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Matt Flynn looks ahead to his first year with Raiders

Jul 30, 2013|

The Raiders new QB who joined the team this offseason talks about his possible starting job this season with Oakland. He says he really likes the talent on the team and says he likes that he has a chip on his shoulder.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- deadline count down to -- guy's ticket scratched. -- saturated. -- 5432. And line. Well we knew we would give him at some point and it's great to have -- you can -- night five point seven game he's the quarterback. For your Oakland Raiders mats -- Matt. What does it mean -- you that when you start week one for the -- you're going to be the sixteenth quarterback since Rich Gannon was a starter here. Sixteenth sixteen acre. You know I don't know I don't like. Look at the past and things especially since something that people think it was negative I'm looking towards teacher. And a legacy I'd like. And get a bunch of guys out here you know -- tails off. It everyday and that's what I like city and them. The same thing to -- And to be able to be that guy and we won I still have to be the best -- right here and that's what I'm trying to work that right now and -- -- myself every day. Expectations have been set very low from the outside. What what are you seeing on the inside that you think will will change that. Well I when I sit back and just watch as they prepare. On failed in the class here these guys talk watch these guys perform on the field. I think to myself that I wouldn't wanna be the person that leads to bigger chip on this team -- because. You know what I see I really like and I think we have a lot of talented guys offensively I think we have a lot of guys that. -- most people haven't even heard of before but they will shortly and I think there's some guys are gonna make a splash and do some good things. Do you think this team a lot of players on his team have a chip on their shoulder. You know I I think so you know I don't see you know you hear you as a player. Myself personally as well I try not to listen anything -- Anybody says outside the locker room but it's hard to avoid exposure to embrace and here at home and your families like is what people said them. And stuff like that so it's hard it's hard did not. Hear what people say so in a way and I know me personally when I hear this stuff Jeff Marshall for sure makes you wanna work harder. Is it. We don't know a lot of the names and probably don't have a great grasp of exactly where the talent lies what do you think is going to beat the strength of this office. The stuff to saying you know hopefully that hopefully we're going to be diverse enough and balanced enough so where we're not gonna have to just lean on -- You know we're gonna run the football we're going to be nasty we're gonna run the ball down you know and and we got some offensive linemen that are playing good -- -- plan nasty. And a -- as we get a bit more time start. These pre season games start seeing a different color Jersey that'll start. There and starred in the field for the linemen have to do things they'll start to feel for how it's -- and Marseilles go in the hole and everything like that so. Com we're gonna go to run the ball the -- Romeo and the -- we got a lot of talented guys -- good. Ideas that are catching the ball well on Gaza -- backfield catching the ball well and receivers. Make him a lot of ways. -- tell tell me a little bit about the tight ends because that's if there's an area where we're not really. Familiar with what you work in with and that's that's one of them who in what has been doing things that you think are -- via the contribute. Well I think Goldberg tight -- have. They're special skills. And that we got guys that can run them feel we got guys that spread to fill. Make plays some big body guys -- also some guys that are gonna get nasty on the line of scrimmage -- And be able to block the power -- be able to pass -- on Max protection area or something anything like that so we got guys that. Can do it all and -- just a matter of now. Finding who fits where and what ways can we do this guy and and that. Not -- -- not just food items Bob -- has -- it now. You know we can we get a training camp you know we're we've been installing restore Stalin a little bit. You know once that -- December and now it's time to see when -- but he does best. Raiders' starting quarterback Matt Flynn joins us your view current adding IE five point seven game tell us how tough that was to sit last year in Seattle. And tell us what truly another opportunity to be a starter what it means to. -- as a competitor as a professional football player obviously disappointed. Not to be the starter not to be plane. You know it. You know I you look at it as something that went a lot from you know Seattle made their decision -- as -- -- -- ended up. Working out -- being a great decision Russell came and got his opportunity. And made the most that he didn't let ago. And he just kept growing and growing and took advantage. And that's the kind of thing and I'm gonna. I'm hoping and working on doing right now. Taken advantage of the opportunity and not let me go and really trying to build this team. And make this team better. Does. We a lot of people want it. People on the team and everything like Edwards -- and a maker but brown. Is some good things and I realized what an opportunity I know that. Opportunities like this don't come all the time to everybody. And for me to have a second chance -- it. In two years. I know that I'm blessed that I know that it's you know doesn't happen everybody's so I'm trying to take advantage of that and you know not let it be nothing. And if I said to you. The raiders will be successful. If blank. Happens. How would you feel it and what's what's the element do you think is going to make this a successful. Team or season. I think. I think will be successful if everybody keeps behind her -- -- on them and coming together and talked about those cliches of home -- like them but everybody accountable which is. That kind of stuff happens we can each and every day without there being in the walls -- dips and dips in the performance there the beer. When you think about your experience in Green Day and obviously Reggie McKenzie from Green -- and how much. Is is he green -- Green Bay mentality and does it feel a little bit. Like the Packers around here. Ouster of four years there and you know first year there -- have agreed sees it every year -- a better is when the Super Bowl. So my experience there I grew as a quarterback there had great shooters -- agreement -- there and and obviously that's how I got that that's I got to Seattle's John Snyder GM there. We're dredging that out this trade happen. Let them and you know I've been force enough to be around some really good things in championship teams that mentality and that is something that. You know if you're looking at a championship team he has developed so -- mentality that a future remembering here. Lot of the older guys can be here bring here. We just everything that we do right now it is does one go past. -- not a stranger to championships and we go back to LSU when the championship at LSU you know it's like the Super Bowl backers out. Hopefully that feeling is everybody's hit that same feeling that you had before. I hope so. And I think everybody should have that mentality. We shouldn't we should never except for losing doesn't matter what it's -- It doesn't matter if it's you know if it's Sunday against the Broncos or if it's playing checkers outside the in the locker room. In -- never accept losing it doesn't matter does have that mentality where you expect to win. And do you have that good things happen objectives. If this keeps fighting you're never give up the fourth quarter you keep fighting keep fighting if you have any I doubt in your mind that you can land. Then in this league people -- get out there and take advantage so. What have you seen from the other quarterbacks. And that that are that are on the team -- well particularly Pryor in and Tyler Wilson. It -- our growth and improvement from. Him you know you can tell they've been working on you know the mental part of the game. And also the physical part and making plays making good Rosen. You know I can to see you know. In the classroom with them. -- just answered questions better better understanding protection is better and everything like damn that's kind of part of it and -- You know like to think that I can give them some you know advice of words of wisdom can teach them to -- game to them better. As well news from my experience that's -- I had a parent you know and it took me and there's going you know and I got there I didn't know -- meant and how. Especially in he has have to you have to learn other NFL game works is not it's not like college this is a different game as a different mentality. And got to have some -- and so I'm -- -- coming after them. -- is going to be like August 9 Friday night. At the coliseum. Dallas Cowboys. Your line and you're the starting quarterback. We all know it was second feel like for you in that first pre season game when you come out in the silver black uniform. You know it's going to be. Exciting. It's going to be an adrenaline rush I can't wait to see the fans out I can witness the you know how they are never been. The black dog ever and ever seen that's one of the stadiums and -- -- and played out so it's like nothing you've -- seen the high floor you know I can't wait and you know it also makes it kind of sweet because I grew up in taxes I grew up for countless fans and them so. You know it'll be a fun game to deploy him and I'm excited just it's just so we can get an opportunity to kind of measure ourselves up to a different orders. -- well congratulations. On gate here and be in the starter and we look forward to hopefully have very good years in. You know if you play well as you'll note the quarterback league you play -- team's gonna do. That's plan at a for an extra -- of -- Seattle opera appreciative.

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