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Jed York joins Bucher and Towny for Newsmakers Week

Jun 12, 2013|

The 49ers CEO tackles many different topics including celebrating Candlestick in it's final season, whether or not they are willing to share their new stadium, thinking back on their loss in the Super Bowl and how much they'll be involved with Super Bow

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- From the San Francisco 49ers this CEO -- York Jack thank you so much for taking the time to come on the program. It the Al Candlestick Park it's I know everybody's gonna be happy to be getting out of that place it's a -- but it's been your dog for a long time. And there's been a lot of great memories some of the greatest players to move ever play the game have played at candlestick of course should move into the new park what do you do this season. To honor all those great times at the stick. So we are a lot of the people that have made that state and you know we need you apps and -- struck. Target of the record picture that we can do that we want to celebrate. You know -- great memories there and we note that not. Not the prettiest -- bands -- you know she's still our girl and we want to make sure that that we celebrate the right way. -- what was the last time that you spoke either with the raiders or the NFL about the potential of sharing the new stadium. Don't we have an -- and in those discussions -- we had high level discussion on it. With bankers are going to be noted that possibility goes straight to date. Obviously did you know that we -- with the city's declared it was voted on people Santa Clara. All out war affected the way they're not specific antibodies -- Certainly allows for a second in the we have had those specific conversation. Obviously. That we that we added you know we out satanic or -- -- -- second. How much would it help you financially if the raiders played ten games there a year. I'm you know I think get a lot more to it and that financial decision but it's -- -- write it and just you know during the probably are coming and I think mutate you wanna talk and about -- that said you wanna make sure that it's something like that ever happen. You'd you'd want to make sure that would that might hit war. You know -- it Clara -- organization. And basis. So with a lot more than just into the you'd want to answer a lot question. And it however happen it would be a lot of war. Well and as as you look at it dead what would be your biggest concern right off the bat. That the the issue that you feel would need to be addressed first just to entertain that possibility. You know I don't know that there's one issue that -- that I think it's just it that it of everything and making sure that. But at partner that we had a lot of money could be in the hell would they get what -- that the you know -- -- you like -- -- they're built. Where it would -- and -- like it weighs something that they were sharing with the different band aid you know that it. There -- -- you -- between raiders what hackers as there are other sports teams and probably. Sports. Correctly against. I mean I think a lot of those questions and you wanna make sure that it would indeed and it it's the right fit for everybody in ball. I diseases has been negotiated that day in that the possibility has been negotiated. -- there's some feeling that you'd be okay with it from your position. Howell. Open are used to the idea of if you could answer all the questions that -- be answered. Of having both teams playing in this new place. While he cleared their second. It is not specific. To anybody it's just -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We weren't comfortable with that option that it would be part of the deal that was negotiated city. So you didn't do -- seed and a negotiate that aspect with the raiders specifically in mind. -- got it that would probably the most logical it's bad it's not. Specific to the lakers it's it's that other help. Judge you're the CEO of the 49ers joins us on newsmakers week right here Duchscherer and Tammy and you know jet. The two teams have canceled all pre season games against each other we know about the fan violence as that has happened with that way in and decision possibly with negotiations but the raiders. Good teams don't create their project -- So the only preceding -- that we schedule. Is that -- game that we had a longstanding relationship and -- charters. That we got active NFL schedule. So -- -- At that -- we are talking raiders now about potentially your training. And hopefully you know -- you have two teams that are right here right next. I think both he can get a lot different direction and gathered during training -- So -- a lot of things that we do together and I think that we will new data just because of proximity. Well aunts and give us an idea of what what what you're referring to -- and one of the things that you might be able to. Due to gather in training camp. I mean it's scrimmage. And I mean -- nice as it's somebody that not where you're. At it yet more work. You know from first in line and -- else's first news or. I mean it -- -- war. More objects. Work which which I think it would be split squat -- actor got it go up against your guys that you get more out of doing something. And yeah -- summit things that we are out there. Pat then I don't know what you want it to get on. But if we're not playing pretty cute in a bit instead to wait there's not think that we can't do its commitment to each other and you know go to these are 49ers originally I. Go to you'll yield and and and do something and -- sending more important. That you know you can do together where you can still be part. Football aspect which is our first formal or -- -- that comes first and you wanna make sure that players can air their saint. Later -- it did a lot of work -- -- did something out of it when it. As a as a very cool idea. We don't wanna make this for -- -- centric with you but I have to ask. Just because I want to be clear. So you negotiated that you could bring another team in. And the raiders are the obvious. Choice. But it's not. Just then -- just that it's not just in reference to them so. Explain to me why you negotiated. That if it's not only just for the raiders. In the traders. Moved twice lap thirty years one ballot packed. There's. I don't want uphold that optimistic -- the only significant other in the decide that they are on the market. If the raiders are in the sport but I'm not try to create controversy incinerators that we not. Matter at all but you never happened yet outward. And you know I don't think anybody wants a lot consultants like this is the only thing that happened here. So you know it might be you know working where. -- -- You know somebody like that that obvious that the quakes are building state that we might hosts and they're being considered a lot. Different things that are in America when you look out there that felt. That most likely keep that picture made that. Would be directors. It. You don't want hypocrite yourself for a team that happened at the book that option from not being able. They helped them the most likely we had. Conversations with so bad that probably charges that they're there's really nobody. Below that anybody has talked to beat -- that nobody should be looking to relocate. -- can just keeping the options open CEO for the 49ers did your joins us your -- -- I 95 point seven a game I know you. Your family the organization. Is all about women's Super Bowls how often do you think about that last series in the loss to Baltimore and new -- -- At some point you have to get I thought about it for a lot you know the first several weeks after the game and and I I look at it. And I say you know. If it weren't trying to beat people that we we should have done that we should that -- I don't do that and the other game so it's not fair to do that during the blow. You know it is easy to say that. The difference between winning and losing we made a lot of mistakes -- app that they've had a -- that we. We had a huge hill -- -- in -- just get back into the and it occurred -- a great job getting back into account six. I think it was one of the -- come -- that members and and most exciting thing that I watched which we -- got over a bit but we get. -- what we're trying to do right now is not think about what we have done differently. -- -- against. It what can we do better at that time were back at the situation. I that we prepare better. You'd make sure that we have a better chance that. Editorial about moving forward not about. -- -- that. In February or. Did you guys have been on a tremendous role you have the new stadium we have the Super Bowl coming and it suits. It's nothing. It's a bouquets and parades. But I think about the the the -- that your dad talk. When he first acquired the team. And all of the second guessing. Well now. Yeah I mean it might might that it acquired. And it might might might -- Amazon instant I think that is setup and my mother's this. Site are correct there. Fair enough but but in -- how should I phrase. The role that he took when. I think he the overseer of the banter. I bet there. Wins that went winds that occurred. There was still is a lot of grief he took eight he took a lot of heat -- now that you are where you law are. How do you look back on on all that. -- -- I started. You know night and -- out highways. Just graduating high school or college so what really at a position. To be honored and I grew up at how Iowa and Iowa. Took place I was in South Bend, Indiana the first -- -- we're actively and I think people kind of forget that ever to play up appearances and not saying pat except for. Help poor performance. Four after. I don't note that. Would deal could be. A great hour there. I think we were -- could be a reseller. I think we have a part time transition. -- outspend the other two. And I think it goes to you know salary cap will opt out PayPal -- We can -- it in the right position. Ultimately leverage in part it -- on the law. -- -- -- Step inside that put me in charge. Probably better than most people expect and certainly -- and I expected. And I -- it hasn't it and say you know we want the best person running. -- You got that it's you know -- impersonal. And a light weird you can you aspect question. And I don't I'm not blowing you trapped in the question on the roads are you. But my parents are are very integral to the success that we. -- -- -- -- -- Much more comfortable and sort of terminal. And more and you'll president role. Because that is not their personalities be on call it sort. You know and beauty that you'd like that. Eight are in the working together the picture were all appropriate rules should be. And you know. I wouldn't have the success that I've had personal in the team you know it all out like Erik -- at their whole hearted support. And and everything that we need in order to be -- You know your uncle is loved in this area obviously with all the Super Bowl isn't. And all of all of respect you need it deserved. Well and think about his possibility of a potentially getting into the hall of fame but. I know family business. -- get ugly at times what is it been like for you bringing your uncle back into the forty niner fan -- kind of mending fences with -- with different people. -- I I really do all that credit and my parents. And making sure that. -- -- -- Happened between emirates a lot different when -- at my own sense is 49ers. It would definitely. You know you'd. And a regular everyday. It got out that the spotlight. You know it's it's never you -- within a dynamic especially our public. But it would get out I'll go back an old and watch. How close yet but other are and the great locker relationship outraged other. Ignite second place small partner. And and hopefully. Telling the story everybody Bay Area and -- You know -- not Margaret put an end and yours ago. If we can help tell that story showed that I had been and it could without you know act like -- -- he -- -- game and and that's that's one of my personal goal. Helped him get their -- indeed there. Jeff what's the one decision. That you'd like to have back since she started running the franchise. I don't know I would say there's one that like that that back. But I think -- that you learn from. You look at Alex -- an -- -- -- certainly considered that the air. By that we should have got Aaron Rodgers but we should live. Can't about it differently we drafted. And -- we've learned from that we drafted Collins apathetic instead you know we like -- we think first round draft pick. You know we didn't -- in the seventh overall but we traded up the stack up to go get -- we want it into the -- -- team. But we didn't wanna throw out their awards they want you wanted to let him grow up mature your process. Adding that's -- I think it. I -- back out didn't get the right part with. I'm very happy tree and he was able to help get the marked up and back a bit with a great except at year end. Yeah that's why I think I think we learned that first decision mandated under before. I hired Mike Singletary. And I thought Mike was right guy at the time and he he turned out not to be right. I think that's what I learned very quickly they could like try you. Perturbed by it it and try to show that that was the right decision ward you ought not to say that it what the right there in the state kind of odd. I think that I tried to cry me a lot of Internet organization. 88. I think good organization to make mistakes and then market that it better you know that the eurocard that organizations. Be. Fixed. How involved are you going to be in the logistical challenges. Of the Super Bowl how between San Francisco Santa Clara. How involved or are you guys going to be in the. Will be very involved. Heated inflation. And we're working but yet now the oh really think so -- a statistical. Operation. -- approval because it and Super Bowl year and we grind. -- And you're at work and it definitely a -- It is that you're out that's. All. By. Such an unbelievable experience. So it is. -- -- Collaboration. Up from your position with the 49ers. What would be in your best interest the giants. Retaining their south bay rights or the eighties building a ballpark down there. You know at that -- talk about an incident it was -- that that question between. Between the two teams and I came -- my personal opinion it's just more. Ayers sport's changed keep doing well I think that the that it all. We can't agree. Relationship was with both of those injured you'll watch or. Relationship between our players that it -- It's been great at. -- -- -- And that organic I think the more relationship -- a track ball had a great relationship. Was with the general manager dot com from the yeah. Atlantic sharks got a great relationship Doug -- -- like. In retrospect. Our guide and I could be continue to push each other better so I'm not worried about there are some big old ballpark re I just I cobalt. Continues well -- that -- did raise the bar -- And prepare. Well that's okay but I I'm just thinking from a that the the giants had said in Larry there has told us look I'm not opposed to having the warriors still in the arena right in San Francisco. There are advantages for us to have that. So I I was just thinking from a business standpoint. Does it make sense would it would it enhance. The south they are your situation with your stadium if you had. A ballpark. In the vicinity. But there are pros and con could certainly not against. It again -- -- -- eight. And I'm not I'm not worried about. Union business what it did in the area. And -- -- -- I think we've we've really with other. I think there's a lot of discretionary dollars here I'd look at art and gates curses the other candidates as -- there's a lot of overlap between. Forty Pakistan and me giant warriors shops etc. and you know yeah I think the better they were going to better spirits at all and I think it just I think good for everybody I hope it's getting -- and go -- -- appeared we let people. We got a question from Bruce in San Francisco. As a San Francisco Giants honored Pete Carroll Seahawks coach gave a main number twelve. San Francisco. Giants Jersey and I know you guys have a good relationship with the giants this guy wants to now. Are you gonna should you bring a dodger rob and give him a forty -- Jersey just to show the giants -- given the C -- coached a Jersey wasn't a good idea. You know we obviously compete with the -- -- and they are going to be very very upbeat this year. That the peak it's never just go to -- -- he he loves the city of San Francisco. And in the giants. Are -- that that's something that they're more them. Rightfully material and I mean I don't I don't have a problem that he loves this -- at its L and I don't I don't -- any sense that war about a girl. Did I just like Jim Jim Harbaugh a very. Vulnerable and volatile excited citing excitable guy not Pete Carroll's money not because you're not what's it like. To work with him what's what on a daily basis. What I guess what what's the scariest moment you've had with Jim Harbaugh. I don't mean they're not scared moments again I think industries. You're always. Hyper competitive. And premier professional sport at that bigotry. You know are -- times where he pushes the envelope and you know and can drive people not yet. He's always pushing -- book how we can get better and you don't have a code that was going to use that. -- they're gonna have a lot about it seven. It but it does well at that school in that -- -- and operates. And I didn't eat eat eat everybody. Everybody. Honor codes so we continue to -- -- ebitda are. You're not -- the second place that -- not a part it will. Met in -- wants to know what can fans expect to pay on average for tickets. In the new stadium. All of it out there about it different experience that is yet -- -- -- that there's really no club in retrospect when you're looking at. Is that the president is not and the club or Beck ticket 89000 people. 8000 gut it out. But not -- And good. You look at it ain't like 10200 dollar. And you know bad. More expensive than summit -- -- -- -- let expect it. We -- to make sure that we continue to preserve and single game ticket. That band that word and in the year -- opportunity. You know on a first come per share basis. Tickets are what -- so. Yet that the ticket prices are gonna look higher average. I think it's it's a relative value and when you look at -- ordered our war or are. I think that I'm very aired number -- and 84 I think what should be spirit all professional sport. What do you say to the long longtime faithful loyal forty niner fans. Who were being priced out by the new stadium prices. I mean I think it really use it at data being priced out that -- and two thirds of course the order is in order. So that means. -- I am -- numbers are probably. 40000. The order outs and adding. That number had trouble -- did you build. -- I don't think it many people complain about it what is it put out there. And I think what we wanna try to view a picture that we need some type of -- -- -- and decided that. What a price war you know the commute from wherever they -- and a -- whatever it is we want to reach those -- And make sure that their sound like the priority -- them. Four and then there -- that and eclectic and dark and gave them access to single game. And whether that -- issue that they couldn't buy tickets and stadium. Or some other we don't want a connection then we want again that type of award. Will be market for a long time but like I said it would achieve their departure in order and building -- front. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So you don't tell. -- how. You got. Did you know you obviously has a distinctive voice which we at times have enjoyed trying to. Mastered doing our own do you have do you have a Trent bulky impression. And I don't have an impression that it united irons. Any time -- years secretive about art it's fit as the agent Trent are well. That is solid. Yeah I never tried it so I wouldn't know where yet all you do it. Colts coach. Is rapidly. I am very try to work -- -- next I thought -- boat. Where he could send a mob is dead dead we're gonna hold you to that now. I cannot work you got absolutely -- yet thank you so much for your time really originally stated and now we will be in touch. I'm getting guys enjoy your summer and awkward catch ups and.

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