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DJ Hayden talks about his first training camp.

Aug 1, 2013|

Raiders' first round draft pick, DJ Hayden, joins Bucher and Towny and talks about his training camp in Napa with the Raiders and also addresses his health issues.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We'll -- I know we're real excited about here speaker in town is having on the number one pick from this past year's draft for the Oakland Raiders. DJ paid a lot of questions about how he's deal in house training camp going for him. You know -- remember we had a -- right after the draft so it's good to have a month once again here in Napa DJ thank you so much for stop them by. And they don't live. You know we're watching you out there and that red Jersey. How bad do you wanna take that red Jersey no contact Jersey off and give back to contact and get back to playing football the way you know now. Prove it. Greedy bed at -- I -- just come out -- leaders. In if they caught me. And they're gonna resist diseases -- late Tuesday practices and then and I let him -- -- -- Aikman's team and actually I hate your. -- No it is it is. -- -- What was it like for use to go through the -- surgery. A while back and we didn't have a clear picture of what it meant and what it meant for you as far as starting on time and all that. What what was that like for you. Booth. Delivers in three days in the home. Is is another business and the minuses of that it was an and then the first. To slow minus -- -- is this something. At -- do these little. You know. I think I -- -- put two. Religion Covert. From that old so I'm you know he really done -- and they give you any sense of when you can take the red Jersey off do you do you have a target Gator you June. He wants to go today and no I know -- -- -- there target. Via live they're targeting our own problems we might even -- the dividend -- And so we may see you and it's about there was a they're not DJ made the number one pick for the raiders joins us your views and -- 95 point seven a game and if I'm for a outside looking and I go to DJ. I'm worried about your health I'm worried about you if someone who's saying that to you what would your answer be to that person. Myers that it goes beyond. -- them girls yet as well. You might where you might simply don't be they don't even though it is blew my mind me who I am BI if you complain. Because I I. Ultimately be -- -- To look forward to. For what you've been able to do so far. What do you think you're capable of doing playing in the NFL just get a sense of not being able to hit but the speed and everything else. As far as what can I do. Yet like what are your expectations for yourself how much of an adjustment how much of a step up it is is it going to be united you've gotten a little bit -- taste. -- from this first taste. Of being in -- national training camp. Isaac Taylor and learn the ins and outs of the defense -- -- he'll -- is. Basically -- laugh when William -- bill was here. And -- -- I'm and we didn't listening to do was -- Italy -- -- believe he might give them. The whole trial balloon to suggest that distance speed of the game house publish sharply that'd be. How -- and perhaps that's one thing their rookies always talk about. When they go from college to the NFL is just the speed that not only -- -- a bigger little bit you know stronger. But it's not the speed of the game of all the players really talk to us about. How much the speed is differ from what she saw at University of Houston who you play against college. The speed uses this -- plays -- -- bidder there in -- -- -- so you got to know what you're doing anything -- is she doing you can play faster. But if you got daylight are really nursery that's mostly down so I think that's what it really is most most of those rookies -- Resist targeted to hang your opinion we really that shares. I you know with the general idea is that right. Let them know lack of kind of the scene that eighty -- certainly found that 92. In a moment of the scene is conditions plus anything. I think digital -- -- completely financed. This -- a couple of prognosticators people out there that there's that that have the raiders ranked is that the dead last team in the NFL the worst team in the NFL. What's that like for you come in and as the number one pick. And and hearing reading or seeing that. Man on the -- -- elections today to this -- Anybody we on the same level right now so. They can say what they wanna say -- if Daly -- -- let -- -- was elected to -- I was a -- movie be so I'm right we about it. And when you look. -- round at the talent around you and understood that this is your first NFL training camp is there part of you that that thinks. That can't be true. Based on what I'm seeing out here. Which mean they can't neutralize that it can't be true that where the worst team in the NFL when I look around and I see what's what's going on out here. Yes our time blaming me we got Cavuto a lot of new clues. And messages of the they got us at the bottom of -- -- so how much respect they got food solutions that let him take I was eight. DJ hate the twelfth overall pick in this past year's draft by the Oakland Raiders joins us here putrid town 895 point seven game. What is again take for you because we've seen out there running. We we know you can -- we know -- -- anybody. What do you think it's gonna take for you to know all the playbook can be be able to start is that possibly week one in Indianapolis. Is. It is possible romance is B plus and I -- and -- our judges would have a coast through life. I was visiting nestled -- And in the meeting the eyes and had to be moved close to the game. Suffer record and is fittingly Moyer threw it right looks kind of -- knowledge that he -- that is that he loved ones that will allow remote notes. Who among the the veterans have you learned the most from war or been able to spend the most time with. I actually investment about it. I spent a lot of time with those chase reported to have our. -- -- to the Tracy I was even when it's like little instances engine that -- Just in the archives of Poland. Am I might lose those Cadillac really just whatever I -- Christen Haywood alluded to lose badly. These days didn't. You are you are. You are a heck of a college player what's it like how much of -- jump is how much are you learning on a day to day basis here we -- That's that's. That's like a new wrinkle man I wish I knew at a college or or this takes the game to another place how how much of that is going on. -- at least twice today. Released president. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well you know obviously this these. It doesn't lose. Well I can tell you we're looking forward to seeing you get that red Jersey off and senior give back to regular football and get in contact and stay healthy have a good camp. And we all afford to seeing you play for the raiders at the Oakland coliseum and -- -- ninety did you present appreciative --

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