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Mike Haynes says he looked forward to training camp

Jul 25, 2013|

As Raiders camp opens this weekend, the Raiders HOF CB looks back on when he used to report to camp when he was with the Raiders. He talks about rookie hazing and an outlook on the secondary this season. He says the defense is very important at the beginn

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- perspective on what -- point was the defensive backs and we're we're joined by one of the best the hall of Famer. Asked fourteen year prawn and a nine time Pro Bowl form LE rader Mike -- cannot -- Join us here in 957 game in MI we appreciate you all you -- data shows going to a raider camp next year I'm just wondering. At what point in your career did going to camp. They're going to a pre season workouts go from something you're excited about something that maybe was a little more to drag. Since the -- drag me right subscribe but I I would look forward to it. One premiere was part of the new these new jet boat and bull. To work with the new players and and check yet better myself in my position. I look forward to -- love -- -- actually. Mike was there hazing involved wind. You were going to training camp. We -- not a moderator here. Yeah. Yes we are. Of course there was always. At the big party gigabyte big enough. You know everybody looks forward to training camp or just stuff like that well. And we before we get to the real football content I'm just wondering what what was the best. Haiti's. That you either experienced or participated in. -- can't give you all. Again and again -- moderator. Yeah. Yeah. The only it would you know being on the written especially not behaving well. They can get the highest level. And and one thing that we try to do I want to keep it out keep within the band I don't wanna be got to blow that enough. And that stuff that we did he can't talk about all of it anyway. Should the rookies have been afraid -- you or would you have been their friend can you tell us that. How well -- didn't play wide receiver we can beat her and actually I'm getting I'm getting jobs don't mean -- believe it's all about team. And you know debt yell timber out of the rookie -- my time I'll whip greater than -- lot -- just helping him develop. You know a lot of receivers -- amendment -- -- and they're really skilled in college. And we can't pick it yet to ride and it showed that it is not valid anymore. Another record. -- always a lot of great at bat belt they. Expected to have about how I'm going against me. You know that I am -- -- pro bowler but -- Baghdad -- -- again I would McKinney or. Game David -- you know any of the guys object it would have been it would have been had brought by a big battle. Let's begin a secondary the raiders have invested more in their secondary trying to upgrade their secondary than maybe. Any other unit going in this season and it's not a lot but they did use their first round pick on DJ Hayden signed Tracy Porter Mike Jenkins. Charles -- How how much when you when you hear those names when you look at that. What's a realistic expectation for what he's capable of these guys are capable of doing. In this season. You know it it's you know you can bet cornered in the world. And terrible pass rush. You. And but he got capital. -- look pretty good complement. I'm Jamaica works so I figured it starts with having great corners and and taken those two outside guys away and put the pressure on the other guys. You can make it work but you've got to have pressure on the quarterback you know anybody give him. Try and do complete look at the National Football League. They're gonna get it done slow. You know crude kudos I think generators are making those choices and being you know dead because as you guys know they're great players. Armed but it's still means that -- linebackers in the -- -- why they get off their game. How much considering that Dennis Allen as a former. Defensive backs coach he's a defense of oriented coach. How much can we read into the improvement in that unit in particular and on the defensive side of the ball. To give us a sense of that Reggie and Dennis understand what it's going to take to build a team based on what they've been able to do this off season. Well I I think everybody knows that he'll -- -- went -- -- an argument with people about bad. -- but early in the season -- the defense that's gonna carry that weight and so decorator gonna have a good start. And it would be -- they're gonna have that happen that often become a lot a little bit slower. I -- -- hopefully by mid season they're they're -- and I bet on all cylinders. You gotta have a lot of things go right yet I haven't even got play at their level of capability got everybody's pretty much say LB Italy. Healthy enough that day in the -- of and you know and I'm -- here on your way though Reggie -- Ellen so fortunate to play with him. And -- when we had great -- and he saw firsthand how that worked out there are a lot of heat guard beat him. Because when you know umpire special teams around fire and I'll -- as -- slow. But they would catch up and I'll look at it what everybody -- all clicking together were able to do well so. You know kudos for their -- to try and do that and I think that that coaches. I'm knowledgeable about defense and and maybe had a preference would be bad I know I certainly do on the -- that I met bill might seem an ability. It would be there. MIT is a hall of Famer nine time pro bowler and a former -- joining us tonight 57 again Hugh Grant county guy government. In for Tony but with that said your point about maybe the offense taking a little longer to come along once the season gets going. Even in the first few days -- -- you're going up against a new quarterback I'm thinking about this because the they're obviously since changed a quarterback in Matt Flynn coming in for the raiders. As a player were. Would June -- Did you have to wait to begin to form your opinion on say. Other guys that have been added to a team that you've been a part of the year prior in other words. Would you know pretty quickly whether or not the quarterback you're going up against the first few days Kemp was the guy they can take your team to word and you needed to go. No I never knew that really because I'd never really relied on that you know. I always relied on the defense -- who -- ball and he'd go out there and and so that for me it. I'm I hate to think that you don't need a -- -- -- quarterback we have a great operative system. Our offensive scheme he'd do need to -- -- that you have it at the big plus. And so you know. I would -- -- -- -- -- liberate Ed got against Blunkett who. You know Jim understood the op -- -- you know we leave a Mark Wilson understood it although I think I did. And that it was all about you know growing together and being ready for that regular season game and -- the -- to the big -- will play out. So so I think you're looking at a young quarterback or even a veteran quarterback. I wouldn't expect him to command and are growing and you know I think cut out the game. You know iPad in Bogota and I would still like the -- we just had to do our job on deep as you keep getting close. And get the topic which has led let me start collecting. Then it's you know it's it's all on and you know court code you can -- -- grades up on defense. And they do great stuff on up there. But I'm not and I don't think I've put too much pressure on the wide receivers to do well or the quarterback do well I didn't really rely on net. -- with that said then would you did you ever feel like we ever surprised by your own team or did you feel like -- time you walked out of camp when you look at the defense you knew what you guys would be one way or the other. Yeah I think I knew what is deep it's would be and one way or the other because you know there are bigger olive view quite cute young guys on the underrated team. And I never going to be playing critical positions and even if they were going to be on special teams primarily in the early going. We knew that it was just -- -- kind in the middle to even somewhere along. -- lot and they would be in the system and and so are we keeping the right guys that are going to be able to make it statement -- get a -- or really well. Yet and I and I always so good about the decision that that -- it will make it in those days so. Nearly the same on the opposite side of the ball you know -- brown turned -- far as I'm concerned Jim Brown turned into. An unbelievable. Wide receiver you know when he came in -- as a rookie. And after it I had to get judged the way he was the first week or two and and and training camp. I would have projected in the immediate future hall of Famer but dead heat turned out being one check of a wide receiver and and that was largely because they change that the way they got the ball to a nick found a way to get you're about to -- -- And you know and and the other rest -- history so I feel I really feel like. They can how probably get back to doing that they are paying and the reason I feel that way because the Reggie McKenzie who was there. And and and I and he also played you know what -- -- with a bottle the green based system and saw what those guys did and. All I'm in my mind both both places that start with having great defense. And and not screw it up too much -- -- this is -- here click -- guys are the build. On the can start develop their own personnel and their own character running backs are coming out and you know do an estimated. They've they've only gotten a couple of -- or their lives and making plays. You know so you know -- that might might they'll go early on I wouldn't put too much pressure on on the option that would put a lot of pressure Ahmadinejad spoke. It doesn't sell two different like it will what we thought at one point tonight is blueprint might be Mike Mike -- hall of Famer nine time pro bowler former render real really appreciate the time in -- and the inside of him talking and soon. Yeah I love -- you get -- come out there and meet you got them out there about it he would rated looked like with all the changes on the beach pension. And just like most -- and what we're gonna have what could have. We will be doing this show at raiders' camp all next week. So. If if you need any thing Jesus let let us now I'll I'll I'll tell you and I think. -- -- know what I -- yet I know I gotta do I gotta do it do it and and not get a bid to have the right. Exactly right exactly thank you might appreciate. -- --

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