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Jason Tarver says we have a lot of young guys that are ready

Aug 2, 2013|

Jason Tarver, Raiders Defensive Coordinator joins Bucher and Towny from Napa and Raiders Training Facility to talk about the defensive side of the ball.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we're excited about this group now these guys have been flying around. All camp taking taking advantage of the opportunities -- and really learn -- a work together. When you have a young athletic group like this how does it change what you're able to do. Strategically compared to say the group that you were working with last year. Love the good part about this group is. There's a lot of TVs linebackers that have. Different skills they can rush they -- going to convert to play man coverage sort allows us to be multiple. But still keep it simple -- -- saying that we users multiplicity but simplicity. Myself -- -- as one of our favorite things. So we can look like we're doing a lot but really it's the -- Looks different for the office. We can get into that sooner we got that towards the end of the year last year in the last four games to restore or replace pretty good. -- this year. With these guys were pushing them to get to that sooner -- now allows us to move around more make more plays. Yeah we talked to bill -- announced yesterday. In a four time Super Bowl champion knows a little bit about defense. And I asked him the question he got nine probably nine new starters. How do you get not these eleven guys that nine you guys all on the same page for week one Indianapolis Annie said. Make it simple for these guys are you talk talk how you try to shells so many new guys to have them ready in a very quick time -- we teaching caddick. Once again we can do it slightly different look but hey guys you nine guys -- gonna do exactly the same thing that you two are gonna switch. So to us at the same two guys switch to an offense totally different call so as long as we're what we're teaching reporting categories. We come on the field we communicate. Then it simple but we can still be multiple we can still have different looks look like freedom like -- -- mobile. So that's how we can do it and what we're doing as a group these two guys have done a great job that they're being very mentally tougher now. They were pretty good pretty darn good today in practice and work with each other. They're learn how to work together flying around in the ball. And then we're just getting a little tips and make sure you tell him this because that's how you get them on the same page as fast as you can. From the outside it looked like last year. You were searching for leadership on the field what are you finding in that department with this. Well a lot of times leadership just comes from certain players. With great example it gets frustrated about that on -- very -- of the you know we have some guys. We like that mentality goes out that we like this team because they don't lose. And so that's where they'll start you. Figure out each other in the huddle one time at one time the next guy so we're having we're seeing some of that at all three positions. I'll give you second part of that or rooms this year meaning that's our position group rooms are built where we got. Older. Who -- or older veteran. You have to dentist Charles -- that he's -- is tomorrow at out of his Villa behind you look at where is Andre. -- veteran leadership and all the room. So a bit and WD line room under Carter and -- papers that -- keep on each and every 200 but it. Under Carter and leave a lot then you got the mid level pro LaMarr Houston. And those guys are really coming in and -- the first and second here guys that can she would those guys do and they do it right and they we need them to raise their level play Jack Crawford first. Except those examples we have that all three defense groups and that's where that needs to -- quicker and where as coaches. Trying to allow that to happen. And help that happen as fast as possible. Defense of coordinator Jason Tarver joins us your view current -- 95 point seven a game live from raiders training camp. Yet Charles Woodson 36 years old Super Bowl champion I believe eight time Pro Bowl and guys don't -- Heisman Trophy or the guys and everything. In his career he's going to be a hall of Famer. How can you utilize him. You personally your relationship with him to help your defense. One of the great things about Charles is. His position flexibility. He's played at that high level that. Corner at nickel back or the corners in the slot and I think he throws career so in our scheme to get to do all of -- Today was a good example he was used in all of those positions came up with -- interception -- whole bunch of things throughout practice. And he's so intelligent that. He can learn how to do with minimal reps. Now we can again and his team than we can look like we're doing more than our Charles into all of that and then of course those few words. This is a we know. The three units that use that you have which which is the one that you feel is the best about and which is the one day. Is. Needs the most work. What we'd like our defense -- group because we have more guys like that with position flexibility in order to cover. We -- more guys that wanna cover we have more guys that challenge every down. And that's exciting could -- hard every down got vehemently. Somebody -- -- so tackle with the ball go to the next play. Prevent the big play stop the run you got a chance. We did that better at the end of the year and these guys defeat Hitler and films defensive backs we have backed group. And we've got to keep networked together. -- line and linebackers. Have some good throws that are -- network together but have some young guys in both groups need to step up. Our first and second year -- we -- some captains and contributions from them. A few concerns to last year -- Ekene Jack Crawford in the -- I'm when he tees and things. You know we're brought back Omar -- that's a great one because he could well force at the end of the year Rancho so. RD line and linebacker group the younger guys in those rooms. This is great for them because they're learning and it's hard on it can't we just keep throwing them back in and that -- will we get that's where we need to. You know last year we had coach -- on every single week -- do that again this year and and we talked to him yesterday he just seems more comfortable in his own skin would have you seen from coach -- -- 12 where he is today. While coach Alan and I only knew each -- tea -- which is number one rare in this business. But we go along right from right away because of even -- different backgrounds schemes and then we chat room picked the best -- for the raiders. But how he sees football and how good of a coach he is he's good at the whole thing organizations through the whole thing. As a first year head coach you don't know what extent -- we had some things off the field that we're just mind blowing what went on here. And you just learn. He takes in any information and he's he's so good that anything happened. The guy will not let the same thing happened -- he learns instantly. And he is great game manager so for a guy. That everybody may perceive as not being in -- head coach this guy manages a game like he's been doing it for fifteen years -- excellent game management. And making adjustments throughout the process of ball off the season and then on the field during the game so I kind of see him just -- to get better just addressed. Really I'm never last year the first camp. That camera which -- was that the first time I was up -- last year I was watching. Your full eye out on guys it got very positive. I love your coaching style what is it about your coaching staff that you -- it's that it seems like -- teaching -- you love teaching. Now I like -- winner on the field you don't want to miss the opportunity to help somebody get better. We can fix this scheme in the meeting room with one little bit kind of like -- talk about the guys yelling. I see him. Hey what did you talk. That little bit Italian jail and that's part don't miss. And what's great about this sport is how complexity is how fast it is 22 moving pieces and turn -- teaching with a -- In so in other words you can't give. A dissertation. When you walk out on the field they can -- four sentences they can handle. Quick direct correction and you can't miss that up to anywhere on the field some great coaches really shot David shot helped him that much time Stanford. Bill Walsh Jim -- over the niners. They're quick to rat correction instantly help support it -- fastest. Well I don't know if we can come over the radio but to sit here I'm I need yet he's he's he's leaning over the table you got me charged up and ready I'm ready countered by wears my playbook -- Democrats divorce -- so I can't. Quite do it. -- -- -- -- -- I know you gotta go -- got meetings we got a heavy on throughout the season. Whatever it does mean man we appreciate it into the nation we're so excited for you to watch this man. Put the product and fraud yet I grew up sit in them in the black hole and we're just excited to see out there. Coach thanks so much for stopping by and good luck to and we'll talk to you throughout the year I think these guys.

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