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Vic Tafur talks about Raiders QBs at mini camp

Jun 12, 2013|

Our Raiders insider takes a look at how Pryor, Wilson and Flynn have looked so far at practice. He gives his positive takeaways so far and gives his thoughts on Dennis Allen.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Under dictate for Vick. Yesterday -- practice. It seemed. You guys are seen at a different way before before bringing on let's play Terrelle Pryor how he described his performance yesterday. Great job. And myself I did a great job to do get to actually caused and I think that was a big thing for me today they're really I -- get positive and I think that that's a step forward today. According to our raiders insider it was opening of duck season yesterday gators practiced. What was going off. While -- -- actually -- a great job protection called him through the great -- on all different. Also atlas or struggled a lot of income that you go to archived for a little. The -- go to Rutgers for a awkward actually. So -- is this just to a matter of convenience for prior to focus on the protection calls or are. Is this hand picked accentuating the positive and that there are actually was something that was done better than we've seen before. The popular guy quote should talk to reporters -- out of a ball down. It's something to. -- -- to the linemen weren't pads right. Well this. -- of a moderate or whoever. Intimate. Out of government essentially. Normal. -- -- -- Our to be injured repression. -- Gonna promoter orange. Overall though Vick from what you saw. In the time of year but let's let's all take a step back. What's the level of concern that raiders fan should have. Based on what you saw from the arms. In practice. They treated earlier and -- and there. Also scored important years. -- And a new outlook comes. At -- -- And it is so. There's a lot between the couple. Get. -- Oh. -- just -- -- laughable that they're not bad. And -- say well I I wish insult that's being completed for the NFL team. You also don't want -- and pressure. At all that we task orders are so American commitment. To. They do a lot of confidence level they're not. He's coming into a new situation so books and then -- or so ago. The guy that we've seen the least of our -- the least about is Tyler Wilson -- to give us an assessment of just. As far as the talent is concerned where does where does he fit in this picture. Spot go if you really -- pictures you have hit actually a pressure release. You know that -- pocket awareness of question marks were there from -- mechanics -- absorbing. The timing and maybe we will grow mach kernel level ball. In her old ball below sometimes -- back pocket from Google mostly excellent. Portland you got but not sure. Coming on the sheer. They taper for the San Francisco chronicle joins us your view content in 95 point seven game looked at the quarterbacks right now. I you've seen Matt Flynn we haven't seen a lot of -- in the NFL what are your assessment so far. All of these. Mr. -- As well sort some. I'm looking the other armed it goes we should be -- -- real. Order purchaser or social. I think so. -- -- -- you still with SCU checked out there for a little bit there. Put a rip about such. In it -- -- L you'll call back Italian -- after getting the death the rundown on the quarterbacks where we're hoping fur. Some some bit of posit what what's the what's the biggest positive what's the most encouraging. Thing. -- you've seen. Notre not to eat eggs he says with with the incredulous -- no. I anything just -- shot and it made me think that the high point though the highest point that you've seen that feel good thing. That you have seen. So. You routine this year electrical. Without power bloc in the life where aperture. And so. Are you gotta pick and all gaga and her outlook. And -- hit somebody here and -- programs. It's the start of the year two for Dennis Allen as the head coach of the raiders have you seen a difference in him at all. Actually enjoy. It certainly should go to -- -- all of and that's -- Obviously and Berkshire are comparable western you have to chip recruit them -- -- laughs surrendered. There's a -- round and the way. Players buying -- mr. -- Food and I hope we will years ago I was in. Iraq are gonna say what Austria now in the -- is. -- And as far as Davies they're concerned again it's not pads. They didn't have a whole lot of precision routes and passes two to. To defend. But what what what are you getting sense just from raw ability what have you seen so far. As a recruitment public got to go to organize. Getting out and rookie. And what he's about quite yet we have ball surgery but the amateur Porter I reject and like I. I'd rather have let that support. One were from mr. roster. When he talked about Hayden and that surgery. And they're you know we had a -- talked about you know what's the first contact going to be like when he plays in the game. But what is it like around -- camper are people worried about this -- Well yeah I think also wrote that follow surgery called dark sort of restored. Hitler's or correct or not. -- refused to sit back where structures on the subject sometimes you have -- -- surgery. -- -- to talk about the -- every account that have been -- situation where we're treating situations where -- come -- -- It left off from him ever -- baker. -- -- -- -- that we know you're around the team all the time we are going to have. Hopefully when we don't know who yet we're hoping it's going to Mark Davis we're gonna have somebody one of -- one of the major honchos on Friday. Is there a question. That you would love to have us ask. And during that time. That you'd like to get an answer to. The -- and -- supporters -- him a question out there like depression or. I'll let you use self serving and. Do you ask about. -- cute -- and written I'm. A hypocrite you social. There was not -- on that court for the show your hours what -- can root root. No commitment to -- Court -- we will do that we can do that money in the -- pickle dot disown. --

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