about panther racing. Gupta racing that is. One of the finest. Receiving. Groups and all of motorsports that's. It's it's are racing team that we've been affiliated with since 1997. -- product. Three cars in the race this year so. Never won the 500 but we -- this -- to sit through the second. Couple times and and look at her first 500 win. And why now. Why -- you a fan of the open wheel racing as opposed to NASCAR saying. Well that. First come out there were taken to a racetrack was you -- 500. When I was. Twelve years old my dad. Took Lehman Brothers. Came down to the degree of the -- to time trials in 1976. You sent me and fielding. -- cooler in some. Some Kentucky fried chicken. It was just such a great I thought it was better Christmas at the time and so that was that was the experience that authority in the -- -- really cool and and then. Illustrated Chicago for the bears and a real close friend and an account boat so who it's from Indianapolis. And he brought myself a couple of the players down through the 500 -- saw. All the race and then the next two years after that I got traded to the colts and which is right here in the month of may and started going to the races and and that became affiliated with the team. Just in the that is just -- I just loved extradition hero loved the sport and and looked around the racing. Thought I gotta tell you everyone I talk to it's actually attended an Indy 500. Automatically becomes a big time. Open wheel racing fan -- I think isn't just one of those things that when you attend live it just changes your perspective on the sport completely. -- definitely that's -- I'm proud to be in. In an Indianapolis. The motor speedway here is there's nothing not alarmed about it it's just phenomenal today. Percent sport. The fans the people here the tradition. The stories that you hear from -- people that. Watch races -- -- -- an ominous warning to has become in the 500 ever since 1946. Mr. Johnny Rutherford. Talk about. It got called up over time steepest car and you know under the under the law. Student often been. Back kind of attracted to continue to I just lost -- -- -- hear about the both storage and servers they're great job here you know the user. Either done under watched and so that that. Did you sense of the tradition with this race means to. Two Indian and Indianapolis and people who love. Motorsports. Well your involvement obviously makes the Indy 500 that much more intriguing. For some of the casual Bay Area sports fans but we do have to ask you. About -- San Francisco 49ers try to corrupt. I've got to start with the the biggest news of the week and that obviously. Was the injury and the surgery of Michael Crabtree you came out following the surgery and you said you don't believe that this is going to be. A season ending injury does that come from what you've seen it. In terms of other guys around the league in their injury recovery is that just something because you know about Michael's work ethic explain to us. Why you feel like this won't be a season ending injury. That's what academic -- Who did the surgery. -- and in this system where he says it doesn't anticipate that Michael would be misses the upcoming season. Who expect to fill fill kind of that void is this where you're gonna really get a good look -- Jenkins and -- -- and the competition due to pick up that spot. Yes you'll look at that at. Really give. Just kids patent. Ricardo Lockett. You put that same position let them but to compete in -- -- and and the good news is that. It's somebody will emerge because they have to. Than the other side a crumpled and Chad hall. -- war has been there was a realistic in the in the -- season Jo Hastings. Lola will compete on the other side Kyle Williams eventual comeback from. From his injuries to real well come along very nicely and then -- many who approved it. Later that Kyle put he's an attractive. To be healed -- really goes well so. A real good chance for some for some young guys to emerge took the -- in. Contribute night. Very much anticipated that happened. 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh joining us on O'Connell and Stein Mets on the Bay -- is -- Sampras sports 95 point seven a game. Coach a lot of folks thought that you drafted really well this year and -- you've got a rookie minicamp in the books and OTAs I believe still going on today are you like the development a young player so far. I would like him alive. Pitches were working mini camps and now a week of communities. In which young guys in and that's this time of the season you know you're here are pretty sadistic thing about their they're drastic action other. High expectations. Look really that it and you know excited about. Their development. And we feel the same way about. Are grouped this year eleven. Let me youngsters were drafted. It so far. Really like -- involvement. -- work hard guys tough guys and in it is it's a big -- mean. Physically. Big -- guys -- an -- that -- in -- -- Coach it's been about two years since you've you've taken over as head coach of the 49ers. When you took over did you have. Timetable in mind in -- did you ever think it. You could turn this thing around so quickly in two years even even quicker than that really. Well -- -- we did have a timetable that was winner next game. And those types there was just -- portrait could be better today than we were yesterday better tomorrow than we were today that was. Know our expectations were. To do that in. And it hasn't changed that's that's still are -- -- this bill are. Philosophy is is when in our next game. And that gave -- against Green Bay Packers opening opening weeks ago. He'll find a way to win that game put ourselves in the position to be prepared to do that and and that takes that takes players work and that takes them. Study and work in in his prepared themselves for for the season and for the training camp and for that first ball game. Coach speaking of time lines we just found out recently that in 2016. The Bay Area your new stadium is going to be hosting a Super Bowl fifty what were your personal thoughts on that. How how about that that's. And it's it's great news. For the for the Bay Area at the Super Bowl Stanford stadium. Back in 1981. That ticket was. And and that's Super Bowl back in California. Growing up executed the first multi count European. Suitable to calcium -- the in the Rose Bowl and then it stands for so. I think it's. It's good it's fiftieth anniversary that's and other than the unique aspect. And it's super warrior. And -- -- rules that it on the West Coast where they start. It starts daylight. Suns still and then it. First quarter second quarter and halftime about the third quarter. The sun goes down and that the fourth quarters played in under the lights and so optical signals -- is. And -- really cute and so anyway. That's that's phenomenal further for California and the Bay Area. Coach at all that you take things one game at a time but obviously this means the 49ers fans are gonna fully expect your team is playing. In this super ball ramp. Always great expectations. Or. OT number four coming up Tuesday. That it should we give the guys that we can -- During Memorial Day weekend. Their families -- -- will be basket work. Tuesday in and really that's there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If coach lastly before we let you go and I'll bring it back around these OTAs. I like to be the guy that gets the insider information and has like the thing at the water cooler than nobody else knows who's off the radar guy. That may be brought in as a free agent or whatever that is putting himself on the radar with what he's shown he's so far. Whereas a great question there's. For the dedication shop clerk who. If you don't -- the root for the you know the underdog a bit and he's sit tight and pull back from northern Illinois. Who. We try it for a three day trial. And we knew we had once. The ninety. And -- edition with the one who emerged in. Into the next maverick pick it up things. He depict how physical. Type guys about 290. At a table story about a Pia. A lot of people cities used to slow it would be tight. So people work -- it did your way to make it -- chose to be center. So he put and 35 pound. She's 7275. To 300. That it gives a chance to be senator and and we Rodman who was accused of being tough physical. Pain and and and fullback. And so he's he's now travelers that that 35. To -- the well. Show about a personal about this that that we are really like so there's as -- the book. You know against these guys can think it's. You know battle and to make our football team and it then there's there's there's lot of other guys but there was electric team electric electric guys on our team. Like the way they work like to where they. They compete in. The home. This. And they were BR if we just keep working hard be confident. Coming with a good Google Latitude. Coach we certainly love talking to we can do it all day. And we'll check in again soon enjoy your time out there and Indiana drive safely -- pace car. Yes sir yes. -- -- more duplicate or Johnny Rutherford coaches media and so it's counted at all. Abiola NATO and restore. We're gonna we're gonna interview what are your guys next tomorrow Bowman's on an accident and hello all the Barroso. That's one thing it's -- are treasured.

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