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Charles Woodson talks about being back in Oakland

Jun 6, 2013|

The Raiders defensive back says he will definitely bring swagger to the team and talks about being back in Oakland for the second time in his career. He talks about team's other signings and looks ahead to the season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Course. I get these new raiders defensive back. He's not know he was here for -- he's back for pro bulls his first four years in the NFL I Charles. What's that Charles thanks Kurt salmon. So -- what's it like me and back is a little weird. Not about it -- bit of -- The process that didn't it was. Kind of weird about it then I've ever did that one would and what's happened and outside and got back. Onions in Brazil black and government domain that is by the -- people here were here there was supposed. On that -- is not a facilities of course all the players on the but over the -- and it. Is -- the brain by mobile. The one thing I was. In a while it was weird seeing Charles on the field the daisies is we're in this funny number he's back on national -- side. Asked doctor Charles -- out of the coach walked by and said he got to get this guy 24 he said where were halfway there. So how zone before you get that that second digit and get 24 back Charles. Nobody. Obama mr. info would be -- but -- in the birdie. I don't know you know I don't wanna -- in -- -- -- a -- -- A minute it'll work to so far it's. I tell ported to give up 24 he doesn't -- a connected to a he was twenty I want -- to give him Tony it's really do it almost cost. I know you're nobody wants of the world want the number of dialogue so. But will not vote. By opening day in and he'll be 24 I'm pretty sure. Wanna ask you about playing free safety that was talked Andy about that earlier and it's just strange to see and you know you are such a good tackler in some nosy and you know so good in the blitz game complaints so far from the line history image tell me about your role on this defense and well they give you. The latitude to kind of roam around and just recap. -- -- -- While ago. Granted it's a little bit of protecting right now. -- -- free -- and you don't com law. You know the system so you couldn got. -- I'm talking you know which you can buy into and at this point so you know -- present position and also keep my out of this and our home. -- -- -- -- -- aggressive and not get a better feel ever been called chicks and and although -- made them look more about focus on. Not present position. Talking to Charles Woodson -- and Greg -- in the wheel house a 957 game your home of the raiders. In regards is so much trouble in the defensive backfield last year for the raiders. -- I know it's only OTAs you run around in shorts but but what he's seen from the guys after a pretty big overhaul on the secondary. A large. Electric. Hold that -- -- -- -- certain courses because of this corner of my agenda. And -- daughter and me -- wrong. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and welcome. And couldn't and we people who really good sports -- Elena -- and Gaza and a lot of great that's most important thing in the game and I would have got that could take advantage of situations that make great. And we had there vote on the -- but it would be Brandon. I've been overlooked plunging an executive. But Charles when you're -- bay. I know they they are converted -- from corner to it to safety and how much free safety did you play vs strong safety with the Packers. Oh of the -- a little bit -- -- I would inappropriate but and -- Morgan Burnett whose career. You know we come out of the only gains we would -- exchange. Possibility that some of the -- on top vote box and then who beat back Korean news clips and console. I got a little bit of so gaga to move forward sort of an opportunity of playing here. -- -- -- -- And you may do that which I've -- you guys can interchange a little bit indeed secondary but. What you were talking about the calls and checks and -- with the coaching staff this morning I'm going over. Different formations and called the right defense whether university wide receiver formation of the offensive line of the personnel are how much have you called. Before your career because the free safety has to do that you have to make sure every lined up correctly. Oh well it really really the bonuses limit on individual members of the time when everybody. Everybody on the agents -- Made sure they know. -- what they do our bit positions is concerned. And so you know made you know -- of course and in the corner you know certificate that called back. But Auburn's. Goal which is supposed to -- -- is really sweet -- individual because one -- you -- given to a dying. And allowed. Because on top of the nightly news. And you know you might be focused at all what is you have to do. And you might budgets -- -- -- quarterly by negative about you sewed it up is important for. Each player regardless. Who you -- to feel that it -- know -- it is you have to do when things go out. Charles Woodson get enough to -- course and the raiders are near a 957 game. How are you different from the first time around you're this young guy in and in now you're the veteran pat Howard how are you different. That over and then -- -- -- a lot. Let a bit banker. You know with I think you you get better you know -- a lot of things. In that you Koppel a little bit and -- -- the problem though about it. I continue to follow and vote again and enjoy it in much of a bit of -- competitive so. Again but he really does present opportunity you know to be here -- -- It in my career was six and season. And do -- and Oakland as well start my career and you know being inactive prior to go there. And we will between -- really excited about. It's amazing watching you now in your mid thirties -- going to be 37 and October from the young guy that I saw go to -- that first year net. You are so skilled and you can lock down Timmy and Jerry in practice and it was just easy for you have ever talk and you when you're young Charles and you would talk about how. You did not watch much film you were not a film guy because you are so skilled. As -- as you've gotten older maybe lost a step here and there have you had to work more study more film. Well what's a what's. No more. No because. On a really understand the -- -- a better so now you know watching film. I really know what it is on the I don't know I was. Let me what committee and a -- religion matter what anybody that it could are reluctant to move forward and gave -- -- Barack -- implement demand anyway so. -- -- There was. You have got the ball went epic now you know what would what cramped so many different positions and be in position and make plays. Now when I turn of Elmore and you know you -- -- -- the -- thing than than looking at. The -- but where you can major what is so big film to. They're gonna not watch a whole lot of film but look at that a lot of quality and what went on the with a look for and a about what so many. You know make administrative. But he made a lot of visits the 49ers were reportedly interested -- Denver was talked about the giants' other teams. How driven are you by the fact that a lot of teams basically thought that you couldn't play anymore. Well you know it is that it is important to note they're in -- rhetoric about news of the players and then not -- two different things. I'll be here a lot of open media in the open delegate to the change of you know. -- do you think you can play in which included a net. But you know or you know they vote -- vote -- -- forum where people go play in Opel also. Not talk about that really in the Obama to us. Don't know the one thing this football team needs Charles from you injure your swagger. Your your your your Michigan I got a Heisman. Swagger again now it gotten older I still want that young that young cocky guy to have their swagger with his defense do you still have to stay the Charles swagger. I say America. Towards the -- knew what you -- -- better quote moderate sort of the. Guy you swagger me out -- out but I. What you think some of the young guys need that they need a little bit of your bravado a little bit especially on defense. You know you know that call -- understand and you know what it is. You have to do you know and then in transition and make it about polygamy and and that it kind of they kind of -- you know you have when you start gain an incompetent and what you do. And and good accomplishment so what are you know that that -- it c'mon you know and if you have a two and so well. And they won't have that should it have legs so. Well we will find you know as -- Google's -- you know I don't play. A they would bureau. Rubio and we have to go in order to Uganda. -- -- Yeah and and and and they obviously want you to be a playmaker how much gratitude -- earlier I know the defense will be different from -- to play. But how much latitude if you see is certain formation. Now playing corner you can drive on that route try to make a plane ticket there played free safety of other. Responsibilities on the back and when you have the latitude to see something major so instinctive yet the great skill but he also solving game I have to play. Earlier when they were lining up what will you have the latitude to pull the trigger like the guy with the long -- Pittsburgh and go blown up and make a play. There have been they figure out to you know and you trust announces. The compromise peace and you know it and try to like carpet pictures picked -- and could -- A minute you cease on. -- Back at that point. It. Sure that is going to happen. Tortured so I'm sure the coast would be I would bet. And you know in the -- -- world it will blow. Just be right now to SpinRite over it or hated for an -- how cool is it that all the raider fans came out of the facility night. Bigger read a quote you said you're afraid not to sign that the. Yeah yeah I don't know what might happen. About and get to come down. A a maybe right this is no matter what so they'll loan. That was. Really unexpected you know I got to go win you know for what happened book a million. Don't know what happened to happen so I got. That. Rio -- A -- gave me. Over the group. About the whole situation men and being you taught integrated. Single filed against duke so. You know took a record pace -- -- appreciate -- support mandatory. Funds. Is back all your back where you belong man will welcome back we appreciate the time thanks Charles. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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