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Charles Woodson joins Bucher and Towny from Raiders Training Camp

Aug 2, 2013|

Charles Woodson joins Bucher and Towny to talk about his hopes for the upcoming season and we also talk to him about being back in the silver and black.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know I thought out fly in the Oakland normally a map. And a button and -- never to me years. We've witnessed through. To the note never crossed my mind. This is a fantastic dovetail for you to be back here to be in Napa -- And to have the whole whole wine making him go on for you what do what does it feel like to be at this career at this point your career. To have these these multiple things happen for him. -- over -- almost like icing on the cake you know hello -- -- here. Has some good years here you know the first time around you know going. Lone trip to the midwest and -- from Green -- for awhile -- back here and it used to be in Napa Valley. And have some interest here you know with with the wind I was a -- and venues. Just the other day so. In Belgrade but being here I mean this weather is -- and then you Walken avengers Ferraro said. In those in notation on the -- The cavernous over and then there's just just a beautiful time -- -- my career my life. You know to be America a year ago. You know what I think about. Heisman Trophy winner coming out of Michigan kid with -- all the talent in the world. And the way you prepared employed then -- verses where you are now husband and father winemakers. Super Bowl champion. Talk about the difference between Charles Woodson -- coming out of Michigan and Charles -- the mature man now. Was all about experience you know. A young man coming out you know him from dislike you the other player you've come out you're young. In my case sells high draft the that ought to actually is coming in. Police for all the money you know moment and you and you have a senior life. And you hit you hit the ground running -- on and off field you know. And as time goes on you know you -- a little bit more and knowledge about the game about life. He's just load our you know just slowed down a great view you know as far as. Off the field you know concern on the field. Still play defense you know still loving the game and I have a great deal of experience in the game which makes -- -- better player. Not very high expectations for the raiders from the outside -- No expertise. Let's. From what you've seen so far what are yours. You know what. You know just speaking you know from the defense aside Novo. -- way we practice today. We're we're we're going to be in a lot of programs and a relief to -- we don't win a lot of ball games that we come out every day. Every game. And put forth the effort like we do about it in practice. 200 damn good and -- we'll turn some hits and who have just I have a lot of people who could run for the fest and -- -- office good thing you know we. You know one of the best running backs in the days and we have this guy around a season and I have a sides in this backing him up and other data entered load. Marcel Reece you know as -- clear you can get mismatches -- him all day. And you know our quarterback position but thank you thank you start to gain control. Over what is doing and we've put together -- news that they wouldn't be fun to watch. Charles Woodson joins us your view guards -- 95 point seven a game where here at raiders' training camp in Napa. You're probably. We -- wait to have you want your probably the best guy to ask about -- Yeah serving around here you really don't know they just had you know yes vote DA's new bad practices. That you actually played with them use arming games that you know two starts to now you practice against him for years in Green Bay tell us about it. Matt Flynn and tells how good he can be. What you have seen him before long time and you know you mentioned those two games in those games we need guidance. And he -- -- up. But you know you. Can you -- -- now assume because that's common in this tobacco. You can really do no wrong -- tobacco. Everybody loves the back everybody looks back on what I noticed is going to be a different type of pressure you know all along on Matt Flynn. But that they don't like about him what I have seen over the years is that. You don't you don't receive route you know me so we see used to be poised you know no matter was born and so. The seasonal -- you know -- would take some bumps and bruises along the way but I think we have a guy if he's the guy you know going into the season. But these guys and we have and we had a big battle Bruin that. The wide receiver position with pecking order is going to be. You have a unique view of it what what have you seen so far. -- blessing. I think it kind of goes hand in hand you know it was meant -- -- investment -- it's time to you know gain that chemistry that. You go to great combinations have. And you know it's going to be a process you know throughout the rest of Kampman and also going into the season. But they got some young guys and young athletic you know -- that there is more Gus Streeter. So you have some players. But it's all going to be you know it's about the confidence that quarterbacks when I haven't receivers Knowles is coming to games you know practice is one thing and do you might look great and we've practiced well it. When the lights go moon you know you find out you know who you're going to matter which he's -- When you're young guy you have players help you out here when you came to training camp. Now where you are 36 years old and all the experience you have we talked a guy that we always talk like DJ Hayden earlier this week. What does it mean to you do me a mentor and help these young guys and help them get better to help you win this year. Well right now me as a so called meals on the show hosts. Are dramas have doesn't give him. Walk in the vineyards probably not gonna help you don't have good. Yeah. But I you -- -- those guys no but one thing I know is that that I know they Watson. You know I mean that is -- wants me you know of course when they were much younger. We're not gonna see the same team with me and they would they wanna I wanna see how -- know what I'm doing out there and do and so. But he's admitted that sort of come out there and the work of art does give it all and I'm noticing that would. And a guy like DJ you know. And where you have those guys is you -- throughout the course of practice and if you see something you know in that game that you can import into the silence. You know you do this this way. You know -- feels so I'm they would do that you know throughout the course of camp. That's always fun because -- noted in the. But Tricia Porter apparently expects to be walk in the vineyard with you he thought he idea as a result of giving up the number is saying that he's gonna get a half a percent. In the wind in the wine business how. How do you resolve. Or has it been resolved -- -- how do you feel about that whole that whole situation. You know it's. You know lose weight have a negative kind of -- on all of us because and we both came into camp in and my feeling was I was just unaware to throughout campus to the situation weren't so you know this and that's whether me and him when we're gonna hit words about war. If he would have found another number to do and that worked so far out. Into it have been. We both had to deal with that I know is who knows hard on players especially. Or Tracy to have to. You call me an -- and they say. Which take your numbers we've -- it is yeah and understand these frustrated about you know we we really haven't talked about it we just kind of you know let it. Don't take its course and Saddam rule of we'll see -- half of the citadel. He's as good a lot right out. What they -- you you have America wanted to make in the yeah. But it but it hasn't figured it out and rightly it's -- that's at. -- He also mentioned watching you and looking at your instincts and -- and you know he can just tell you've been in the league a long long time. Talked to a sell maybe you may not have the to physical gifts that you had when you were first in the leaguer when you're in your prime but. Can you make up for that was what you learned and make double that met with your mental line. I have some of the things -- as with the earlier is all about experience. And you know being an -- the you know fifty years -- -- can't help myself you know better knowledge of the game otherwise it'll stick around the -- So -- some now. As far as me not having the physical. Phone systems do that is they didn't let you know -- -- -- -- analysis. I'm still in there and still been there would abreast of understand what you would say about me not being able to do this and that but I can stoop to demo program. Love it absolutely love it and you know lot raider nation. I don't know if you knew how much they loved you and you know do you know now until you meant there was. It was it was best. Because you noted they made me feel like I had never left here you know for 12 when there was even in the chatter about me come and visit before I even signed about troubles fans when you showed up and -- media did I mean just. You know artists and -- -- about it. And then didn't really know there was gonna happen that way. You know but have a friend of mine who. -- -- have -- to the facilities and when I got out of planning by a man visible to people here have been yours is like 8 or 9 o'clock. And they wanna see you and toward it was just raising the Oscars. Well congratulations. Welcome home and we're all looking forward to watching you play. Week one in Indianapolis. Last trying to figure.

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