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Rich Gannon talks Matt Flynn with Towny

Jun 25, 2013|

The former Raiders MVP QB looks at the bright side of Matt Flynn's game and says he can succeed even without a ton of arm strength. He thinks the read option can survive in the NFL and talks about the 49ers-Seahawks rivalry.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's our MVP quarterback former raiders quarterback Rich Gannon joins us here on -- Greg Downey rich tell us live -- yet are -- -- -- -- well let's what's already. I'm doing wonderful you know. Ron Jaworski can be pretty harsh on quarterbacks. And he's he raided the 32 starting quarterbacks in the league. He had Matt Flynn as the worst quarterback. In the National Football League do you think that's a fair assessment. Call it looked up and it is about all of them. Yet everybody -- -- the quarterback who -- and I think that that they are. About that one situation. You know he had been played a lot of law a lot of people you know. A lot of you know. A lot of up to evaluate our dependency -- now -- I've seen more of -- went public and anybody that practically gain. -- -- or years. I -- to -- the the putrid game where it started at one short line in. But he started in a couple of years ago and a lot extra out so. You know -- it. I've got a good sense that this -- is -- general respect for all the fact that he can't blink Gabbert in Jake Locker. And that went -- I think is ridiculous. The doctors about all you don't watch Kate. You know he -- you look at it you'd look at two different criteria may argue. A lot alike about -- -- about the ship. Penalties have been ambient air Rogers are usually up -- operating in terms of arms straight in his ability that it could you know make those type of throat I want to personalize it and -- -- able to get by him. Stated it in the world as well. And execute or -- is going to be. -- How well he played the problem are they gonna get better between now. In the season that -- at wide receiver Jeremy have BOL sixteen probably productive seasons. And what could have will be -- a lot of that group of jail. You know what about -- of the -- coordinator. And how that'll that'll work out but it all the factors in terms of how well monopolies. Is -- your local. -- we talked so much about arm strength in the around what's in the whole -- year old teammate was with me yesterday. And he was saying you know it can be overrated because even the deep bombs. You're pretty much gonna connect with the wide receiver forty to 45 yards downfield solid guys drop them back and thrown it sixty yards even said they listen when I've played against Joseph Montana I didn't think he had agreed his arm strength can at times that be over rated. I think he Canada eagle more than that in have. Open goal for evidence you know a cannon for an arm but you'd be upgraded the patient ball come out quick and then there's that other one thing that. It could help matters that he's -- -- -- he's got the background you're known as the -- -- it was the Green Bay and Seattle. I don't economy and learn premiere party in a Glock like. At the bottom of the page you know I think -- -- -- great example captivated him. You know that -- look great years in New York Jets and and you know a hundred years of Miami. Eat in terms of quarterback on the appointment at what had to work on water street. And yet no limitations yet it -- very yeah I agree to present when it's all very accurate. You know -- that the paid very Smart heady guy you'll get the ball -- on both but the thing -- -- got to match at the -- You're back -- -- -- more athletic and I think people get credit for. But you know I think it's important not to overreact you don't want to -- he's one guy. You evaluate the position I think is very difficult so tightly -- all the from the standpoint that. It would on how to build model. But the -- these 32 ranked quarterback thought they give a little ridiculous. What do you think is gonna be the toughest adjustment for hand coming to his third organization. Was only two career starts. So I don't think established himself as the guys starter you know I think that. -- a -- permitted in their current teams respectively. Though no. You know contractors. You don't know. Tactically you know he's. Maybe could be and as a whole lot players it's all about what you don't football field -- what other impact you can break it in there once you work ethic and ultimately -- global output decreases. Your ability. To win football games -- ability to put -- -- late game chant the win. That could be critical format and -- it start the precede them. You're currently well I think that China to get the -- greet the copy of the stake. Partner down not the claim block the particularly you know -- you forget about it they can make inspected need to -- eat play. The football being beat the plight. -- -- -- -- Certainly become accretive and help people at the topic at the plate again over the -- either. Our MVP redskin enjoyed this year -- -- -- town in 95 point seven game rich. -- it we yesterday you know how defense and guys are they think everything can be stopped they think everything's of bad I wee Herman Edwards and -- got -- got rod -- here we start talking about the read option and I sent payless and whether it's -- the pistol or not or just the shotgun. It's not going to be the staple. But I can see it be in around we're certain quarterbacks about what a schism and they both went on this whole -- kicked well Europe's former quarterback what do you think about the read option not all the time. But use that X amounted X amount of games is it a fat was just something we're gonna see stay here in the NFL. I think it's Tuesday -- it must implement the players in the cabinet now market they look at like. Look the world card Heatley can't do. I looked at the very athletic economic likely to light cycle changeup and he's gotten more than a thickening of the ball I'll take note that thinks so and -- Indian penal. It can be a you know by Google Michael Patrick -- That -- -- effective protection fund our capital in you agree to Albany that. It -- -- -- -- except. With that type packets but forward on topic a on the incredible it depends who. I'll be you -- you -- your great manager agreed. Although some of the younger guys that are currently who have you know size strength and speed. The -- to do that and have a history with that in college. I think it makes them. Rich get -- -- -- once again on 95 point seven a game I've seen in this article and it's on for everybody to see. And even the title says Vernon Davis. Seattle Seahawks building a dynasty I was on -- Seattle yesterday on ESPN radio and all they want to talk about was this rivalry between the niners and the Seahawks. Aren't the Seahawks. Is apostle can they be the next dynasty are you buying them being that good or do you still to see the 49ers. As the cream of the crop in the division. I didn't deterrent to a great it would but may in fact that the a couple of years ago talked about the work that -- law are here who lack of use of symbols. Course Seattle's struggling technical -- start over again -- -- bulky. So horrible now but you -- you later. Talk about the -- really driven the last year -- -- issues or -- one. You look at the border and in the you know you talk. And had to talk about great young quarterback -- but the that are very part of Egypt on the football he could you gain. I think that rivalry because back in you know Harbaugh would -- of course. You know he was at USC are -- -- that could've died of cancer. Rich -- great stuff we'll talk to you as soon. Are brought about Rich -- are MVP join.

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