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Marcel Reece reflects on the changes in the last year with the Raiders

Aug 1, 2013|

Raiders veteran fullback, Marcel Reece, talks to Bucher and Towny from the training camp field and talks about his role with the Raiders and what changes have been made.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well we got a real treat for your raider fans here -- camp in Napa the match up nightmare. Marcel Reece joins us. As we're doing our training camp tour last time we saw you was lucky break we knew your fired up then about this upcoming season how you feel now. I'm even more fired -- right now you know what you get all the guys here and you see you know who's going to be on this team this year and and you meet all -- guys get acquainted -- didn't. Acclimated to it today to the system you know you start having more fun laughable. Eight mysteries set that because. I remember you at lucky break and that was right about the time it. Because some -- stuff was going down and you're looking around on women who are going to be playing with and you play in the diplomatic card. But I have to think they would all it has transpired since then your feelings in your excitement about this team has to be genuine at this point. Absolutely I mean I always folks out of our team and everybody knows that. You know you lose some great players you lose some great friends you know Carson are still closed but it's part of the business. And now you know we come in replace them with with with another good quarterback on the verge of a great quarterback in Matt Flynn. And just looking forward to it to him -- by what he can do. No we saw you yesterday it was the day off first off. How was the day off compared to when you first came in the league it was two days they -- the hell out of. Well you brought her -- but you know now mostly rookies don't really understand what it's what is really liked it Fabian NFL training camp. -- and I came minutes ago they that was that was most river in this cell I know and all the other godly give me as they we have the cake walk. But you know the day -- factually timed out really well for us we we we grind it out on each other for 33 tough days had gone. And you know we had a good day often now we get to go back editing it. And I got to see you Rick and I were sitting here doing the show and we got to see you. With coach -- sit there on the day off coach talents and kids are playing football. And you -- put them for like 45 minutes to an hour that's something you normally don't see what is coach Allen like in his second year in which your relations. With -- you'll let I think of the first it was really you know. An unexpected fill out your forms and you know after -- today a year and you know myself. -- time on. Are now you would look at where the longest tenured guys. In in this over black besides the best -- but he's got to play forever yeah. Phil asks -- yeah. Exactly and you know. Being being being that situation we have to step up as leaders and you know bring on the leadership responsibility for and that's something that you wouldn't have never seen me do a couple of years back. And now you know I'm just trying to embrace that leadership role in speak with the UDA about everything. You know you know what would he need to see more from me as an individual would need to see as a group of off and as a team. And just trying to do everything possible to help this team win -- championship. We've heard a lot about the different mindset that's a different approach here. Can you can you sort of illustrate. The difference between training camp a year ago and this one. You know to complete -- a year ago. You know I don't speak much about the -- just different you know we have we still felt like we were great team. But we -- more soldiers were more so great individuals we -- greatest individuals great athlete. And -- ball players but we never necessarily came together as a great team. You know when it comes to being as players and coaches. And I think this year that's changed because we start off in the spring which really just just gel together as as as a team. And we have our nucleus ignored -- nucleus is and we all or -- taken on the responsibility for what happened in the spring that did that brought together. I think it was just coming together and realizing that this team was gonna change. You know whether we liked it or not this team's gonna change we had no control over it. So where was going to be here let's stick together let's stay close who has turned out last this business. Marcel Reece joins us your putrid -- 95 points of the game live from raiders training camp. You know I think about you coming out of Washington I think about your skills at the nickname the matchup nightmare. I I believe there's a lot of people that think you've been under utilized. Has there ever been a time where you've been able to whether it's going to be great old senators huge accident or anybody is that 45 minutes OK okay. Hey let's say hey I think you should be using me a different way give me the ball more -- you are and I. Your -- matchup. Nightmare you know I never I've ever -- they'll like use you differently you know I never thought and won't use me in the wrong way. I like to be used in every way possible so I don't necessarily think that's wrong or right away. I just wanted to I just wanna stay on the field I never wanna come off the field he come off the field and you know. I'm always ready for whenever my number is called to go out there and do whatever is asked him whether it's running the ball where this catching the ball whether it's. Protecting the quarterback whether it's -- for -- You know whatever the case may be that is going to be there have been American play it will what is going back. To a power blocking scheme did these guys. It's gonna make us more comfortable that's gonna make you more downhill it's gonna make it more explosive at the same time. Because our running game is going to be a threat this year as an open up allow for a young receivers to be governor one run clean -- you for your releases. And into everything and you know. Mac you know either though that when when when he put him -- that down down or his game he's going to be -- -- When you look at a new quarterback who's only had two career starts really there's been a lot of talk about -- limit. Only two career starts you've seen a lot of Q these guys you played with guys you played against. How good do you think Matt Flynn can be. I think mentally can be great and I don't think you with north you know -- -- no one's really seen them play. At this level and I think met him in great heat you really surprise me coming in. You know he threw great balls everything schedule he can make every throw on the field. And he's a Smart guy he knows everything he he knows what he's supposed to be doing TPC -- see the -- he sees rotation with safety and over the ball supposed to go. I think it I think a big part of it is going to be is gonna follow process play makers as receivers. And they're running backs to get them make the hard place for. You know to help him out to help them be more comfortable in what we're doing who's the. Pressure going to be on the defense -- side with nine new starters. To meet with you guys really have we talked about the other day in the back field is probably the most established. Part of this team in with Matt coming in new with UN and Darren. Is gonna be the defense trying to keep up with you guys are you guys looking over there and seen all that new talent and and trying to match what they're doing. I think it's gonna -- office. You know I'm finally I'm like I'd like the biggest golf ball office like they we love the pressure we want the pressure because it makes this. It makes this perform at a higher level. And we'd like the pressure of this team to be on our backs. Because that as backs when we speak in our room we feel this team goes as we go and we of course want every other offices in the feel the same way. But we pride ourselves on that. And I feel that with us being here and as being established that's being the veteran team the veteran group. And the the nucleus of this team. We have to hold everybody accountable in the four hole leader accountable we have to we have to produce we have been very productive -- be the most productive position. On this team and the bulls' productive group so we want to pressure. This is an F. Big -- because Darren McFadden hasn't been able to play an entire season but if he's healthy. For let's say fifteen possibly sixteen games what could this season be like for the raiders. I'm put the first from ourselves to make Sharkey -- healthy. Throughout the entire year this year and he will be. Top two top three back in this league off in the into the year because I feel that he is that when he is on the field and we're surprised a lot of -- loser. We heard from I'm trying to think who the rookie was that we had here was saying that -- Tyler Wilson. Really said not a whole lot of hazing gone not a whole lot of and I think in the breeders but this is the NFL one of what's. You know we've we've talked in in and we have we have somethings -- rookies and they would definitely pay their dues and -- their stride yet is that early that goals Fisher but. You know to be honest with you. You know to give. To to have different results we have to do different things. And right now we want all of our rookies to focus awful ball we don't want them looking behind their back from where to go away. What these guys that haven't been to a here are -- currently at -- hesitate -- yes -- tape or some water some shaving cream Iranian. We we we have almost tricks we can do. But right now we want these guys have focused on football and in the speed -- game because you know we're gonna need it. A -- which could you do us a favor did you play. Several more years at the very least before you going to broadcasting and take one of the one of the jobs. In the Bay Area is obviously you'd be tremendously well spoken a senior over at CS and. But rather what you -- about rather watch you play football for a while you do the fourth of there were a little more riders through a full also leader I love that like you know we love having me on the station now we have the new partnership with the raiders as their flagship station. You're gonna be a big part of that stay healthy get elected the rest of training camp and we'll see you know often thanks guys appreciate them you know the -- of thank you.

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