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Tyvon Branch says Coach Allen is not about rookie hazing

Aug 2, 2013|

Oakland Raiders safety, Tyvon Branch joins Bucher and Towny LIVE from Napa Training Camp to talk about the upcoming season, rookie hazing, and Coach Allen.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I mean is definitely different but. You know as a good thing against. What have you seen so far from the new kids the first round pick these -- He's good he's good actually made -- we actually -- He hit the ball skills he's he did make some big plays in camp. When you start talking about the secondary this year is we've been looking at different units so we see is -- strength. We looked at. And at what has been brought in in your secondary actually see your secondary as one of your strengths talk about what you've seen from. Your fellow safeties and also from the corner so far camp. I mean guess -- he would everything is self explanatory with a guy he's and he's a play makers he's a big time player. And then Omar Jenkins. He has left lettuce is on the his quickness of things that he does and -- -- Tracy Porter who had his balls give me only does anticipate seeing like. And home economics -- about this year I think we -- them some great pieces in place. -- did you get a chance to to see Matt Flynn from across the line and obviously everybody has big questions and the feeling is. Is whatever else you have. The quarterback just such a huge part of what you're gonna be able to do give us a sense of what you've seen. In training camp so -- playing on the other side. -- think he's a great quarterback in home he's very Smart with the ball that's what they are noticeable and it doesn't it doesn't take too many receivers -- the ball and I guess that's. That's what you look for the quarterbacks money that will make the big plays when they're there and you know and not try to force the big plays and he's doing a great job of that. Who -- great things about having -- on type number and safety for. The Oakland Raiders joints your view current town I live from raiders training camp is you get to see their receivers you get to go up against him you get to go up against the quarterbacks. The other sailors. British engineers more rod Streeter -- prior to the guys we're looking at the can contribute. What do you seem so far from this young receiving corps. We got some explosive guys out there like -- Brice Butler in home prices than. It's been doing this thing out there -- beat in his size. I think he's going to be a great Letterman. I'm excited to watch him play. And and poster either -- He's received flashes of what he can do less isn't in things used on the big time plays -- -- and home. Ollie does as work man. Guy work so hard you know you love to see a guy like that succeed. And indeed that there's more and that we got to Kobe back he's healthy. You know -- by no offense that guy is -- in the past anybody in the room but let's zoom zoom. I like the way he looks he's he's -- he's -- he's adult and they got the fight in the you know you like to see that it wideout he'll fight any man in the -- he's very quick guy he's quick. When you look at Charles Woodson future hall of Famer -- Know what he meant to the raiders back when he was here before what he did for dream day. But what's it like having Charles Woodson back. A guy who is a future hall of Famer guy who commute and command the room and help kind of get everybody set and put everybody in the right position. He's -- he's he's that guy in a home -- everybody's favorite player I guess. So when you see when you got a guy like that man it's so hard not to just soak everything got men and everything he doesn't talk much when he does talk you have to take -- And home. You know watching them on film and in the -- make you play out of they are could've made a play I would've read he's still got -- out what to read their play like that and you can see that guy a break in and make. Place. How is the relationship between the players in the coaching staff this year compared to last year. I mean home we have a mutual respect for each other you know last year was like a -- and I'll process but everybody's. Kind of got good gauge on how coaches gonna answer it with them and you know. The relationships have grown since last year you know everything was new and we should get to know one another and everybody knows you have enough. Well when you think about your head coaches the secondary guy yeah gallantly he did in New Orleans of course opened the saints to a super will be in the secondary coach. How much does he work with you guys that I as a head coach he's got a he's got -- -- to everybody but how much he secondary damage is GM's hands on you guys. Oh yeah he definitely in meetings he he give us therefore you know. I. It gets in there he if he tells us how he sees certain things being played out and we just taking in just follow his leadership. Maybe the most disappointing thing that I've heard so far is that. There hasn't been a whole lot of rookie hazing it's been very -- on the smile and her -- you can't -- -- held at the smile on his face as at all. This here's a lot different than in years past those first rookie hazing in the home you know we never get too bad vote you know Coachella this. He's now with the murky haze in the really is he he doesn't want any physical contact you know it. We make the rookies go buy snacks and stuff and you know clean of the rooms and so would. But that's pretty much kitty kitty you've sort of an explanation as to why is his thinking was that because I'm just looking -- I'm looking hair cuts. I'm looking to guys taped to the suit the goal post -- shaving her I mean. There's not been held here. We focus and as a whole new focus this year man in the home I guess that's good that he the they have the phone has more focus -- -- you know I guess that we just followed that. Well when you think about Dennis Allen talk about that focus is everybody we seem to talk to says. -- out Dennis Allen doesn't miss anything it doesn't he picks up on everything and that's -- -- -- he gives us they -- full means. And he lets us know how he sees things he sees everything one thing about that -- offer his defense of one guy misses -- black. Or one guy has the wrong shaved and as -- Now there was a time it seemed like with the group last year it was a struggle that his focus and his attention to detail. It wasn't hitting the same notes as it seems to being now it seems like guys are a lot more -- the receptive. And appreciative. Of that focus than maybe we saw last year. Yeah -- -- army years -- man they let are they let our play makers make plays and those are those pretty much are. Our flash of -- are playmakers make plays -- -- DA assault boat. You know Simon perfect for more and you know that's why I guess you see so many new faces around me when got the guys he thought can can can do what he wanted in the -- Do you like that I mean do you like this rather than sort of that. We're we're gonna improvise and kind of hope that our talent is gonna carry us how how does that work for you. Man you know it's one of those things where is all about that it's all about the culture so I mean if you. If you have a a coaching staff that it plays to the play makers. Then that's was gonna lead to exercise if you have a code so that's the attention detail -- you gotta have guys that that play attention beautiful boy and you know -- me I like whatever it'll get us to play -- -- Asked and I -- and I'm hoping this is this the right here was speaking of that the struggle last year. With a four and twelve and in all the disappointment how everything went. And the talk this year early on as the raiders at the bottom of the league which which is the greater motivating force for you in this group. Men. You know what all that outside noise you don't really focus on them and we know we got here. When we come here we work every day in whom we see -- building and we're excited about it. Drive on branch -- here Buchanan Jenny 95 point seven a game live from Napa. Raiders' training camp. When I think about this camp. And I think about all the new players and I think about all the battles that are going on -- not to me guys -- -- said guy Charles Woodson is that guy. Now the -- is -- there's a few positions that for the most part there's a lot up for grabs how much does that make for a better -- Men you know what your voice Emma said god man this that's not the -- not the case around here and then everything is a program around here. So your -- improve is so week in week out and home. I think I think that's the best was the you know going to be the driving force was in our successes that competition because there's so much -- At our position especially if the safety position is so much depth that they didn't say the decision. So I think that's going to be the driving force for us. I hate to go non football on you again but we're we're here we knew we were broadcasting from right outside the weight room. I've heard Hanson and -- I think I heard Justin Bieber the other day can you explain. The wounds that are in -- as they brought it near what I did not -- about all okay it's going on. Man we just show up mail whatever is on the -- whatever is being played as will we listen to their real growth. A religion of off the music here and take control the situation you know -- beat -- when they are honestly say though the weight room. At that Alameda facility -- you know the music is a lot different -- -- -- got out -- -- In a good way right -- -- -- -- -- all music in -- it's via -- -- today it's it's been a pleasure watching you play through the years you -- the veterans of this team and leaders of this team. Good luck in 2013. And we'll see you back in -- thank you appreciate.

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