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Charles Woodson joins Bucher and Towny from Raiders Training Camp

Aug 2, 2013|

Charles Woodson joins Bucher and Towny to talk about his hopes for the upcoming season and we also talk to him about being back in the silver and black.

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    Fri, 31 Oct 2014

    Morning show what. Chris Nelson. Morning everybody that's right is the morning show at Chris Townsend. Brad Gilbert in studio once again. Playing Ana you're looking hot this morning things you've got the eighty ease flashed answer look on how of course I love and has put in all of these guys. And there's no way it's now happened was I like your New Year's highlight the Miller. I had eight Wrigley Field. Miller high low pressure on I've got a titlist Hayes had on. I'm waiting I. I'm a bus at a cost him in years my kids are always trying to get me to do it why it. Well I. What do you think takes them all over town trick or treating yes scene there where caution when you go trick or treating anatomy you know maybe on something now lay's own something but you know what. Halloween has always then. One of my favorite days a year dating back when your little kid and you Wear your costume to school right. Is like unbelievable then they need go out my mom was a trooper and we would trick or treat all night long and you get older. And then all of a sudden like you're in college in Halloween and all the girls are now gone from being preceded dresses up like tramps and these outfits and you'll love that. And then now you're older you have kids your back to trigger treating all night long Halloween and they candy. Pause stupid get Reese's peanut butter that's my favorite we will give it an act is my first good Halloween. You know. You know obviously Halloween you take you know your Katie take a pillowcase as much candy in how a lot of game with the ladies. You know in high school I was coming a little weak. As a freshman at Arizona State. Eighteen and the drinking age vanity Arizona was eighteen. And you can get our downtime help a house where I can tell and that's the first time I ever seen. These guys these guys and it let me tell you issue O is right there in the top three in the country. For ladies. There is no debate about that. Arizona State is stupid fun and I went to my first Halloween party scene and how it shakes dressed in costumes that like. Hole. It was like. Interest state by the way this just happen to me last weekend. If you don't know I didn't know we just picked this you know might my buddies we do a weekend in Tahoe where we just. Oh we that football all day long and luckily this year we are there during the World Series or able to that baseball right well there's a pray today. In another arm. So were there in Harvey sports book I did not know. Then there's this thing called like the precursor ball up in Tahoe it's the weekend before Halloween. It was the 36. Annual. 360. Course sit in the sports book. And all of a sudden you know because one of the elevators is right by the sports book. So I sit there and I'm looking at the wall of of televisions and football games and I look over and there's these two chicks in Playboy bunny costumes. Am I really. And then how they look very good very good variant strain has RSS kind of one of those outfits when you think and it. You can not. Go to that type of costume when your size sixteen or eighteen and everyone saw you'll see semi trying to pull that. You really want me to comment on now what not but that's what I'm committed and I know it's one of those after Israel when your bus now one of those sexy outfits EPU you have to be able the rock. Some some guys that look are you see if you're sicker than a snicker you shouldn't be wearing that. I'm just saying it's one of those outfits. Debt when you if there's things coming out. They shouldn't become an hour. Lots can tell you this mop blew up there in Tahoe which used to be Caesars. Has this party we didn't know about it all the sun in our hotel vial like 7:38. O'clock and Arby's. Is everybody dressed up. In Halloween costumes and there's something about the ladies out of what is it and I that a lot of a lot of women a lot of young women. When it comes our Halloween. They just early everything to decide. And it's about Meehan sexy on how you may not judged on Halloween that's why. Because if you walk around like that every day. You're gonna get a few comments here and there but Halloween. At that no doubt I knew we couldn't believe it we have gone over there and it was. Very impressive what was the ball they had for ever I don't know if they still haven't in San Francisco he had. All the exotic erotic ball is that still alive that things. I never went never heard aces me I'd never heard that it you know anything whenever was. Finally went once you Brad Gilbert you went to the exotic erotic ball I think I went with the misses there's something we went. And like my jaw dropped Dorsey and this was maybe in the ninety's. I was like man apparently is seeming going on since forever. About ninth. Is that things still got to run I have no idea. I'll be trigger train and I have my kids freaks like you go on the exotic erotic ball. You're on your own I got to change your mind then you have to miss is she is gonzo word you know sticking to ever ninety year old dad and Fenton Missouri. And our house a little bit disheveled today what time when you hit. The streets you wait till starts about six Tony two years. This is this like it's a Friday night I'm gonna let him go but you know and he's gonna really chat me is if it's rain in. Haven't we haven't had rain and how long in the one night it's gonna rain is following announce the work is if it's a heavy rain. Talk about a mile again you should get a Mulligan that we do it over again tomorrow do you on Saturday I'm with the above the way this weekend. And I know it's almost like win this happens were like okay. This could be the last time this you never know could be the last time. Well we start looking at one of the great rivalries in sports the six into patriots are hosting the six and one Denver Broncos. We got a great show feared today we're gonna have Adams chapter come up we're gonna ask him about Peyton Manning and Tom Brady he's coming up at 730 gas watt. Bill Rome announced you'll be here at 830 you have major questions about the raiders. And their play calling. And call rabbits from baseball tonight. Will be here Carl ravaged the great on baseball we'll have him. Talking about giants like this may say can we bring some rays back today yet he AD account rabbits who was working with our man Dallas Braden a little bit all of that they've put him aside in the world. He definitely. If he's ever seen Carly goes way. Dallas Braden is rock in the Sean Penn Carly goes way you look she's got to live he's got to do I think. Somebody is Tim has got its on the go tight with the hair though. Now I love it letting go where you all being you know the only an average for so long look at Cheryl are not used to have the throw I did you ever I go die but he he's got the Carly goes way gallant. When you look at the grave it the greatest rivalries of all time in sports section you've been knee deep in line I was needy definitely in or Sampras and Agassi. Grant our producer did an unbelievable job today researching some of the great rivalries do you know. That in the fifteen matchups Tom Brady against Peyton Manning. Tom Brady is ten and five in those fifteen matchups this. Will be number sixteen it and it's only got a little bit closer was about nine or ten to I think it Manning is actually started to win a few. But I'm not putting that one wall Ali get drawn headsets mean that one Payton is 21 on an AFC title games. 327. Wins combined between these two quarterbacks. This is the first ever match up. Two quarterbacks with at least a 150 wins. 890. Teach any team that's is combined. Most combined TD passes between QBs and again I mean when I and I had a list of some of the great bribery is you know one and tennis. Brad that is unbelievable sausage charts is. Crissy ever against Martina Navratilova I remember this because this was going come around again they need to. Outrageous amount at times probably the most in a rivalry you against each other are eight its current and the success. Martina. Leads the series all time 43 to 37. Chrissie Everett has a 154. Titles. Martina has a 167. And what truly makes a rivalry. Is you play each other in the big dance are they played the finals like almost every single time they played each other and fourteen. Grand Slam finals fort. Team. I'd say Martina probably was 9510. For ten foot but the ultimate in a rivalry Timmy. From a fan's perspective that was a one sided bribery you know everybody was rooting for Chrissie. Like when Andre was playing Pete. Even though Pete won a bunch of the big ones that killed me. Contrasting styles are important may have had a better coach than they should. But obviously Martina Chris was a contrasting style but. The rooting interest so many people loved Agassi so many people who loves Sampras and so that's what ultimately to meet makes an amazing I ever I saw the three Ali Frazier is. Where you get there rooting interest people loved or hated Ali people loved or hated Frazier. You get contrasting styles with the rooting interest of the fans. It really elevates it to another one bird magic. Didn't guard each other not like Russell and Chamberlain played on the court. They faced off against each other eighteen times in the regular season. Nineteen times in the playoffs so 37 I'm that'd be pretty close to 500 magic in the lakers were eleven and eight vs Larry in the Celtics in the playoffs. But magic averaged 21 points in the playoff matchup now or are not gonna bring in rebounds and assess obviously magic grandma says. But magic averaged 21 points in the playoffs. Where Larry averaged 45 that brings us also want a great rivalries of all time. Is Russell against Chamberlain this one kind of blew me away. We know how much Russell lawn they played 94 times in the regular season against each other 49 times in the playoffs. Of course Russell was 29 when he against Chamberlain he has all the titles but the thing against me. Chambers there Mercer courageous stupid they're you outrageous. I didn't grow up watching it obvious I saw some of them so. When you grow up you think that Russell dominated Chamberlain. Just because he always wanted to sell to well there are those hall of famers and they had read our by they had that amazing team. We need to re look at this rivalry I don't Chamberlain. I'm just say this for from Miami Seattle he's one of the most. Gifted athletes for a big men. Our nine. His skill level. Was outrageous and you know when he was it Kansas. Little known fact. He came in second place in the NCA kernels. That for a seven foot guy. That's insane it was fast as lightning he's supposedly. Was a great he could have been degrees volleyball player multi dredging employed by volleyball against Sam beach volleyball. What rare Friday energy city put away about 20006. Over Tony thousand I. Think I didn't have time to do other sports. In the playoffs wrestle averaged fifteen points 25 boards two when he let a five boards that's wrestle against Chamberlain but Chamberlain averaged 26 points in 28 boards he dominated the one on one match. But you know what's amazing about that bribery. A forty I mean there was one season if you look at Chamberlain's status. He averaged 48 minutes a game. It's like you don't you know Peyton Manning never comes out of the game now. You know like a lot lately NBA guys average he forty minutes is a lot if you pull up I looked at one time. You know it's a month 4 o'clock or morning M look at shameless that's you know what a life I got. One season the average like 48 point one because you factor in the overtime minutes so we actually. Average more than 48 the guy never came and it never found that the game. But the amazing thing is those Little League in assist poignant thing wrote that those two guys. The entire game were guarding each other. So that is it true ivory because Manning and Brady don't ever spend a minute playing against each other to me if you had Ray Lewis. As a driver against those two guys how did he do against those two guys vice Versa that's true driver where EP you're doing something into where you can stop the other guy. Coke vs Pepsi. That's a driver. That's a rivalry. That is that is Snickers vs Milky Way. That is a the Coke Pepsi is an ugly rivalry yes those two teams just don't like each other that's what I'm talking about Tripoli 95795. Said he that's triple 895795. Semi in your opinion. What is the greatest rivalry in the history of sports and where do you put Peyton up against Brady to the icons of all time. And the game I'm really give you mine Arnie and Jack I'm gonna give you mine and my main. So Mott mine's more than just. Performance on the field or a cork or on the ice. Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer are Arnold Palmer won five of his seven majors would Jack Nicklaus in the field Jack. Want all of his eighteen with Arnie in the field. They combined to win five masters in six years. Five times they finish 12 in majors. Jack winning three Arnie winning two. But where their rivalry to me is far greater than any of these rivalries. Is they've never stopped competing against each other NL RBI got towns in Skopje I give it did just hear me out here. They have been competing. For the time Jack Nicklaus stepped up as an amateur. They've been looking at each other and we have injects a buzz and amateur does all this fat kid from Ohio comply. He's a competitor. Boat she c'mon really. They've been competing even when they became irrelevant as I mean obviously Ari is not a horse are you do not endorsed. I compete you know but. You know I'm a baseball guy and I was in a while no more baseball. But I'm not gonna miss the horse to compel the yeah. Luckily I'm not have to do with mental strength training I need I need a little break on who's a competitor or lose or speak dissolves and Matt Cain horse went Massa bombed borrowers and item over our area. They've been competing in business. To this day who's ahead there that's a good way that's a good question in my career as we go to like career wealthy men those guys yet designing courses. Endorsement denial are Arnold's got to Manuel does Arnold Arnold Palmer. Until Michael Jordan took the mantle. Arnold Palmer was number one. And athletes an endorsement money yeah he he you know he's still I believe still top five he was the pitch man like when I was a kid and that was unbelievable. Team never saw Jack as the pitch man. Not like Arnold. You know from the Pennzoil. Every drive in the tractor. And they went to throw it for a short running you know then OJ. A little room called the airport is yeah. Stay he did the Jews cameras as he did their herds he did starlink according to grant our producer today Barney's net worth is 675. Million dollars not bad for golfer who by the way. Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer made like. The money that they made 00 what do you think does not son Jack has got to be pretty close. 280 wow that the one thing Jack Nicklaus has I think overall Palmer imports will be his legacy some day. As all think of him as that chant to act I I don't believe tiger's gonna catch him so we'll look at him as the greatest golfer a when he's dead and gone his legacy is gonna be de golf courses he's built all over the world. No Biltmore golf course and Jack Nicklaus there everywhere. Which is the one and I swear to god we could find this when I saw it as a kid. On Johnny Carson. It was one of those two lives. Was on Johnny Carson and they were asking him about. What they do you know dude you know get him ready. And it was one of the two wives that surely said. I kiss his balls before every big ground. And then he does not I guess that will make the putt or stand up. I would save I would if I had a bad. My life savings. I would Baghdad be Arnold's old wife I don't think that is a necklace yeah I think you lies near the Nicklaus family is very prim and proper midwest Ohio five kids. Twentysomething grandkids they're not I I would because. Ariza married couple times I sit back in the day that was Arnold Palmer. Let's go to Chris and west Oakland Chris Lee is off here this morning on 957 again. A good morning guys paid after your question earlier elastic static Y all 2000 and I had been out ballot. I wait till data on both OJ and what are they do the tailgate out Adidas store and started about Barry attic created a what are the all I'd scum bag. But maybe the creator what the all I'm let Gary party here in and year out. Juice and 2090 when did that start in the sixties or seventies. Big thirtieth anniversary deck here all that they elected in 69. Imagine that yeah. They they try to do a good match dear Ted the late great Peter rich Benedict did it sell enough tickets go about big credit problem there. What are the performer what are your goalie out of orbit apes I don't understand what they are not AMP boy at the end of a date yet to get a pay you more there aren't many people but it's a story or not it. I'm great rivalry if you read it they yank duet stock. I wanna are well I've got them both Carolina. And you're lucky aren't you're out there a rivalry to get you better get it out at the wondered you know there are we. Wet and it op Ed you don't count on it pebble I can't think that the at least once the year but we need speed. It got everything you got it that rivalry yet yet street and get out. Gilbert yet he got quite dual reading special book on the subject called blue blood. Part of that are on the duke North Carolina rivalry it felt he can't get back the pet them to pick. While the babble I've ever read it's art sports gut I'd let the bet that like George right there could be a problem I'd lap. Well Hillary weren't cycle. We abort would be their speed and more what are your older than I would never bitter rivalry like a greater than the Steelers and the every ethnic pick up right or with Seattle. You could spend papered a dirty kept starting with the immaculate beat that and I just don't worry there'll. Yeah they are Georgette you're Tempur-Pedic criminal element at what that rivalry everything you know unfortunately. If you're out there well away like all big Joker yup I'm big what you go right at eye out. And I say Chris I saw those greater pays for games and that they played the title game to get the Super Bowl umpteen times. I guess we were talking about individual. Yeah rivalries that you know obviously we can get into umpteen different team bribery is I'm not that that's a great one. You know and and ask obviously in color my hair out yes he Notre Dame. You know but there's a lot of moments Texas Oklahoma don't matter I mean now lot of them in college a lot of teams sports. But I guess who we didn't William an individual individual like I heard 1 this morning. Ted Williams and Joseph DiMaggio I mean obviously they paid played against each other I mean a ton of time caused a couple hundred times but I'd put that one like Brady Manning they never on the field at the same time they're not really playing that much again I guess you play a little defense oil and defense against each there's not a pitcher vs the hitter. But what you do and what those guys did as both guys hit. Like DiMaggio. And this almost like 200 games against each other. DiMaggio hit like 336. Williams at 331 people got a ton of bombs both at a time of RBIs. I Connick guy is going up against each other. And that's what we have here. That was a little would you say a little bit like Chamberlain Russell because we can't Russell actually played EST general but I'm saying is. Russell won all the titles. DiMaggio well I don't know but Ted Williams is considered in the pantheon. Of baseball a better player. Ted Williams is known as the greatest hitter of all time as an all around player he doesn't touch DiMaggio. DiMaggio was eight it was a five tool right he DiMaggio as one of the great all around players of all time wounds can run and terrorized plates he was left fielder. I mean I mean Kennedy's ads but it. DiMaggio was a center fielder he played more of the biggest senator feels Yankee Stadium that's when that the stadium those bail little big ballpark in the Bronx was a lot bigger DiMaggio hit more home runs that he struck out in his career Nelnet as one of the most incredibly SE hitter. We've talked about power. You talk about greatest hitters you talk about. I mean you look at everything Ted Williams did when you the only shirt I about what how we. Ted williams' matches up only talk about how weak while specially be playing today a Dini miss. The warriors only missed like three and a half years of his pride you came back from the war the second time. At like what ever age like 39 home runs during Ted Williams you go look at his power numbers the RBIs. The only time he's like well is OPS is up the check for his walks. Oh he was he was an absolute force let's go to ray in San Francisco good morning right. Egg market. And that was when it's in my off time lapsed favorite rivalry. I gonna be OJ Simpson. Arc that America. So it's. Okay. Oh and it despondent Kato Iran a white bronco. He can't beat that. That made card deal that was yeah that made TV stations like you know that was six months of rent and and I ruled again that. The whole OJ thing I mean if there what was it the glove you know the glove doesn't fit you gotta quit. I mean that was I'll never forget I was I was still in college. I remember I was playing on a summer league team this MLB sponsored. League. And I'll never forget. Coming home. And in uniform and I'm cool I mean I had an apartment at the time and I just sat there for hours in my uniform flight a little Kit Bond has centered on. OJ Simpson. The guy that I've grown up watching. Remember he's now a super celebrity he's in the naked gun movies I mean he's OJ Simpson he's in a white bronco. Not I tried I can believe it yeah whereas OJ Simpson is incredible weapon of the broad good innings so the bronco anymore did. I can't believe I think his and so of misconduct and Al Cowlings keep the white bronco you think they think they see Ferrell is back with an all new season on Wednesdays on the CW. And a I can't get there when it comes to see Demi your feet you're the only person I know who watches the CW do you watch this this show I haven't actually and Nash and now you never have to miss a single episode downloading digital HD today. And watch anytime anywhere for a chance to win a copy of season do. I'm Blu-ray visit the contest based at 957 game dot com what are your phone calls next at triple 89579578. And also Brad has some interesting insight on what it's like to be knee deep in a great rivalry that's all next on 95 point seven a game. The mayor is new sound for sports. It's. Football Friday. 95 point. Fueled by football. As far as the football Friday and on if I said the game has tried to impart by the Ford store in San Leandro Comerica bank and the oaks card club. I don't Bob Friday don't forget Adam ship there's gonna join us coming up here at 730 you nor I wanna I wanna get in new. It was him is about Boldin Smith. Where did this. We're missing about Alden Smith suspension for good behavior going to be. And he was gonna play this week. And then all of a sudden it's just went away could do 49ers PR guy hires somebody that not all of the niners were asked about it and multi car buyer does I we haven't heard this and normally getting what airline. Today puts something now to kind of silly puts something out somebody we're gonna come from their fighting got away from the NFL. And then there's some very interesting. Play a little bit later how some people are drawn Mark Davis gone Jon Gruden stop it. Stop it. It's not a good idea we'll get and all that we're gonna do that but I told you my thought on that are fair that flight. The guys are telling them stop it I guess they're all worried about their job. And they're probably are saying like. All if you are in. They I don't necessarily think these are the people who are working for Marcus coaches and I'm on I'm honest I'm thinking it is. I don't think it is another rivalry really is marte was at this point really listening to anybody inside a building. Somebody's got easier. And I promise you that unfortunately. I still believe that that Reggie Mac. I cannot believe is John high tech and so as a Keyes has easier. I'm am shocked one of the great rivalries of all time and your point 95795. Seve or taking your phone calls and would probably be your father's favorite. It was a big one for me growing up outstanding. Hulk Hogan against Andre the Giant. Epic when he picked him up. And under the giant was what pushing for bills. Any did like they kind of the semi bodies slammed a cat this was at the Pontiac Silverdome it was a wrestle mania three I will never forget it. At that point it was the largest paper view of all time. When and a whole kogan essentially under the giant kind of jumped into his arms. Expects any kind of picked him up and and kind of slammed him and we always. OK a couple of big every than any of the other one with they guy who still wrestling at almost seven years old. And the blond haired guy Rick flair every class a beat a man you've got to beat the man. C a four time moral point. But it Leo say is a fourteen time world champion yet but I don't know my guy was loved him drawn up might guy I absolutely loved. Was the macho man Randy all macho men and Elizabeth I Elizabeth it's hot it's too hot twist what she got. Yes she is not she was not did as you know it is he's still with us now he is heart. He was driving down the road in his heart exploded at any rent rip toe he died before that the tree what happened to miss Elizabeth. She's no longer what it you know it's crazy. Wrestling is such a shady world. There's so many people that what we drove washing in the eighties are no longer with us house said was a decidedly macho man was a double A catcher I want guessing the Saint Louis or Cincinnati Reds some somebody like that. Yeah who'd he'd be to become the macho keen. 'cause my children and hope Kennedy wanted. She's Hoke had about three or four different new driver all all he fought for our freedom. We don't remember one Hulk Hogan fought for the United States of America your dad that's a great shot. Look at Elizabeth with the hairdo the holster and you have to have that. And much MM was pushing whether that's a little sausage thing on the day I was a little sausage and slim Jim yet but he bull it's much old man. So macho man beat Keane hot Cooder become much cocaine. No let up podium when he was fighting for this country I mean you want to about a great American you know we can't find that's. Hey yeah. You know we had to hold on not too long ago oldies that you must pay Alice in the Super Bowl itself. Up. When he was going up against the iron sheik. Who may or libel cost and I starred as I sat next to him on a slight clue that did the big Russian guy. The the nick libel cars right. He was like from New Jersey. If they can ice now don't don't artistic value like the nicest guy. It's like big duty was like huge and the iron sheik I was in and they're both them boys Jennifer glass. We're wears thin sheet from south from Iran I know you are telling you they were loans don't game the morning infamy. And like super nice guys like to stewardesses were all over of Sargent slaughter memory turned bad guy and he had the right way Hogan yeah he with the surgeons geared. I owe Riley turned down later. So my old my my old coach. Knows you Gandhi in these closing the Ugandan giant. He kept IOK you got in China if you remember parts unknown whereabouts unknown all that 'cause some weight unknown. So Scott Scott hurdler mild pitching coach sounds they stay it was a long time head coach at deanza college. Went to school at Ugandan giant and I never believed them until we were in Vegas and we ran into him. I think I think you've got to giant who is from. Parts unknown actually played football at the university of Reno Nevada. I don't say I do I get quota system when I was a kid you know there's a first player from university of Mars less code to match and local met here on 95 point seven again. She got a letter it very choked brat greater risk recognition to this so I would be Beirut Lola. Thanks and allow anybody. Yeah I grew up but he's not so. C rivalry pretty it would be magic Johnson and Larry Eric. So grown up from Mike's 79 to eighty big Saturday afternoon you turn on the TV. What did championships between them I don't know if there's one. Match up at oracle rivalry. You know that. Dan Ellis. And so rare to the fact that one guys in the east one guys in the last one guy's a white guy in Boston. The other guy is a black guy Los Angeles released Indiana I mean it is eight it was perfect it was Hollywood it was showtime. And yeah six blue collar 269. Guys they couldn't play any different. Is that they were epic primary on Heathrow and who is mighty. Fire and I had heard I went over this would be eager constantly. My guide you wanna tell me much OK and ask Eliot I mean my guys always going to be cream are you have Karine. Single greatest shot in me not soluble. It never I mean did dipper I mean could never bought nobody can block I think this thing came up from like the four of five freeway yet you all you need to do is go to Wikipedia. And Wikipedia go over all take whoever you think is the greatest basketball player of all time. Old Hewlett dated and then go and look at careens from UCLA. All the way to the MBA. Nobody dominate like this it ma'am sure he never came close. To have won the losing season. But he was never on one team that didn't because it. Milwaukee he came from all Tim on his championship from Milwaukee is second year and then the worst record in the league and immediately. They were like fifty win season honest to god that he was awesome any thought Bruce sleep. Bruce Lee spent five good years in Oakland. His firm literally years before I got done god here's one you know a little bit about Tommy and the nation Euro 957 again. It got to bring him back such memories kill me guys. Don't forget who wish teammate was all Milwaukee I got to see an epic bargain in 7576. A day ago. Yeah I had there with great John McLaughlin. Yeah I I would say in shipment great we want to match is square garden and a snowstorm I got to Fiat. Frazier. And Bradley. And now and Kareem Abdul Jabbar Milwaukee and the big O. That was the year before retired. But. Competition. I gotta tell you Jimmy Connors. John McEnroe. I see greater ivory there's no doubt I mean in tennis what I mean that era between McEnroe on board. You know Connors Mac all all three of those drivers fantastic. And then you know on the guy side then you can go to. Rafa fed on JP. And now Djokovic Nadal which is the best men's tennis rivalry of all time because women's no doubt. It's it's Martina other conspiracy that's that's not debatable I mean. Mac Connors they only played fourteen times as an epic matches. Ed and board pulled recorded 25. Yep board kind of screwed yeah. Andre Pete would you say that's a greatest. I'm gonna say that's the second and he got to save it. Fed Nadal. Because it just. It's transcended the sport has and it's global hasn't. An adult dominated better own him kind of like discos or why would that be the agrees driver and one guys on the out. You know. But fed fans are fanatics. They they they hear the all time that they don't believe facts. He is the most global fans I've ever seen adult. For a better Fetter the Fed fanatics. That every loss is conspiracy. And it off it's a conspiracy. He didn't loose I didn't realize the dolls like 61 can run like the land I realize what an aptly lonely guy he's a force for a guy I promise you. He's just ethic athlete. Coming up next hole coming home comings always good right it's always good to come back home homecoming for like the answer right just anytime you have a homecoming. Going home is always special. Class liked it more counts a lot on the bears this out for sports on a five point seven a game. He five point six. And come and how. No clue. Why should you allow. Paying. I like coming up next hour got a man chef he's shown that game. A homecoming last night. Ploy IA they played out in yesterday we're sitting here where where the euphoria of the World Series championship three in five years. And everything now we saw on the television screens it was about Cleveland oh my god sports senator was there I mean all day. Everything was Cleveland. I mean I couldn't believe it and it was for about. Three days you know the because obviously ESPN knows pushing basketball because. ESPN has basketball start to finish as they do the entire playoffs and so they were pushing it heavy. Bearing having Cleveland yesterday I mean what an introduction for it did the easier the introduction yeah it was pretty you know let down. I'm really happy for those people the they ever win a championship in my fifty years and who was glad what would be the 48 Indians dealt. The 194080. None negative one out when to be a Cleveland Browns Cleveland brown boy here who would Jim Brown I believe that they won. One or two years before the first year of the super ball it was an NFL title yet they want all you young football fans yes there was something before the suit did ball didn't we Jim Bryan Hillary all you want Sony's Super Bowl. That that always Fries me by the way I hit some quarterbacks when I think about four or five championships. Have you ever seen how many titles Otto Graham one. Whenever whenever an eight. I grew up in the air of the niners winning so I understand it I respected. And everybody throws the four Super Bowl titles and Joseph Montana one. In your face Peyton Joseph five to pick on quarterback I don't know anymore he football's changed so much. Well you know what he wants for. Our program won't eat. And Otto Graham not only was a great quarterback he was an all rounder raised he has like to go it was it's either him I don't know Shane Lechler beaded putt like he was a hundred Connor he was like look the great hundreds of all time. And by the way back when autograph almost client they are settling in and around the yard. I illustrate the aussies because you know they're. Great sports fanatics. And it's so makes him crazy about the NFL because they do love the NFL. And Australians on the NFL they do guys because they love the band on it and they like the better of beer or football. Pier half H. My idol. And my buddy Darren Cahill has a dye her white worker the SP an unbelievable guy. Is a diehard raider fan in his father is a very famous coach for Aussie rules football. And he's one pet peeve Demi what do you think about this. That you shouldn't be a allowed a kicker or punter. They kick or a hundred. They feel like should have to be a position player. Because in Ozzie football they kicker Connor he you know are on the field their position player said he they feel like that's fine you have the kicking him bunny but. Has to be a position player. I I would I would be down and getting rid of steel ovals I wanna see but I just wanna see it OK maybe it's a quarterback may be is alignment but. No specialist it makes me think back to my childhood I remember my father. Says we're going to his cow was coming to play San Diego State old Jack Murphy stadium. And where the chargers played in that rough Bernard Scott and sandy assays so plays there might dead wanna take is because you want to see Ron Revere. Head coach of North Carolina Panthers. Back in the day was a linebacker and at cal bears San for the cal bears remember he played for the Chicago Bears. But Ron Rivera. For the cal bears was a linebacker slash honor yes and as the oddest thing you never see because he was huge chain is good putter. And I think she wore camera what number helped me out of Texas Heidi Collins it was somewhat or 88 I use it was it was that tune numbers or the same but. You never seen a guy that big that number Conning. I'm Ron Rivera but back to homecoming last night but it narrowed your boy LeBron James. On it on the knicks came in after getting walloped would think it will buy the night before into the tunnels soared to eighty and homecoming. You know for their first game of the year the fans were booing so. The knicks beat the cavs 95 denying he normally of course would never be died about game one of a team out of town in the NBA but it was. It was I guess I historic night when he think about it. But LeBron. Hall he was one of nine at halftime seventeen points. He was some minus thirteen. Any at eight turnovers yet he was he ended up follow them home five of 151 of five on threes. But more alarming because normally. He's high on rebounds. And assists. Five rebounds four assists no steals how did you not. These so emotional. And here's LeBron James talking about what a big night it was. Thomas who's my mum mum it was exciting for fans the size of the city book you know always is for regular basketball man. You know the great turnout. And he is such a lightening rod you think of how. Cleveland reacted when he left. And people who love them were burning his Jersey he's trader different you know I mean all the things said and now you come back and everybody embraces you. Reality is none of post anonymous we'll have any idea of what's that like what he went through. You brought a lot on himself no question on dig in my Johnson SE but the fact coming back home leaving the heat. That the build up. He wrote that great yeah hero fed there was a great piece and they didn't SI that was coming. You know I feel now. But it was a night there's a great read I mean selling huge you wrote your books. Well like I got some help with Steve James and global out the other way. And are you best seller yes I am you saw it coming with the job take a story and that. Steve James and I'm planes there was good tennis club. He's just a total hack any Easter morning producer. For he TV you. You know like their morning show way back in it in the eighties and early ninety's when he it was kind of like a morning show not the news was I'd like to say. He comes to me. And once did he's got this idea because I got to the I didn't know that he had a bet a hundred box with a guy because. And he be insisting that you know you wanna write a book together and I got a good title winning ugly what do you think. I and then little by find find out he'd bet his buddy a hundred bucks. That we can do both together and get it published. And is sold over a million copies and he had never written anything before and then since then eagle went under right. By three or four mostly John Wooden Bill Walsh who once called me love the books. Really loves the book winning ugly over a million copies yeah. As a make you feel separate jurisdiction just a little bit what I was sure to make some money on this week so bad deal goes up. You may play football Friday night at five point seven a game has brought you impart by the Ford store San Leandro Comerica bank and the oaks card club coming up next. By the giants put heat on everybody else in the Bay Area will discuss on the mayor's yourself resources I five point seven a game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know I thought out fly in the Oakland normally a map. And a button and -- never to me years. We've witnessed through. To the note never crossed my mind. This is a fantastic dovetail for you to be back here to be in Napa -- And to have the whole whole wine making him go on for you what do what does it feel like to be at this career at this point your career. To have these these multiple things happen for him. -- over -- almost like icing on the cake you know hello -- -- here. Has some good years here you know the first time around you know going. Lone trip to the midwest and -- from Green -- for awhile -- back here and it used to be in Napa Valley. And have some interest here you know with with the wind I was a -- and venues. Just the other day so. In Belgrade but being here I mean this weather is -- and then you Walken avengers Ferraro said. In those in notation on the -- The cavernous over and then there's just just a beautiful time -- -- my career my life. You know to be America a year ago. You know what I think about. Heisman Trophy winner coming out of Michigan kid with -- all the talent in the world. And the way you prepared employed then -- verses where you are now husband and father winemakers. Super Bowl champion. Talk about the difference between Charles Woodson -- coming out of Michigan and Charles -- the mature man now. Was all about experience you know. A young man coming out you know him from dislike you the other player you've come out you're young. In my case sells high draft the that ought to actually is coming in. Police for all the money you know moment and you and you have a senior life. And you hit you hit the ground running -- on and off field you know. And as time goes on you know you -- a little bit more and knowledge about the game about life. He's just load our you know just slowed down a great view you know as far as. Off the field you know concern on the field. Still play defense you know still loving the game and I have a great deal of experience in the game which makes -- -- better player. Not very high expectations for the raiders from the outside -- No expertise. Let's. From what you've seen so far what are yours. You know what. You know just speaking you know from the defense aside Novo. -- way we practice today. We're we're we're going to be in a lot of programs and a relief to -- we don't win a lot of ball games that we come out every day. Every game. And put forth the effort like we do about it in practice. 200 damn good and -- we'll turn some hits and who have just I have a lot of people who could run for the fest and -- -- office good thing you know we. You know one of the best running backs in the days and we have this guy around a season and I have a sides in this backing him up and other data entered load. Marcel Reece you know as -- clear you can get mismatches -- him all day. And you know our quarterback position but thank you thank you start to gain control. Over what is doing and we've put together -- news that they wouldn't be fun to watch. Charles Woodson joins us your view guards -- 95 point seven a game where here at raiders' training camp in Napa. You're probably. We -- wait to have you want your probably the best guy to ask about -- Yeah serving around here you really don't know they just had you know yes vote DA's new bad practices. That you actually played with them use arming games that you know two starts to now you practice against him for years in Green Bay tell us about it. Matt Flynn and tells how good he can be. What you have seen him before long time and you know you mentioned those two games in those games we need guidance. And he -- -- up. But you know you. Can you -- -- now assume because that's common in this tobacco. You can really do no wrong -- tobacco. Everybody loves the back everybody looks back on what I noticed is going to be a different type of pressure you know all along on Matt Flynn. But that they don't like about him what I have seen over the years is that. You don't you don't receive route you know me so we see used to be poised you know no matter was born and so. The seasonal -- you know -- would take some bumps and bruises along the way but I think we have a guy if he's the guy you know going into the season. But these guys and we have and we had a big battle Bruin that. The wide receiver position with pecking order is going to be. You have a unique view of it what what have you seen so far. -- blessing. I think it kind of goes hand in hand you know it was meant -- -- investment -- it's time to you know gain that chemistry that. You go to great combinations have. And you know it's going to be a process you know throughout the rest of Kampman and also going into the season. But they got some young guys and young athletic you know -- that there is more Gus Streeter. So you have some players. But it's all going to be you know it's about the confidence that quarterbacks when I haven't receivers Knowles is coming to games you know practice is one thing and do you might look great and we've practiced well it. When the lights go moon you know you find out you know who you're going to matter which he's -- When you're young guy you have players help you out here when you came to training camp. Now where you are 36 years old and all the experience you have we talked a guy that we always talk like DJ Hayden earlier this week. What does it mean to you do me a mentor and help these young guys and help them get better to help you win this year. Well right now me as a so called meals on the show hosts. Are dramas have doesn't give him. Walk in the vineyards probably not gonna help you don't have good. Yeah. But I you -- -- those guys no but one thing I know is that that I know they Watson. You know I mean that is -- wants me you know of course when they were much younger. We're not gonna see the same team with me and they would they wanna I wanna see how -- know what I'm doing out there and do and so. But he's admitted that sort of come out there and the work of art does give it all and I'm noticing that would. And a guy like DJ you know. And where you have those guys is you -- throughout the course of practice and if you see something you know in that game that you can import into the silence. You know you do this this way. You know -- feels so I'm they would do that you know throughout the course of camp. That's always fun because -- noted in the. But Tricia Porter apparently expects to be walk in the vineyard with you he thought he idea as a result of giving up the number is saying that he's gonna get a half a percent. In the wind in the wine business how. How do you resolve. Or has it been resolved -- -- how do you feel about that whole that whole situation. You know it's. You know lose weight have a negative kind of -- on all of us because and we both came into camp in and my feeling was I was just unaware to throughout campus to the situation weren't so you know this and that's whether me and him when we're gonna hit words about war. If he would have found another number to do and that worked so far out. Into it have been. We both had to deal with that I know is who knows hard on players especially. Or Tracy to have to. You call me an -- and they say. Which take your numbers we've -- it is yeah and understand these frustrated about you know we we really haven't talked about it we just kind of you know let it. Don't take its course and Saddam rule of we'll see -- half of the citadel. He's as good a lot right out. What they -- you you have America wanted to make in the yeah. But it but it hasn't figured it out and rightly it's -- that's at. -- He also mentioned watching you and looking at your instincts and -- and you know he can just tell you've been in the league a long long time. Talked to a sell maybe you may not have the to physical gifts that you had when you were first in the leaguer when you're in your prime but. Can you make up for that was what you learned and make double that met with your mental line. I have some of the things -- as with the earlier is all about experience. And you know being an -- the you know fifty years -- -- can't help myself you know better knowledge of the game otherwise it'll stick around the -- So -- some now. As far as me not having the physical. Phone systems do that is they didn't let you know -- -- -- -- analysis. I'm still in there and still been there would abreast of understand what you would say about me not being able to do this and that but I can stoop to demo program. Love it absolutely love it and you know lot raider nation. I don't know if you knew how much they loved you and you know do you know now until you meant there was. It was it was best. Because you noted they made me feel like I had never left here you know for 12 when there was even in the chatter about me come and visit before I even signed about troubles fans when you showed up and -- media did I mean just. You know artists and -- -- about it. And then didn't really know there was gonna happen that way. You know but have a friend of mine who. -- -- have -- to the facilities and when I got out of planning by a man visible to people here have been yours is like 8 or 9 o'clock. And they wanna see you and toward it was just raising the Oscars. Well congratulations. Welcome home and we're all looking forward to watching you play. Week one in Indianapolis. Last trying to figure.

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