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Tyler Wilson joins Bucher from Raiders training camp

Jul 29, 2013|

The Raiders rookie QB who they drafted in this year's 4th round talks about his first training camp and the things he needs to work on. He talks about his relationship with Darren McFadden and the transition from college to the NFL.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're here it's day one for 95 point seven a game at raiders' training camp and we're joined by quarterback Tyler Wilson Tyler what has been. This what's this experience been like for you. Just starting off -- now it's. Pro quarterback. It's great to get up here in this training camp environment one of the best venues for training camps. Currently resolved. -- -- right here pictures that your vote yourself. This meeting room better grades it's a chance to really get -- and now it's time. -- admire practice and compete against guys you know it's it's been very training camp. A lot to learn the quarterback position. Grace period for me in and you know get better recently. What have you found is that has been the biggest challenge to this point. I think it's just did an open. You know everything were installing everything is going into it. And it continually -- -- you're not getting every single wrapped in practice to continue -- Continues stay mentally involved in the day. And you know use every single -- here I think I think it's been a room my challenges. Of economic team work on. -- You know as -- training camp goes on and always act in you know myself and then. You know on the field. You mentioned the venue what was your first impression when you rolled in the Napa. Well I think I came back away you know you think and Anthony think all of the wineries the point country that. In little different than I expected that the weather's been just tremendous in and you can ask for anything better from Arkansas so. So you know where or I was that as far as. You know in the Summers who -- the warmer then than it is here and it's it's perfect. -- -- And how much how much time had you have you actually spent outside of Arkansas avenue we were born there went high school there went to college there. How much of a unique experience is -- story. Plus it is Jeannie my dad's actually from Southern California so I have a little bit a little bit of California bought him a bit. Good it's it's nice out here. You know I enjoy being higher load that different that you know I'm I'm I'm didn't get -- -- Ron Jaworski. You know from ESP and they said that he expects you to be the starting quarterback for this team. Day one or it's certainly this season. What do you make of that. Well I think I think that go along way ago I think there's always always things you can improve on. Like path like I can do positive things in the four games in development teams who have been on the field and and that long means always ultimately Cameron. In January but it. You know I'll I'll I strive for and be perfect and bugs me when one or -- Com you know up to speed a lot of things I need to work on order would be you know an option that position and I am the -- work every single day and until I can get there. Speaking of that pads -- dropped balls by the by the receivers so far in camp what do you make it. Well you know. Obviously we all will -- one line past success. In you know we -- to contribute more of that it has been you know -- -- I've analyzed. And I need to work on news it's you know it's. He knows it's -- -- -- it's piracy to drink appeared all star -- together. It's you know we make those plays or be successful and and now we a little bit better balls sometimes it's not taken -- so. Will continue to continue to work on that. That was in the -- -- town and and if a point seven a game here at raiders' training camp with quarterback Tyler Wilson. You hail from Arkansas. Another raider who made his name there Darren McFadden. How much. Time have you had to spend with him how well did you know him coming here. New love there and very very well you know from markets. Tremendous careers there at the university and right guy at the universe works just as easily and so didn't didn't get to build real. Personal relationship here but I got to visit with them a few times I played back. In Albany who's in town for some games. You know but it's been good to catch up with them in the -- -- in and can come bond between success in the backfield together at some point so. It's been really really good and in connection here. Between. Hearing -- at least from the start that this is going to be a run oriented offense. To start -- How does what you're planning to do what you've seen. Compared to what you were doing at Arkansas. Well you know we we definitely threw the ball around a lot of Arkansas. You know in in and have always and that's been what I've I've been used to in my whole career even in high -- -- we were kind of running -- that. But you know. I think in order to be very very successful you have to you have to have that ability -- -- the football you know I think -- and that's what held us back to Arkansas we had a really good running game and we can get to that next level and and down you know I think that's where starts here in any run of run the football and it alleviates a lot of things in the passing game. And it gives you can't. There for prosecutors out there who ranked the raiders did last month and a teams. How has that impacted the mood in this training camp. Well you know puts it or worried about ourselves and I think you try to block all external stuff now. And that's what you're training camp -- in -- Simon. And you know and -- worried about us and and you know come here workers -- trying to. Try to have a chip on our shoulder with to a I think that's that's you you know in the NATO. There's -- thing that you wanna work on in this training camp what is. Yeah I think it's just to continually be intimately. -- if there's going to be a lot of things thrown at you pressure put on. Should try to find different ways -- which are made of it is you know it is my first time here's one. Fear fear analysts. Witches which is good. And now you know I think that it requires me answer for what you're seen in the game I think that's always been part of the as well trained and -- to prepare you for what you're gonna see your McCain. And yes I'm I'm coming here in Italy doesn't and you know get through it in and find ways to yeah. This point. And any rookie hazing to this point how it how's how's that shaping itself. So far. You know -- guy has been been been pretty for -- zero. You know I think I think there's always a little bit of this stuff Matt Matt and I are roommates so so whether it's you know maybe -- -- often easier for him or something. You know might be some of that. Here's will be elements or something like that during the season but -- we'll see I goes they've been they've been and it's so far and then. Hampshire rules the -- -- listen thanks appreciate it looks gorgeous indices.

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