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Rod Streater previews the upcoming Raiders season

Jul 23, 2013|

Rod Streater joined O'Connell and Steinmetz to preview the Raiders season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Football season right around corners tiny 49 as rookies are already in camp. The raiders will be reporting to training camp as a team on Thursday and joining us now. Oakland Raiders wide receiver rod street around I don't. Great. To have good man and really excited to have you on. Take me back to about this time last year if you can't. What was your emotional state what are you feeling as you're about to head into year you're first training camp is an NFL player. Now a little nervous you know and not sort -- respect. It is deeply broken down pat and others few hours so at this time -- just really really nervous -- also excited and ready to you know. The -- through the process ride you don't get drafted. What you end up at raiders' camp. And then you end up starting the first game of the season I mean this week. Had to be devastated. They knew how to be site you gotta share you take me through that. -- Adam -- is eat Mac -- unknown guy some of that deference. Roster spots. Due to injuries this century aka aka kinda thrown in the fire in the home. Chemicals so and so some place we got prepared -- star selected -- work hard every day in -- home state played well all day known. Somehow somewhere around you even start please. Pretty excited experiencing. Well. Secretary Richard start Monday Night Football opener gave so not much we -- -- objective repeater you know you have much. Executed come into. -- how big is the learning curve. You know everyone talks about the transition from high school the college football is something. That a lot of guys as struggle with how hard is the transition. From college football -- place like temple to the NFL where it's the best guys in the world everyone's big -- owns fast. Oh man it is integrated transitions its own the speed of the game. That is beside the players -- like that people outside don't really give it to -- -- so. You know success -- game it and that's yes. Just little paying citizens running around twelve artists stated today and commit a big difference cornerback so it would break. It is a big screen positions in also the playbook is -- -- bickered about it. Distant out game things like that you learned it is so very very beat it. -- -- Which does it how much stated stink to be a wide receiver. At temple which was a run dominated program at that. -- I know that covers it it is being. You know look play football and that is that you'd be -- -- opportunity. So you referenced. -- as a -- received duplicate Boller and you've got blocked the ultralight. Going out there game being -- with a lot of blacks say -- on that they have excellent in the IQ playing without temple would be used so. Oh. Those who -- targets. Raider wide receiver rob Streeter joining us are about a five point seven a game the bay area's new sound for sports also the new home for raiders football. Really excited about that -- You come and like we said is it is an undrafted free agents and you make a name throughout the season. How much different does that make it when you reported for like a routier's this offseason and as you're heading into training camp starting on Thursday. You carry yourself a little bit different is -- more confidence going into your teammates. Kind of relate to you differently now that you've proven yourself. It does that mean different more optimism -- Portland and what not to two over the -- just local and in. In China workers anyway -- would be too comfortable or. Cute you know Leigh -- -- power -- things like that still work are still. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What you're -- leave the big difference in how practice how to succeed. You know uncharted Hussein the big gratitude -- a fellow rookie largely reluctant. There's some fresh faces on this raiders' offense in some very important fresh faces you've got Matt Flynn. At the quarterback position now and then of course the rookie Tyler Wilson who big day for just three and out today finally got signed. By the team at the what is your relationship like -- these two quarterbacks in and how do you look forward to working with them for the season. We we -- secretly suit were going there aren't that -- is working -- stuff like this -- on China India and -- so especially this year in on. The -- -- very excited. Who offers and of course mixed new face is so already work in. They're excited and we have a really great question quarterbacks receive absolutely. Good ago. Iraq what are you what -- even work on this summer. In terms of of your game. Our own problems overseas actors like 10200 ordered today distraction to -- indefinite run routes can never run. Another well -- very and also being. We're -- -- dissidents. Not ado what I'd do glitch here and I don't Keeneland so big and so. Yeah actually harder and you know we keep -- -- can't speak so RB in Iraq militia partners in Dublin and worked harder. Help me out -- say what's a distraction drill. Close are you need either a forensic doctor will be well it doesn't she just ticket and -- mark the justice. In -- You QB he would indicate that it has -- the other. That's cute little stuffed a shot at we've faced him -- -- -- -- really work. Rob straighter joining us Oakland raider wide receiver here another five point seven a game. At one of the funniest things that we see in the media every year coming out of training camps is obviously. The rookie hazing and all the -- that you experience last year what do you have up his sleeve for the rookies this year. -- I'll -- we moved the bar this year situation. -- -- -- -- origin directory soaps. Can be established its he would. You know and just sort of laughter that's our cheapest movie meet. -- -- That's right and in some traditions have to keep Goldman. CAA. All the more serious note does it affect you at all. And if so how. That you don't really know who the starting quarterback's going to be this year you know people assume it's going to be Flynn but let's face it you -- competition there and you don't know who's gonna merge. Our own willbros we all work together. To grow grow doctors Chinese connection to China now. -- you know he can't really have any excuse. There -- no man or Tyler or the glory and you don't know who asserts the network -- And as a pro receiver yet determined down whoever is going to be active leader so. We can effect persona -- start and be sure that they expect this. What's your relationship like with food the defensive backs on this team and some of the guys you're going to be. In all competing against throughout camp -- know that. It's there's a certain way when your high school amending college there's more of a division between offense and defense and I got to believe that in the NFL. When everyone's out they're fighting for jobs and fight for dollars a can get like a pretty intense competition. He's a kid you know make it gave -- which actually cage other. You know so it will be -- are completely separate actual oil. We -- we know and Edwards he worked together for one big goal so we China acted. -- -- -- Ticket computers and -- the key for saint. -- every day galactic key work archenemy of the better kitchen EDT. -- deep in the game you know. Number eighty on the field number one hit in your hearts raider fans that's -- street her wide receiver and came out at temple last year made some noise looking forward to a big things that you. We can improve on the three touchdown total this era. We actually attitude. Banks and we we appreciate RT good luck -- can't stay healthy and we'll talk again soon. -- -- -- --

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