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Ask a Panda Hat

May 31, 2013|

Our new weekly segment which has the Wheelhouse hits the streets of San Francisco to ask baseball fans, specifically wearing Panda hats, general baseball questions to see what they know.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is called ask a band -- I have to give credit creditors view. Our Internet. Team in any city. I do it and AT&T park and you kind of man in the street and talk to young in England and -- it sounds like -- -- as part. It's a graduate next. -- detonating it. And a mean experience. Anyway we are gonna call ask -- -- You're ready -- we give to music. I cynical about. I. It's. But -- here our first contestant. Guys right I itself. That I don't know we're zipping through yes that's -- and -- we haven't global. All right so doing meet our contestants now is this is this one meter contestants. Aren't here are some of the contestants. Is a Davies has been an area. With the bear part of -- AT&T park. The race. Waist -- -- did exactly how are right now this is -- Whose affair plant. And it. It was it was in baseball. But I noticed she did well since president and a letter to -- that big -- So that is that -- It's now or entities that we're gonna test not taste -- at his -- knowledge. Here is the -- first question yes there against whether she knows the and it's candidates were asked the question. And go. We're gonna find out if if she would -- had asked the question. -- business and but the position is -- wrote I was just what position. And weekend minutes. She's -- -- what position you there exert dizziness Edwards all of the above the snake you. But the preferably tonight to watch sports editor does ask her what position. So. Placido adds to what position -- blazes here again wasn't at all. It exists and -- ambulance and the -- Dudley. Hit it. I see on the audience that is what you are usually. -- in this. -- Why is it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh. -- and Utley and visual analogue and then she looked like it would. Thumbs up thumbs down oh the -- universal man code for this I. Stacked side. That's equipment of course observant of -- I'd the next healthy market -- -- television. If it's. Wi-Fi only gives the next question because it -- -- -- -- and what is a short doubles you know what is always sure it's they hear answer. Eyes are still know she's -- And start. She did not know easily to bring her home to mountain. And but it. She's classy and a businessman. And I. Next what did waste -- can you name -- had submitted. Pitchers and a Margarita. Bigger. -- -- Let's need three there's no way three -- so I -- -- pitches she knows she's known as shortstop is. -- -- -- of the shooter involved if it is at a. I apparently. It did. Hey man you -- ground. You know of that that bit of action that I want and -- -- It says. -- hours and -- commitment to pick him out credit. -- does not know that it's all normal by her art is the last let's question for this that would go to our next contested my last question for her record. How many balls airlock. Geez how many balls in law to do it depends how far you go to the -- negative the heads of the -- she well she is good cause -- walk you give -- a potty mouth about it to hazard there. I think some. Two here or in July that it doesn't work that -- predicted that would. Should ideally we'd have to -- it should Sonoma we got -- -- c'mon aren't so it's my parents are blocked blood that. Enacted into the game and just wrote about it in the senate. Until 2 o'clock -- commercial. Field in his ability to be in the dilemma. We'll be in contention into -- balls of the law didn't really. Wanting to. She said -- involves a two guys. She. Had been some. It spent Sunday -- the attitude and get laid it takes them used to that tragedy you know. It. Could get the slash. It's too bad. You. Markers adamantly now not very good at him more margaritas -- the -- -- That's not a known that I got six -- -- benefit from Bill Romanowski. Stated are that. That's outstanding run normal I didn't think could hit it -- you. Our daily dilemma and we'll -- suggested over if you will do that greatly next -- than -- -- -- can do that is so you're automatically okay. We'll get faster at this. And that will be elderly confined to one segment of the task at hand had our first test was hilarious and I want. Here we wanted to hear the second test. Our intern nick went down to AT&T park this is all his idea great idea anyway it down to AT&T park and there were women and there weren't panda hats were asked him at -- and had economy's. Been pretty good so far. And it was good to. It's the best thing we've -- -- now the first long list spot that's first error and I was really good she was very. John is very angry how many balls and a lock. To. That's where she comes from. -- -- -- Ways to advance the opposite are we ever to have any guys on basket and a -- only fair you know we will start again next week next week. Next week I would say that every week next week. I think I need a visual of the -- and a nickel comedy and a segment until some of these groups of girls there were groups by the way groups he said they were groups that he target. -- -- You ready for a contestant number two. Ask the -- -- reading there in let's meet our group of individuals before we started a a tournament -- that. These are our contestants and then you go -- and this is the second group. I need a visual on the first one -- well. Isn't Davies it's an area here with -- they're part coming out of the park. Out I'll just be there not to eat and I -- -- a happy person. My favorite part is on the odds of -- and garlic Fries -- who is if -- plant and a back in the day hit -- -- -- that in the. -- -- -- -- -- -- The reason behind the scene there today I love them -- I like nod to those narratives do. Nick visual never -- those are superb work back to the first woman. The waist -- fans fare to Paris and there's also walker tolerant place is that right she's cretaceous. Which you leverage electable on underway on Burnett a pet leopard and the centers are pretty. Pretty yet there 25 he said. -- is what closing your eyes and your head match. That's what little I got a layup shot up you -- -- they just -- -- do you think surge would be interested. She like she offered. -- the -- ticker up on his front of his heritage as you like that we're taking that as a yes we're talking about Sergio bill I know -- similar minimal effort. We didn't mention that effort. There aren't. And it and it in the second group and we get a -- to reestablish -- second -- yet one with anyone from London that was obvious -- Jackson was their favorite -- and -- Texas is an elevator and then -- like back. All right so that's me this is group liberty okay doubled bring you back afterwards because and there's a good montage of the -- tell -- -- -- and Lola. Will will bring you back for that aren't. On the next -- something that you can now. Let's see favorite part -- we got that and the way. Now we're gonna test their baseball knowledge -- hope it's as good as the first group of we have a Beckham for any literature she's gonna really nailed this stuff. The first question we -- let's guess if she'll know the answer in a position as a -- The old position again. -- -- we're asking about problem or a lot of random. Guy Beckham enough -- bright note that. All right here's the answer outing and now. And not even try guys' effort Scioscia and they asked about -- Jason -- an -- -- she and open and his positions -- and then. And it's legitimate to say hackers. -- you -- into the park and not see him and he privilege can't miss it right. Right -- bases there's the -- don't auto mechanic. Is left that are at issue is quite an overdue. What -- a shortstop. That's a tough ones that the -- -- -- first early days of the second base is at third base that was assures that man. You know -- star and he's not that it. Ever nonstop. Hours. These girls go anyway as opposed a law and stop -- in -- By. Questionable -- can you name -- types of pitches no way. It's not happening. Long -- and media. Seasons. Why is that not correct. There's the law of the ball well the media and the -- -- the change did this with -- interviewed the body grants to resist using different vernacular -- the -- ball with a fastball. In the -- that slider that the three machine does it change. All right and I remain your jacket is try to -- gonna be honored in humans or. Atlanta on -- -- how many balls in the -- you know to -- guys are walking beats. Like last girl out there tomorrow the better. -- wow. There -- picked expect. Yeah. Yeah letter of Anwar the batter put cigar bar that like that before COT for the four -- percent or not -- to merely four like flexibility to. When you're about to attend there that we yes there's -- a nice job and now we are for this. You're in that day and the you know what they are productive. Let's ask him and heads because it. Leo it's a very -- do LaMont on argues because the challenges of questions -- answers in ask AP in this. -- -- -- -- And who is your favorite player. -- babies to a you wait on the hockey enterprises and HB. Funny enough loose plan through designated place that was. Big -- and we've got the they'll burn right now in the clay I had what it is a shortstop honey now that was apparent let up. -- You have to be fair and he and follow me on is that you want -- tell you I told all the guys that that. Meet me in the dugout. Yazoo -- if you ask any questions and act against you think yeah. -- had a lot of you whose dad. Game. Well made me in the that the GO. -- I was asking her in confidence. Whose dad was it the guys at WABC was going to burn. It means but -- out of it and it. I was wondering where have all the groupies go on they are -- back home -- -- thought we lost we lost them honest with me in the back out I. Wow area. Asking -- and that is Asia edition -- -- she's attend or. Is that meet me in a -- One now but -- Aren't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Follow me on this day. Dogma and they ran as a would -- the next. Meaning against. Her if she tells all the bullets that Richards and.

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