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Josh Cribbs says he's excited to be part of Raiders

Jul 29, 2013|

The newly acquired WR/KR talks about his first training camp with Oakland and says he has a chip on his shoulder and can't wait to get it going with the Raiders. He talks about Matt Flynn and also about the black hole and the Raiders fan base.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Practiced Josh Cribbs Josh and I you don't. He's not up we got a pot in my. -- what will get through it. It's him in the second as he's saying he's doing really good I just -- strayed off strayed off of the practice field he just basically stripped the the shoulders pencils pads off. And and came and joined joined us and now we have to see if Joshua do we have you we have you now believe -- do I believe you did again that is live. -- right how you feel how so how does everything don't. I'm pretty good you know if they're different -- In different out here. Difficult and -- he -- till we need a special teams of great you know cautious doesn't seem to build that movement and whatever you can do force office -- -- -- So right now I'm getting -- all these -- -- -- and Bobby April. Colton a little bit you know we get me get this team together get that's a team that's where we need to be to be an elite group of -- So just -- a year experience is always Cleveland we can you give -- sort of a feeling for the the temperament and the attitude -- getting from this camp so far because that's what everybody wants to know about the raiders are. Now I understand that you know the temperament of everybody knows that what they have a rating in the lead but I'm excited. You know we had a couple fights out there and as I always great -- to DC got -- this early in camp right asked the passionate gas have. Right now for this boy you know compete both -- I'll be great to see him again after you noted there hustling each. You know it's not a competition it will not be enough always you know excitement at the. We talked about it earlier and comparing it to last year's camp here. There's not a lot of guys here. Guaranteed contracts will -- Kevin talk about the big money with the big signing bonus where a guy can be. That happy knows he can just step out on the field and he's going to be a starter seems like to meet other events Sebastien genachowski. There is going to be pretty much competition maybe they'll -- here at left tackle but pretty much. There's going to be open competition. At most spots do you get that sense -- does it. Definitely if you go back years you see how the patriots were you know the team that they had they won with all second day draft picks. Free agent players Daschle had to prove themselves who had to come and be hungry in the show what they can do they can have longevity in this week. And that's what you have with the raiders we have a lot of gas not you know not these big name guys but everyone -- all agree they forced to prove them sales that you feel a lot of scraping it. More fights out there you see a lot of competition and that's always group we have got compete on affable. You mentioned that there are people out there that are ranking this team is dead last in the NFL. What does that mean I know guys are competing for a spot you're competing to make the roster but how much of that. Gets you guys peeked up to go out there and prove people how wrong they all our. It -- you know we we we we hear all that -- And you know about a gas put it all put put it -- me you know we don't really. You know got the critics and fans let us they would they wanna say. But once we -- a ball game -- not even you know you know preceding we have adding insult them all we see you must be lineup -- the first game opening season. We're gonna be ready to go we want to shock everybody and how we play and how well we go after. Josh -- joins us your view guards -- 95 point seven a game the home of your Oakland Raiders. I love here in the excitement. I gotta tell you man I just I got I got a little bit of a chill there and I like -- I I have a civil hostility you know. I ask Buffy was you know with the codes that I bill that would you know ready in case has brought here. You know he's brought got this hall you know he sees the talent level he sees what's happening here everybody's underage and you know. What what we have different and a lot of close -- -- -- we're gonna do what it takes to win. So we're not -- just you know -- it was a bland office we have talented players who can do and they critics' polls every one's talent. And it always alluded to what it takes to win not to just run an office and it just stole the ball here and run the Balkans and its first down in proto Balkans -- third. We're gonna do it takes to win -- his -- trick play year. Then put GPA. He had a run you know a pistol play -- when I have the but it seems like beaded you know to give us great field position to back -- the defense -- and give them a good you know -- to work with so what we're going to be moving on -- -- Matt -- only has two career starts he's now -- and probably going to be the starter. What do you seen so far in the new raiders quarterback. I've seen a lot of tenacity you know what he'd bring it to this stately big -- you know in. You know they say he's a rookie and everything but he's played his game and knows what it takes to be successful. Egan is adamant you know there's that new playbook that they got the united -- defeated there. You know kind of feeling their way through but -- saint tactical stuff put him in a position to succeed in giving him play that there are familiar with that they ran before. You know simple stuff and every day we just a great a little bit and and it's working and is coming again. I know it's really early but among the young guys is there NEC and is there any guy in particular you've seen here that. Has has stood out are impressed you and a certain way that he think hey this this -- -- -- to surprise some people. I -- -- got like yeah and if I hate to point out one guy. You know play. You know street you know. Either you know you see guys work one on one truth that it does want the ball Mac football and you know I asked the F from all that rookie -- talent might look this is a dream that the the theater in match. So I. I don't wanna play out -- gases that team's war. Way if you commodity everyday you feed that hunger and fans can see united improve on his -- and -- -- without your burnout would. You know days she received that Wally if -- -- -- so I'm not -- -- there and that I only edit as afford that receive given its old and an account it helpful nice -- you know it is a good thing they have we have a fan interaction and it theaters get batted -- it has not dropped the ball that it. You know one run ball in you know let yesterday's practice. So he he is getting better as a team day by day and an accomplished that was about it you know exceed everyone's. Expectations and. -- the roster that's been remade in so many new guys. Is very hard to find early leaders I get the sense. You're taking it upon yourself as a guy who's -- -- the Pro Bowl who's been in this league to come out and just not be a leader of the special teams Libyan leader. Of the entire team tells about how you've you've come here to Oakland and he said you know I I'm -- step up right in front and I'm going to be one of those guys. You know way -- -- -- something because I knew I was gonna you know take a hole especially changing you know put my -- on things you know help close April you know get -- that you know move -- but. We don't have that senior guy that we don't have that you know great veteran. Guide us on all things you know like you mentioned you know Matt Matt has only been in you know a star couple years. I don't think you you know only two career starts and a great idea you know where has -- been the leader you know of his team and we really don't have that define guy. You know so I'm going you know for help tickled to search out for that office to -- if you have to be in the it will be -- And you know whatever it takes at this point is whatever it takes -- he preaches every day we're looking for the leader to stand up. Think you know to get guys moving on trying to fit within these guys it'll have to be the quarterback. You don't have to be a star running back in it we all our leaders came out the -- all came from colleges you know the captive in college the best for the best were professional athlete. Everyone can take on this self and be a leader and you have to be its deal with them and ask what do you know trying to do. You saw from afar last year I'm sure you've talked to guys that were here last year about it what what it was like. How different is what you've experienced here compared to what you heard about last year. Well you know the most things that stand out for me notable black hole you know -- -- you know every town you know how quickly we. Play out here rated anything I want selfless things you know -- family. You know that -- -- you why -- women and children multiple video game Guatemala -- in the ground you know caterpillar and that's improved fill out. And my love that my level and we did not sell it's that I in my you need to stay home if there. Are they tell me again -- -- it. So when I started and I came out. To play full you know from a. Yes you know why how craziest thing is how he could be a -- it wouldn't they fit me as they've you know I just wanna play that much more harder for them. You know and that's why I've been playing you know hard for Cleveland that they would there before when -- -- and bases -- And you know accept it accepted talent in them give them all my effort to. Josh Cribbs joins us your view current -- 95 point seven a game. I wanna say thank you you won me some money back in when you were in college and can't stay terrific quarterback. Do you ever miss it I mean no annual or elect -- now I'd definitely do especially -- TV TTP kinda threw. The man's opinion has a lot of pistol line you know plays -- wanna actually give the initial accident might look back that feels -- -- -- No rat tail back at you -- that back up and yes. This is your take our friend here exactly eight and I'm I'm like oh let's take -- there. -- about a came out right now have been out how hard enough for her cats they. Out of them that you know. -- -- I mean. If every every scene you know it -- like if you -- it you know if -- these kind of gearing towards that the quarterback is geared toward that running quarterback. Athletic quarterback. And you know it's like every fatty is so it -- okay we need pocket -- and around the -- finances. And they all we have you know the running quarterback I think I in the value might go back shift. Every -- lead my legacy of metal that did the passing quarterback you know so. You never know -- is seen you know those tailor its plays around CP -- in -- we do we have to do when. By the way just I we have yet to have anybody line. Who Tony didn't win money win if you if you -- is -- Oz doesn't I don't know I know there are you never hear from the -- -- guy paid me money I got a vibrant from Ohio and I had lost my half a bit different conversation -- it might be I will make you love me some money a that he wanted to see no nobody Cleveland's listening how nice is it to be at a Cleveland. You put noticed back Mondale and Gary Napoli and now I think -- most -- they uniforms I -- banking update. Not one thing that they've spoken -- tradition even if fans will begging for more eat better uniform you know for better look. Eight we say -- evolved one bit you know who won game we will we wore a different -- You know we embarrassed for example mentioned the -- compliment different ages -- from you know and you know Cleveland is different in is they don't both. You know a lot of historical you know well infrastructure you know you don't go to for the site. Is more of the people and relationships you make -- at the site at BP got everything you know is this for completed by its you'd rather be politically. Let you know this is great he -- now and knocked him and all active duty in its. Have been pretty that's their -- thank you so much for stop them by -- a lot of fun avenue on this year and have to continue to add excitement continue that leadership. And helped get this franchise back on track definitely appreciate you know -- Josh Josh -- Oakland Raiders.

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