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Don Knauss talks about trying to keep the A's in Oakland

Jun 25, 2013|

The CEO of Clorox talks about why he would like to help the A's stay in Oakland and the available places that would may be possible to house a new stadium. He talks about whether or not he would like to buy the team and the process to go through in order

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As we delve into leading to see what is gonna happen with the gays and their future. Is it in Oakland is in San Jose hope to god not out of the Bay Area and one man who's very interested. And keeping the team. An Oakland he's the CEO of Clorox Don -- house now joins us here on view current Saudi Don thank you so much for taking the time. We were. -- I look at Oakland situation with the three sports teams obviously the warriors one believed. We're uncertain about what's gonna have put the raiders their lease ends at the end of this year we know the -- situation why are you so it and because of the. We have three different teams who are you so interested in the games. Well I think first called just in terms of sports franchises in Oakland obviously Clorox we just turned 100 last month's. Subtract or is that a company that's obviously had a long standing commitment to Oakland. We think VA's obviously is one of the signature teams and in Major League Baseball. Really does a lot to keep the vibrancy of Oakland and that we have a vibrant and it. And I think it does well for Clorox at all obviously all the surrounding businesses in the east -- as well so. And I always had a special affinity for baseball owner was in Houston years ago when I was with an intimate company I have them. Privilege of working with the Houston Astros on the naming rights shall we change to from Enron field to minute maid park so. At a working with Major League Baseball for a long time and I've seen the positive impact that new stadium could have on the community and I think Oakland deserves a chance. When it comes to buying DA's are you personally interest and by any days as Clark's interest in buying the games. No I wouldn't say where interest in buying the -- the company I do think congress. We clearly would love to work with the current ownership put -- -- John -- on keeping -- age here I think. Reliable. Data and that -- Walt has what about working in Oakland and when I met with them a little over a year ago after we held via press conference here last may of 2012. You know I think he he was very clear that he had no interest in staying in Oakland but you know we think the world's changed here and there are noble reasons why that world has changed -- And obviously the reason we keep pounding away at this is this is not Google's decision really minister commissioner's decision and 129 owners. Lou obviously as a as a stray but clearly -- If you had a decision rights during that long ago. Winds the last time you try to talked a little. I talked a little last may 2012. And clearly trying to get routine back to the table has been a struggle but I think. You know I think we have this tremendous site. Christiane. Howard terminal which is just adjacent to the Jack London square him. We we have what I believe could be the premieres right baseball looking out of San Francisco golden gate we've got traffic weather on the sort of debate. And I think what I've talked a little about that last year should look we've looked at that. A long time ago it's not viable well I think the last time that the -- actually sat down with the city. In any serious way it was over five years ago with mayor Dellums. And we obviously need them to be at the table when I think at the time you know like I. I heard some of the old excuses or power terminal wouldn't work and they're all -- now it's a completely different place. Interest in doctor announced the CEO of Clorox joins us here view current Tony 95 points and the game we recently set now Lou. He said the same thing they've exhausted everything I know that the city of Oakland right now is doing environmental report on how or terminal. Have you done personally done your research what why do you believe it is viable. Here's why I believe it's viable Chris first of -- I think the last time the -- really seriously look at how -- terminal was 2005 well in eight years a lot exchange for example. Back then the portable that was close to full capacity now reported under 50% utilization so you can -- commute. Very easily use our terminal -- ball park without adversely impacting the rest of the -- is so. Are a lot of good economic reasons for the -- wanna do that and obviously for the city and county wanna bring the case to that site. The second thing I've heard over the years is that the what you just brought up that there is -- environmental contamination on the site and people thrown some crazy numbers around about it mediating that's right. We've done the diligence there as well and been assured by experts at the ballpark can be built on that's right. Without a substantial cost associate would clean and basically we can build a ballpark right on top of that site without needing to -- cycling just like AT&T. Park was built on that here. So it's both technically environmentally sound well certainly not destroying and adding to the economic feasibility. Hopefully of the whole port area -- and you look at the third thing -- look at Jack London square. -- until -- the transformation that's gone on down there over a hundred million dollars and two new buildings and infrastructure public parks. And to think about what happened the last few weeks with the Brooklyn basin. Investors of billions of dollars going in. To the south side of Jack London square you can have thousands of new housing units acres of parks a new marina at retail. This could revitalize that whole section of the city -- as the site that the mayor's behind. Certainly the county would be behind and the -- Can have that -- I think baseball's looking for us to demonstrate that we got control of excitement -- weakened children that in short order. I don't pass you talk about having a group that would be able to buy the days. Why have you never made an offer. Well I think because we're trying to respect baseball's protocol here and work through the commissioners. You know -- -- committee that's been working on this for a number of years. So I think. Clearly the our attitude -- -- rather negotiate it is and not litigate this mean we don't we wanna get into that we think we can negotiate with this site. We'd love to have Lou and sit down with dust and go through the new world touchdown they're not the old world that he's familiar. In the other things were close to having this lease renewed its I think we're demonstrating that you can get things done in Oakland and Alameda County -- And clearly getting the lease renewed for five years is one of those things within seconds giving -- control port terminal. I think that's the reason we haven't said you know let's. Look -- trying to under new ownership group we picked it could be viable but I think clearly would rather just say look Lou. We've got a viable site we all agreed that the team deserves a new world class ball park but there's a way to get that done here in Oakland and I think. You know the site control it's probably more likely to happen here quickly that is certainly in San Jose -- it's -- control of that property now that the redevelopment issues of comeuppance and Wednesday so. I think we've got a very viable option here for him and John Fisher would like to try to work that. I think it's -- to the commission. Let's get to a few camps and you have this group who has the money why not make the offer by the team. Because I think it goes back to the respecting the protocols with -- the commissioner's office and just say okay let's try to work this through I think. Two things Chris I think if we can -- baseball in the next few weeks so there's the matter of weeks not months we can -- baseball that we can -- police renewed. And then gets side control power terminal and announced that and show. -- vision for how that could look at Howard terminal and it's up to I think the commissioner of Major League Baseball to single move and to do two jobs Fisher looked. There's a viable option here at Oakland we don't want to go through all all these. The potential litigation with the giants on territorial rights in the south -- Sit down with the team and negotiate if they won't do that there were prepared to step in and in go back to Major League Baseball was another group of folks who we think could by the team doctor. It baseball would compel. The current ownership to to sell the team. -- announced this CEO of Clorox joins us your view current Downey 95 point seven a game talking about. Tried to keep the a's in Oakland is we're trying to do all sides we had mayor -- on last week in San Jose now we got done this week. Don -- and adjusting to me following baseball. You know Forbes can come out and say what franchises are worth but obviously with the resale of the Texas Rangers. They went for way more than what -- my god the Dodgers went for over two billion same Diego Padres. With for over 800 million I know right now for 65 is what they have the days. I gotta think that they'd be able to get over 500 million for the days. Ballpark is around blood build new ballpark for a fifteen to five -- which has been around a billion dollar investment. -- most likely would and your your numbers are probably certainly in the ball -- no pun intended crash site I think that's which are looking at -- that's one of the other reasons site. Look -- -- -- and and John picture that we got a viable option for a terrific site in in Oakland on the waterfront. Could be I think really the best site baseball with those views that whether I'm unbelievable -- Let's demonstrate that we have site control of that and say now doesn't that look a lot better to -- -- a potential site in sandals today. You don't have to go through the litigation with the giants. And this I think this community -- look at the mr. Lester during the playoffs I think there's community. Deserves a right to keep the Asia mediate were here long before the current ownership was here this as a community yes -- is not just a legal entities that can be. Sold -- moved I mean we've got this community as a big investment in this game. Now I think about the stadium funding it's something we learn from chapter read. To get the stadium prepared for. Or to get the -- prepared for a new stadium we start talking about maybe -- change the freeway you start taking about a off our France and get rid of all the stuff. As Mary said in the end that'll be taxpayer dollars and that that would have to go to will vote to the city of San Jose. Have you checked on this -- Oakland and maybe Alameda and if you think it went to vote do you think what do you think people vocal would vote for would they used taxpayer money to prepare the -- for new stadium. Well I think when you look at the off site infrastructure improvements for example things like -- whitening and a railway improvements -- pedestrian connections. It's not. Major money in the sense of what it would cost of the old ballpark opposite that are on site infrastructure improvements. For example improvements around parking insights -- issues. But in my discussions with mayor Quan. We think of the city in the county perhaps some funds available to be able to do that it hasn't set. It's real money but it -- pails in comparison -- the cost of the ballpark and we think to get the ball park field. We could certainly use the same model that giants used in building AT&T park where. Seat licenses sponsorship deals naming rights etc. along with you know those types of that type of model could get as ballpark built but I think. In my discussions with the mayor and with the county. We feel very comparable that the on site and off site infrastructure improvements could be done. But you do we know whether to have to come go vote go to the taxpayer. Not the same as San Jose my understanding with the mayors and does not need to come to a vote here that may change but that's my current understanding and that's pretty county in the city. Believe that they have -- the sources of funds to be able to do those on site at all start improvement. What are your feelings about the city of San Jose suing Major League Baseball. Well I -- You know I like it I think the city of Oakland in the count in the business leadership and the in -- in Oakland in the east they would much rather negotiate honestly I don't think it ever helps to to try to litigate these things aren't. It's just you know to me it's it's an adversarial approach when you don't need to have an adversarial approach to this I know this has been dragged out for a number of years but I think in some ways. The commissioner strategy on this and look you guys are adults. Figured out I'm not gonna get -- and not just a while and insert myself and that's what got 29 other owners what did you guys trying to figure this thing out so I think. We'd much rather take the approach of negotiating there's respect in the protocols and commenced coming commissioner's office and get on with I think. The two things that we've been tasked with by baseball get the least renewed and gets side control were very close to those two things. You know I know this is something you've been asked before but I have to ask you have so much interest in Oakland but I know Clorox. Moved a large number of jobs and workers to Pleasanton. Why did you do that but yet he's still sale were all about Oakland. Well there too it's a fair question or two things we do we want to try and achieve with Chris one is. It's a bit and you know was really of focus on innovation this company's. The reason has been around for 100 years is because it constantly innovate new products new packages tetra. We we wanted to get. All of organization people in one location obviously innovation driven by our research and development and we've always had a research and development folks out there wasn't and we had about 400 scientist doctor we've had about or for decades. What we've learned over the years is that when you put all the functions together that that drive innovation and marketing sales finance human resources legal structure. Well both people together with the R&D people. Then you get much quicker in the -- get bigger ideas develops what we wanted to create a new campus -- in Pleasanton where we had our nucleus. And add those people so we moved we moved a lot of those folks out of downtown Oakland to pleasant but we kept him in Alameda County that's one. The second reason we did it was a business continuity issue in the headquarters building here is obviously we're all on in the Bay Area is sitting in various faults. We wanted to get some dispersion or IT resources wasn't into orbit probably had a problem. We could spread some of our risk all the business continuity standpoint so that those for the 2 central reasons better innovation. Better business continuity you know minimizing risks and I think again we've kept people in Alameda County that we kept our. General officer of Oakland and certainly I'm sitting here in Oakland and a little. So were committed to -- Now you mentioned -- -- you know helping get the deal thank god you're with Enron but you're the man made and continue to audit done there. And Houston would Clorox be interested in the naming rights for the new stadium if it happens in Oakland. Indeed we would we be very interest and that fact -- and look out my windows are talking to you look at our terminal right now and it's a terrific site we've certainly be interest and that would certainly be interested -- You know getting the other dozens of businesses in the east today and in Oakland looking at different. Sponsorship ideas what DA's as well. -- -- -- As a mother of two very big on your product your product is very good for all of those families I can guarantee that. What are what are we appreciate -- I'll be imported talking to you again okay Chris thanks operator time take care done done an honest.

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