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Head Coach Sonny Dykes discusses CAL's upcoming season

Aug 2, 2013|

Sonny Dykes joined O'Connell and Steinmetz to discuss the Bears upcoming season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now head coach of the cal bears Sonny dykes I don't coach. -- fantastic really happy to have you with us. I want to talk a little bit and I'm sure you're getting a lot of questions about this but your schedule this year your first year with the cal bears is a doozy. Three out of the first four weeks you're playing against teams that are ranked in the top 25 as far as the pre season Paul bills. Yeah to. It's tough would start I think we've got seven. When Iraqis you know ranked right now total -- scheduled so. You know it is competitive schedules can -- placed in the country that Agassi you know we think. -- guys Europe for the challenges excited about the opportunity that. It is it's tough when you start with. The other thing we'll find out we'll get exposed earlier -- that we just our program figure out you know thinks we gotta -- got to get fixed quickly. You're opening up your first campus of cal head coach on Monday you excited to get going with district and they are ready. For what. Yeah I think South Africa to work very hard you know what -- that's for all early this year to get social lot of did Mary gets stronger in the way and get in shape and in our players like integrate. Bring back to a summer. -- guys are hungry. It's been a long time since you've practiced and sugar. You know literature has got to get after it and -- other child about it something new it's something different. This time that your body like routine and your players worked out all summer rather great shape -- bigger than a quarter. You know they're older more of were physically developed and so it's hard not to look good football team right now paprika. A lot of times when you see don't head coach in his first year they'll be a major kind of momentum in culture shift. In a program that's something we can expect that a -- this year. I think so Cutler in the sense that the change that's the thing that. That sometimes you worry about took -- programmers is foul outs after the guy's going to be your that your resists. And you know completely -- it not been very very pleased on the court like the pleasantly surprised to blow by. From these guys now they'll be at the schedule and that's the thing that. It will -- and saw a lot about our team just in terms of how we handle adversity. You know -- they keep believing they keep tightened. Keep struggle -- all -- -- -- to do stay together as a team you know when you have some bumps in the road and that's what will really be tested but as of right now. The -- credible partner by arranged and outs in -- You your offense last year coach -- Louisiana Tech you're the number one offense in the country put up points like crazy yards. What can we expect from your offense say cal Libby something similar to what we saw last year when you're in Reston Louisiana. Well somewhat similar -- we're gonna have a little bit more. The variety we can do here just because we've got the body of war. I didn't fullback type guys that allows this to you that would reversed by. What we do offensively. That we have affected by poor play makers and it jumped up and argued that -- the the ball on the -- -- situations where we can where they can play strange change. You know what will be able to work partner -- be starting quarterback. Should be getting its first college start matter what is the matter who -- So there's going to be in some grocers actually occur further but. That that we do we got a lot of pieces we think we have some guys induce that change. The guitar Angel also that figure -- creative ways to. -- in the alt space the duplicate it. You -- to the quarterback competition gonna be taking place in camp coach when you expect to name the starting quarterback. Who'll take the first step four you against northwestern. It'll politics couple weeks and we'd like -- to play out as quickly as possible about the shooter. The sooner that that happens more keen Kitna. It can get comfortable each other start to develop. And I did. So. You know Woolsey well whenever that actually -- vessel that it is just check your charge weeks. -- can take a week you know I don't know if it's not there right now that we definitely. You know what I -- get a quarterback chosen as quickly as possible. -- head football coach Sonny dykes joining us here on 95 point seven the game. -- opens up camp next week in their first game August 31 the first excuse me against northwestern. Coach obviously things in the pac twelve are going to be just a little bit different a lot more exposure for your program you got this big. Pac twelve network that is constantly covering teams in. Rumor has it that you guys are going to be doing a bit of like a hard knocks type shell then make your job harder or easier -- -- -- I think that will be the a mutated like most things a little bit of trade -- No -- proud that the wind and we don't mind people. I'd look at it that's one of the -- apple actually changed. Is because you know we want people can see we think it -- this year with more on our program we're going to be approach. You know battle with with the it would try to -- is changed churches in future there's going to be more Pressler players in just two. The way they conduct themselves and that the more that that the public -- -- the more competent yet now in and that's really well. -- want that exposure mean it's certainly different. It was at least in effect an outlook is not replace most fortunate. It's fantastic and let -- work but. That it wasn't the kind of exposure that you have actual and certainly -- with the large local immediately got. -- it's a step. So the level of exposure from a team perspective obviously a lot of that comes with media and the networks and stuff. We were just talking about the level of exposure athletes have on a personal level. With social media and dabble Sweeney made headlines declines in this week by banning his players. From Twitter during the football season I'm curious to know your take on Twitter on FaceBook on instead -- the social media sites and how much. Regulation -- education goes into that for your team personally. Well I think our job as it is to be teachers to be mentors to these orders in the -- and social media is not something that's the way. So I think it's it's our best interest of not deny access to our players rather than teach him. In. Wanted to work you know there -- huge consequences that go along -- -- just what religion and also life. No you have to yeah. You're responsible what you do with that. To can be great asset -- also -- huge detriment we've got we are particular. And so we we do a lot of talk until about. -- the -- you know in which to communicate with -- public. No -- and down. And that's going to be a process of talking approaches. This particular person that's you know what this is acceptable which is what we want. And look this is the changeup but doubters who don't use -- right to do so you were believers and education and that's what we are educators churches and so. You know you can that's -- -- -- teach -- and should have been urged to. We'll open up camp on Monday and in more just about a month away your first game against northwestern you allude to the quarterback position. What other battles should the cal fans in college football fans pay attention to with your camp opening up on Monday. Well there's going to be interesting about LaMont linebacker position and it's an idea. Strict -- defense is just are different body -- our speed athleticism linebacker. And that's going to be. On the watch -- the emergence of some -- achievement. They're making that transition from the outside linebacker. Is going to be on the watch you know how the secondary -- together it would be -- a question marching together. Have some young players develop and -- spot. The ones in production in the news is that -- -- There's twelve. -- guys look pretty good players can be different angels so. I'm anxious to see how we can by the -- all. And in -- different body types and different channels such. All the guys bring the tables so -- you -- -- -- that -- now that can get it -- now we just got to get Human Rights Watch. Speedo wide receivers coach before -- let you go I've got to ask you about a former wide receiver who played for you. At Louisiana Tech he's with the 49ers now Quinton Patton. And he -- -- of some noise here in the bay by showed up early for work outs and then yesterday he got himself in trouble a little bit. Because he jumped back in to work out when he was supposed to be resting with an injured hand. Have you talked with Clinton and does that surprise you that he's he's got to make a noise for being an overzealous if you well. That will quit the Internet that's great and had a court wants to -- He's gonna do whatever coach our ball after the -- in a little bit picture is one of those guys. Well I like. You know in Egypt earlier -- get rectified it shall change to recover. It's gonna have a -- speaker and watched what -- -- as -- -- somebody. Don't look at and so -- is going to be exciting player he's a great. We're. Usually on the watch after catching on -- and economic impact on the organizer to. -- you talk guy so I've seen for the past couple years. But following you tell us they -- your teams are capable of down there. -- really excited to have you with cal and obviously a Roxy and myself we're gonna be out there on college football Saturdays so. Thank you for joining us we know things get real busy for you Monday. Enjoy your weekend we'll talk again soon. Okay thank you have got appreciated.

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