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George Atkinson says the Raiders need to find an identity

Jul 29, 2013|

The former Raider strong safety and Super Bowl champion says Oakland needs to use camp to build bonds. He talks about Matt Flynn getting comfortable and who has stood out to him so far at camp.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Actions and Atkinson joins us here on view here in town in 95 point seven a game George coach have you then have the time -- I hit second new players -- that seven new players would be that this is a big -- was sort you have to get familiar with who -- who was woods you know. Jason. I mean it's. I was just I was talking to do defense a quarter Jason Jason Tarver and we were talking about. The old raiders mystique that you were part and how guys that talk about it but they really they knew that the uniformed I didn't know about what was behind. And he was saying that. He was looking to instill that again for guys to understand what that was that you guys created. When you look at the and I know it's early he beat you see the guys that are out there right now. Is the stuff there is the attitude there to maybe bring that back. You know like you said it is early -- to determine you know. What does he lives will be about what -- did it she will be and that's the thing I think they have to develop prison did it it's of the -- You look at the players they have now. Far -- different from I think last year because you have some guys espresso and defense and that's what I have. I kind of watched the hearing can't it was a deep as you look at the differences aggressive as quick. You know your college years you're stronger at the cornerback position. I think the defense of Bryant is going to be pretty good stuff they have they -- rescinded did the and with that it did you'll com. Everything else you know when outplayed that's what we did we ended it in it was an aggressive football team sometimes called dirty but I. That does sound okay. That's sort Rihanna. You can't play today the way you guys. You know what I would have. I would have a -- You know -- -- -- in the secondary especially Willie Brown Jack Tatum give Tomas and myself. But one thing that we tried to do was to intimidate receipt and when I say intimidate him and John -- hey you come -- you'll get it more than once. And on the outside what is give Ogilvy -- a -- good so you know we're we're known as an aggressive football team that -- I must admit we were all blow over aggressive. But what we were over aggressive we had to be. And we could take it to that level if we want to but -- -- -- raw -- over Ruoff has speed. You know I think disclosed -- and second there when I play it was. Me a bill would have brown -- 44. And that Jack was 43 out was what threes skip was about four. So we were quick. We were aggressive and the mentality that we had during that time quite naturally during that time you could do a lot more than you can do today. Government out -- was. Attack attack -- you got eleven guys on defense. Possibly nine new starters for the raiders. How do you get. That many new guys. And basically five and a half six weeks to jell and be ready for week one that's where professionalism. Comes this. Are these guys are professionals. And they have to get together -- army air by the Italy has to do the same thing in his eternal war on every team. But like you say it this year are huge general 57 out of many players and so you've got is an ever position there -- new players what you have. Have to get that. You have to get that cohesiveness you have to get that together in this you have to get that bond real quick. And a -- right in training camp that's why you have training camp does is to feel that. And these guys they're professionals in -- that will happen that will come as they've practiced together and just you know chip. You mentioned it to you thought the defensive line was going to be pretty good what have you seen so far that makes you think that -- Quickness. They are quick and have big. And and seemed to be aggressive you know from what I've seen so four. And if they continue that that bond will rule happened quickly you got some leaders on that team we got Charles Woodson. Who's -- who will become I'm pretty sure one -- vocal leaders he's been around this league he knows what's going on. He knows how to get guys together and how to play with woo -- with his teammates -- here he is a big addition that the -- You couldn't really talk about it last year. But it has to be hard for you. To watch it tell you said a different are ready to watch last year what what was the most discouraging thing about all. Watching the raiders last season. Not being able to finish it off and come come out with a win. You know it's about winning it's about w.s and actually did you have to finish and I think the rate as last year had a problem finishing. The ball games you know do play a good first half was so it. Then the second half to fall off and you can't do that news in the you have to finish every game and the second half past would be much more into its than the first set. So you've got the first after you played good ball game you've got to come back great evil with more intensity and more desire more heart. And at times that's that missing all of the all of a book business. And to get on the air -- and talk about it. Yeah you know you can't totally loyal European diplomatic -- -- I understood that things aren't there I don't either. I have got -- diplomatic. May have. -- you've been here since the start -- camp but we know you advise. The raiders know you're close to Mark Davis when you when you look at plan what do you see as a quarterback. Prop progress a guy who's who's got a progress. You know right now he's over or work in progress. You know what I mean he is -- -- so it started two games in his career professionally. So it is a lot of work to be done. And he has to do quickly like you said the only as. What 45 weeks to put together where you step on the field and rigorous these stores yes Libyan leader. And you can't make mistakes so. You know and getting familiar with this office is going to be how quickly he can do that will determine how much success I think he. He has to digest this office you know. And within the next 33 weeks -- so so pre season will be very valuable to Leo because he's in a new system. Like to see his experience as a starting quarterback is limited so I mean it's a lot of work on. You know a lot of work he has to do and or could be that guy in order to lead this team the world -- -- You mentioned there's all these new faces. Who who among them. This kind of jumped out at you maybe showed you some downloaded to if you knew didn't expect. Proceed Jennings. Big back. From Jackson video very impressive. Very impressed. Jake is the quarterback from Dallas that the -- his -- very impressive this gadget of the you know. Eighteen the new orders draft choice has great feet. You -- guys quick I think he he he will be a welcome addition that he tickets today. He he didn't take hits but he he -- he was it just hasn't happened yet and he's been participate. And that's a good side. Where you know to watch him you see something there that it will make you understand why you draft of batteries isn't more -- Because he does have some of go to guy. Has some -- and yes there with the right coaching was to have here he wouldn't go quick Pia thing. The other cornerback. From. Principal raised -- poor. This kid can play. You know they got Woodson whose return so I mean the defensive secondary I think is the biggest improvement on defense right now. As far as campus answer when you look at and you try to Cecil here where is the biggest. Improvement on -- is already opposite but I'm talking -- because that's sort of like the biggest biggest improvement I think cousins -- You know you knew Charles Woodson. When he first came out of Michigan came to the raiders and now you're seeing him as. A man really. He's he's a completely different person will what do you see in Charles Woodson now. That that's different from when the first time it was here. A Smart football player who has matured over the years. A guy who is really develop not only is football awareness but himself as a person. You know. An -- of that comes with time I mean you know you when you 20/20 122 years -- he's still a kid. You know would you really get money for the first time I thought at first at different environment you're you're exposed to a whole lot more. People are gravitating to you. So you have to you have the discipline yourself and is not easy is not an easy job I mean coming into the league like he did it with all the notoriety. -- lot of people pulling at him and a lot of people. You know tried to approach him and us. As you try to be a good guy some trends as they say good gash in his last minutes. But. You know jobs has matured. Both on the field and off -- do you not think he's going to be a great addition for orders -- The offensive schemes going back to power running. That features Darren McFadden he gets to be more of a staple in this offense. He's a free agent to be what have you seen from him so far and maybe the change. In him as a result of all blacks. You know -- determine football player FC right now. A guy who's determined to be the best industry that's what is gold loses to be the -- And I think -- blocking scheme would help him because you know when you have. When you have that downhill. In doubt and you have -- Powell blocking front of you get a -- and you just go. You know you've found the hole did it get out of it and get the sect under quick made to beef is about actually tackle. That is so. I think this -- this year you'll see a different running back because of the scheme because of person now. And because of what he's trying to prove to himself as well listen to leave and I think that you see. Pretty good running back coming into -- Well a lot of people don't know this but we're. George -- -- -- football year round as he also was a coach for the San Jose sabre cats and I do see your cats weekly and Comcast sports net Bay Area. Big playoff game Sunday down in Arizona I guess there travelers this may fifth I know you guys have had a -- the year. And it's going to be a great game against Arizona so I wanted to -- isn't -- -- sabre jets fans who -- out there wanna say good luck to you guys down there in Arizona because it's been held a season and has. In them is good in good -- count Iraqi opened down but I they would on the right track right now we've beat Arizona last time. Warren Maria Garcia is we have problems with some they reiterated four. Coming up. Sunday we go with the printout to this is about ball game. Well it's gonna be a lot of fun having the raiders on our station be in the homer raiders. And means are gonna have a lot of you on this stage and so we look forward to it and thank you for stopping by David in its. Good thanks George can look at Sunday -- slamming.

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